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We must stop the drive for Sharia Law in America

By: Devvy
July 26, 2010

My last column, Islam: A Cancer Oozing Across America, brought a number of emails from Muslims who told me I don't know what I'm talking about. Of course not. I never do when it doesn't agree with the sender. One Muslim said Jesus was a Muslim and so was Moses! Imagine that. In my column I said Islam is a governmental system and the mechanism used to force absolute submission is a pseudo religion; nothing has changed my mind. Islam doesn't have a church and state, it is one system. If one bothers to study the history of Islam, regardless of the propaganda and calls for "peace" taught by a "holy" book called the Quran, their "religion" has a bloody past. Conquer and submission is the name of the end game.

A couple of other Muslims who sent email said Muhammad wasn't a pedophile because while he married a nine year old, he didn't force his sex on her until age 15. Of course, he was there to back up such a statement.

March 26, 2010. NU Fatwa Declares Underage Girls Can Marry to Build Family Values

"Makassar. Taking Islamic law as its guide, leading Muslim organization Nahdlatul Ulama on Friday issued a fatwa declaring underage marriage acceptable as long as the purpose of the union was to build a happy family. Cholil Nafis, secretary of the committee for religious issues for this past week's 32nd NU congress, said the gathering had agreed that there should be no age restrictions on marriage because sacred Islamic verses or regulations had not stipulated a minimum age. “They can get married at any age, even girls who haven't started menstruating,” he said. “And they can have intimate relationships and intercourse, as long as they are able.” Cholil said Islamic law only suggested that marriages would be better after a woman had her first period."

As I pointed out in my column, the barbaric custom of female mutilation still goes on and we've imported it by allowing Muslims into this country.

There is a massive push around the country to force Sharia Law into our court rooms and OUR way of life. The U.S. Constitution is OUR supreme law of the land as well as every sovereign state has laws by their state constitutions.

Sharia Law has NO place in these united States of America and we must fight at the state and federal level to make sure it stays out of our system. Frank Graffney summed up Sharia Law and people had best pay attention:

"Shariah is the name given by the authorities of Islam to the barbaric, totalitarian and supremacist code that its adherents seek to impose on all of us. It calls for the murder of homosexuals, the mistreatment of women, the flogging and stoning of those accused of adultery, the killing of apostates and girls who defile their family's "honor" by dating non-Muslims or wearing pants or make-up, etc. 

"Shariah is no less toxic when it comes to the sorts of democratic government and civil liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  According to this legal code of Saudi Arabia and Iran, only Allah can make laws, and only a theocrat can properly administer them, ultimately on a global basis.

"In order to realize that utterly political agenda of world domination, Shariah obliges its adherents to engage in jihad - which that noted Islamic authority, President Obama's Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism advisor, John Brennan, tells us is "a legitimate tenet of Islam."  Indeed, it is.  And according to Shariah, those who are not in a position to engage in the violent form of jihad favored by al Qaeda, the Taliban, Jamaat Islamia, etc., are required to engage in the non-violent form known as "civilizational jihad" or Dawa

"'s director and author Robert Spencer has helpfully coined a term to describe the latter:  He calls it "stealth jihad," since it is being assiduously and largely covertly waged against the West, including the United States, by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Some in the U.S. government confuse the Brotherhood with being "moderate" because it ostensibly eschews violence.  Its aim, however, is exactly the same as al Qaeda's - the restoration of the Caliphate and the worldwide imposition of Shariah.

"Importantly, Muslims who share this goal but are not up to waging jihad themselves are expected to provide financial resources via zakat (or tithing) to those who are. Fully four of the eight specified causes to which Shariah says such philanthropy can be assigned involve direct or indirect support for the jihadists.  One of our time's preeminent Islamic scholars and chief ideologue for the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusef al-Qaradawi, has called such tithing "jihad with money."

The pro-sodomy, pro-lesbian, pro-baby killing Supreme Court Justice nominee, Elena Kagan, supports Sharia Law and for all the reasons just mentioned is a menace to freedom and liberty in this country. Don't stop calling the your U.S. Senator and demand a NO vote against Kagan. In my last column I said Muslims will never integrate into Western Society because history shows they don't integrate, they do everything in their power to force their toxic beliefs on everyone else.

Do you know whether the malevolent ideology of Islam is being taught in your child's school?

July 4, 2010. Schoolbook hunky-dory with Islam, but skunks Jesus?

"Parents of Florida high-school students are outraged because they say a world-history textbook used in many of the state's schools portrays Islam and Muhammad in a favorable light. The Sarasota chapter of ACT! for America, a citizen-action network, claims the textbook "has an anti-Western, anticapitalist, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish bias."

"Conversely it promotes Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures, promotes Islam as a religion, promotes socialism and fails to address world history in a historically accurate manner," the group said in a statement. Sarasota County ACT! for America chapter leader Richard Swier, editor of, attended a school-board meeting on April 20 to share his concerns about the textbook.

"I spoke at the school-board meeting requesting 'World History' be removed from the district's approved list because it was historically untrue, academically dishonest and does not give equal treatment to all religions," wrote Swier. "Dozens of examples of historical untruths, biases and distortions were pointed out, including: no mention of jihad as a warlike means to expand Islam; Islamic conquest as good, Christian conquest as bad; and non-Western civilizations as benign, Western civilizations as evil."

"After reading the book, Ferguson concluded that it "placed Islam in a textually superior position as fact with other religions portrayed as belief systems." Swier has said that the textbook's coverage of Sept. 11 is biased and that the book doesn't even mention Muslims or jihad when discussing the attacks."

June 3, 2010. Islam indoctrination in U.S. textbooks

"Today's textbooks indoctrinate our children into Islam and are backed by court rulings allowing teachers to REQUIRE our children to bow down and pray to Allah "in demonstration." As Obama's non-jihadists plot to "internally cleanse" America shouting "Allah-Akbar," many of our children have simultaneously taken the position on their hands and knees and recited, "In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of Creation, The Compassionate, the Merciful, King of Judgment day! You alone we worship, and to You alone we pray for help, Guide us to the straight path."

"Public outrage has caused some school districts to take pause in "simulating Islam," but not before Judge Phyllis Hamilton ruled in favor of the practice. Court transcripts quote: "the use of the Islam module was motivated by the purely secular purpose of instructing students about Islamic culture and history" and that a "non-secular purpose may only be found 'when...there was no question that the...activity was motivated WHOLLY be religious considerations." [omissions in transcript]

March 29, 2010. Islamist Gülen Movement Runs U.S. Charter Schools

"A secretive foreign network of Islamic radicals now operates dozens of charter schools -- which receive government money but are not required to adopt a state-approved curriculum -- on U.S. soil. The inspirer of this conspiratorial effort is Fethullah Gülen, who directs a major Islamist movement in Turkey and the Turkish Diaspora but lives in the United States....

"But in startling news for Americans, the Gülen movement operates more than 85 primary and secondary schools on our soil. A roster of the Gülen schools and of the numerous foundations that support them has been released to the public by the patriotic group Act! for America. The Gülen schools are often designated as "science academies" and are concentrated in Texas, Ohio, and California -- with others scattered across the rest of the country.

"Two states that host Gülen charter schools are Arizona and Utah. In the former, the Daisy Education Corporation (the Gülen movement loves friendly-sounding institutional names) operates three schools in Tucson: one serving kindergarten through the eighth grade, another designated as an elementary school, and a middle-high school, all under the rubric of the Sonoran Science Academy. In Phoenix, it runs a satellite kindergarten-to-10th-grade campus with the same name."

Who is Gulen? "But trips to Gulen’s complex prove otherwise. His neighbors have complained of fully automatic gunfire erupting from his complex and of a low flying helicopter that combs the area in search of any intruders. Is Gulen really a benign old Muslim gentleman who retired to the Pocono Mountains from his native Turkey for reasons of health? Is he really an educator of international renown?  Has he really captured the love and admiration of political and religious leaders, including Hillary Clinton and Pope John Paul II?

"Or is he the alleged “most dangerous Islamist on planet earth, a committed jihadi who manifests the Muslim practice of taqiyya and seeks to establish a universal caliphate ruled by shariah? Little about Gulen, as U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan discovered, is known – - not even his date of birth. Some of his followers maintain that he was born in 1934; others 1938; and still others 1942. On his web site, Gulen says that he received the UNECO award from Pope John Paul II in October, 2005. But the John Paul II died on April 2, 2005.

"Gulen, in his application for permanent residency in the United States, maintained that he was “an educator of extraordinary ability and renown.” But Gulen does not possess an elementary school education, let alone a high school diploma. He is semi-literate and speaks no English."

March 31, 2010. Muslim Students Want to Take Over Christian College

"A group of students at Trinity University in Texas wants the words “in the year of Our Lord” removed from their diplomas.....Qureshi is a Muslim. The debate started last year when Isaac Medina, a Muslim convert from Guadalajara, Mexico, noticed the wording when he saw pre-made diploma frames in the Trinity bookstore. Muslims have been attacking Christianity since the inception of their religion. They've spotted a weakness in our system, the attempt to be diverse at any cost, even if it costs us the one thing that made this nation great—its Christian foundation. Muslims understand this; many Christians don't (see America's 200-Year War with Islamic Terrorism). Muslims call for diversity as a wedge to get in the door, open it wide enough for others follow behind, then once in pool their collective energies and force Christians out. There are many people who probably don't think that including “in the year of our Lord” on a diploma is such a big deal. Muslims, atheists, and revolutionaries understand why it's a big deal."

These zealots will claim First Amendment rights based on their pseudo religion. They are "offended" by our culture and traditions. Fine. Pack your bags and go live in a Muslim country of your choice because we are not going to change America to suit you.

WAKE UP AMERICA. This propaganda is being shoved down the throats of America's children via the government's indoctrination centers called public schools. I know you're tired after working all day or job hunting. But, if you care about your child (and that includes grandma and grandpa's), find out what is being taught in the classroom. Go to the school board meetings. Get the facts and fight to stop this cancer from spreading any further. Boot them out of our schools and textbooks once and for all. Stop the spreading of poison to America's children.

With the states dying under the weight of massive debt, the last thing they need is tens of thousands of Muslims coming into this country to suck the resources of the state while their citizens pay for all this welfare:

"Newly arrived Somali immigrants have transformed small towns and cities throughout the United States into tuulas (Somali villages). The Jamestown Sun reports that 400 Somalis have applied for public housing in the past four months. The Somali immigrants in Garden City, Kansas and nearby small towns have created the Somali Community Center of Southwest Kansas in order to tap into public welfare programs. Within this section of the heartland, white Christians have become the minority.

"In East San Diego, the newly arrived Somalis have created a Little Mogadishu. The streets are lined with Somali stores, shops, and mosques. In the midst of this ethnic enclave stands the Iftin Charter School, where K-8 students are introduced to Arabic. 99% of the student population is Somali; Arabs constitute the remaining 1%.

"The American Somalis now display the highest unemployment and poverty rates in the country. They also remain the least educated. According to Andrew Liepman, the deputy director of intelligence at the National Counterterrorism Center, Somali-Americans face “greater insularity compared to other, more integrated Muslim immigrant communities, [which] has aggravated the challenge of assimilation for their children.”

"This problem is crystallized by the present situation is Lewiston, Maine, where African Muslims, many from the Bantu tribe, began arriving in 2001 at the rate of 100 a month.....Lewiston, indeed, was better. The small town in Maine with a population of 30,000 provided welfare to anyone in need, with the state picking up half the tab. Recipients, including the Muslim refugees, were allowed a generous five years of assistance before their benefits became terminated, and extensions for several additional years on the public dole were not difficult to obtain. Single parents could stay on welfare and go to college."

With the real unemployment rate running 22% in this country, even if those poor souls could find a job, those jobs should go to Americans and naturalized citizens first. America simply cannot handle anymore of the world's poor and that is a fact. Not to mention it is morally reprehensible to steal from an American to provide non producers from any foreign country what they have not earned.

Dec. 22, 2009. Religion of Peace . . . & Somali Muslim Crime Sprees Across America

"Though he's been out of office for almost a year, the Bush post-9/11 “legacy” continues.  Muslims mass-murdered nearly 3,000 Americans, and yet, he expanded and increased the number of Muslims he allowed to emigrate to the U.S. and invade our borders.  And now, as I noted yesterday, the Obama administration just made it even easier for them to seek asylum under false pretenses and remain here free to do as they please.

"Lately, “as they please” includes a crime spree by Somali Muslims across America.  Here are a few of the incidents just in the last few days–just some of the “peacefulness” the “Religion of Peace” is spreading across our once-great nation.  It's not just that they go back to Somalia to become terrorists, it's that they're terrorizing innocent Americans on U.S. soil, over and over and over again.  Ask yourself, given these and many, many, many other incidents I've covered involving Somali Muslim criminals across America (from Seattle, Washington to Maine), WHY do we continue to let them in?  Only idiots would continue to ingest cancer."

You can thank YOUR incumbent in the Outlaw Congress for allowing this insane immigration to continue.

What about national security?

April 9, 2010. Obama Administration turns Blind Eye to Muslim Foreign Militia in Pennsylvania

"If you don't it, pay a visit to Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. “These guys use fully automatic weapons – AK-47s – for target practice,” one local businessman says. “We called the FBI but nothing has been done to stop them.” The Muslims have been here for years,” another resident says. “They've been engaged in training for guerilla warfare.” The Muslims in question are Turks who occupy a 45-acre compound that is owned and operated by Fethullah Gulen. Entrance to the compound is forbidden to outsiders."

May 18, 2010.U.S. government lauds, funds 9/11 mosque. Census pays $582,000, State Dept. praises terror 'front' in video

WASHINGTON – "The federal government is financially supporting and officially embracing a radical mosque in the Washington suburbs that is directly connected to al-Qaida and the 9/11 attacks as well as other terrorism. The Census Bureau has signed a two-year, $582,000 lease with Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, where top al-Qaida recruiter Anwar Awlaki ministered to the Pentagon hijackers and the Fort Hood terrorist as a mosque leader. Meanwhile, the State Department is taking diplomatic trainees on tours of the large Falls Church, Va., mosque, while featuring it in a video as a model depiction of Islam in America – even as the Department of Homeland Security warns that it is a terrorist front."

Where is the Outlaw Congress? They pull the purse strings.

22 February 2010: Obama advancing Islamic Sharia law, prohibiting criticism of Islam

"Barack Hussein Obama, catering to both Muslim and globalist agendas, is exposing his preference to Islamic and globalist agendas and placing yet another nail in America's coffin by appointing Rashad HUSSAIN as special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. To understand the extreme significance of this appointment, it is vital for Americans to understand the composition and objectives of the OIC, its global influence and potential impact on the U.S., and also be fully aware of the background of Rashad HUSSAIN.

"The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is the world's largest Islamic entity with a membership of 57 Muslim nations and a permanent delegation to the United Nations. Aside from the United Nations, it is the largest international entity of any type.  It was formed on September 25, 1969 by the Islamic heads of state in Rabat, Morocco as an affront to Israel, with its primary objective to regain complete Muslim control and Islamic religious dominance over Jerusalem. It is now based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

"Top PLO terrorist leader and Muslim Brotherhood descendent Yasser Arafat was given the honorary position of permanent deputy chairman of the OIC in the years following its establishment. Unsurprisingly, the symbol of the OIC is a flag with a green background and an upward facing red crescent within a white circle. Above the crescent are the words “Allahu Akbar” written in Arabic script.

"Since its establishment, the OIC has been THE primary organization pushing for the global criminalization of any criticism of Islam, Muslims, Islamic Sharia law, and all cultural and religious aspects of Islam. An early adherent to the use of the term Islamophobia, the OIC urged the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) in 2005 to pass a resolution titled “Combating Defamation of Religions,” a relatively benign sounding objective until closer inspection of the resolution found that it applied only to criticism of Islam. The “Combating Defamation of Religions” resolution was formally passed on March 30, 2007 by a vote of 24 to 14."

June 1, 2010. The Threat Of Sharia Law

"It is the guiding light of the Muslim Brotherhood who, by their own pen, have declared the United States as the target of ultimate destruction... from within. They don't care if it takes twenty years or a thousand years. Sharia imposes regulations for all aspects of Islamic life, to an including dietary laws, finance laws, social laws, criminal laws, marital laws, religious laws and a multiplicity of punishments."

December 21, 2009. Muslims in 21st Century America Muslim Mafia Operates With Impunity ( A must read)

"Most Americans do not hold a clue as to Islam's systematic incursion into the United States. In 1990, a total of 100,000 Muslims made less than a ripple within America. But, because of the late Senator Teddy Kennedy's corruption of immigration and aided by our U.S. Congress, today, Muslims number from eight to nine million. They enclave as they push regular Americans out of cities and towns across America. Detroit, Michigan suffers 600,000 Middle Eastern immigrants. Notice it also suffers 50 percent illiteracy and a 76 percent dropout rate from their high schools. They find themselves better served by sticking together with their religion, language and customs. They work against every aspect of ‘assimilating’ into America.

"For simple examples of their ‘separating’ themselves from host countries, you may look at France, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Norway and other countries overtaken by Muslims. They literally create an antagonistic culture within the host country. As of December, 2009, they boast of 1,209 mosques in America; most built with Saudi Arabia oil money. As their custom dictates, women must remain in a lowered status and enter those mosques at back doors. In an expose’ of Islam's final intentions as to the United States, IPT News published the following account: “Radical Movement's Leader Forecasts America's Demise” on December 4, 2009. You may access it at this web site."

March 29, 2010. Obama Hires Muslim Extremist to TSA Senior Policy Advisor

"Why don't we just hand over the keys of the Department of Homeland Security to Bin Laden or Nasrallah?  That makes sense when you consider that we're basically doing that anyway. On Thursday, the Muslim-dominated, deceptively-named American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) announced that the group's legal director, Nawar Shora–a Syrian Muslim–would become Senior Policy Advisor to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)."

Back in November 2009,  nitwit Jan "the man" Napolitano (Director of Fatherland Security) swore-in Kareem Shora, a devout Muslim, who was born in Damascus, Syria, as ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC). The second outrageous appointment was another Muslim, Arif Alikhan, as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development Source for announcement

Hiding in plain sight

Feb. 19, 2010. Dallas Islamic Leader Deported

"An immigration judge in Dallas  on Friday ordered an outspoken Islamic leader deported after the U.S. government alleged he had ties to terrorist groups in the Middle East."

February 18, 2009. Stealth Jihad? Islamic training camps in the USA?

"The Tennessee newspaper provides a write up about the speech delivered by former FBI special agent, John Guandolo, who told “law enforcement and Homeland Security personnel that a network of Islamic organizations are working to incrementally implement Islamic law in the United States. During a presentation at the Bedford County Emergency Management Agency, former FBI agent John Guandolo briefed members about groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, which he claims is working with other Islamic groups to slowly implement Shariah, also known as Islamic law, which encompasses all areas of life.”

Political correctness, a disease eating this country has brought more murder to our nation

February 11, 2010. Military to Discipline at Least 6 Officers in Ft. Hood Case

"The military will formally discipline at least six officers, mostly from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, for failing to take action against the officer accused of carrying out last year's deadly shooting rampage at Fort Hood, according to people familiar with the matter. Senior Army officials said the decision to punish so many officers reflects the military's belief that the November assault, which killed 13 people at the Army base in central Texas, could have been prevented if Maj. Nidal Hasan's superiors had alerted authorities to his increasing Islamist radicalization."

I'm sure that's of great comfort to the dead and their families and friends. No Muslims should be allowed to serve in any branch of our military. Serving in the military is not a constitutional right. The same applies to sodomites and lesbians. If you don't like the rules, don't sign up.

Many believe Barry Soetoro (his last known legal name) aka Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. I don't. He smokes, drinks alcohol, is bi-sexual, supports sexual deviants (sodomites & lesbians) and is a champion of murdering unborn babies. All forbidden under Islam. He claims to be a Christian, but that's a sick joke. My personal opinion that as a die hard Marxist, his soul is dead, just like that militant female he's married to - birds of a feather, marriage of convenience. Soetoro is deliberately undermining our national security by shoving Islam down our throat. Barry said in his Cairo speech: "I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America's story." Nothing could be further from the truth. But, then, those of us with our eyes wide open have known for years that Barry is a pathological liar. Barry is the playing the game of his handlers.

Have you never heard of the Trojan Horse? Don't let the benign statements by Muslims leaders fool you. Islam is not compatible with America and the goal is and always has been to force Islam on the world. When John and I had our home in Sacramento (2000-2006), there were half a dozen Muslim families in our immediate neighborhood. One lived next door. Not one of those houses, not once, ever displayed an American flag. Not on Flag Day, Veteran's Day or in remembrance of September 11, 2001. One Sept. 11th, one of John's prize American flags was stolen from our front yard. After 9/11, many asked why the leaders of Islam did not renounce that day of murder? Why? Because they rejoice. All infidels deserve death. Get that through your head, America.

Do take the time to watch this seven minute video titled Muslim Demographics. It will hopefully shock you into action. Do take the time to read Londonistan because the suicide bombers will come here if they aren't already. " an eloquent warning of the dangers of "multicultural paralysis" and appeasing what Miss Phillips calls "clerical fascism."

Read The Quran Unveiled. "If only Muslims would read this book. They would have no doubts of the "smoke and mirrors" that Islam truly is." Read: Slavery, Terrorism and & Islam Dr. Peter Hammond.

What can YOU do?

Write a snail mail letter to your member in the Outlaw Congress; house and senate. Forget email. Go back to hard copy. After all, you type the letter in emai, just print it out. By sending it snail mail, it gets read in their office. Emails just get a boilerplate response.  Demand a federal law be passed that Sharia Law will never be used in this country whether it be for civil or criminal law.

Write a snail mail letter to your state legislator, both representative (assembly) and senate. Ditto above. Congratulations to Americans in the State of Oklahoma for taking this seriously:

June 4, 2010. Shariah ban on November ballot
Voters have chance to prevent use of Islamic edicts in state courts

"Oklahoma voters in November will have the opportunity to approve what would be the first statewide ban on the use of  Islamic law within their state court system. The proposal was advanced in the just-closed Oklahoma legislative session by Rep. Rex Duncan, who volunteered for active duty following 9/11 and served 16 months as a Special Forces officer on duty assignments in the Middle East and Africa. He said the proposal would amend the state constitution to define the law and precedents that can be used in the state's court system, including federal law and the U.S. Constitution, state law and the state constitution. But not international law. And not Islamic religious Shariah." Language of the ballot proposal is here.

Attend city council meetings and stop any more mosques from being built in this country. They are a breeding ground for hatred of America despite the bull peddled by their "religious" leaders and the activist MSM who are too stupid to recognize the danger they promote:

February 28, 2010. Muslim leader implodes on air

"A Muslim leader who has tried to portray the founder of the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus in Washington as an extremist "hatemonger" was himself exposed as an extremist on a popular radio program.

"For years, Jibril Hough has represented himself and his North Carolina mosque as "moderate," while putting Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., on the defensive as an anti-Muslim fanatic who "shoots from the hip" when sounding the alarm about homegrown Islamic terrorism. Myrick, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, co-founded the Capitol Hill caucus after 9/11 to educate Americans about the growing threat from jihadists.

"But during an in-studio interview Friday with Charlotte radio personality Keith Larson of WBT-AM, Hough was confronted with documents revealing his mosque – the Islamic Center of Charlotte – is owned and controlled by an organization connected to a plot to funnel millions of dollars to Islamic terrorists.

"The North American Islamic Trust holds the deed to ICC, an 800-member Sunni mosque located on five acres at 1700 Progress Lane in Charlotte. The U.S. Justice Department recently blacklisted its owner NAIT as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror finance case in U.S. history. The government also identified NAIT as a front for Hamas and the radical Muslim Brotherhood in America."

How obscene is it to build a mosque at ground zero? The families and survivors should not have to fight this, but they are and will until they win.





Take the time to watch this video: Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque. WAKE UP AMERICA.

If we fight back as outlined above, it will stop the toxic system of Sharia Law in this country. If we don't get this done, I guarantee you, America will regret it.


Islam Rising
Islam Rising Trailer (watch this and wake up)

Islam Must Be Stopped In America
White House welcomes Shariah finance specialist

June 21, 2010. 'Allahu akbar!' shouted as Christians cuffed (USA)
Witness: 'I never thought I would see this in America'

"Four Christians were arrested and thrown out of a public Arab festival in Michigan – and at least two people claim a crowd cheered "Allahu akbar!" while the Christians were led away in handcuffs for doing nothing more than engaging in peaceful dialogue and videotaping the event."


Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; two million copies distributed. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party.

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