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I can still hear their screams!

US~Observer's fight against the Judicial Branch

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Critical Bills
— State Legislatures 2013 Session Act Now —
Time is not on our side

1. Critical Bills for 2013 Legislatures (Seventeenth Amendment fraud)

2. Second Critical bill for your state legislature - 2013 session (Constitutional money bill)

3. Third Critical bill for your state legislature - 2013 session (Agenda 21)

4. Fourth Critical Bill for your state legislature - 2013 session ( Reconstituting the constitutional militia)

Our state legislature did nothing on three of the issues.

Their solution to Agenda 21 and stopping the communist UN from taking over this state: They passed a Concurrent Joint Resolution saying they don't like Agenda 21. They sent it to the imposter in the White House. They sent a copy to the Outlaw Congress asking them to enter it into the Congressional Record.

Yep. That's it. 'Don't mess with Texas' is a joke.


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