What disconnect between Congress and
the American people?

By: Devvy
December 3, 2009

This morning some commentator was on FOX News explaining how there was such a disconnect between the American people and Congress. I asked myself: Where?
Last November the American people voted back in the same Congress.
This after the illegal bank bail outs by virtually the same Congress with the exception of a few seats.
This after the massive hemorrhaging of their 401(ks) - a direct result of the rape of the American people because the same Congress has refused to get rid of the fiat currency which has brought the near death of the dollar.
This after more tens of BILLIONS of borrowed dollars being thrown to the illegal, immoral, undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
If the American people were so incensed, why did they vote back the same Congress who have refused to implement the solutions for decades?
Below is an excerpt from an old column of mine for those who might not have the full picture of the real agenda:
No More Pretense of Representation
March 6, 2006

On March 2, 2006, the counterfeit U.S. Senate passed the insidious un-Patriot Act by a vote of 89-10.  This vote flies in the face of a massive outcry from millions of Americans against the Patriot Act and more than 440 cities and counties who refuse to enforce it.  Next week the House will do the same.  It no longer matters how strong or massive opposition is to what's going on in Washington, DC, the iron fist of totalitarian government continues to squeeze the last gasping breaths of liberty from we the people.  There is no longer any pretense these people in Congress (with the exception of one or two) represent we the people or even pretend to uphold the U.S. Constitution.  They are far, far beyond that.

As with all great civilizations who have withered into dust because of despotism and tyranny, the enforcement of these unconstitutional laws are being carried out by Americans too cowardly to walk away from their jobs or those so desperate for a paycheck, they are turning on their fellow Americans even as I write this column.  Susan Elmes, who lives in Seattle was recently followed and then harassed by government agents for exercising her First Amendment rights which no government has the right to infringe, impede or nullify.  Ms. Elmes apparently displayed a number of bumper stickers on her private vehicle criticizing Bush's war mongering policies.  For exercising her right to free speech, government henchmen investigated her.

Last month, George Barisich was cited by dragoons from "Homeland Security" for allegedly selling tee shirts near a FEMA facility.  Barisich is a victim of hurricane Katrina and his shirts carry an anti-FEMA message; see story here.

The Providence (RI) Journal reported in a column a few days ago titled, 'Pay too much and you could raise the alarm,' shows just how far Congress as a whole has gone in furthering a police state.  Retired school teacher, Walter Soehnge and his wife relocated from Texas.  When Walter and his wife determined their JC Penny Platinum Master Card balance was too high, they decided to make a hefty payment to bring it down.  They wrote a check in the amount of $6,522.00 and sent it off to the bank.  Guess what? The payment was red flagged and their account was not credited. Soehnge discovered after working his way through endless phone calls, that because their monthly payment was larger than normal, "Homeland Security" had to be notified! Eventually, after an endless hassle that he should never have had to waste his time pursuing, Soehnge's money was released and his account credited.

This type of snooping is a blueprint of past dictators like Lenin, Stalin and Hitler and it was given to you by the U.S. Congress and kissed by both Billy Clinton and George Bush. These are not isolated cases and I can tell you as sure as the sun shines, we the people will see more and more of these types of incidents as the people turn up the heat on the scavengers selling us out in the District of Deceit (formerly known as Washington, DC).

In all these cases, this type of harassment was carried out by government employees who allegedly took an oath to uphold, preserve and defend the U.S. Constitution and by hard up Americans taking jobs with the Nazi-style "Homeland Security." Americans turning on Americans for a paycheck. America being destroyed from within by Americans.

We do have a recent victory which demonstrates that if you stand up to tyranny, you can win:

Feb. 28, 2006
Judge rejects Pa. gun-buying terms

Requiring prospective owners to provide their Social Security numbers violates the U.S. Privacy Act, the judge ruled.

"Pennsylvania's requirement that buyers provide a Social Security number to purchase a gun or obtain a concealed weapons permit was struck down yesterday by a federal judge.  The state law violated the federal Privacy Act, U.S. District Judge Juan R. Sanchez ruled. "This issue has been largely overlooked in Pennsylvania and other states for a long time," said lawyer J. Dwight Yoder, who brought the case on behalf of a retired U.S. Army officer from Lancaster. " This ruling is about privacy, not guns. We weren't looking to circumvent gun laws."

"Lawyers for the Pennsylvania State Police are reviewing the decision and considering an appeal, spokesman Jack Lewis said. By requiring applicants to provide Social Security numbers, Lewis said, his agency "simply has followed the requirements of the state's Uniform Firearms Act." The wider impact of yesterday's ruling - whether, for example, other Pennsylvania Social Security requirements would be deemed invalid - was uncertain.

"One reason is that there are two large exceptions to the Privacy Act's protection of Social Security numbers. The act does not apply to state and local government programs specifically exempted by federal law, such as driver's license applications, or to programs from before 1974, such as voter registration. Sanchez's ruling noted that the right of privacy as to Social Security numbers exists under a federal law, not as a right the U.S. Supreme Court had interpreted as protected by the Constitution.

"Still, Robert Ellis Smith, publisher of the Privacy Journal in Providence, R.I., said yesterday's ruling was "significant because it comes at a time when most government agencies are requiring more and more information from people."

"The decision is part of a trend in the last 10 years as courts realize the importance of keeping Social Security numbers confidential because of identity theft," Smith said. Smith, who is also a lawyer and journalist, was a paid expert for Michael Stollenwerk, the retired Army officer who brought the case in federal court in Philadelphia.  Stollenwerk said yesterday he hoped the ruling would inspire others to challenge government demands for Social Security numbers. He also said he hoped it would encourage local and state officials to review application requirements. "A lot of state governments have blown off this law," said Stollenwerk, now a law student at Georgetown University. "I think someone had to stand up to the government and say, 'I'm going to challenge this.'" (End of excerpt)

Americans should not have to go through these hoops, be harassed for bumper stickers, tee shirt slogans or have government agencies snooping around their bank accounts for transactions as innocent as paying down a credit card balance.  Oh, that's right: it's all for the nebulous "war on terror" which came into our lives as a result of 9/11.  This is just the tip of the iceberg because Americans not in a self imposed coma know, with a few rare exceptions, there has been no integrity, no honesty and no regard for the law of the land in Washington, DC for the past one hundred years.  Government employees lie on a daily basis on every issue under the sun.  Elected, non elected in paper pushing jobs, it doesn't matter, they lie through their teeth and my columns, along with a thousand other columnists, have spent years exposing lies both at the state, county and federal levels.

In case you missed this one, it’s important regarding the truth about 9/11 and stopping domestic terror cells:

Exclusive: FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds is ready to talk

'Gag Ordered' Former Translator Seeks to Tell Congress and the American People What She Knows Online Petition Launched Calling on Congress to Hold Joint Public Hearings by the Senate and House Judiciary Committees to Finally Allow the Truth of Her Allegations to be Told. The full story can be read here.

Another example of deceiving we the people:

Data mining program continues after lawmakers order it closed/February 25, 2006

"A controversial intelligence data mining program, which was closed by lawmakers over privacy concerns two years ago, has continued to receive funding and remained in operation under different code names in different agencies, according to today's National Journal.  Full column here.

And, speaking of rotten deals, many have requested I write about the UAE port scam. This outrage has been covered extensively by all forms of media.  Patrick Briley has been doing an excellent job of connecting the dots in his columns on this sickening sell out and major security threat.  His research is impeccable and goes far, far beyond even the excellent coverage by Lou Dobbs on CNN. There's no need to duplicate efforts here, so I highly recommend you read Patrick's columns on this issue.  I continue to receive information and data on this and have been forwarding it along to him.

Additionally, Wayne Madsen has been doing excellent in-depth investigative reports on the port sell out.  And before I get a load of e-mails: Yes, I am aware that Madsen is a Democrat, but he does not spare any Democrat who doesn't uphold the law or is corrupt. Here is a sample:

“March 3, 2006 -- The Israeli, Dubai, Chertoff connection -- its just the tip of the Russian-Israeli mafia and "Al Qaeda" iceberg.  Michael Brown, the former head of FEMA, deserves credit for blowing the whistle on the "agenda" of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.”

However, there may be good news on the horizon. UPI reported on March 4, 2006, that Chertoff, an evil devil, is on his way out:

“Washington, March 3, 2006 (UPI) -- Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security in President George W. Bush's Cabinet, has "only a few days left" on the job, it was reported."

Another very interesting read is this one: Something's Rotten in Dubai: The Ports Deal, The President's Bro, Homeland Non-Security & ICE

"The approval of Dubai-owned DP World to run the ports has brought out a lot of security issues that should have been raised at least 4.5 years ago, after 9/11. But there are a lot of issues associated with this that HAVEN'T come to light."

Lets not forget how active the UAE has been in sex trafficking of children:

“An estimated 10-20,000 women and girls are trafficked annually to India, Pakistan, Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A small number of women and girls are trafficked through Bangladesh from Burma to India.”

Buckeroo in White House to send out the posse...again

On March 1, 2006, Bush said he is confident Bin Laden would be captured.  This is another flip flop by Bush, but will no doubt be excused away by mewling brown-nosers like Shallow Shawn Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and others who are willfully blind to facts that cannot be disputed about Bush's lies, 9/11 and his endless "war on terror."

On September 13, 2001, Mr. Bush said, "The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden.  It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him."

Hundreds of billions of dollars later and countless lives lost, Bush had a change of heart on March 13, 2002: "I don't know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don't care. It's not that important.  It's not our priority."

Four years later, Bush has decided to revive his manhunt rhetoric.  Personally, I believe Bin Laden is already dead and has been for along time. Bush needs to keep dragging him and alleged tapes made by Bin Laden in order to continue creating fear in this country.  Keep selling the boogie man to Americans to justify this monumental fraud called 9/11 and the unconstitutional invasions into Afghanistan and Iraq.

Why do I believe this? I became aware of a radio interview with a Gary McClaren who claimed he was told in an interview with Eric Haney that Bin Laden was killed in the massive bombing of Tora Bora, Afghanistan on December 15, 2001. I sent e-mail to Haney. He responded in the affirmative that Bin Laden was killed that day.  Who is Haney?  You can visit his web site: CSM Eric L. Haney, USA (Ret).  "For more than twenty years, Command Sergeant Major (retired) Eric L. Haney served in the United States Army's most demanding combat units:  As a Combat Infantryman, as a Ranger, and ultimately, as a founding member and eight-year veteran of the Army's super secret counter-terrorist arm, Delta Force."

I have received e-mail from a few active duty soldiers who were in Afghanistan at the time and told me that it was common knowledge that the military was 100% certain that Bin Laden was in that mountain stronghold at the time and that the bombing that took place sealed his fate, he is dead. The only way to determine whether or not this is true is for some courageous member of Congress to hold hearings and haul the soldiers who took part in the bombing that day (and their commanders), put them under oath and let's get the truth.  I would venture to say that Haney probably has a lot of close friends who are active or in a position to know whether or not this is true and if it is, the American people have the right to know - just the same as we have a right to know if our military or National Guard shot down Flight 93. (End of excerpt from my column.)

Most of the poltroons who voted for the above are still in Congress. Voted back into office in 2006 and 2008 -- even though there is this massive disconnect between Congress and the American people. I just can't figure it out. How did the American people come to believe that voting back in the same incumbent who has brought us to ruin would bring a different result? 
Oh, and that so convenient report that was released last week courtesty of John Kerry who, along with Juan McCain, sold out our POW/MIAs that Bin Laden got away and it's all Bush's fault:
The usurper used that report to order 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan to fight the 'insurgency.' This is in lock step with what Jeri Lynn Ball wrote years ago:

"The Russian and Chinese Communists and their U.S. communitarian allies pursuing a malevolent tyrannical agenda. Today the Russian and Chinese Communists (or communitarians) and their trained terrorists are perpetuating terrorist acts in order to create panic fear in the mass of Americans. At the same time, they are U.S. allies (CFR-dominated communitarian administrations) who seek to “protect the public” by equipping the United States with the trappings of a police state and gradually suppressing constitutional rights and liberties. With regard to the United States, the current goals of globalist communitarian are to prepare America for the final takeover.

"The advocates of communitarian communism, their goals, methods, strategies and tactics: Indoctrinate Americans with Soviet communitarian ideology and communist morality including communist community life, community building, and community values (communist morality). Utilize socialistic taxes, environmental laws and regulations, and ruinous trade practices to destroy the U.S. economy and impoverish the whole nation. Use Russian and Chinese sponsored mass terror to “educate” the mass of people; invent [1] enemies and create outside “threats” by training Arab guerrillas and global communist to commit terrorist acts in the United States.

"Blame all acts of terrorism on these “fanatics” and “rogue terrorists” who are in reality communist trained and funded terrorists. Spread communist moral principles such as selflessness and collectivism which causes mental and physical disintegration; produces despair and demoralization on a mass scale. Carry out communist sponsored acts of ruthless mass terror, and cause such overwhelming fear that Americans beg government to restore order and protect the people; on the pretext of combating terrorism, achieved the militarization of public life (e.g., for example using troops to “protect” airports), promote the enactment of police state measures and the creation of a police state in America.

"Use Communist strategists and communist trained terrorists to carry out an attack involving a weapon of mass destruction (WMD); create a crisis, fill Americans with panic fear, and utilize the way weight of public opinion, social control, and compulsion to compel the masses to accept a set of universal communist community values and norms including altruism (selflessness), a spirit of community (“a spirit of collectivism”), comradely mutual aid, and love of work for the common good (love of slavery). [2] Persuade Americans voluntarily to except the loss of their rights and freedoms (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to choose their own job, [3] freedom to own their own property, etc.) in exchange for the guarantee of their personal safety granted by the globalist ruling classes.

"Abolish American liberties, scrap the U.S. Constitution, and establish a military form of government. Establish for all community members standards of rights (the basic goods and services required for bare sustenance) [4] and duties (government-assigned locations, altruistic service to the community, active participation in mass organizations to help the poor, to protect the environment, etc.); punish nonconformists and dissidents (e.g., prisons, political psychiatric hospitals). Use the coalition led by American, Russian, and Chinese communitarian leaders to fight a “war on terrorism,” i.e., to eliminate the opponents of Communism, to arm and incite “wars of national liberation” and effect the takeover of semi-developed and underdeveloped nations.

Achieve the alturization, collectivization, standardization, and sovietization all populations, eliminate the nation state and achieve a seizure of absolute global authority.... This is precisely the aim of Marxist-Leninist Communists and their U.S. communitarian cohorts. The destruction of American jobs, manufacturing, and agriculture, and the eradication of the middle class owners of property have been among the highest priorities of U.S. CFR-dominated communitarian administrations and their Russian and Chinese Communist allies. Their chief weapons of destruction have been environmental laws and regulations, heavy taxes, and ruinous trade practices."


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