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Mexican pirates vs. constitutional militia

By: Devvy
May 24, 2010

Last week we saw one of the most shameful, anti-American displays in the U.S. Congress in my lifetime. Mexcian President Felipe Calderon, who reinvented the word hypocrite, stood in front of the world in OUR house and slammed the State of Arizona for their new law to stop the sewage coming across the border from his country, bringing death and misery to that state. That little Napoleon stood in OUR house and ran his mouth while Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the morally and ethically bankrupt Democrats stood and cheered.

On May 18, 2010, Congressman Ted Poe reported that for the third time, Mexican military helicopters were flying in Texas air space:

"These military incursions are becoming routine. What are they doing here? We don't know. Has our government protested this violation of international law? No one is talking. Our own government seems to be blissfully silent about these incursions. That's why I'm asking Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano for some answers."

Bush and a Republican controlled Congress are the ones responsible for creating the unnecessary, suck hundreds of billions from our pockets monster called the Department of Fatherland Security. Now, they can't get an answer from the current flunky about foreign military helicopters flying in my state? I ask again: Who is wagging who's tail?

While they're all waiting around for 'Big Sis' to respond, Mexican pirates are now going after Americans on American soil with guns:

Pirates terrorize boaters on Texas lake along Mexican border - May 20, 2010

ZAPATA, TEXAS -- "It sounds like something out of yesteryear: Pirates attacking boats and sailors, robbing them of their treasures. But it's not on the high seas, but in deep South Texas. With machine guns in hand, Mexico's deadliest cartel is patrolling the waters of a Texas border lake. These pirates already have hit several boats on Falcon Lake near Zapata, which is about an hour south of Laredo."

Americans should not have to feel threatened by pirates while out fishing on a lake inside the U.S. Farmers and ranchers should not be target practice for drug runners, terrorists and criminals (illegal aliens) smuggling themselves across the border, but they are. It's not just our Southern border being used by the drug cartels to smuggle dope, it's also the Canadian/U.S. border:

"The illicit drug threat in Indian Country varies by region and is influenced by the illicit drugs available in major cities near the reservations. Most illicit drugs available throughout Indian Country are transported to reservations by Native American criminal groups and independent dealers who travel to nearby cities to purchase drugs, primarily from Mexican DTOs and criminal groups. Traffickers also smuggle large amounts of illicit drugs, primarily marijuana, into the United States from Canada and Mexico through reservations that border these countries, namely the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation in New York, commonly referred to as the Akwesasne, and the Tohono O'odham Reservation in Arizona.

"Multiple tons of high-potency marijuana are smuggled through the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation each week by Native American DTOs that are supplied by Canada-based DTOs. Native American DTOs also smuggle multithousand-tablet quantities of MDMA into the United States and multikilogram quantities of cocaine into Canada through the reservation. As much as 20 percenta of all high-potency marijuana produced in Canada each year is smuggled through the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation, which accounts for less than half a percent of the U.S.-Canada border. The shared international border and geography of the reservation make it conducive to cross-border drug trafficking activity while also inhibiting law enforcement interdiction efforts."

Gov. Jan Brewer and her legislature are doing everything they legally can to stop the massive wave of criminals that just keep coming. In what can only be described as a "screw you," another lawbreaker in the usurper's administration actually had the gall to say "..his agency will not necessarily process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona authorities. John Morton, assistant secretary of homeland security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, made the comment during a meeting on Wednesday with the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune, the newspaper reports. "I don't think the Arizona law, or laws like it, are the solution," Morton told the newspaper. The best way to reduce illegal immigration is through a comprehensive federal approach, he said, and not a patchwork of state laws."

If this weren't such a serious situation, we could all have a good laugh. But, it is serious, deadly serious. The usurper in the White House has no intention, the same as Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush, to lock down the borders. This past Saturday Obama/Soetoro told West Point grads "we" need a new "international order" (one world government) and, "The international order we seek is one that can resolve the challenges of our times," he said in prepared remarks. "Countering violent extremism and insurgency; stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and securing nuclear materials; combating a changing climate and sustaining global growth; helping countries feed themselves and care for their sick; preventing conflict and healing its wounds."

If anyone had any doubts before that Marxist Obama/Soetoro is a traitor to this republic, they should now have their eyes wide open. This is more communism wrapped up in teleprompters. Comrade Obama/Soetoro has every intention of bankrupting every one of us to "helping countries feed themselves and care for their sick." Redistribution of wealth via heavy, progressive taxation. Second plank of the communist manifesto.

In the meantime, the states of the Union are being sacked for billions of dollars trying to cope with the invasion coming over the border. Our people weep from the carnage caused by illegal aliens who rape women and children; thousands murdered. Robbing our people, stealing our jobs and resources. Millions of them are on the rampage now over Arizona's new and constitutional law. It's just a matter of time before the violence comes and not just from these hordes of criminals. Now, we have Mexican military flying helicopters over U.S. territory and our citizens being robbed at gun point while trying to enjoy a day off on U.S. territory.

There aren't enough border patrol and law enforcement to handle this on-going, deadly situation in the four border states. The putrid violence is already here on the border in Texas. That joke they call The Governator out in California, formerly steroid pumped, naked movie "star", Arnold Schwarznegger, has never lifted a finger towards rounding up the illegals in California and sending them back to their country of origin. Arnie upchucked that the SIX million illegals in California aren't a problem:

"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday disputed claims that illegal immigrants caused California's $24.3 billion deficit, while he praised their economic contributions and said he is "happy" they have access to services....He said the cost of services to illegal immigrants, which has been estimated at $4 billion to $5 billion annually, is a "small percentage" of the deficit California faces."Yes, it is something that ought to be dealt with, but the fact of the matter is, I think it's an easy scapegoat for people to point the finger and say, 'Our budget is out of whack because of illegal immigrants.'"

If two sparks ignited in Arnie's brain cavity, he would electrocute himself. Hey, what's $4-$5 BILLION dollars a year to support ILLEGAL aliens when your budget deficit is $24.3 BILLION! Why a million hard working Californians didn't simply surround the state capitol and demand Arnie resign is beyond me. A sitting governor encouraging criminals to stay in his state and steal from hard working taxpayers. Well, the big tent out there is going to fold.  The worthless governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, has been too busy trying to stay out of jail to pay any attention to his state. I guess he figured if he kept his head in the dirt, the grand jury would go away. Last month, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington named Arnie and Richardson in the top 11 crooked governors along with Bobby Jindal and Haley Barbour.

The bottom line is the U.S. Constitution guarantees under Art. IV, Section 4:  "The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence."

That hasn't happened and it isn't going to happen. The agenda is chaos and open borders. Comrade Obama/Soetoro told Felipe Calderon "we are not defined by our borders." Does anyone need further clarification?

Dr. Edwin Vieira has been writing scholarly columns on the constitutional militia since 2005. I've written many columns about his work to give as much exposure as possible. As I have said so many times: Had the constitutional militia been reconstituted when Katrina hit, we would not have seen the mass misery OR the military brought in to handle the situation. THAT is what the constitutional militia is for and required under the Second Amendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The framers of the U.S. Constitution and those who wrote the Bill of Righrs used an economy of words. The word necessary doesn't mean might be, could be or maybe. Necessary is definded as: being essential, indispensable, or requisite, not free; involuntary: a necessary agent.

As Edwin writes from historical documents:

"Because the Constitution itself empowers "the Militia of the several States" for National purposes, the Militia are not optional, discretionary, or disposable for Congress, the President, the Judiciary, the States, or even We the People. First, because the Militia are "the Militia of the several States", Congress lacks all authority either to create or to dissolve them. Congress also lacks authority to disregard, neglect, or impede the Militia, with respect either to their performance of their constitutionally mandated services to the Nation, or to their practical ability to perform those services. Instead, Congress's powers and duties are "[t]o provide for calling forth the Militia" for particular National purposes, and to make them fully effective for those purposes by "provid[ing] for organizing, arming, and disciplining the[m]". Article I, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16. The President "shall be" their "Commander in Chief" "when [they are] called into the actual Service of the United States". Article II, Section 2, Clause 1. And the Judiciary lacks authority to absolve either Congress or the President of these responsibilities.

"Second, although "the Militia of the several States" are State institutions, the States cannot dispense with them, either, because the Constitution presupposes their permanence, and the Constitution is "the supreme Law of the Land". Article VI, Clause 2. Obviously, if the States could dissolve their Militia at will, they could erase Congress's power to "call[ ] forth the Militia". They could render unfulfillable the duty of the United States to "guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government" and to "protect each of them against Invasion; and * * * against domestic Violence". Article IV, Section 4. And they could even disarm themselves from "engag[ing] in War" when "actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay", because (absent dispensation from Congress) they would have no other armed forces to deploy. Article I, Section 10, Clause 3.

"Third, because the Militia are State institutions, the Constitution reserves to the States an exclusive power and duty to "govern[ ] such Part of them as may [not] be employed in the Service of the United States", and a concurrent power and duty to provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining their Militia if Congress refuses, fails, or is unable to do so, in whole or in part. See Article I, Section 8, Clause 16; Amendment X; Amendment XIV, Section 1; and Houston v. Moore, 18 U.S. (5 Wheaton) 1 (1820). Indeed, if a negligent or criminal Congress, by shirking its duties or conspiring to defeat the Constitution, could render the Militia impotent and thereby put the Nation and States in peril, and the States nevertheless could do nothing to correct the situation, it would be absurd to speak of "the Militia of the several States" at all.

"Fourth, because (as Part Two of this article will explain) the Militia are composed of We the People in arms, all Americans retain the right and reserve the power to array themselves in "the Militia of the[ir] several States" should Congress and the States completely fail, neglect, or refuse to perform their duties in that particular."

Tune out the noise from useful fools like the Southern "Poverty" Law Center, militant, America hating operations like LaRaza and all the rest of them. What we the people must concentrate our efforts towards are the state legislatures -- particularly the border states and others like Oklahoma. Seventeen states are now passing versions of Arizona's new law and as the noose tightens and the Outlaw Congress in partnership with Marxist Obama/Soetoro try to jam mass amnesty down our throats, the illegals and their advocates will cross the line. Mark my words.

The minute the word militia is used in any context, the historically stupid know nothings (media, politicians and, sadly, too many ordinary Americans) go ballistic. Thanks to the efforts of pernicious smear campaigns by cash cows like the Southern "Poverty" Law Center, the ADL and other special interest groups, the vast majority of lawmakers at all levels, including sheriffs, have no understanding of the constitutional militia and it's history. As I've been out of school many decades, I don't remember learning about this important part of our history. But, when Edwin began writing about it, the light bulb went on in my head. Now, it's up to us to assist our state lawmakers in understanding the militia is critical to the security of a free state.

For all those sending me a hundred emails a day that the UN and Marxist Hillary Clinton are going to take your guns or some other state or federal official, read this: The Second Amendment requires a well regulated militia to make sure the security of a free State is backed up by fire power. That means our God given right to own and bear arms. The communist controlled United Nothing (UN) cannot and will not take our guns. Treaties cannot over ride the U.S. Constitution. Marxist Clinton is a usurper who has no authority to play Secretary of State. I hope people will tone down the hysteria and concentrate on the solution. Put your energy and time into contacting your state reps and senators. If they refuse to get the job done, boot them in November. The elections six months from now aren't just about Congress -- your state legislature is all important when you go to the ballot box.

Patrick Henry

George Washington eventually came around to Henry's wisdom regarding the militia. Please bookmark and take the time to read this link: President George Washington Structured The Militia System To Prevent Treason And Tyranny By Public Officials. The states created the federal government under the authority of the U.S. Constitution. They still hold the power. The Bill of Rights came later because men of Patrick Henry's raw courage fully understood how easily public officials could be corrupted: "What will you do when evil men take office?" The states guarded their sovereignty and people of the states, appreciating how much blood ran on battle fields to give them their freedom and liberty, cherished it deeply.

When the Militia Act of 1903 (32 Stat. 775) was passed, it became known as the Dick Act and changed the structure of the militia. Actually, it wiped out the real militia and federalized them under various titles and organizations, supposedly for uniformity. Believe me when I tell you: nothing happens in politics by accident. There are those who say that Act cannot be repealed. According to Dr. Vieira's Herculean research: "Because the Constitution itself empowers "the Militia of the several States" for National purposes, the Militia are not optional, discretionary, or disposable for Congress, the President, the Judiciary, the States, or even We the People. First, because the Militia are "the Militia of the several States", Congress lacks all authority either to create or to dissolve them." That isn't his opinion, it is historical fact.

Recall what Edwin wrote above: "Fourth, because (as Part Two of this article will explain) the Militia are composed of We the People in arms, all Americans retain the right and reserve the power to array themselves in "the Militia of the[ir] several States" should Congress and the States completely fail, neglect, or refuse to perform their duties in that particular."

Not only has the Outlaw Congress failed for nearly three decades to stop this invasion of human cargo, drugs and terrorists, we now have foreign military flying over U.S. soil and Mexican pirates holding American citizens at gun point to rob (next will be murders, you watch) them on U.S. soil. How many more Americans will end up like Roger Barnett?

16 illegals sue Arizona rancher

"An Arizona man who has waged a 10-year campaign to stop a flood of illegal immigrants from crossing his property is being sued by 16 Mexican nationals who accuse him of conspiring to violate their civil rights when he stopped them at gunpoint on his ranch on the U.S.-Mexico border. Roger Barnett, 64, began rounding up illegal immigrants in 1998 and turning them over to the U.S. Border Patrol, he said, after they destroyed his property, killed his calves and broke into his home. His Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Ariz., is known by federal and county law enforcement authorities as "the avenue of choice" for immigrants seeking to enter the United States illegally. Trial continues Monday in the federal lawsuit, which seeks $32 million in actual and punitive damages for civil rights violations, the infliction of emotional distress and other crimes. Also named are Mr. Barnett's wife, Barbara, his brother, Donald, and Larry Dever, sheriff in Cochise County, Ariz., where the Barnetts live. The civil trial is expected to continue until Friday."

By God, that man has the right to defend himself and his property. Besides the murder of rancher Robert Krentz, this is EXACTLY why Arizona's legislature and governor said enough is enough. In another episode of the Twilight Zone, the jury actually awarded the invaders $77,000. "The jury awarded $17,802 to the six remaining illegal immigrants on their claims of assault and the infliction of emotional distress – $7,500 each to two, $1,400 each to two others and $1 each to the remaining pair. It also ordered Mr. Barnett to pay $60,000 in punitive damages."

AFTER the judge ruled:

"U.S. District Judge John M. Roll, for starters, dismissed the claims of 10 of the illegals because they did not testify at trial. He then tossed related conspiracy complaints against Mr. Barnett’s wife, Barbara, and his brother Donald, saying illegal immigrants had no constitutionally protected right to travel in the United States. Judge Roll said the Barnetts, who live in close proximity to the border, could reasonably assume that large groups of people they encountered hiding or trespassing on their property were doing so with the aid of smugglers. He said entering the United States illegally was a federal felony, for which a citizen's arrest was authorized under Arizona law.

"Ultimately, the jury of four men and four women decided that Mr. Barnett did not violate the civil rights of the remaining six plaintiffs and was not guilty of false imprisonment, battery and conspiracy as charged in the suit. “Citizens who live along the border, like citizens anywhere in the country, have a right to act in such instances,” said David T. Hardy, one of Mr. Barnett’s attorneys. “The vindication of the Barnetts should clear the way for other Americans to act responsibly without fear of specious and politically motivated lawsuits.”

Emotional distress my backside. That's like a jury rewarding a bank robber for emotional distress. Gee, he got caught and was very upset. Why not just reward every damn illegal who gets caught with 'emotional distress' payments? But, the good news is it's unlikely Barnett will ever have to pay:

"Jurors awarded four female plaintiffs small punitive damages for emotional distress. However, it is unlikely that damages will ultimately be paid. The jury instructions, which did not conform to Arizona standards for emotional distress awards, and a 2006 Arizona constitutional amendment bars awards of punitive damages to illegal aliens. Most significantly, when the jury unanimously denied the civil rights, conspiracy, and false imprisonment claims, they not only rejected MALDEF's decision to play the race card in court, but provided the family members the opportunity to seek recovery of attorneys fees. The risk of liability for fees and costs will be an important deterrent to spurious civil rights-based legal attacks on immigration reform activists and law-abiding communities in the future."

Many state legislatures are now out of session, but they can call an emergency session any time. It's a long way to January 2011 and by then, even those who refuse to face the reality of what's coming economically will have it shoved in their face. There are many militia groups in these united States of America. I've taken the time to do web searches and read web sites of local and 'state' militia groups. Their memberships are regular Americans like you and me who are concerned with natural disasters which can strike at any time. They want to be prepared to help their cities and towns. Unlike that fool, former Mayor Ray Nagan of New Orleans, who is responsible for so many deaths that didn't have to happen. However, there is no real constitutional militia; to reconstitute them, it must be done by each sovereign state by statute.

The FBI and Department of Fatherland Security will continue to infiltrate as many of them as they can with the sole purpose of trying to trick or seduce them (out of frustration and justified anger) into doing something none of us want. All on purpose so the media will saturate the airwaves and newspapers with "see what these crazy militias are? Nut jobs!" Don't walk into these traps. Work with your state reps and senators as I outline below. Let's unify and take the right road all you 100 MILLION gun owners out there. Am I reaching you yet?

Arizona is leading the way in doing what the feds refuse to do and now 17 other states are in the process of doing the same. Enough is enough. Next, the states must - as is their right - secure their states. It cannot be done without the militia.

Darker days are ahead for us. We cannot let up nor can we allow ourselves to be distracted by trash talking liberals and their enablers. Go take a look at the picture in this column of the illegals on using rail cars. it is not an isolated incident. How many times do we keep "allowing" these animals to cross the border and kill and rape Americans?

Go look at this short video and tell me we don't need the constitutional militia?

The other day I sent Rep. Charles Key [R-OK] ten CDs with Edwin's columns on the constitutional militia to share with his colleagues. Lawmakers are buried in reading material (just like us), but they will listen to a CD driving to and from the capitol or other job if they're now out of session. If you want to work towards the solution instead of more Band Aids, please down load the CD from my site; it's free. Make copies and give out at gun shows and to everyone you know who owns a gun. Make copies and send to your state rep and senator - even if your legislature is out of session. Write a short letter and use what ever material from this column you need. Impress upon him/her how critical it is for the states to reconstitute the militia.

If you live in Utah, the Patrick Henry Caucus is made up of some of your legisltors; see here and watch their short video. Make copies of the CD and get them to the members of that caucus. They need your support and your voice to reconstitute the militia. Those law makers have stepped to the forefront and they are serious. Work with them.

Second: If you don't fully understand this issue, as I did not until I took the time to learn, read Edwin's columns here. Order his book, Constitutional Homeland Security: A Call for Americans to Revitalize the Militia of the Several States. Volume I, The Nation in Arms. He is working feverishly to finish Volume II.

Visit the Committees of Safety's web site. Click on the box which reads: Security and study the issues. Get informed and get involved.

This is about what must be done, not what the media, La Raza, the putrid American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) or the Mayor of Chicago want. The violence spilling across the border will not stop until the states get serious because the corrupt leadership in Washington has a different agenda. No American is safe. We do it by the law and that means each legislature must write their own statute. This isn't difficult, folks. What will be 'difficult' is dealing with domestic threats because there is not enough military or national guard and we do NOT want the military involved in domestic security. A very big mistake during Katrina.

"If you have given up your militia, and Congress shall refuse to arm them, you have lost every thing. Your existence will be precarious, because you depend on others, whose interests are not affected by your infelicity. If Congress are to arm us exclusively, the man of New Hampshire may vote for or against it, as well as the Virginian. The great distance and difference between the two places render it possible that the people of that country can know or pursue what will promote our convenience. I therefore contend that, if, Congress do not arm the militia, we ought to provide for it ourselves." Patrick Henry, June 14, 1788

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