Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Devvy Kidd 
December 5, 2002 

 I am vehemently opposed to the mis-named "Patriot" Act, which has nothing to do with patriotism, but rather the destruction of our God-given rights. The so-called "Homeland Security Act" is another grab to unconstitutionally consolidate power and continue the destruction of our God-rights. Anyone who thinks differently is in a complete and total state of denial. 

There's a new player on the block that's creating quite a stir: The "Bill of Rights Defense Committee." Their goal is to establish "Civil Liberties Safe Zones" throughout the United States and in fact, cities like Eugene City, Oregon have given in to concerned citizens by voting to make Eugene the 15th city in the United States and the first in Oregon to formally seek reform or repeal of the USA Patriot Act. 

This is good. What's not good is who is behind this effort. Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. Shall we examine this organization a little more closely? 

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee is ‘fiscally sponsored' by the The Greensboro Justice Fund: 

Where do contributions to the Greensboro Justice Fund go? 

"The Fund assists grassroots organizations in the South working for racial justice, political and economic empowerment, and an end to racist, religious and homophobic violence. We support organizations that are committed to civil rights and are working for social change. Organizations whose members come from traditionally disenfranchised groups are given preference by the Fund." 

Why give to the Greensboro Justice Fund? 

The Greensboro Justice Fund is unique: 

"For its vision, its commitment to radical democracy and basic human and civil rights. Throughout our history we have supported the rights of all people to their own voice, their own power, the fruits of their labor and their ability to be accepted and respected in our society. This is an organization that has confronted and conquered racist brutality in defense of civil rights against nearly insurmountable odds through reliance on the power of people of good will. We pass 
on that commitment to democracy to our grantees." 

This organization supports freeing cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. So did the commie group, Not in Our Name. 

The links page provides even more information on the types of organizations this group supports: 


Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace - a bunch of one worlders: 

Highlighted prominently on this site: - Michael Moore: Mike's Office of Homeland Security 

Click on to Mr. Moore's web site. He is an environmental greenie. You will also see his undying support for Reds like Nancy Pelosi who "has fought for gay rights and has the chance to return a progressive face to the Democratic Party." 

Right now Mr. Moore is upset with Ms. Pelosi and wants to send her a strong message. He states, "We need a progressive leader in DC..." 

This is the language of socialists who support one world government while talking out both sides of their mouths. 

Mr. Moore is a big proponent of "volunteerism,:" which is pure communism. See: 

This reeks of the DSA: Democratic Socialists of America. Please read this article on my site, it's very, very important: 

The one very noticeable thing missing from this web site for the 'Bill of Rights Defense' is who is behind it? There is only one reference and no real name provided, just an e-mail address: 

Bill of Rights Defense Committee 
P.O. Box 60591 
Florence, MA 01062 

Telephone (413) 582-0110 

I do not and will not involve myself with any group or organization unless I know who is behind the curtain. No Wizard of Oz stuff for me. 

Socialists use certain key words and phrases in their pitches. If you've read as many books and millions of words I have on this world game, you can spot these thinly disguised socialists right off the bat. 

I am against violence towards my fellow man and believe all men and women are born equal and free. However, I can smell a Red a mile away. 

In the middle of Bob's Freedom Drive, everyone was suddenly enamored with the 'Not In Our Name' group that sprung from no where and became an instant hit. This is what I have to say about 'Not in Our Name':

Oct. 6 Public Service 
Ossie Davis, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Boots Riley, Yuri 
Sept. 27 Update ~ MP3s 

Mumia Abu-Jamal is the thug who murdered a policeman 20 years ago. He's the human garbage that all the movie stars have been stumping to get out of jail. Anyone who promotes anything this murderer of a police officer says is someone I want nothing to do with. I have followed the events of Jamal. There's no doubt in my mind he gunned down that police officer all those years ago just because he was white. 

Go take a look at the who's who behind this movement. No thanks. I know a lot of those names. A bunch of them are Reds: Mary Lou Greenberg, Revolutionary Communist Party, NY Branch. Would I join up with a bunch of people whose behind the scenes leadership has as one of the leaders a member of the Communist Party? I'll pass, thank you and I did. 

The rest are socialists and organizations that promote everything that's wrong with our Christian culture. 

This is another one of those deals funded, no doubt if you dig into the money trail, by the bad guys and foundations that are un-American. It reeks of globalist influence. also did an in-depth exposure of these wolves: 

There are plenty of regular citizens groups in counties throughout the united States that can do the same these people called 'The Bill of Rights Defense Committee' are without getting trapped and influenced by dupes being masterfully manipulated by the Unseen Hand. 

This is just my opinion, but I want nothing to do with them nor would I have my name and reputation sullied by association. 

People can make up their own mind about whether or not to join in with these people, but I hope you will do the research first so you don't regret your decision later on down the line.