One for the Road

Devvy Kidd
Updated October, 2006

Americans who understand the 'big picture' know that anyone who is speaking out about the mechanisms in place destroying this country and the massive power grabs by Congress to centralize every facet of American life under a totalitarian government are aware that:

The dominant media is compromised and that includes cable, i.e. FOX, CNN, MSNBC. You will never see me, Dr. Edwin Vieira, Dr. Carolyn Dean, Bill Benson or any other individual on Hannity & Colmes, Bill O'Reilly, Dan Abrams, Paula Zahn or any others. Fox News might be fair and balanced in many areas, but that network is owned by a big time new world order player, Ruppert Murdoch. He isn't about to allow any programming on his network that is contrary to the goals of achieving a one world government.

The nightly propaganda machines (ABC, NBC, CBS) are viewed by roughly 30 million Americans every evening who get nothing but a minute or two of carefully chosen "news" by the elite that they want the American people to have. Cable is a bit more diverse, but none of them will touch any guest who is trying to warn the American people about all the real dangers facing this republic and who is orchestrating events.

The dominant newspapers in this country are all owned by monstrous conglomerates. Journalists like me, Dennis Cuddy, Frosty Wooldridge and others will never get our columns published in the LA Times, Chicago Sun Times, SF Chronicle and so on. Forget it. There are a few excellent newspapers out there, i.e. The Idaho Observer, but unlike USA Today, another rag, the owners of The Idaho Observer don't have the funding to go national.

Talk radio is dominated by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and other neutralizers. If you add up the number of stations just those three are syndicated on, it's in the hundreds and hundreds.

Americans are pressed for time every day. They are stuck in commute traffic for 30 minutes or an hour each way to work and then back home. Between family obligations and the fact that unless you have a few hundred thousand dollars to drop on mainstream advertising mediums, the chances of ten or twenty million people clicking on to or are slim. Contact usually comes from word of mouth or hearing a columnist on one of those radio shows that can't get syndicated. Most Americans simply don't have time to surf the Internet or if they do use the Net with their limited time, they have set sites they quickly check for some news or shopping.

This is a four CD set of commentary straight from the Internet. There were a few challenges at the recording studio, but things worked out just fine. These four CDs contain the segments listed below. Under fair use, I included some material from other columnists, i.e. Frosty Wooldridge and Tom DeWeese during my commentaries.

Just think of the possibilities here! How unique this idea is: taking the Internet to the road. We msut reach the general population and it can't be done for all the reasons I mentioned above. Our only other option is to take it to the people. Each segment on each CD is separated with a little music, just like any other CD so a person can go forward to a specific segment (chapters) or go back to one they want to rehear.

This is a project for which I receive no profit. The funding for Volume One is my own money. There is virtually no labor cost in this project. This project is about reaching out to average Americans just like us and getting them the truth about illegal immigration, constitutional violations and so many other topics.

We are running out of time. It is imperative that we get the truth to as many Americans as possible. Christmas is coming. These 4-CD sets will make a great stocking stuffer, a great gift exchange at work. The donation is bare bottom so you can give a set to a friend who doesn't know what's going on, to parents, and to business associates. The goal is to fill Americas cars, trucks, vans and motor homes with factual information via their CD player.

If you own a retail store, I hope you'll consider buying a dozen sets, put a $ sticker on the package, set it out on the counter and help spread the truth. Be a Paul Revere for America!


The donation is $10.00 for any volume which includes the postage, first class USPS.

Update: Unfortunately, I have to raise the donation by $1.00 per set due to increased costs on my end. This project must remain self-supporting. Therefore, effective August 18, 2006, the donation for Vol I, II and the upcoming III will be $11.00 per set (4 CDs per set). The Dr. Edwin Vieira Special CD will remain at $2.00 per disk for now and see how this works.

These volumes are SOLD OUT

Volume I: One for the Road

Disk One:
Introduction (13:46 minutes)
Forced Mental Health Screening for your Children (10:41 minutes)
The ACLU Fulfilling the Communist Agenda (6:55 minutes)
Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto (9:59 minutes)
States Must Force Seventeenth Amendment Showdown (7:17 minutes)
Why the Federal Department of Education Must be Abolished (8:12 minutes)
Borrowing to Create Jobs - More Insanity (10:27 minutes)

Disk Two:
Why an Income Tax is not Necessary to Fund the Federal Government (56:04 minutes)
(This is a major, detailed explanation of why the tax isn't necessary and why
Americans should reject these other alternative taxing schemes being floated.)
Treasonous Agenda of the Council of Foreign Relations (10:49 minutes)

Disk Three:
U.S. Banks Knowingly Fund Home Mortgage Loans to Illegals (19:50 minutes)
Vote Fraud: What They Aren't Telling You (22:03 minutes)
9-11 Four Years Later (25:09 minutes)

Disk Four:
Treasonous Agenda of the TriLateral Commission (8:18 minutes)
The Proper Role of America's Military (18:41 minutes)
Those Judging the Judge (9:29 minutes)
Where Have All the Men Gone? (24:37 minutes)
Closing Statement (2:58 minutes)

Volume II: One For The Road

Disk One:
Introduction (14:09 minutes)
Genetically Engineered Foods May Post National Health Risk (11:33 minutes)
Germans & Russians Used Fluoride to Make Prisoners Stupid & Docile (10:36 minutes)
Got Hormones - The Controversial Milk Drug That Refuses to Die (13:09 minutes)
Internationalizing U.S. Roads (10:37 minutes)
The Gray Wolf, the ESA and the 17th Amendment (6:21 minutes)

Disk Two:
Will New Mexico Be First State to Ban Aspartame? (16:16 minutes)
Women Victimized by Feminist Fables (5:41 minutes)
Americans Are Going to be Rounded Up! (12:08 minutes)
Council on Foreign Relations is an Elite Cabal (11:30 minutes)
Experimental Weather Modification Bill Fast Tracking for Passage in U.S. Senate & House of Representatives (12:13 minutes)
The Unseen Hand will Decide Who Gets Elected (15:53 minutes)

Note: The studio duplicated the same columns on Disk three twice on the same disk. There's no harm done, it just makes this disk longer. When I go to re order, I'll have them delete the duplication.

Disk Three:
FDR & Pearl Harbor (10:09 minutes)
Homeland Security - For What and for Whom? (17:06 minutes)
I Can Still Hear Their Screams (21:54 minutes)
Will Americans Sacrifice More of their Own for the Bankers? (13:52 minutes)
Stop All Immigration into America (9:41 minutes)

Disk Four:
Why Property Rights Matter: How Government Regulations Threaten America (13:36 minutes)
Sustainable Development: Creating Crisis, Shortage and a Police State (13:03 minutes)
Violent Sexual Predators who are Illegal Aliens (11:15 minutes)
Your Tax Dollars Will Fund Russian Political Parties (7:17 minutes)
Closing (3:11 minutes)

Volume III: One For The Road

Disk One:
The Machines Will Remember in November
Congress Ignoring Looming Financial Catastrophe
Minimum Wage and Facism

Disk Two:
Slap the King, Expect to Die
The Militarization of the American police
Border Narcotics, Smuggling Stolen Vehicles, Illegal Aliens & Politics
They Died for Cheap Labor
Should the Democratic Party Merge with the Communist Party?

Disk Three:
Slow Motion Terrorism
Throw Out All Female Members of Congress
A Done Deal — Free Trade Area of the Americas
Southerrn Border Blurs for Global Trade
Sustainable Development, Smart Growth & Kelo — Organized Theft
The National ID is Not Mandatory

Disk Four:
Toward a North American Union
Senate Protects Rogue Federal Judges
Americans Are Going to be Rounded UP
Borrowing to Create Jobs — More Insanity

Special: Dr. Edwin Vieira CD (Approximately one hour in length)


On this CD:

  • Dr. Edwin Vieira on Homeland Security and the real meaning of the Second Amendment and the push to reconstitute the state militias as mandated by the Second Amendment.
  • Katrina: Did FEMA really Fail by Devvy Kidd
  • This is an important analysis of the role of FEMA, Homeland Security and the state militias as mandated by the Second Amendment.

You are encouraged to get this CD to your mayor, all members of your city council and county board of supervisors, sheriff, anyone you know in law enforcement, members of your state legislature and governor. Most of these elected public servants don't have a clue, but this CD will educate them with the briliant writing and comprehensive analysis by Dr. Vieira on this major issue. Once you listen to the CD, I believe you will understand how important this issue is and why it's so important for you to order as many copies as you can get them them out all across America.