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Frequently Asked Questions and Research Links

Updated September 20, 2009

If you are a veteran or currently serving in uniform, thank you for your service to this Republic.

I apologize for having to use this type form response, but even with good filters, I now average more than 20,000 incoming a month and cannot answer them individually. I simply don't have the luxury of hiring a huge staff to help me. Additionally, I travel for site investigations or research as well as being a guest on radio shows 2-3 times a week. I have a family; my husband has advanced lung disease and other health issues. I only have so many hours in the day. Research takes endless hours.

Earlier this year, someone sent me a reply to this form letter saying I was no better than his "sh*t congressman." He wanted me to help him solve his IRS problems. Darned if I do, darned if I don't. I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice.

Everyday my mail box is full of emails from fellow Americans who are in dire financial straits and want me to help them. I read what mail I can, but when you get an average of 600 per day, some of them one thousand words long (or longer), it simply isn't possible to read every word and answer every question in those emails.

My two booklets, Why A Bankrupt American and Blind Loyalty: I retired them in mid-2004. Out of print. I still hold the copyrights.

You can sign up for free email alerts on the front page of the site:

I send out notice of my new columns as well as anything I consider hot (like up coming votes in CON-gress) or things I feel everyone needs to know but may not have seen. We're all drowning in information over load. I try to weed out the junk and distractions. You can unsubscribe at any time.


Every week hundreds of emails come in regarding the Obama citizenship crisis wich continues to build. Both parents have to be U.S. citizens.

Obama's father was a Kenyan national under British rule. So was Obama at the time of his birth because of the British Nationality Act of 1948. Obama had dual citizenship at birth and can never be 'natural born at birth.' That is it in a nutshell and no amount of massaging lies will change the Constitution.

There is also the fact that Obama became Barry Soetoro as a result of his mother's marriage to Indonesian National, Lolo Soetoro; the proof is his school records which Obama has not refuted. There is no record of any legal name change to BHO or that he reentered the country legally. These are facts, not conspiracy theories.

Whether he was born in Ohio, Hawaii or Kenya, he can never be a natural born citizen at birth under Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution.

For the legal briefs on this, you can listen to them here:

Or, you can read the legal research along with the historical documentation and court cases here:

An index of important columns and links are here:

Web sites covering this issue:

NEW: Master file of legal arguments in sequence:

CORRECTION: In my March 19, 2007 column on contrails, I inadvertently sent the editor the wrong picture (pix #3) identifying it as a C-130. It's not. My oops. I have sent mail to the editor asking a correction be made and thank you to everyone who sent me mail letting me know I made this error. I can't find the one I meant to send, but eventually I will find it. I have so much stored on this system, it's amazing it doesn't simply die from data obesity.

I don't have a newsletter or mailing list except for my family and a few friends. I don't have the manpower. I try to keep folks updated through my columns.

I am an unpaid board member of the Committees of Safety as I believe this is our salvation, county by county. Washington, DC is little better than a criminal syndicate and it will eventually collapse from the rot of its own corruption.  The states are our last line of defense.

By popular request: List of members of the treasonous Council on Foreign Relations:

Question: What type of water filter do I have and which one did I buy for our shower heads?

We have had a Berkey for years. I purchased mine through Radio Liberty; click here. It has been great, easy and saves a ton of bucks for those who continue to buy bottled water for home use. I haven't consumed tap water for about 35 years, none. Not a hotels, restaurants, anywhere. Having the Berkey in the house has been wonderful. Americans not only have to worry about all the chemicals in public water - especially fluoride - but also the chemical cocktails being sprayed above our skies which falls into reservoir water. I don't even cook with tap water, it all comes out of our Berkey.

Showerheads: ARS5-CTShower Head - Royale Shower All-in-One Filter ARS5 from Air & Water, Inc.

Advanced water filters for faucets:

What kind of water filtration system do I have?

I have used bottled water since I moved out and made my way into the world at 18. Six years ago, we bought a Berkey. Best small investment we've made in a long time. I never use tap water to cook, water in my dogs bowls or even for my bird. The Berkey gets rid of everything bad. The filters on our shower heads are in the Q & A section on my site. Here's a good site:

A reader recently sent this one in:

< style="font-family: georgia;">Another excellent (Made in the U.S.A.) water filter company is PARAGON WATER SYSTEMS, phone number 1-800-288-9708.  I purchased a countertop system for my kitchen (good for 20,000 gallons), cost $39, and a filtered shower head (fabulous), each filter good for 10,000 gallons, cost $29 for shower head plus filter, and $24 for 3-pack of filters).  What a difference it makes in your skin to filter out the chlorine!

The more we buy Made in USA, the more those companies will hire and expand. We can rebuild our job bases by not buying garbage from COMMUNIST China, Hong Kong, Viet Nam. All commie countries. This section on my web site has more than 20,000 products made in America by Americans for decent wages. Retailers will then start stocking Made in America when you insist on it and they can't sell foreign junk.

Frequently Asked Question:  Date of the Larry Becraft, Gene Shroeder, Ben Partin videos? This was an event I put on in June 1998 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Please feel free to make copies and distribute; these videos and links are at the bottom of my column here:

UPDATE: I cannot answer each request for information individually. If you are seeking something you read in one of my columns, try a search engine – for example: One reader recently asked me:

“Hi Devvy, I posted the John Rarick quote about the CFR on a blog post and readers are demanding to know what source that is from. It is supposedly from 1971 but do you know where or in what he said this?”

With an average of 600 e-mails coming in per day, I just can't respond to each request.  But, how would you find this information? I went to and typed in John Rarick Devvy. That search engine took me right to one of my old columns which gives Rarick's information and resolution number; see here:

This search took less than 30 seconds. In my columns I try to link to much of my source material, but you can only put so many links in one column. Just use key words in the search box. I hope this helps with questions.

UPDATE: My column on cancer research brought in more than 700 e-mails in the first 12 hours. Where can you get apricot pits? Save them from your apricots. Buy apricots from local growers when in season. Online: You can get them from American Biologics:

As always, I must advise that I cannot give medical advice or recommend any treatment because I'm not a doctor and I don't need the Department of Motherland Security charging me under some Nazi law. I use several sources; use a search engine for other sources. I buy a bag of about 700 for $15.00. I usually grind one capful (my small coffee food grinder); about 100 small veggie caps. I keep the unused in the freezer. Always, always be careful with any new supplement regime.

Get World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin so you can really get a full understanding about B17 (order 1.800.955.0116). On October 16th, I will have another very, very important column on America’s food supply that should scare the heck out of even the biggest couch potato out there.

Master mini file on diseases:

A second one coming soon.

The economy:

I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. Everyday I get a hundred individual requests to help people with their IRS problems, get them out of the social security system and other legal problems. I simply cannot help people on a one-on-one basis.

Dozens of requests come in everyday about buying gold. I am not a gold dealer, but people should diversify some of their paper currency into gold. The worst is coming. I highly recommend Rob Westfall, who has been in the business a long, long time. He knows it inside and out and has the best sources for the best prices. His number in Florida is: 813.838.5600

Educators: Charlotte Iserbyt is the go to person on this issue, see:

I have a Reading Room on my web site that contains thousands of pages of important documents and information and hundreds of books I feel are credible. I appreciate all the input, suggestions and referrals to web sites. I have been in this movement full time for 18 years. This is all I do and a huge chunk of my time is spent researching:

The Right Argument on Taxes:

Most important: (this FAQ)

Here is another column that Americans should see; not for those with a weak stomach because of the photos of our soldiers:

I try to provide solutions at the end of my columns. All of those columns archived here:

Both of my retired booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty are on my CD:

The small amount of profit from my CD goes into my investigations and to purchase research materials

Please support American workers. You CAN buy Made in the USA. There is a list of companies on the front page of this site which represent tens of thousands of products made here in our country.

Reading books: Every week I get books in the mail with a request from the author that I read it and do a column; I also get electronic requests by the dozens. Every day I get a half dozen requests that I read a book that is already in my Reading Room under books. I have read a thousand in the past 17 years. While I am flattered authors want me to read their books, I simply do not have the time to read books seven days a week. We're all on information overload and I'm no exception.

Don't jump off the cliff with the IRS because your friend has bought into some quick fix being sold by some shyster out there. For a comprehensive legal analysis of the favorite and dangerous tax arguments, see:

If you have bought into the phony "strawman redemption" malarkey or the "debt elimination" scam repudiating your home mortgage and credit cards: Get a good criminal defense attorney now. DOJ is cracking down and the indictments have been raining down. I can only advise people: buyer beware.

If you are a Second Amendment advocate, we MUST get the constitutionally mandated state militias reinstated. Please read these important columns by Dr. Edwin Vieira:

Every gun organization in this country should have jumped on this plan years ago.

What are they waiting for? More bills out of Congress Obama will sign killing your Second Amendment rights?

Either you support the right to own and bear arms and believe all of the wording of the Second Amendment or all the talk is just that. It's time to get tough in this country and Dr. Vieira's plan to reconstitute the state militias is absolutely critical. There's a war going on at our borders and it will spill into our cities and towns. We don't need Homeland Security, we need the state militias as mandated under the Second Amendment.

I hope the information provided here will assist you in fighting back against tyranny and again, I'm sorry I cannot respond to each e-mail personally. It's not that I don't care, I just can't.



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