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My fight against the 'smart meter'
(You don't want one of those dangerous things on your house)

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By: Devvy
August 15, 2011

Despite the fact that I try to keep up with the massive assault against we the people by the Outlaw Congress and too many new laws coming out of our state legislatures, no one can keep up with everything. Which is why I had only read a little here and there about something called 'smart meters'. Then, of course, the problem came knocking at my door.

On April 18, 2011, I received a letter from Reliant Energy there was a repeat problem with the meter reader having access to my property. I have locks on both gates because I have dogs. Last year, some punk opened one of the gates during the night and my beloved Mr. Willy got out; the locks went on the same day. I was unaware the meter reader was having trouble since my husband is always home due to his serious health problems. If he has to go to the doctor, I'm here. What also waved a red flag was Reliant's letter which stated I am required to have one of their new 'smart meters' installed.

So, I call Reliant and they referred me to a company called ONCOR, a TDSP (Transmission and Distribution Service Provider). Dialing away, I call ONCOR's customer service rep and explain the situation. I also told the lady there is someone at this house every day; either John or myself. All their meter reader has to do is knock on the door and he can read the meter. I thought that was the end of the matter until one day a nice young man showed up at the door to let me know he was going to install a 'smart meter'. I politely said, no you aren't; he left.

By that time I had done some research that was beyond alarming. In early July, while I was gone running errands, another ONCOR fellow showed up at the door to install a 'smart meter'. My husband said, no we will not have one of those dangerous things attached to our house. The ONCOR installer informed John that if we didn't agree to have it installed, ONCOR would shut off our power with no notice. On July 12, 2011, I sent both Reliant and ONCOR a certified letter in which I explained my husband has serious medical problems and depends on oxygen during the day and a machine at night to keep his heart from stopping. If they shut off the power, it could have dire consequences. He is also a cancer survivor, all the more reason not to have one of those dangerous meters on our house.

On July 22, 2011, I received a letter from ONCOR. They would shut off the power if I didn't agree to have the meter installed. Their letter was also very deceptive. In paragraph 2, it states, “The EPAct further requires states to consider the adoption of Smart Metering...”

'Consider' does not mean mandatory. In fact, there is no mandatory requirement by the Federal Government from any quarter because I looked up every reference resource in their letter.

Referring again to their letter, they state: “...when the Texas Legislature passed a law (H.B. No 2129) encouraging the deployment of new advanced meters...” no where does it state mandatory installation in residences throughout the State of Texas. It says 'encouraging' and it all has to do with federal bribe money to the states. Surprise, surprise..

ONCOR further cites in their July 20, 2011 letter Section 8 & 9 of H.B. 2129. However, they did not provide the entire bill, only the sections they thought would benefit their agenda. I looked up the entire enrolled bill signed into law, there is no mandatory requirement for forced installation of a 'smart meter' in households.

The letter concluded with “Please allow the AMS meter to be installed at your property, since failure to provide access may result in suspension of delivery service.”

On July 26, 2011, I had a quick meeting with the County Judge here in my town. I had prepared a sworn affidavit as well as exhibits and was seeking a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) to keep ONCOR from turning off my power. Judge Barr said he had no jurisdiction, try the District Judge across the street. Trek across the street only to be told the one and only District Judge is in a jury trial for a week or more. Rural Texas. That's when I went home and called a state representative I have been working with on another project; he's a lawyer when not in session. I'll get back to this shortly.

You might ask what is my objection to a 'smart meter'? Which one would that be? Health concerns or privacy? Both, actually. As I said I knew little about this new technology, so about 100 hours of research later and thanks to so many dedicated people fighting this, here are some of the known problems at this time:

"Those wireless meters on every home and building will emit huge pulses of microwave radio frequency radiation as often as every few seconds throughout the day and night, seven days a week. Our FCC exposure standards only cover short-term thermal (heating) effects; they do not cover long-term accumulative exposure, nor do they cover biological impacts."

"The World Health Organization has recently classified the type of radiation emitted from smart meters (non-ionizing radiation) as a Class 2B carcinogen, on par with lead."

"All transmitters inside your home or office will communicate with a Smart Meter attached to the outside of each building. That meter, in turn, will transmit at an even higher frequency to a central hub installed in local neighborhoods."

"In what are called “mesh networks,” signals can also be bounced from house-meter to house-meter before reaching the final hub. So exposures will not just be from your own meter, but accumulating from possibly 100-to-500 of your neighbors’ as well."

"The scientific evidence for biological impacts from microwave radiation, known for decades (remember the Moscow embassy) continues to grow with impacts such as DNA damage, increased risk of cancers and tumors, cellular stress, decreased melatonin, decreased sperm, cognitive difficulties and brain-wave alteration, heart rhythm disturbances, red blood cell clumping, and impacts on wildlife including to bees."

"Wireless radio-frequency radiation from smart meters can cause medical devices to stop working. Medical implants such as pacemakers and deep-brain stimulators used to control the shaking of Parkinson’s disease can be turned off by the radio frequency interference (RFI) caused by the signal. These signals are reported in published studies to interfere with critical care equipment, ventilators, pain pumps, wireless insulin pumps and other medical devices."

"Reports from those who have had meters installed include heart palpitations, dizziness, inability to fall asleep, memory problems and cognitive disturbances, flu-like symptoms, worsening of existing health problems, abrupt depression, agitation, headaches, hearing problems."

"Radio frequency interference causing malfunctioning of medical equipment such as pacemakers and wireless insulin pumps"

"Radio-frequency spikes, causing appliances to break"

"Health effects like migraines, nausea, vomiting, muscle spasms, heart palpitations and sleeplessness caused by intense bursts of radiation."

What do experts say?

Letter from Dr. Magda Havas, S.Sc., Ph.D., Environmental and Resource Studies Program, Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University in Canada, to the California Council on Science and Technology at their request for input regarding Smart Meters: “In my opinion, the FCC standard for Smart Meters is not sufficient to protect public health.”

Olle Johansson, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Karolinska Institute), Professor (Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm, Sweden in a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission, July 9, 2011:

“Many smart meters are close to beds, kitchens, playrooms, and similar locations. These wireless systems are never off, and the exposure is not voluntary. The smart meters are being forced on citizens everywhere. Based on this, the inauguration of smart meters with gruding and involuntary exposure of millions to billions of human beings to pulsed microwave radiation should be immediately be prohibited until 'the red flag' can be hauled down once and for all”.

Declaration of Dr. David O. Carpenter, M.D, submitted in the United States District Court, District of Oregon, Portland Division, June 1, 2011. Sage Associates letter to Susan Hackwood, Ph.D., Executive Director, California Council on Science and Technology and Lora Lee Martin, Director, Strategic Policy Initiatives and Government Affairs, California Council on Science and Technology: Letter of comment on Smart Meter Report:

“Conclusions of the report are inconsistent with the report's more balanced warnings about possible risks to health. The overall legitimacy of the report is cast into doubt as a result. ...Further, it can be concluded that the continued roll out of wireless smart meters may increase public health risks on a widespread basis and should be reconsidered in light of the existing scientific evidence and public health warnings for such chronic exposures to pulsed RF”.

Professor Lukas H. Margaritis, National and Kapodistrian, University of Athens, Faculty of Biology, Department of Cell Biology & Biophysics, Electromagnetic Biology Laboratory

“Who can support that the constitution, any constitution of any country should allow installations to take place (as the one with Smart Meters) against the rights for health of the citizens”.

Those are just a tiny sample of what experts have to say about wireless radio frequency and radiation. A few days ago someone I do business with here in my town mentioned her mother recently had a medical emergency and had to go 50 miles to Odessa to see the doctor; she just didn't feel good for a few days and then her blood pressure spiked dangerously. I inquired if she knew if her mother had a 'smart meter' on her house. Traci looked surprised and said, yes just recently, why? I then gave her a good overview of the problem, told her to get her mother to document what happened, write a snail mail letter to Rep. Landtroop and mail it to his district office, not Austin. A few thousand letters will get your state representative's attention.

As for privacy, do you know there are companies out there already harvesting your personal data without oversight if you have one of those 'smart meters'? No, it's not a conspiracy theory. As Mr. Day writes on his web site:

"That data shows when you are at home, shows when you are sleeping, shows when you are on vacation, when you have visitors, when you use a lamp, a power tool, some extra computers, and if you look like you're running a business out of your home. It even senses when you bootleg energy off the grid.

"Your smart meter shows a vivid profile of your personal living patterns and if you were home on the night of the murder.

"This is not electrical metering. This is personal surveillance. This is a search without a warrant every day. This is your personal private life going straight out through your electric meter to your power company, to your government, to the police, to the insurance company… to anyone who cuts a deal with your power company to look at your life under a microscope.

"Sorry, it's actually worse than that. People who don't cut a deal can get your information too, by simply intercepting the wireless spewing from the side of your house. Yes, smart meters are radio transmitters licensed by the FCC. On this all-news radio station, every detail of your electrical life is shooting off to some institutional data center somewhere. Already, the police in Ohio, Texas, British Columbia, and places I don't know about, are regularly using smart meter data to pinpoint marijuana grow houses, enforce business licenses, and punish people for doing things in the privacy of their own homes, that you are not supposed to do, that they would not even know that you were doing, if they were not spying on you.

"Your power company gets to sell your life story to whomever it wants. Any unusual power consumption pattern is considered probable cause to raid you for growing marijuana or running a computer server without a business license."

Think he's blowing smoke?

California PUC issues sweeping data access orders

"Many young companies have sprung up based on being able to access consumers’ Smart Meter data and package it in some meaningful form. So far they've had to make their own assumptions about what data would be available, often forming alliances between hardware and software companies."

A jaw dropping violation of your privacy made possible by your utility company. Those "young companies" don't care about your privacy, they want to sell it. How shameful and isn't it nice California issues some rules after the cow is out of the barn?

There are billions of dollars involved with this 'smart meter' business, make no mistake about it. Who owns ONCOR?

"Oncor Electric Delivery is the electricity transmission subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings. Private equity firms TPG Capital, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts Co. and Goldman Sachs created Energy Future Holdings by acquiring North Texas utility business TXU Corp. in October 2007. The $45 billion deal (including assumed debt) is the largest leveraged buyout in history." How about companies who make the meters?

“Landis+Gyr – This Swiss-based company is one of the granddaddies of electric metering in Europe, but word of warning to U.S. competitors: They're making serious inroads here, including the massive Oncor  smart meter deployment in Texas; they're also working with AEP, SMUD, PG&E and others. 

“The company says it has won more than $1 billion in new orders around the world this year, including major contracts in Australia, across the Nordic countries, and in the U.S.  And just last week the company announced it had raised $100 million in shareholder capital to fund rapid growth in smart metering. Even though the company was slow to digest and integrate its previous acquisitions, and even though its U.S. marketing has been lame, I don't see any sign that Landis+Gyr is going to be anything but a serious player.“

I won't even get into the environmental disaster, livestock and all the rest of the problems. I fully understand we have to have a reliable and up to date power supply system in the U.S. I don't begrudge utility companies making a profit because I am a free market advocate. But, not at the expense of human health, not to mention all this 'dirty energy' and what it does to livestock consumed by humans and to the environment. The only ones to benefit from 'smart meters' will be attorneys (lawsuits), utility companies and big pharmaceutical companies from people getting sick and more prescriptions for more pills.

The 'smart meter' is an intregal part of something called the 'smart grid'. Because of copyright issues, I can't scan the pages sent to me by a fellow Texan in an email. Try to get a copy (or check your local library) of the Spring 2011 Industry Week Magazine. There is a huge article on the smart grid and all about "controlling energy inside the consumer space" using real time. That's you and me. Control us. It discusses the need to "change attitudes". That means brain wash people into 'compliance' on how much energy you will be allowed to use and if you go over, think "they" won't shut off an appliance? Think again because the utility company controlling those meters can and will. That's the whole idea behind the so called "smart grid".

Reading the pages my email friend sent from Industry Week was literally frightening. What also made me want to vomit is how proud those in the industry are in planning how to control all of us. Are they that stupid? I guess they don't mind being a guinea pig with their every movement inside their own home tracked and recorded and sold to third parties.

If you think the outlaws in Congress want total control, you haven't seen anything yet until you understand what's going on in the field of energy, utility companies and companies who make and provide technology for them. Privacy? If we don't fight back against this 'smart meter' 'smart grid' now, today, you won't have any privacy left. We will literally be forced into a world of constant surveillance because that's EXACTLY what 'smart meters' are -  real time surveillance of you and what goes on in your house without a search warrant.

Where do things stand right now? I guess you can call it a stand off for the moment. I've had no more visits from ONCOR nor has anyone come to read the meter. If they knock on the door and request to read the meter, I will unlock the gate and accompany them and watch while they read the meter to make sure the fellow doesn't try to pull a fast one and install a 'smart meter' while I'm in the house. Nice way to live. Playing games to keep a dangerous device from being attached right outside our bedroom window.

The state representative I mentioned earlier in this column contacted my new state rep. They both have tried to contact ONCOR, but that upstanding company won't return their calls. I've also retained legal counsel to get a hearing in front of the Texas Public Utility Commission. When I spoke with my state representative last week, Jim Landtroop, he indicated they could also do something with the TPUC.

I have received dozens of emails from people telling me I only need put a sign up on my fence that says do not install a smart meter or send ONCOR a certified letter. Well, here is the reality of the situation: they can turn off your power without notice regardless of how many signs you post on your house. Read the fine print in your contract with your utility carrier. Likely you'll find language that says when you sign up with them you give their company permission to enter your property for maintenance and installation of their technology. A nice man contacted me to let me know that for $299.00 people can purchase a 'kit' to block part of the 'smart meter'. We live on a fixed income. Why should I have to shell out $299.00 to deface or tamper with ONCOR's equipment? I guarantee you, the utility companies are going to find out and will be at your front door with a big, fat bill. They could claim your interference with their equipment knocked out 34 refrigerators in the area and caused a gazillion dollars in damage. Want to deal with that?

All this research and discussions with state representatives and my attorney have eaten a massive amount of my time, but time I have had to spend. Make no mistake -- there is a major war going on all across this country over those meters even though there is nothing in the MSM or cable networks like FAUX. In California, ten counties have banned them, but PG & E doesn't care, they're installing them anyway. Folks in one county were arrested for trying to hold their ground and keep PG & E from installing them. This is America? The sheriff accompanies utility workers to force dangerous devices on people's homes!

Last year there was a huge uproar in the Dallas area because those meters do not read accurately and people's utility bills were double and triple. There are many news items from around Texas about houses catching on fire during the night because of the problems with wiring. I could fill a thousand pages on this, but mark my words: This is a war because it involves billions and billions of dollars. Oh, one other little thing: Good bye tens of thousands of meter reader jobs. It will all be done from a remote location. Humans need not apply for a job.

There was a major landmark case decided in May of this year. A group of folks out in Maine hired an energy attorney to represent them in front of the Maine PUC. They won. Utility companies in Maine must give customers the opportunity to opt out of having one of those dangerous meters installed on their home. A blow to the money grubbers for their 'smart meter' scheme. Those citizens did it the right way by pooling their money as a group to hire a good lawyer. Had they lost, could they file a lawsuit? Yes, but we all know how costly that is and we the people should not have to spend our hard earned money fighting utility companies for jumping the gun regarding health issues for profit.

Legally, I don't need an attorney to bring my case to the Texas PUC for a hearing. But, in reality, I do need one because I need him to protect my rights because he knows the law and knows how to proceed on something like this, I don't. Each and every ruling will have an impact on the rest of the country, which is why we have to proceed as quickly as we can, but not risk getting bad decisions on the books. Right now, Maine's PUC issued a land mark ruling. We can do it in all the states.

For those who have the 'smart meter' on your house, if you have any ill health effects, document them in detail. Contact your state representative and provide him/her (snail mail) with facts. The links below represent expert opinions you can print out and include. It doesn't matter if your legislature is out of session. Ours is until January 2013, but my state representative is on this and if you do the same in your state, I am confident we will see more legislators step up to the plate. At the end of your letter, ask your state rep if he/she wants one of those surveillance meters on their house and the data sold to outside third parties without your permission? Ask them if they want something so dangerous next to him/her and their family?

If you live in the State of Texas, I hope you will contact me. Whether you have the meter yet or not, it is better to have many complainants to the TPUC and also help to pay the attorney I have retained. I'm doing all the research to help cut down on billable hours, but even though Tommy is a friend, he cannot work for free. If a few dozen of us share the cost of legal counsel, get this in front of the PUC and prevail, we help all Texans as well as other states.

I don't just want the TPUC to issue a ruling that says we have the right to opt out, I want them (if they have the legal authority) to order ONCOR and other companies in Texas who install those meters to remove them at their cost and reinstall the old analog meters that work just fine. Because companies like ONCOR have, without your permission, subjected their customers to a dangerous piece of technology and literally are conducting wire tapping on your residence, THEY, not the customer should bear the cost of replacement. We'll also see what our state legislatures can do about those who have the meters and want them removed with the utility companies rightfully paying the cost. A major war and you can bet the big money will come out with batteries of attorneys and lobbyists to fight the legislatures.

What happens if the Texas PUC says no? Then, we go to the next step which might involve a lawsuit. However, and this is where legal counsel is so important: A lawsuit was filed here in Texas last year pro se, but was kicked to the curb. I believe we have to start at the administrative level first and that is your state PUC. And -- your state representative. All state legislatures can call an emergency session. Here in Texas, the vile political animal and globalist, Gov. Rick Perry, issued an Executive Order in 2007 to force all young girls in this state to take the deadly cocktail known as the HPV vaccine. Our legislature held an emergency session and over rode his EO. I know everyone is so buried in this fire and that, but the health of you and your family is top priority and this can't wait.

Again, if you live in Texas and want to join with me, please send me email: [email protected]

Please share this column with your mailing lists, family and friends because those dangerous smart meters are now on the houses of millions of Americans with more than one hundred million houses and apartments buildings to go, as well as all retail and commercial buildings in the entire country. Time is of the essence because as I said, this involves big money and big plans by people who do not care the least about our health and privacy. Only bigger profits at our expense. I refuse to be used as a guinea pig, but my whole neighborhood has those smart meters. The readings gather from house to house to house as they make their way to the data collection point, so we are still getting some of it. My husband's hearing aid has been going haywire the last six months. I believe it's because of all the 'smart' meters in my neighborhood.

There are dozens of very good web sites on the 'smart meter'. It has taken so much time to go through them. This one is very good:

The documents below are the exhibits for my attorney; you can use them, too. I know it's a lot of printing, but a few are going on a CD because they are 50 to 100 pages. However, it's is critically important to be well prepared because there are reports and analysis going to some of the PUC's in states like California written by individuals and/or firms who receive funding from the utility companies. In other words, conflict of interest. All those reports claim there are no health risks from 'smart meters'. The same claims were made a decade ago about cell phones and now people around the world know different.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the individuals below for putting so much time into their reports and assessments and making them available on line so we have the ammunition to fight the powerful utility companies.

“The radiation readings were so high"

Declaration of Dr. David O. Carpenter, M.D
Submitted in the United States District Court, District of Oregon, Portland Division, June 1, 2011.

Dr. Carpenter was educated at Harvard Medical School and is currently Director of the Institute for Health and Environment at the University at Albany and Professor of Environmental Sciences within the School of Public Health. Formerly Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Albandy and the Director of the Wadsworth Center for Laboratories and Research of the New York State Department of Health.

His entire statement should be a huge wake up call regarding ELF and RF.

Sage & Associates Environmental Consultants

And, a second report from Sage & Associates (put on a CD as it's 69 pages)

Addendum -Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation Emissions from
Silver Springs OWS-NIC514 - Model Wireless Electric Meter
February 18, 2011 - another one for a CD because it's very lengthy

Assessment of Radiofrequency 100 pg report (put on a CD)

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Faculty of Biology
Department of Cell Biology & Biophysics Electromagnetic Biology Laboratory
Professor Lukas H. Margaritis - Greece

Olle Johansson, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Karolinska Institute), Professor (Royal Institute of Technology)

And: Olle Johansson, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Karolinska Institute in Stockholm) to the Maine State Legislature

Dr. Magda Havas, S.Sc., Ph.D., Environmental and Resource Studies Program,  Associate Professor of
Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University in Canada, to the California Council on Science
and Technology at their request for input regarding Smart Meters

“Health Impacts of Radio Frequency from Smart Meters”
Comments on the Draft Report by the California Council on Science and Technology

Hebrew University-Hadassah

Letter from a physician to the Maine PUC about a patient

Comments on California Council on Science and Technology’s Smart Meter Report, January 2011 Nancy Evans, Health Science Consultant, San Francisco

New Study: Radiation from Cordless Phone Base Station Affects the Heart

Smart meters do not save energy. Press Release from Connecticut's Attorney General Jepsen Urges State Regulators to Reject CL & Ps Plan to Replace Electric Meters - February 8, 2011

Some SmartMeter Customers Say Devices Make Them Sick

Smart meters: public health nightmare or public utility boon?

Consumers Are Getting Sick From Wireless Smart Meters

Legislative Letter - To Members of the Michigan House of Representatives, Michigan Senate, and Adminstrative Officers

The Green Sheen Wearing Thin- How Corporate Environmental Organizations are Providing Cover for the Mounting Ecological Catastrophe of the “Smart Grid”

MIT: Smart meters could cause grid instability

Obviously didn't work, but at least he tried. Not based on health concerns:
Third Texas lawmaker urges a smart meter moratorium

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