Freedom Law School Selling Tickets For Phantom Speakers

Devvy Kidd
October 23, 2001


Ten days ago I received this color brochure.

This brochure is still up on Peymon's web site despite the fact that he knows right now, today, that neither Congressman Bartlett nor Bob Schulz will be speaking at his event:

Upon receiving this multi-page color brochure 10 days ago, I immediately called Bob Schulz to ask him if he and Congressman Roscoe Bartlett were going to speak. Bob was very upset because he had received the same color 8 x 11 brochure, not only listing him as a speaker, but as a co-sponsor. Bob told me in no uncertain terms that he told Peymon Mottahedeh, President of Freedom Law School, that he would not be a speaker and that he was offended that Peymon would take it upon himself to put out such a bald faced lie in his brochure.

Bob also told me that Sally Taylor, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett's staffer, told Peymon that Bartlett would not speak at his event. That was weeks ago. Peymon had sent Ms. Taylor a copy of the proposed brochure and she was angry that Peymon had Bartlett's photo on the front as a speaker when she had already told him Bartlett would not speak at his event.

I called Bartlett's office and left a message for Ms. Taylor to call me back and let me know if Bartlett was speaking. She didn't return my call, but I did call out there again this morning after letting Bob know that Peymon still had this brochure up on his web site promoting speakers who were not going to be there. The young man who answered the phone transferred me to another staffer who said that Congressman Bartlett was not speaking for anyone on Nov. 3rd or 4th.

This is very disturbing and in my opinion, out and out fraud. Peymon has been selling tickets to an event when he's known weeks in advance that two of the "hot" names he has listed as key note speakers on the front page of his expensive color brochure, had both declined the invitation. Knowing that neither Bob Schulz nor Roscoe Bartlett would appear at his event, he still put out the brochure through a mass postal service mailing (10,000 copies) and has it posted on his web site.

I have always had problems with Peymon's "pitch." On his web site you will read:


Do YOU wish to end the Income Tax and beat the IRS?
Do YOU wish to beat all the Traffic tickets and restore our natural right to travel?
Do YOU wish to remove government control and manipulation of your life?
Do YOU wish to free yourself from government imposed slavery?
Do YOU wish to sue and jail the criminal government agents?

This is all very interesting considering the fact that Peymon has three open federal tax liens against him in the Los Angeles County area. I have the numbers of these tax liens which have been confirmed, but I'm not going to post them. Anyone can go to a county recorder's office, look at federal tax liens and acquire a person's identity. Despite my concern about the scam Peymon has pulled here, I don't feel I should be the one to advertise his social security number. I have covered this flourishing theft identity business in another piece:

As I write this piece, FOX News has a streamer running that reports theft identity is up 50% since the same time last year and that black marketing of SSNs and credit card numbers is "out of control."Imagine the hay day terrorists and black marketers will have with the so-called "national ID card."

In Peymon's brochure he advertises: HOW YOU CAN FREE & ENRICH YOURSELF NOW! This is an opportunity to push his "school," but if you're not interested that, you can just send him $2,600 bucks for a Royal Freedom Package or a $5,000 first year investment to become a freedom fighter for his "basic tax freedom" programs. About three months ago I called Peymon and asked him about those federal liens he has against him and how could he sell these programs when he couldn't even get the ones against him removed? He replied that he didn't want to pay them. We have not spoken since.

It is every person's choice whether or not to attend any kind of public meeting and purchase programs that deal with any variety of subject matter.

However, I get very upset when I see the kind of fraudulent advertising conducted by Peymon to sell tickets to his "2001 East Coast Freedom Rally." It's bad enough the mountain of lies sold to the American people by every level of government in this nation and their puppet media, but when you have so-called "freedom fighters" out there selling a known lie to sell tickets, it must be exposed. It's not like Schulz or Bartlett canceled a day or two ago. Peymon knew when he went to press that neither of these men would speak at his event.

I will be real interested to see what Peymon tells those people who purchased tickets to see Congressman Bartlett and Bob Schulz, who won't be there, which Peymon has known all along, what will he tell them? What will he tell the audience? "Due to circumstances beyond his control, Congressman Bartlett couldn't make it?" or something to that affect? How will he cover his lie at his "freedom rally?"