The True Mission of KAL Flight 007

Devvy Kidd
November 19, 1999

As regular readers of this web site know, I'm always recommending books for people to read that I feel are well documented and present the facts in a truthful manner. For about a year now I have had one of the most remarkable books I've ever read, Incident At Sakhalin: The True Mission of KAL Flight 007.

For those who might be unfamiliar with this tragedy, on September 1, 1983, KAL Flight 007 was allegedly shot down by the Ruskies with all 269 civilians perishing in this crash, including United States Congressman Larry McDonald. Of all the accounts I have ever read, no luggage and no bodies or remains have ever been found. Incident at Sakhalin is not only compelling, it screams with cover-up, deception and demonstrates how this puppet government has decayed almost beyond redemption. Like Waco, OKC, TWA Flight 800 and Vince Foster, just to name a few major incidents in America, KAL 007 is another reprehensible and immoral cover-up. When enough Americans find out the truth about these tragedies, they will shed their final innocence and recognize how evil this puppet government has become over the past 90 years.

I have found this particular incident quite fascinating since 1994 and have done a great deal of reading up on it from various sources, trying to sift through the conspiracy people's fantasies to on- site investigation of the crash site and surrounding terrain. However, nothing prepared me for Incident at Sakhalin - the truth literally jumped from the pages and left me stunned. Sometimes it's strange how things sometimes happen but I recently did a book review for this site regarding a new 1999 publication titled War Scare. Dr. Pry's work reinforces what the author of Incident at Sakhalin discovered. These cross-references of some material between these two works lends a great deal of credibility to a massive cover-up.

I personally wish to say God bless you Mr. Brun for all the sacrifices you had to make to bring the truth to light. The same applies to Mr. & Mrs. John Keppel for their sacrifices in helping bring the light of day on this travesty kept from the American people.

So, let's get started as I usually do by giving some background on the author of the book:

Michel Brun is a French aviation expert who has been a captain in the Merchant Marine, piloted multiengined aircraft on long over water flights, and has been an aircraft accident investigator and the chief executive officer of an airline based on Tahiti. As a boy, Brun was commended by Charles de Gaulle for leading raids on supplies and weapons in German Army camps in North Africa during World War II. He is the author of The Tragic Fate of the Tahiti-Nui, which chronicles a raft voyage from Tahiti to Chile that he undertook with one of his brothers. In addition to his native French, Brun is fluent in Japanese, English, Spanish, and Polynesian.

The book:

The KAL 007 tragedy was one of the most dramatic and dangerous episodes in the last phase of the Cold War. Despite two official investigations, innumerable television reports, newspaper and magazine articles, and books, the startling truth of this incident - in which 269 civilian passengers and crew lost their lives, and the world came closer to nuclear war than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis - has been obscured by a brazen and on-going cover-up.

Here, as a result of more than ten years of research, Michel Brun reveals the truth, which at least four governments have colluded to conceal. Incident at Sakhalin not only demolishes the official story of a lone civilian airliner flying innocently off course. It does much more. The book establishes that as the Korean Boeing 747 approached the Russian island of Sakhalin, so too did a number of U.S. military and reconnaissance aircraft in an ill-conceived intelligence and provocation operation that turned into a two-hour battle in which thirty or more U.S. Air Force and Navy personnel were killed and ten or more U.S. aircraft were shot down.

Contrary to "official" reports from the United States and the International Civil Aviation Organization, KAL 007 was not shot down over Sakhalin but was destroyed off Honshu, the main Japanese island, nearly an hour later than the reports claimed and by means and for reasons still not clear.

Incident at Sakhalin is an astonishing chronicle of a Cold War catastrophe that raises questions about a democracy and its relationship to its military and intelligence agencies. For anyone interested in politics, aviation, or international intelligence, Incident at Sakhalin is a must read.

One of the biggest questions that jumped into my mind after I read this book for the second time (just to make sure I had all the details firm in my mind), how did the U.S. government and the Department of Defense explain the deaths of these military fly-boys and crews to their families? Come one, this is as gross a cover-up as I've ever seen and being married to a retired Army Colonel, I know how that system works. What did they tell the wives, dads, brothers and moms of our dead military, killed by the Russians during peacetime over a Reagan-gone-sour deal?

Brun takes the reader meticulously through the events as they unfolded, as history has recorded them and then just as painstakenly, rips the lie to shreds. To set the scene a bit further, the Preface to this book was written by a man named John Keppel. I am going to quote him a bit from the Preface so you can get an idea of his role in Brun's book:

"Among the crises of the Cold War, the Korean Air Lines Flight 007 incident has been the most widely misunderstood. The story of how the truth has been kept from the public is astonishing, and unjustifiable, as the events of the disaster itself. The black boxes that have been produced and are supposed to tell us what happened to the airliner are from other planes. ...Many of the factors that gave rise to both the disaster and the cover-up remain dangerously in place.....

As a Foreign Service Officer at our Moscow embassy, I had analyzed Soviet statements during the Stalin and Khrushchev periods. Both Grace and I had learned to look at statements with a skeptical eye in the effort to separate information from disinformation. As a member of an interagency working group in Washington after Francis Gary Powers' U-2 went down over Sverdlovsk on May 1, 1960, I had taken part myself in official lying. Not realizing that the Soviets had the U-2's cameras virtually intact and Powers himself alive, we (the members of the working group) very stupidly recommended that President Eisenhower stick to the cover story that the U-2 was a weather plane that had inadvertently strayed off course. It is hard to realize today that when Eisenhower got caught in the lie we thrust upon him, it was the first time many Americans realized that a U.S. president would lie to them on an important subject....

I had already been worried that the Reagan administration was pushing the Soviet Union too hard and that the situation might go wholly off the rails. We had overflown a Soviet island in the Kuriles with carrier aircraft and had stopped a Soviet ship on the high seas in the Caribbean. The Soviet minister of defense had spoken of the dangers of "appeasement" in terms reminiscent of 1939......

Before I discuss the successive stages of his (Brun) achievement in the KAL 007 case, it may be worth mentioning some of the larger bodies of source material he analyzed. They have included the tape of the intercepted voices of the Soviet pilots over Sakhalin, the FAA and Japanese Ministry of Transportation tapes of air-traffic-control communications between Anchorage and Tokyo on the one hand and KAL 007 and hits sister ship KAL 015 on the other, the archives of the Japanese press in the Diet Library in Tokyo, as well as the relevant proceedings in the Diet, Japanese Maritime Safety Agency situation maps showing the successive positions of the U.S. Soviet, and Japanese ships during the naval search off Sakhalin, the after-action report of the U.S. Navy task force taking part in the search, the sixty or so articles Izvestiya printed on the KAL 007 case, the documents Boris Yeltsin turned over in November 1992 to the U.S. next of kin and the Republic of Korea, and the two reports of the International Civil Aviation Organization issued in 1983 and 1993 concerning its investigations of the KAL 007 case, misleading but accompanied by useful documentation......

The first thing that let Michel understand what no other writer or investigator had understood, and to see evidence they had passed by, was his realization that the early statements of Japanese Air Self- Defense and intelligence officers simply could not be fitted into the single-intrusion, single- interception, single-shootdown story insisted on by the United States......

As to the continued importance of the KAL 007 case: The lives of ordinary airline passengers were put at risk without their knowledge or consent. Two hundred and sixty-nine civilians, of whom sixty were American citizens, were killed, as were some thirty or more U.S. Air Force and Navy officers and enlisted men. All this was the result of a wholly unjustified and badly planned intelligence and provocation mission. The government lied to the next of kin of both of these groups and has failed to show them the consideration it owes them. A substantial risk of World War III was run for inadequate reason - if, indeed, there could have been an adequate one for rising a nuclear holocaust.

Through the manipulation of evidence, lying, and the subordination of witnesses, the Reagan administration turned its own ghastly blunder into a renewed political attack on the Soviet Union. In doing so it further committed itself to its mistaken quest for a decisive victory rather than striving for a gradual way of brining U.S.-Soviet relations into a viable accommodation. The disastrous results are only now beginning to dawn on us - Chechnya, economic disintegration, the spread of disease, the illicit sale of nuclear materials. In turning the truth of its own blunder in the KAL 007 operation into an aggressive fiction tailored to its purposes, the administration committed itself (and, sad to say, it successors) to years of lying to the very people from whom in a democracy it derives its powers......" John Keppel, August 15, 1995

To say Incident at Sakhalin had me riveted to my reading chair is an understatement, it also raised the specter of absolute fear in my gut. Fear for something so lost in our great Republic, fear of how close America came to nuclear war and fear that the American people have become so apathetic, so dumbed-down and so "I, me, my" that they no longer care who this government kills as long as it doesn't disturb their self-induced coma that protects their comfort zone. As you read the report below, let me quote from page 4 of Incident at Sakhalin:

"At precisely ten o'clock, the South Korean minister of foreign affairs announced that he had received confirmation from the CIA that "the plane had landed at Sakhalin. The crew and passengers are safe."

Pg 5:  "Let us examine the CIA announcement about which so much as been written:  The aircraft did not explode in flight and did not crash, but is known to have landed on Sakhalin. The passengers and crew are safe and the aircraft is undamaged."

It goes without saying that I had to special order this remarkable work by a little man whose courageous work makes him stand tall among the giants who tried to slap him down. If you'd like to order Incident at Sakhalin, the ISBN number is: 1-56858-054-1

I mentioned earlier that I had recently ordered and read a book titled War Scare: Russia and America on the Nuclear Brink by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, a former CIA spook who is currently a professional military advisor to the U.S. House of Representatives on national security issues. For a re-fresher, I quote Dr. Pry out of the Introduction to his book:

"What were you doing on October 4, 1993? I was making a desperate phone call from the headquarters of North American Air Defense and Space Command, near Colorado Springs, to my wife in Washington, DC. I told her to take our kids out of school and head for the hills, because the Russians might launch a nuclear attack."
My mother and I were on our way back from the march I held on September 29, 1993 at the nation's capitol in Washington, DC. Little did mother and I realize as we drove across America's heartland on the way back to Denver, that at that moment, here was someone on the inside so terrified of nuclear war, that he called his wife in distress and told her to get out of Dodge.

What does this have to do with KAL 007? In Dr. Pry's book, beginning on page 27, I was shocked to see Chapter 5: The KAL 007 Crisis, September 1983. I read the next two chapters like a starving person suddenly presented with a feast. Pg. 28:

"The Su-15 pilot reported, "The target is destroyed.""The Soviet pilot who destroyed KAL 007, Gennadi Osipovich, recalled thirteen years later in an interview in December 1996: "I saw two rows of windows and knew that this was a Boeing. I knew this was a civilian plane. But for me this meant nothing. It is easy to turn a civilian plane into one for military use."

[Osipovich is a proud Communist]

... "In a twist of fate, North Carolina senator Jesse Helms, waiting for another flight in Anchorage, Alaska, had met the Grenfell girls in the airport lounge while KAL 007 was refueling for the last leg of its doomed journey."

These little girls were among the doomed passengers of KAL 007. In Chapter 6, Dr. Pry moves to the escalation of tensions described as ABLE ARCHER.

Dr. Pry chooses to rely primarily on Seymour Hersh's book about KAL 007: The Target is Destroyed, but that does not negate War Scare as some pap - it is detailed, it is specific and it is based on first-hand knowledge. War Scare starkly takes us step-by-step how close we have been to World War III while the government of our country continues stripping us blind to enrich the coffers of our enemies disguised as "foreign aid." These people in Washington know that this money is being used to aggressively build up the Ruskies' military while ours is left floundering. Meanwhile Washington, DC continues to crank out the lies like it's no big whoop on even trivial matters. In the Preface to Incident at Sakhalin, Frank Keppel had this to say about Hersh's book:

"How does Michel Brun's book differ from that written by Seymour Hersh, The Target is Destroyed, generally held by the media to be the last word on the subject?....."

"As to Hersh, some of whose other work I admire, in The Target is Destroyed he dismissed the obvious possibility that KAL 007's diversion from course had been intentional in a footnote saying that he found no evidence that it was. I will deal with his book almost as briefly but more factually. He missed the two most important things about the case: that there had been a battle over Sakhalin between U.S. and Soviet military aircraft; and that KAL 007 itself was not shot down there but was destroyed four hundred miles to the south, off Honshu."

I have read The Target is Destroyed and wasn't much impressed with it. I just felt there was something missing - similar to what I still feel about the plane that crashed up in Newfoundland back in 1985, that killed 225 of our servicemen a couple of days before Christmas. The families, just like the Pan Am/Lockerbie and TWA 800 families - are still looking for the truth. My gut tells me that plane was taken out to get to one or more of the military officers on board. Having now finished the aforementioned books, I feel there is only one final question to be asked: are passengers, including Americans, from KAL 007 still alive and if the Ruskies are holding them prisoners against their will, what the heck is Congress going to do about it and do the American people even care? After all, it's time to plan turkey day, the snow is falling at the resorts and heck, that old plane crashed 16 years ago.

Now, another remarkable thing happened back in 1994 during my first run for Congress: I was sent an eye-opening report by an individual in Israel who I didn't even know, but the content of this material shocked me. Suddenly KAL 007 loomed in front of me and began my intense interest in this case. Additionally, this document led me to contact Senator Jesse Helm's office, which turned out to be a rather intriguing but frustrating dead end, and one which raised big red flags. What I want to know is why Helms' shelved the investigation and why those senior staffers who worked on the investigation in his office were replaced with a bunch of yuppies?

Incident at Sakhalin was published in 1995 and I received this report in January of 1994; the report is dated March 1993. This report, which I discussed with Avraham Shifrin on a long-distance call that cost me plenty, contains some amazing allegations that led me to Jesse Helms' office. I inquired of Mr. Shifrin how is it he had my name and address? He responded by saying that friends in the U.S. had sent them a list of people they thought would do whatever it takes to get the truth out about this "horrible cover-up." A sigh from a butterfly would have knocked me over upon hearing that.

One of the important things to remember as you read this: The United States of America and every other "official" mouthpiece for the Ruskies all maintain that KAL 007 was shot down. The document won't scan too well, so, as usual, my fingers are going into hyper-drive and the following is a word-for-word presentation of this document (which, I might add, I have sent out probably 150+ copies over the years):


For Prisons, Psychprisons and Forced Labor Concentration Camps of the USSR
P.O. Box 23678, Ramot, 91235 Jerusalem, Israel, Telephone: 02-86920

A Shifrin, Executive Director E. Shifrin, Secretary


on the subject of the mysterious disappearance
of the South Korean Boeing 747 (Flight 007),
its crew and passengers after its 1983
shooting down near the shores of Island Sakhalin


Since 1989, our Research Center for Soviet prisons and concentration camps has been conducting an independent investigation concerning the fate of the crew and passengers of the ill fated flight KAL 007 which disappeared after September 1, 1983. In 1990, we established, through our underground channels in the USSR, that Korean Boeing 747 (Flight KAL 007) did not crash into the sea after it had been hit by two Soviet rockets, but rather had water landed safely in the shallow waters in the vicinity of Island Moneron, not far from Sakhalin. At the same time, we received information that the passengers (United States Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald among them) as well as the crew were removed from on board the plane by Soviet coastal guard and transferred to the mainland.

Upon receiving a more or less complete picture of what had happened near the shores of Sakhalin on Sept. 1, 1983, we established contact with United States Senator Jesse Helms and informed him generally of the results of our investigation. Senator Helms established contact with us in November 1990, but it took him until early May 1991, his three trop aides (Dr. J. Lucier, Mr. D. Sullivan, and Mr. V. Fedel) received access to all details of our investigation, debriefed our witnesses who had arrived from the USSR, registered their testimonies, and were completely convinced that there wee compelling reasons for insisting that Korean Boeing 747, Flight KAL 007 had not crashed and that its passengers were alive and safe after the water landing.

Sending the results of our investigation to Senator Helms through his aides, we asked him to conduct an open Senate hearing, as well as a thorough investigation at the U.S. administration level of the incident that resulted in the kidnaping of 269 persons from KAL 007 (among them 63 U.S. citizens). It seemed high time that such an investigation be initiated, especially as there had not been an investigation of this case whatsoever, not even the routine investigation that usually takes place after an air accident - all this in spite of the fact that the obvious results of this accident were decidedly different from the results of all other known air accidents. Senator Helms and his aides agreed with our evaluation of the material and with our suggestions concerning further avenues of action. Following this, it took a very long time to hear from Senator Helms and his people again. All of our questions either remain unanswered or the answer was that a special report for the President was being prepared on the basis of our discoveries and we were asked to wait with patience. [The time frame for this report occurs during two presidencies: George W. Bush, Sr., a former director of the CIA and, of course, our current Liar-in Chief, Bill Clinton.]

In June 1991, we were informed by Mr. D. Sullivan, one of the Senator's three aides, that our investigative materials had been given to the CIA and to the Pentagon for evaluation and that the response was that, indeed, our information had proved authentic. During our preliminary negotiations with Senator Helms and his staff, apparently, there had been a leak of information at an early stage and as a result of which, it had been decided in Moscow to counter our inevitable exposures even prior to our going public with them. For this purpose, in December 1990, an article was published by Izvestiya newspaper. An article in a key newspaper on a subject that had been dead and forgotten for seven years seemed more than strange. The article stated that, although the USSR had had the right to shoot down the Korean airliner, it was high time now to give the world "additional information." The rationale given was that, if the USSR had taken the hard decision to admit the crime committed against the Polish people in Katyn, then this incident with KAL 007 also could be disclosed.

It was further stated in the article that the complete fuselage of the Boeing 747 was intact at the bottom of the sea and that "the Soviet divers climbed all over it from top to bottom" (while up until then, and even later on, the Soviets claimed that the plane had crashed and had totally disintegrated into small pieces.) The article further stated, "we have condemned 269 passengers to death and haven't even apologized before their families."

In 1991, Izvestiya started publishing a series of 25 articles based on what they claimed to be an "independent investigation" undertaken by the newspaper. The articles provided invaluable, as, along with bold lies and misinformation, they gave a great number of facts which had previously been kept secret - as well as eyewitness testimonies completely contradicting the official Soviet version. Among other things, it was stated that the Soviets had removed the "black boxes" from KAL 007 (a fact that we had known of and had informed Senator Helms as far back as November 1990). But even this sensational admission did not result in any demand on the part of the United States or any other interested government that the USSR return the black boxes to Korea to enable it to understand just what had happened within the last 30 minutes of the flight and in what manner the plane had landed. It was obvious that the Soviets had no intention of volunteering the return of the black boxes and/or their tapes because they knew better than anyone else that there was nothing in those tapes that would support their crash version.

In the meanwhile, we continued our investigation via our underground contacts inside the USSR and we continued receiving new and conclusive proofs to the effect that KAL 007 had safely landed on water, and that the passengers had been rescued and removed to secret concentration camps, as the KGB needed Congressman McDonald for questioning on the subject of United States defense. We knew that, at one point, he was being held in the central KGB prison (Lubyanka) in Moscow.

As for the free world - it continued to keep silence. Everybody seemed to have forgotten the innocent people who had been thrown into Soviet camps and prisons. Therefore, by mid-summer of 1991, seeing complete lack of action on the part of the United States Senate and Administration, we decided to go public. On July 11, 1991, we announced a press conference in Jerusalem at which we intended to offer to newsmen a detailed press release of our investigation and findings. We thought that this sensational news would attract the attention of the world to the fate of the kidnaped people and that decent people throughout the world would demand from their governments action in behalf of the victims in order to secure their release.

But our press conference in Israel was deliberately thwarted by unknown persons. An hour prior to the planned time of the press conference, calls were made to all the newspapers, news agencies, radio and Tv stations, to all those that had received our invitation and all were informed that the press conference had been canceled. As a result, no one was in attendance. At our consequent attempts to publicize our information, newsmen would take our interview and press release, promise an immediate publication of our story, but then, would publish nothing. Among the many similar stories, the one concerning the Washington Post is very characteristic. An editor, Mrs. Elizabeth (Lally) Weymouth, came to us at the recommendation of Senator Helms. She held a three hour interview with us, received our materials, and promised her own detailed article on the subject with a special investigation as to why there was such utter lack of response on the American side...but published nothing!

Then, in the autumn of 1992, there appeared in the world media a sensational declaration made by Mr. Sonn De Il, head of the opposition of the Parliament of South Korea, concerning a top secret CIA report that he had somehow obtained and which contained sufficient proof of a safe water landing of KAL 007 on Sept. 1, 1983 near Island Sakhalin with the subsequent removal of all surviving passengers and crew to the Soviet Gulags. Along with this information, many newspapers carried pictures of the first page of the report as attestation of its actual existence. After studying the 78-page material, we present our conclusions:

The document is not dated; but, from the references made in the report, only to the first part of the Izvestiya series and to our own materials, it is clear that the document was compiled in June of 1991, i.e. right after the results of our investigation of the KAL 007 mystery were handed over to the CIA by the staff of Jesse Helms.

The most stunning discovery of the document for us was the admission of the facts that the CIA knew as early as Sept. 2 1983 that KAL 007 had not crashed but had landed on shallow waters near Island Moneron and that most of the people on board were rescued and transferred to the Soviet camps on the mainland. This conclusion, supported by their own special intelligence and by the hard facts at their disposal, was drawn by the CIA immediately after the tragedy. Yet, they kept it secret and did not bother lifting a finger for the sake of saving the kidnaped United States Congressman Larry McDonald, along with the other 268 persons on board the plane - among whom were 63 U.S. Citizens and 23 children.

The USSR had undoubtedly committed a dreadful crime by downing a civilian aircraft and kidnaping innocent citizens. But the United States has covered up and supported this crime by hushing it up, by silently accepting the Soviet "crash theory" and thus betraying the crew and passengers of KAL 007 and, among them, the U.S. citizens. Furthermore, having known since 1983 what had really occurred with Flight KAL 007, the CIA and the United States Administration have never confirmed our findings and they have done nothing to help us in our efforts to reopen the case in order to try to save the people who have been languishing at the hands of their killers without any hope for tomorrow. For these long months since publishing the results of our investigation, we have been standing alone against all those who mock the very idea that KAL 007 could have survived. Indeed, the State Department already in the summer of 1992, i.e. a year after the CIA issued its report, answered the inquiry of one U.S. newspaper concerning the government's attitude towards our findings, thusly, "we trust Yeltsin rather than Shifrin."


Let us see what exactly was known to the CIA since September 1983 and whether the State Department had any reason whatsoever to trust Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

1. From the very beginning, the CIA had received accounts from the Japanese Self Defense Force radar located at Wakanai on the top of the Japanese island of Hokkaido, as well as from a Soviet radar - both of which tracked the KAL 007 flight path for at least 12 minutes after the attack - through a gradual descent from 35,000 feet to the "zero" point.

2. CIA knew of the last radio transmission of KAL 007's pilot to Tokyo within the first three minutes after the attack reporting his intention to descend to 10,000 ft.

3. The CIA knew that during those 12 minutes the average rate of descent was decelerating rather than accelerating which showed, as the report states, that "KAL 007 was not in a plummet or crash dive," i.e. that it was "under some degree of control by the pilots." Very simple mathematical calculations showed that the plane made a rapid descent from its original altitude of 35,000 feet to the intended 16,400 feet within the first 5 minutes after the attack, i.e. it was dropping at an average rate of 61.6 feet per second. During the next 4 minutes of descent from 16,400 feet to 5,000 feet, the average rate of descent was 17.9 feet per second. And finally during the last 3 minutes (out of 12 radar tracked minutes of post attack flight), the average rate of descent was 22.2 feet per second. The unavoidable conclusion is that the plane was descending at a decelerating average rate, which is absolutely inconsistent with the idea that the plane was uncontrollably plummeting into the sea. It was known from aviation specialists that the regular rapid descent procedure for Boeing 747 from the altitude of 35,000 feel would be about 15 minutes, while an uncontrolled crash dive would have only taken about 2 minutes.

4. The CIA knew, from intercepted communications of Soviet pilots who were reported by special intelligence to be making "reference point circles," that within 7 hours after the attack, the Soviet search and rescue operations were underway and the Soviets knew that they had downed a civilian Boeing 747 passenger airliner carrying some American passengers. The CIA knew very well that all this count not have been known to the Soviets at such an early point had the plane in fact crashed into the sea at an unknown location. A logistical question is being asked in the report: How could the Soviet pilots identify the nationality of the passengers of the "crashed" plane which the Soviets believed to be an American military RC-135? The answer to this question is given right away. The Soviet rescue boats were sending radio communication while removing people from either the stricken airliner ditched at sea or from its life rafts and that those emergency communication were overheard by the Soviet pilots.

5. The CIA special intelligence information showed that right after the plane disappeared from the radar screens, the Soviet military command sent to the supposed crash site 8 rescue boats of the coastal guard.

6. The CIA knew that for some reason or another, Mr. Andropov, then Head of the USSR, was especially interested in the movements of KAL 007 since the time it left Anchorage.

7. Eyewitness testimony obtained from the Japanese fishermen showed that the plane did not crash but ditched.

8. It was quite clear to the CIA from the very first days that the Soviets were engaged in a gigantic deception and cover-up operation. The CIA knew exactly where the Soviets were conducting their search and rescue operations while, at the same time, deceiving the United States

and Japanese searchers with regards to the supposed crash site by officially supplying the wrong coordinates and by placing decoy "pingers" on the sea bottom in very deep international waters almost 600 miles removed from where the plane in fact went down. The report enumerates as many as 16 Soviet deliberate disinformation actions conducted by Marshal Ogarkov in order to cover up the fact that a rescue operation was being conducted retrieving the survivors, the "black boxes," and other electronic equipments from the plane.

9. The dearth of remains of either the aircraft itself or of the human bodies was startling from the very beginning. Even if, in 1983, there had been no identical type of air accident to compare it to, in 1985 and in 1987 such possibilities occurred; Boeing 747s had exploded over the ocean killing everybody on board and the remains had sunk to the depth of a few thousand feet. In spite of this, in both cases, the black boxes were recovered within a few days, as well as thousands of items of luggage and wreckage as well as very many bodies. This comparison served as another circumstantial proof that KAL 007 had successfully ditched rather than crashed, and that the passengers had been removed from the plane. This assumption was supported by Izvestiya which published the statements of the Soviet divers who had examined an intact fuselage and found neither bodies nor luggage in it.

All of the above shows that the United States Administration had no reason whatsoever to trust the Soviet's groundless declarations concerning the "catastrophic" crash in which everybody on board had been killed. On the contrary, the Administration had all reasons to believe that the massive Soviet cover-up operation was designed to conceal the opposite fact - a successful ditching of the plane and rescue of at lease some, and probably the majority, of the passengers. Now it can all be seen in the report of the CIA. Therefore, the fact that in the summer of 1992, the State Department preferred to trust Yeltsin rather than the results of our investigation, after it had already been supported by the CIA report (albeit without any public announcements), shows only that the United States State Department chose to trust the Soviets. Why?


This part of the report relates not only to the CIA's failure to analyze fully the available evidence of Soviet cover-up and deception measures but it testifies also to the fact that the United States intelligence, apparently influenced by higher levels, for decades had compiled with all Soviet lies and deceptions, being unwilling to collect and analyze any facts that would disclose those lies. The report says: "The reason that U.S. intelligence failed to consider or understand it's own evidence of Soviet deception over KAL 007 is that the U.S. intelligence throughout the period 1969-1983 also been consistently refusing to report and analyze scrupulously the continually growing evidence of Soviet deception and violations in regard to arms control treaties. There was endemic "withholding" and suppression of evidence and analysis of Soviet arms control deception and violations, within U.S. intelligence and especially within the CIA. There was simply a mindset within U.S. intelligence throughout the 1970s and up to 1983 that the Soviets were incapable of massive deception on anything important and that they certainly did not negotiate deceptively or cheat on arms control treaties."

The report presents an example of a CIA analyst who had indeed written about Soviet cheating on arms control - after which he had been fired. All the evidence he had collected was suppressed by the CIA and no other analyst after that dare d"to even entertain the hypothesis that the Soviet military was capable of serious deception projects or arms control cheating." All this was happening during a period when numerous emigres from the USSR, who had previously worked in various fields of the Soviet military industry and army, as well as dozens of defectors from the KGB, had testified to the fact that deception and cheating were constantly used at all Soviet levels as their main weapon in their dealing with the democratic West. Many Soviet people had risked their freedom and lives (and some had indeed been killed) for the sake of warning the USA and other democratic countries that they were being deceived by the Soviets - while the U.S. officials responsible for security and the well being of their country did not dare believe their testimonies out of fear of being fired.

For the above reason, the CIA and the State Department initially accepted and subsequently maintained the Soviet declaration that KAL 007 had crashed killing everybody on board. All the consequent evidence to the contrary, such as highly sensitive special intelligence information of the CIA, eyewitness testimonies, hard facts received from radar, complete lack of bodies and luggage and the black boxes, as well as the startling dearth of debris (most of which were unidentifiable) - all these were simply ignored and at no time thoroughly assembled, assessed and properly analyzed. Even the very obvious Soviet cover-up and "makirovka" measures (the CIA report calls them "Ogarkov's 16 lies") were never analyzed as what they were intended to conceal. The report admits: "CIA's own biases and myopia against perceiving Soviet deception caused the CIA to fail to understand the significance of their own evidence. Thus CIA was fooled too."

Only after Izvestiya has published in 1991 a great number of facts showing Soviet lies (the recovery in 1983 of the "black boxes," false geographic coordinates provided by the Soviet military at the time of the search, decoy "pingers," etc.) Did the CIA realized how they had been cheated, as the report states.

Another category of disclosures from the report testifies to the inoperativeness and incompetence of the United States intelligence and of the higher levels. The report notes, for example, that the President did not know fully what had happened to KAL 007 until 20 hours after the incident. The first information containing raw intelligence was received in Washington only four hours after the attack. That first message was abruptly canceled and when it was reissued a half an hour later, there were changes in the raw intelligence as compared to the original version. Changes in the original raw material continued to be made as late as eleven days after the incident. Regarding one change made a month and a half after the incident, special attention must be paid, as this specific change might have played a very important role in the whole story.

On Sept. 3, 1983, the report reveals that the National Security Agency issued a supposedly "conclusive" intelligence report which contained what this present CIA report calls a case of a typographical error or careless intelligence reporting; it was written there that the altitude of KAL 007 four minutes after the attack was 500 meters while in fact, the radar reportings indicated that the real altitude at that point was 5,000 meters. The difference of one zero, but...had the plane really been at 500 meters after four minutes of dropping, it would have meant that the average rate of descent was close to that of an uncontrolled dive - which contradicted the firmly established fact that the plane was aloft for an additional eight minutes following the initial four minutes of deliberately rapid descent. In fact, this "500 meters" altitude after four minutes was later reported as erroneous. But this was done a full month and a half later. This shows, as the report admits, that "U.S. intelligence did not realize the significance of this piece of evidence or the significance of their mistakes." It does become quite obvious that the U.S. intelligence did not even make an attempt to analyze their own evidence. The report further admits that, "U.S. intelligence had strong evidence of Soviet military deception in September 1983 but failed to understand the significance of the deceptive military cover story."

As for especially collecting facts concerning the incident, this was only begun a month and a half later and it was only then discovered that all the United States search efforts had been conducted in the wrong area, due to the fact that the supposed KAL 007 wreckage site was determined on the basis of deceptive information supplied by the Soviets. It took the U.S. intelligence as long as until Oct. 14, 1983 to offer their own estimate of the geographic coordinates based on the Soviet radar tracking data in conjunction with the Japanese Defense Force Wakanai radar tracking data. In connection with this, the report states: "This is an almost incredible failure of U.S. intelligence to have critical information available in a timely way at a right place where it is needed." Furthermore, the report admits that there were no attempts to use any U.S. reconnaissance satellite imagery or aerial imagery or remote underwater sonars and there, it is no wonder that no data was registered to indicate the sound of the ditching or crash or possibly subsequent underwater demolition of KAL 007.

The State Department did not conduct any investigation of the incident whatsoever. All measures that could have led to possibly finding the wreckage or collecting some information as hat had actually happened were prohibited by the State Department. The radar data of the Wakanai (Hokkaido) radar station were ordered to be destroyed as needless. The State Department was of the opinion that the incident ought not spoil USA-USSR relations. The report notes that the United States Navy could have planted intelligent sensors inside Soviet territorial waters, but was forbidden to do so, because "the State Department was afraid of offending the Soviets." Intelligence information on the incident was classified and hushed up by highly placed CIA and NSA officials, the report states. Despite all the intelligence information already available, Secretary Schultz made an absolutely groundless announcement that KAL 007 had catastrophically crashed killing everybody on board - though there were no proofs to that effect whatsoever and there were many proofs to the contrary.

The report positively admits that the investigation of the KAL 007 incident by the CIA ha been a complete failure and acceptance of the Soviet version that KAL 007 had crashed was in error.

As for more recent discussion of this matter with Soviet "perestoika" leaders, the report notes that M. Gorbachev had been fully aware of what really happened from the very beginning as, in Sept. 1983, he was a new member of the Soviet Politburo and as well, a personal protegee of Yuri Andropov who had been grooming him for the top leadership post. It is obvious, therefore, that Gorbachev had taken part in all the Politburo sessions at which the KAL 007 incident was discussed in all its dreadful and secret details. "Thus Gorbachev's role in the soviet political leadership in 1983 means that he bears responsibility for the Soviet lies and deception on KAL 007," the report says.


1. In early 1990, we received from the USSR information dated Sept. 1983 which was based on a protocol signed by the Soviet divers which was part of a secret report issued by the special secret state investigation commission chaired by General V. Yarennikov. According to this information, the intact fuselage of Boeing 747 (KAL 007) was examined on the bottom of the sea by Soviet divers who retrieved two "black boxes" and who found that there were no bodies and no luggage in the aircraft. This information was later supported by Izvestiya and has now been confirmed by the CIA report.

2. We later received information based on testimony of some members of the State Investigation Commission who had been present on the Soviet ship from which the divers had descended to retrieve the black boxes. We received detailed information concerning a special system of rubber bags designed in ERAT Institute in Lubertsy near Moscow for the purpose of retrieving the black boxes together with the surrounding water. From the same source, we later received the names of the specialists in Lubertsy who had been assigned the job of deciphering the tapes from the black boxes. This information has now been confirmed by the CIA report.

3. Our sources in the USSR informed us that the inner lid of one of the black boxes bore the trademark "Hamilton Aids." As early as in 1990, we found a way to inquire through Boeing company and did receive confirmation of this information. This fact, too, has been confirmed by the CIA report.

4. We received from the USSR and published in our press release of 1991 detailed information based on eyewitness testimony of some Soviet air Defense officers (e..g. Captain Ryzkov from the radar station located on the mainland Zaviet Lllycha Settlement), as well as from some persons from the entourage of Marshall Ogarkov and Gen. Yarannikov. Information also came to us from fishermen from Navalsk (Sakhalin) who witnessed the successful ditching of KAL 007 on the night of Sept. 1, 1983 near Moneron Island. These fishermen also saw the rescue of the people from the plane. Marshall Ogarkov's and General Varannikov's people heard about this from the primary source - General Romanenko, who had been personally responsible for rescuing passengers and unloading their luggage from the plane. The CIA report completely confirms our information about the military locations in the area and even calls our information "precise." The report also states that the CIA had the U.S. intelligence information and testimonies of some Japanese fishermen who had confirmed the successful ditching of KAL 007 near Moneron.

5. Our investigation has established and the Soviet newspaper Izvestiya later confirmed that the Korean Boeing had been photographed from a Soviet plane while it was still afloat after the ditching. The CIA report confirms the fact of the filming as received through their own intelligence but says that the film was made not from a plane but rather from a Soviet helicopter which observed the aircraft being towed away to deeper waters and sunk.

6. Information later received from our sources indicates that the passengers and crew members were transported to special secret Soviet camps, while the children were separated from their parents and placed in various orphanages. All this had been done at the initial stage under the direct commend of General Romanenko. Following this action, according to our information, General Romanenko was promoted and transferred to East Berlin as a Soviet military attache - where he unexpectedly "committed suicide." This was confirmed as late as Sept. 1992 by the Soviet newspaper KomsomolskayaPravda. According to our sources, all information concerning General Romanenko has been erased from the personnel computer of the KGB; he seems to have never existed at all. The CIA report differs from our information on this point. They confirm that Gen. Romananko has disappeared but believed that he has been placed in one of the Soviet camps by the KGB.

7. We have, as a result of our investigation, some information concerning specific camps, prisons and orphanages where the plane people have been initially sent. The CIA does not give such information in its report.

8. In conclusion, the CIA report states and thus completely supporting our conclusions that - on the basis of the evidence from Izvestiya from the recent Soviet emigres, and from special intelligence strongly suggesting that KAL 007 successfully ditched at sea - "there may have been survivor, and that the Soviets have been engaged in massive lying and a major deception on this entire incident from the very start." The report also admits that "diplomatic efforts need to be made to return the possible survivors."


There are some facts concerning this incident that had been known all along, some of them confirmed by Izvestiya, that for some reason or another, have not been noted by the CIA report but which we find quite important to point out.

1. On the morning of Sept. 1, 1983, Mr. C. K. Suh, Manager of the American Regional Office of Korean Air Lines in Los Angeles called Mr. Tommy Toles, Congressman McDonald's press aide, a few hours after the attack and informed him that he had just received an answer from Korean Air Lines in Seoul that "the information I got from them is that U.S. Embassy in Korea informed the Korean Government, Minister of Foreign Affairs...that the plane has landed in Sakhalin." Besides, Mr. Tommy Toles received information from Mr. Orville Brookman from the Federal Aviation Administration headquarters in Washington that ran as follows: "We have just received information from our FAA representative, Mr. Dennis Wilhelm in Tokyo, as follows: He has been advised by the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau headquarters, Air Traffic Division, Mr. Takano...who is his counterpart in Japanese aviation as follows: Japanese Self Defense Force confirms that the Kokkaido radar followed Air Korea to a landing in Soviet territory on the island of Sakhalinska...and it is confirmed by the manifest that Congressman McDonald is on board."

2. Ninety minutes after ditching at sea, the Captain of KAL 007, Chun Bue In, radioed Narita Airport in Japan and confirmed the fact of ditching.

3. American Navy rescue ships in the Pacific, immediately upon hearing of an emergency with KAL 007, headed towards the supposed crash site. But a few hours later, for entirely unclear reasons, they were stopped and returned by orders from Secretary Schutlz.

4. The State Department stopped the investigation begun by James Michelangelo in Anchorage who tied to find out why KAL 007 had gone off course. This was done under the pretext that the entire investigation was being handled by the State Department itself. But such investigation has never taken place.

5. A while after the incident, a military radio station on Sakhalin started broadcasting the very same musical pieces that were known to have been on board for entertaining the passengers. This information came from Izvestiya.

6. Soviet divers who retrieved the black boxes paid attention to the fact that the seat belts of the passenger seats were unfastened and life saving vests were absent. This is another circumstantial and objective proof that the passengers left the plane after it had ditched.

7. Izvestiya also quotes KGB officer who states that he had to participate in sorting out the passenger's luggage on a Soviet ship. Soviet reporter Illesh even saw his photographs of those passenger's effects and heard him say, "Later, we had to destroy those artifacts, all kinds of trifles like what people usually have on international flights.." The reporter adds: "Considering the circumstances and his profession, he could not say more."

These additional facts again support what has already been confirmed by eyewitnesses: KAL 007 successfully ditched at sea near Monaron Island, its passengers were rescued by the Soviet coast guard and transferred to Soviet camps and prisons, because the KGB had in mind the thorough questioning of Congressman McDonald who no intention of releasing him - which also meant that no other passenger could be released. They were, therefore, all ruthlessly pronounced dead.

In publishing this analysis of the CIA report objectively supporting the results of our investigation and suggesting that the KAL 007 passengers might still be alive, we are once again appealing to all democratic governments, to the United Nations, to all the organizations and individuals who have not been sucked by indifference, to demand from the Soviet liars and killers:

(1) to return to their families the people they have kidnaped;
(2) to return the children who have grown up as orphans - there were 23 of them!
(3) to return U.S. Congressman Larry McDonald

Avraham Shifrin


It is apparent from Mr. Shifrin's closing comment: "to demand from the Soviet liars and killers," that he has an obvious dislike of the Soviet hierarchy. There's all kinds of history and baggage between the Ruskies and Israel, so let's put that aside. Having done just the nominal amount of follow-up, his story checks out. Of course, without full disclosure by the U.S. and Russian governments, the cover-up will remain in place.

To some, Mr. Shifrin's report may seem unbelievable but you must remember something: things are different in the European theater. Many people of the Jewish faith go back and forth between Russia and Israel. Cultures are different and it is entirely believable to me that Mr. Shifrin's human rights organization has a pretty good information pipeline in and out of Russia.

If you're wondering how Mr. Shifrin received a classified report, I think that there are people who work for this puppet government who are sick and tired of the lies, the deceit, the cover-up and corruption. I think there are individuals who work for this puppet government who feed people like Shifrin, Matt Drudge and others, material, documents and evidence, to try and do what they can to expose the sewage coming out of Washington that is stinking up our Republic. I think there are people who need their paychecks who work for this puppet government who are just as afraid as you and I about the loss of our sovereignty and are trying to do what they can without losing their paychecks. Just a guess on my part.

As soon as I received the report above (Jan '94), I telephoned Jesse Helms' office and asked to speak with Dr. J. Lucier, Mr. D. Sullivan or Mr. V. Fedel. I was informed that these top aides no longer worked for Helms. I requested the status of Senator Helms' investigation into KAL 007. I was told that those three aides had worked on this case for three years but the investigation was shut down in 1993 and these aides the left the employment of Senator Helms. I ask why and also what was the conclusions reached as a result of that investigation. The air head on the other end of the phone, despite the fact that it took 40 minutes, couldn't tell me anything.

As I was running for Congress at the time, I kinda let it go but had a surprising visit two weeks after I called Helms' office. I was approached by an individual I did not know, in a public place. Relax, CIA, FBI and all the rest of the alphabet soup agencies: This was in mid-January of 1994. I did not know the individual and couldn't recognize him if I saw the person again. I was ask if I would like to read the classified report dealing with KAL 007. I could sit there in the restaurant and read it but could not leave with it or make copies. Having worked for DoD with a secret clearance, I know what the real McCoy looks like; my interested was definitely piqued.

I sat and read the report and much of what Mr. Shifrin says in his report jives with what I read. The Navy did indeed know within 4 hours the status of KAL 007 and the possibility that it made a water landing. If I had a photographic memory I might be able to recall the name of the Navy Admiral who was prominently listed in this report but I can't, it's been too long ago; Senator Helms was also mentioned frequently throughout the report. What I read told me without any doubt that a cover-up of great magnitude had been firmly set in place by our government and the Ruskies - I just didn't know the finer details until I read Incident at Sakhalin. I have never told anyone except my husband that I read this report because I couldn't prove it and I couldn't do anything about it unless I were elected to Congress. I attempted to reach Mr. Shifrin over in Jerusalem again today but the international operator can't seem to make a connection. I am in the process of filing some Freedom of Information Act requests about this to various agencies and when I get the responses, I will post them as a follow-up to this piece.

There are a lot of people in this country who have been aware of the possibility that there were survivors from that incident. One of the people I have had dialogue with over the years regarding KAL 007 just passed away Nov. 3, 1999. Major General Raymond Healey was a wonderful, wonderful, dedicated American and our country has lost one of its great freedom fighters. General Healey and a number of other concerned citizens had been in contact with some other groups who had done some quiet investigative work through international channels and swear Americans from that flight have been seen alive in Russia in camps. General Healey was just as enraged as I have been about KAL 007 - another big fat lie shoved down the throats of the American people. Never mind the real possibility that 63 Americans are being held as prisoners by the Ruskies - including a member of the U.S. Congress, Larry McDonald. For those of you who fly internationally and think this can't or won't happen to you, I say this: Flying outside the U.S. is the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette.

There has been rife speculation that KAL 007 was taken down on purpose to "take-out" Congressman McDonald because he was a very outspoken opponent of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System, just like Congressman McFadden and Congressman Wright Patman were until they both died from other than natural causes. I don't believe that was the reason at all. I believe that both Brun and Pry are correct in that the Reagan Administration stupidly played a dangerous cat and mouse intelligence game with the Ruskies, we got our butts kicked and a lot of people died. Just my opinion.

If what Mr. Shifrin says is correct and the sightings are valid, the Ruskies have themselves a great bargaining chip in having a live U.S. Congressman rotting in one of their camps. Remember: This government has lied to the people of this country repeatedly about our military being held hostage from many wars and left to die in slave labor camps in China and the Soviet Union. This government knows there are thousands from WWII, Korea and Viet Nam, yet for political purposes, they have been thrown to the dogs as expendable. Is it any wonder that between the cavalier attitude of throwing away expendable military personnel for political reasons, and the utter failure of social experimentation, that recruitment is at a previously unheard of negative status?

I am so ashamed for the dishonor heaped on my country by the few corrupt and rotten who have run Washington, DC for the past 80+ years. While all this has been going on behind the backs of the American people, we have been whipped, slapped and beaten into submission to volunteering to pay "income" taxes which magically find their way to the Ruskies via the IMF and "foreign aid." It's enough to make you crazy but that's what the bad guys want. Too bad for them that they have underestimated the grit of millions of Americans who are sick and tired and fed up with their global games.

If I were a member of Congress about to go on one of these all- expenses- paid junkets somewhere on this globe, I'd think real hard before I got on that plane: If something happened and you were grabbed by a foreign power, your buddies in Congress and the Clinton Administration would let you sit and rot before they would let anything disturb their "free trade" policies and their quest for a one-world order. You boys and girls aren't important enough to rescue. Can't happen? Wanna bet your life? Do you fly internationally? How would you like to spend eternity in a cage with America not caring a whit? Can't happen to you? Ask the 63 Americans who were on board KAL 007.

Think this one-world government administration will upset the apple cart for anything having to do with accountability and justice? Remember what Norman Dodd said during his testimony on September 26, 1978 (see pg 32 of my Blind Loyalty booklet for further details) quoting Mr. Gaither:

"We shall use our grant making power so to alter life in the U.S. that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

And, Rothschild agent, Paul Warburg, during hearings for Senate Resolution 56, revision of the UN Charter:

"We shall have world government whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or conquest."

269 humans mean nothing to these world order kingpins. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals and America is close to falling to ashes, all of our hopes and dreams will be crushed under totalitarian government.

There is no reason why, through diplomacy and sincere cooperation between countries, that the truth be made public; no one has to go to war. Those responsible for all these heinous acts should be tried by their own governments for whatever charges are appropriate, i.e. murder vs. honest human error. Unfortunately, there is a lot of testosterone and nuclear weapons mixing it up around this globe and the field of play is mighty damn dangerous. Personally, I keep praying to Almighty God to help the people of this world turn back this evil that is infecting our earth and restore humanity to mankind for all without the greed and "one world order" mentality.

One thing that Brun and Shifrin agree on and that is the obvious phony "search area" which had nothing to do with any rescue of that plane or its passengers. They do have some obvious differences about the final disposition of the passengers but we will never know until an independent investigation if conducted. However, sadly and tragically for our Republic, every single "official investigation" over the past few decades has been nothing more than an illusion for public consumption and the cover-ups have remained intact.

As for an investigation into KAL 007, it won't happen and even if it did, this current Congress would do nothing but continue the cover-up, the same as they have done regarding Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, TWA Flight 800, Swiss Air Flight 111 and on and on and on. Former Senator John Danforth has been hand selected by the fox [Reno] to investigate her hen house [the FBI] in the Waco massacre. Former Sheriff Richard Mack has offered to assist in the investigation to make sure the real truth doesn't get swept under the rug, but of course, he has been rebuffed. Heaven forbid that ordinary Americans with a brain should be allowed to assist in some of these investigations. No, only "law enforcement" like the FBI, who have been caught with their drawers down manufacturing evidence to "get their man" are allowed to "investigate."

For those of you who haven't seen as many birthdays as I have, you probably don't remember what happened when the Israeli's attacked and murdered 34 men aboard the U.S.S. Liberty. Yes, it was murder and our government sucked up to the Israeli government and has never investigated this terrible, terrible event. For those out there who think their congressman or senator or which ever puppet president sits in the White House, cares a whit about this country, our sovereignty, justice and defending America first, you live in a state of denial. There have been a few in the past and we have a handful of Republicans today, but the other roughly 510 of them could care less. Their one and only concern is "reelection" and keeping their power base intact to feed their overblown egos.

If this seems a bit jaded, with the exception of the U.S.S. Liberty attack, I have watched every single tragedy unfold on the stupid tube for the past eight years because I don't have a real job and work at home. The news channels or C-SPAN are running all the time while I work. I've had my gut full of cover-ups and corruption and only the people of this nation can demand it stop by withdrawing their support, clean up the election system and get out there and tell ten people to read this web site and get educated about how the systems really work, the agenda of the globalists and get busy saving our country.

As for investigations, our hands are pretty much tied and the families and loved ones of all these people killed in Waco, OKC, plane crashes and so on, bless their hearts, they try to get to the truth but have so little resources. Justice is slow sometimes but I want these families to know that I care and with the help of Almighty God, someday we will get to the truth of these matters and the guilty will be punished.

I will be posting documents and material on some other no-so famous plane crashes but ones that have bothered me for a long time. If I were a member of Congress, I can assure you that I would use every penny of my budget and any influence I had to raise hell about all these tragedies and that includes petitioning grand juries until I find one that would look at the available evidence and go for some indictments. But, allegedly I didn't get elected to Congress and as long as we have vote fraud, we will continue to recycle the same old gutless wonders.

Our problem isn't with the people of Israel but with their government and their military for deliberately targeting and attacking one of our ships in international waters. If the tables were turned, the people of Israel would have burned our embassy to the ground. If you would like to read the truth about the U.S.S. Liberty slaughter, please visit their web site at:

To the families of the dead and 171 wounded, my heart goes out to you and I'm so sorry that our government continues to lie for reasons that are obvious if one understands the agenda of the Masters of the Game.

                                        ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY