December 4, 2000

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(St. Louis, MO) An independent film crew from Nashville will begin filming this Friday of new author, Boyd E. Graves' book, "STATE ORIGIN: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS." In August 1999, Graves stunned the international scientific community when he unveiled the flowchart of a federal virus development program. World experts continue to validate the flowchart as the "missing link" in the true laboratory origin of AIDS.

"Although the 'Special Virus' 'Flow Chart' is seemingly structured in such a manner that the world would not immediately recognize the real purpose of this officially sanctioned U.S. Federal program, one has to ask oneself 'WHY was the 'Flow Chart' even structured in the first place?'" according to Dr. Basil Wainwright, Kenya.

The flowchart coordinates over 20,000 scientific papers and 15 years of progress reports which detail every experiment and contract of the secret Manhattan project. "Few people are aware that the Manhattan project of the 1940's is the true birthplace of the AIDS virus," said Graves. "We are very fortunate to have found the flowchart, it makes our argument irrefutable."

"We believe review of the experiments conducted under Phase IV of the flowchart will lead to immediate breakthroughs for people living with HIV/AIDS. We can affirmatively demonstrate a federal program (plot) seeking to "create," "produce" and "proliferate" a virus." said Graves.

In 1977, the U.S. government produced 15, 000 gallons of AIDS (Special Virus). Earlier this year, Graves research was validated when top officials from the NIH and NCI confirmed the existence of the secret virus program.

Independent film producer, Brent Leung is heading up the Nashville film crew. According to Graves' publicist, Joel Bales, "'STATE ORIGIN' will be on the shelf by inaugauration day. "Once the dust finally settles from the current political tug of war, the laboratory origin of AIDS will dominate the social agenda of humanity, well into the 21st Century."

"It may take some people another hundred years to understand the significance of finding the government's flowchart, in essence, the 'blueprint' of how they made AIDS."

The discovery of the AIDS flowchart will ultimately be regarded as one of the greatest document finds in the history of the world. "I am hopeful the film will capture, a perspective of the truly 'warped mentality' that vigorously led to the hunt, capture and distribution of AIDS."

"If an earthquake has two epicenters - like the AIDS virus: rest assured, just as it was in the Wizard of Oz there IS someone behind a curtain!"

Boyd Ed Graves J.D.