Devvy Kidd
July 19, 1999

If you've read my Blind Loyalty booklet, the answer to this question is simply no, not even on a local level. If you haven't read my booklet, it's only 45 pages and the first 30+ pages are new as of earlier this year. I stuffed every bit of factual cases into this little booklet I could on vote fraud: felons voting in record numbers, absentee ballot fraud is now the No. 1 preferred method of vote fraud and so much more. Single copies are two bucks and you can use the order blank in A Good Beginning; bulk rates are dirt cheap. Get them and hand them out at all town hall meetings, any political central committee meetings, at gun shows or anywhere else people congregate. One example in my booklet is a local mayoral race. The incumbent lost by one vote. After the hand re-count, he won by five votes. Had the results not been challenged, he would have been ousted from office by fraud and electronic machines.

When I tell you that all forms of vote fraud is rampant, I have a stack almost three feet tall of cases and a mountain of newspaper articles from sources such as the Los Angeles Times that delve deeply into how easy electronic vote fraud really is and how dangerous these machines are to fair and impartial elections. I continue to hear talk show hosts all across this country discuss this candidate and that one but you know what? It doesn't matter which candidate runs on which ticket anymore. As Joseph Stalin said: "Voters decide nothing; people who count votes decide everything." The power mongers behind the scenes need to control the vote to ensure they will continue to keep players in office who will carry out their agenda. This is why I continually harp on research and education - it's the only way to learn the truth for yourself. Seeing is believing.

If America doesn't stand up to the state legislatures and demand that they restore fair and impartial elections, nothing will change. The all-powerful Masters of the Game orchestrating this "new world order" will continue to call the shots and they will decide which stooge gets put in the White House, Congress and even local elections. My friend down in San Antonio uses a metaphor that works so well:

While learning to drive, the driving instructor has the real steering wheel and you get the fake one You aren't told this so off you go. While you're learning to drive, you think you're in control of the wheel but in reality, you aren't. While you're steering all around town feeling in control, the reality is that someone else is actually steering the car and the illusion is complete.

That's what's going on today and has been going on since at least 1960. Last November, 12 hours before the polls opened in the United States, ABCNEWS.COM's official web site posted the results of the next day's elections. After about three hours, they removed the information and posted the following disclaimer: ".....we inadvertently posted results and predictions...." They used the word results, not me. How did they know the results 12 hours before the polls opened? When all the hoopla was over the next day, guess how accurate they were? Well, I think the Las Vegas odds- makers were glad no one placed a bet on this one because the odds must be astronomical that they could call every major race in the United States, 165,5000 precincts with .0174% accuracy 12 hours before the polls ever opened. I have had people read my Blind Loyalty booklet and call or e-mail me, absolutely incensed by the documented cases in my booklet.

People had better get out of a state of denial on this because it's true, it's real and it's what will put the next globalist stooge in the White House whether it's stooge Al Gore, stooge and new world order offspring, George W. Bush, Jr., or whoever. I realize there are people out there whose blind loyalty is to their party and they simply refuse to look at what the Republicans have done to this country since they took control of Congress January 5, 1995, but it's right there in front of your eyes. This party is self-destructing right in front of the country. They have betrayed just about everything they have ever stood for as a righteous party and it's one of the reasons I walked from "the party" back in 1996. I refuse to support any political party that has lied to me my entire adult life and continues to lie and cheat the American people, all our people, regardless of party, race or religion.

Dennis the Menace Hastert simply picked up where the New World Order minion, Newt Gingrich left off, and with the assistance of Chester Lott, have provided the kind of leadership that must have Bill Clinton giggling over. The next president will probably put three U.S. Supreme Court Justices on the bench. There isn't one of these candidates worth my trust. It's a horrible, horrible situation but unless and until we straighten out the election process in this country, you can kiss off any ideas about getting constitutionalists elected who will not compromise away the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Additionally, we simply must continue reaching out to the sheep in this country with the truth so we build the number of Americans who finally know the truth about this global scheme and the remedies that are available. It's frustrating, I know. It takes up your free time - ask me. But it's going to take all of US for as long as it takes. You don't gain a hundred pounds overnight and you don't lost it overnight. The alternative is one I hope we never experience. Don't forget to tell ten people to tell ten people to tell ten people to get busy reading this web site and the related links. Tell them to kill the television set and help save our country.

Speaking of how ignorant members of Congress are: How much time has been wasted by them, both parties, fighting about this "Patient's Bill of Rights" malarkey? Congress has no authority under Art. 1, Sec. 8 to legislate in this area and the U.S. Supreme Court has said that over and over because I have all the cases. The high court has repeatedly ruled that Congress cannot regulate or legislate medical practice within the states, that it is left to the states under the Tenth Amendment. Do the Republicans or Democrats pay any attention? Nope, just feed the sheep whatever they want to hear. What's so sad is the number of conservative radio talk show hosts in this country that I have faxed these court cases to while they are on the air so they can give their listening audiences the facts and what do they do? Why, they ignore the information, just the same as Congress ignores the law and they just keep yapping on about whose side has the best plan.

I can't stress this enough, if you haven't ordered the video of my event in June, 1998 which took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center, you need to order it from the Wallace Institute section on this web site. Larry Becraft will give you an education on what is and isn't federal law under the Constitution - this is critical for people to understand. We've got to get America on the same sheet of music instead of all these discussions on "the other side wants this version of a bill" and "the Democrats' Patients's Bill of Rights is blah, blah." This proposed legislation is unconstitutional, period. Learn these important facts about federal law by watching Larry during his magnificent presentation. This video is over five hours long and also contains:

Almost two hours of Brigadier General Ben Partin [U.S.A.F. Ret.] go through OKC and TWA 800, Harvey Gordin on Y2K, Dr. Eugene Schroder on the War Powers Act and yours truly.

There is another area where Congress is dumber than a turnip. Congressman Jack Metcalf [R-WA], who has betrayed all those who worked so hard to get him "elected," has a new bill to stop Billy Clinton and his Executive Orders. Why waste time on this? It won't fly with half the Republicans in Congress voting with the Democrats. The law already exists to stop this: Go to 5 U.S.C. Section 301 and you will read the existing law: These EO's apply only to the Executive Branch, not you or me. Metcalf's bill is just more smoke or a fake steering wheel if you will, a bone to the desperate. America is being played for a fool and the party hacks out there are the biggest dupes. I'm sorry if this offends some people but Lord, what has to be done to wake you people up? Stop treating the symptoms and start curing the cancer. This comes through education.

I have been trying to do as much radio as I can on this critical vote fraud issue but I am amazed at how many conservative talk show hosts don't want to have me come on their shows and go over these documented vote fraud cases one by one, the Supreme Court's ruling on medical care within the states or even the law on Executive Orders. Why do you suppose that is? Because my information is inaccurate? No, I have the court cases right in front of me when I go on the air. Because I use cuss words or rant during a show? No, I don't do that. How come so many conservative talk show hosts don't want to have guests like me on the air who can present factual, documented cases of rampant vote fraud and these other issues? What good are they as a voice for the conservative movement if they give out false and misleading information just like the government's media apparatus?

Vote fraud has got to become the most talked about issue during this upcoming election season.

Who makes the laws? Congress, the state legislatures, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, county commissioners, city council, non-governmental organizations and bureaucrats in non-elected positions who have been unlawfully given power they aren't entitled to. Neither Bill Clinton or Al Gore have any authority to make law or spend the public funds of the Treasury. But, they've been at it for over six years with the only opposition from the Republicans coming in the form of a bit of hand wringing. NGO's and all these officials in bureaucracies are making laws and no one is stopping them - no elected anyone that is. We the people are being fleeced trying to get all this junk law overturned by the courts. We are successful in some cases, some we aren't. It can't continue.

Who enforces the laws? The courts, the sheriffs. Here in California we have recall to throw these corrupt judges off the bench and remove bad sheriffs. Sadly it hasn't been used but a few times in the last twenty years. We can throw out our Governor and all the way down the list. Yet, every time I tell people this, the response is "Oh, yea?" Then they just go back to doing whatever they were doing or call talk radio and vent their spleen.

When does all this power begin? It all starts on election day. Our ballot box is clearly one of our most sacred rights and it is all but gone. Let me give you a quote from The Valley Citizen newspaper published in Contra Costa County, California, July 1999 issue, page 36, article on Patrick Buchanan:

"One of the major problems facing his campaign is voter fraud. Although Buchanan is reluctant to bring this issue to the forefront, because it sounds like 'sour grapes,' many of his supporters are fighting mad about blatant irregularities in Iowa and Arizona in the last presidential primaries. Doug Zietz of Fremont did poll watching in Iowa in 1996. He says, "Pat clearly won in Dubuque County where I was and all over Iowa, but when the votes were sent to Voter News Service [VNS] in New York City, the numbers changed. I was there and saw it with my own eyes! We won't let this happen again!" I covered the VNS organization in my Blind Loyalty booklet. What a fraud. What a hoax on the American people all these years.

I hate to tell Doug, but yes, it will happen again and nothing will change until America returns to paper ballots, hand counted in the precincts in front of the general public. No more electronic machines. Absentee ballots confined to those in the military and people who are in hospitals or who can prove mobility problems. The Motor Voter Law of 1993 has thoroughly tainted the voting rolls in all 50 states and my Blind Loyalty booklet covers this in depth with documented cases. No conspiracy theories here, just hard facts. Seven states now allow people to register at a precinct the day of the election! Whoever voted this into law must have been on drugs. But wait! There's a bill in the California psycho ward they call the legislature, to do just that! God save US from fools.

Let me give you one more story from the same magazine I quote above, same page:

Giant Voter Purge by CC Elections Department

Stephen Weir, Contra Costa County Clerk and head of the Elections Department has just issued the results of the department's 2 « year "voter roll correction" program. This program has resulted in an astounding 21.8% reduction in registered voters in the county....The purge is even more dramatic when you consider that during the same period 139,340 new registrations were added!

The elections department had come under intense criticism and scrutiny as a result of the very close Measure C school bond issue in November 1995 and the hotly contested State Senate race in November of 1996. Weir is hopeful that this major housecleaning of the voter rolls will instill more voter confidence and reduce the potential for voter fraud...."

Radio talk show hosts and media pundits like to chant over and over and over that people aren't voting because they are "disenfranchised" from politics or their "party isn't getting the message out" and other such tripe. The truth is that millions and millions of people now know that the ballot box has been comprised and refuse to participate in the fake steering wheel exercise.

The example above was particularly interesting to me because in early April, 1998, I spoke to a Republican women's organization at the country club in Danville, California and Stephen Weir was in the audience. I am hopeful, although I have no way of knowing, that my speech that day had some impact on Mr. Weir and this voter roll purge that apparently was in its infancy at that time. No one wins with vote fraud. Everything starts on election day. I will never run for public office again until the voter rolls in this state are purged, until people are forced to prove their legal residency in this country, until the machines are gone and paper hand marked ballots are counted in front of anyone who wants to watch. I'd rather wait a week to find out I lost fairly than be cheated again. I don't need fast food elections.

The final question is this: How much longer can America survive with rigged elections? Remember Stalin's words: "Voters decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything."