By: Devvy

January 17, 2004

    "We are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of Nature has placed in our power.. the battle, sir, is not to the strong alone, it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." -- Patrick Henry
Last week, President Bush announced his newest move in completing
another step towards the new world order his father worked to facilitate,
 as did former presidents like Harry Truman [1]. Bush, Jr., was breast fed
on the milk of globalism. Bush knows no other way of thinking. This man
was raised in a protective environment where the promotion of globalism
and a one world order was drummed into his head from the cradle to the
White House.
The “religious right” went hog wild to get him elected because Bush comes

across as a religious fellow, frequently referring to God (Allah) or toting
a Bible. So did Bill Clinton. Bush probably does believe abortion is “wrong,”
but his goody two-shoes wife, Laura, is a pro abortion advocate who wants
Roe v Wade to stay on the books.[2] Must make for a very interesting
relationship: one is for killing unborn babies, the other against it. Kind
of like that other carny side show, Matlin and Carville.

A sitting president who endorses breaking the law

Most conservatives weren't surprised when former Commander in Deceit,
Bill Clinton, routinely broke the law and committed treason (selling our
defense secrets to the communist Chinese). But, now, the shoe is on the
 other foot and popular talk show hosts like Shawn Hannity appear even
more intellectually challenged than usual by attempting to justify Bush’s
promotion of criminal acts and the wholesale invasion of our Republic.

There can be no question that Bush’s plan to give amnesty to illegal aliens
is the promotion of lawlessness. It doesn't matter how nice an illegal might
be or how cheap they will work. It doesn't matter if they have been here
illegally for one week or one decade. If they sneak across the border, they
have committed a crime under our laws and are subject to immediate

These illegals are not "immigrants" or "undocumented workers," they
are illegal aliens. They enter this country by breaking our law. They
have no right to any constitutional protections. The only thing illegal
aliens should expect from their criminal entry into these united States
is deportment. (correction 1.31.04: deportation, not deportment!).
You don't reward those who break the law with a free pass, yet that
is exactly what Bush is going to do if the people don't stop it.

Patrick Buchanan’s recent assessment of Bush's promotion of criminal
activity is right on point: "The president of the United States is making a
concession in order to win Hispanic votes,"[3] Conservatives accused Clinton
of selling out America for votes. What say those same people now?

Bush contends that allowing illegal aliens to live and work in our nation is
good for the economy and fills jobs Americans don't want. That isn't the
point, Mr. Bush. Illegal aliens are here illegally and they must be deported
under our immigration laws. To reward such illegal activity, even by a
sitting President, is still criminal.

Our economy is near dead on the operating table and any company who
wants to ship our jobs off U.S. soil or employ illegals for cheaper wages to
increase the bottom profit line for stockholders doesn't get my money.
I don't need your "things." I support my fellow Americans and their jobs,
even if the cost is higher, so put that in your shrinking profit margin.

The parasite feeds off the host

This is a very important factor in the equation. Pro illegal immigration
attorneys (parasites) feed off illegal aliens. Any individuals who work for
the anti-American organization, National Council of La Raza, are parasites
who feed off the host. Federal judges who unconstitutionally give illegal
aliens free medical care and other perks are also parasites that feed off
the host: Congress and the White House. There is an entire food chain
connected to this massive, illegal alien invasion, all parasites who must
feed off the host to keep making money. They care nothing for the law
and what's right for America. The almighty buck is all that matters to
these parasites.

Destroying the infrastructure of the states

The states of the union, particularly the border states, are dying under
the massive financial weight of illegal aliens. In California alone, it is
acknowledged that there are about 3 million illegal aliens costing the
taxpayers roughly $8 billion dollars a year. Cities can only take so
much population before their infrastructures begin to crumble and
when you allow 3 million illegal bodies to reside in just one state like
California, mostly concentrated in Little Mexico (Los Angeles), the
predictable collapse is all but a fait accompli.

The legal systems of these states stagger under the weight of processing
crimes committed by criminals who illegally enter this country. Oh, I can
already hear the bleeding hearts chanting that not all illegal aliens who
enter this country illegally commit crimes. That's real easy to say for
those who haven't had their life ruined by illegals, i.e. illegal aliens who
drive the streets of America.

The parasites need to open their eyes and take a good hard look in the
mirror. Lenin called parasites "useful fools." Illegal immigration is just
part and parcel to the bigger picture of destroying our sovereign Republic.
Take a good look at this map published in the Denver Post, August 30, 1992,
a mere four months before Bush, Sr. signed the unconstitutional NAFTA
treaty into law December 17, 1992.

This map is not some academic exercise. This IS what's on the horizon
for US if the people of this nation don't mobilize. What you're seeing with
this latest, grotesque proposal by Bush, Jr., has everything to do with
building a new world order (global governance), redistributing the wealth
of our nation into the hands of illegals and riffraf from all over the world.

Conspiracy? Hardly. The master plan to destroy our Republic is there for
anyone who cares to face the frightening truth: "Money, faxes and
immigration drive new world order," The Philadelphia Inquirer,
February 16, 1995, on the lies told to the American people about Mexico's
real financial difficulties before NAFTA was passed. Clinton then came to
the rescue and once again raped our nation to bail out the petty crooks
who run Mexico. The bone chilling 'Proposed New Constitution for the
NewStates of America from Rexford G. Tugwell's book, The Emerging
Constitution" was a huge warning that's been ignored.[4]

"None is so blind as he who will not see," by Congressman James B. Utt,
Congressional Record, House of Representatives, January 15, 1962, page 215:
"You can expect to see a one world government, communist controlled,
under the United Nations. You will see the UN run up astronomical debts
which we, under the terms of the treaty, are bound to pay."

Senate Concurrent Resolution, Legislative Journal, pg. 711, 'Providing for
a declaration of the Federation of the World, in the Senate, March 9, 1943.
This document calls upon the General Assembly of Pennsylvania to be
united in a commonwealth of nations to be known as "The Federation of
the World."

Congressional Record, House, March 15, 1976, pg 8012: A Declaration of Interdependence calling for the establishment of a new world order of
"compassion, peace, justice and security." June 28, 1976, Extension of
Remarks, Congressional Record, Hon. Donald M. Graser of Minnesota
in the House calling for an endorsement of the Declaration of
nterdependence and a new world order.

Nationalism said to hinder World Order, The Evening Bulletin, Philly,
April 30, 1971, former counterfeit U.S. Senator Harris Wofford states:
"...that the problem of world law could not be solved as long as the sovereign
nation-state remains." Sound familiar? It should: "U.S. Supreme Court
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor: U.S. must rely on foreign law."[5]

IRS, Department of Treasury notification to employers: 1995 Federal
Tax Deposit Requirements for Semiweekly Depositors: "Provisions of the
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) legislation require deposits
to be made by electronic fund transfer (EFT). The Mandatory use of this
system will be gradually phased in over a period of years for all depositors
of federal employment tax."

Why is anyone surprised that social security is going south of the border?[6]
It was all set up years ago under NAFTA and linking our economy to a
financially bankrupt country like Mexico. Redistribution of wealth.
And while leftist organizations like the CATO Institute thinks NAFTA
is nifty [7] and the Heritage Foundation promotes this social security
boondoggle[8], I doubt most Americans would if they just had the truth.

Congressional Record, Appendix, May 4, 1955, Page A3016 - A3018,
Congressman Lawrence Smith comments that there are people in our
country today who would surrender our national sovereignty to a fictitious
form of world government. He then goes on to outline with uncanny
accuracy back then, the disaster just over our horizon as the infrastructure
for this totalitarian one world government is now in place. Implementation
only requires one more "act of terrorism."

'On the Threshold of the New World Order: The Wilsonian Vision and
American Foreign Policy in the 1990s and beyond', by counterfeit
U.S. Senator Joseph Biden, June 29, 1992. Biden chastises Bush, Sr.
for not pushing harder to solidify the new world order so desired by
Washington, DC. In Biden's speech he whacks Bush, Sr. for not going
for the jugular during the first Gulf War against Saddam Hussein in
pursuit of the new world order. Now you know why Billy Clinton was
put into the White House.

This war in Iraq was to "liberate" the Iraqi people? Wrong, it was/is
for the new world order: "In defense of the world order...U.S. soldiers
would have to kill and die," Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Foreign Affairs,
July-August 1995; publication is a propaganda tool of the Council on
Foreign Relations. Biden's speech made it very clear what invading
Iraq was all about.

Full page ad, NY Times, April 15, 1994:

1944. Bretton Woods: The IMF and the World Bank. 1945.
San Francisco: The United Nations. 1994, Marrakech: The World
Trade Organization. History knows where its going. The final act
of the Uruguay the WTO, the third pillar of the New World
Order, along with the UN and the IMF."

In a December 6, 1993, Washington Times interview with the late
billionaire financier Sir James Goldsmith, he warned that "GATT will
mean social upheaval and political instability bringing far worse global
consequences than the Bolshevik Revolution...If the masses understood
the truth about GATT, there would be blood in the streets of many
capitals." How right he was and we have seen the blood in the streets
from massive protests about these insidious, destructive treaties.

Had enough?

There is only one way to thwart Bush's anti-American proposal to reward
criminal activities and his proposed "immigrant worker plan" and that is at
the state level. If you live in the critical border states, California, Texas,
New Mexico and Arizona, you must do the same thing those heroic
Tennesseeans did when they stopped their state legislators from shoving
a personal state income tax down their throats: They mobilized, they
fought back and they won.[9]

How many Americans are familiar with what happened in Nevada back
in 1999 dubbed the 'Jarbridge Shovel Brigade'? This incident had to do
with the feds and a road in Nevada. In October of 1999, a group of Elko
County citizens, led by Assemblyman John Carpenter, Attorney
Grant Gerber, and Chris Johnson, an area businessman, went to
Jarbidge to rebuild the road, using man and horse power. They were
stopped by a restraining order. They didn't let that stop them. These
courageous folks out in Nevada called the government's bluff and they
won. The great "General" Janet Reno flinched and the road is still open.

Conact American Border Patrol [10]. This organization is serious about
fighting this illegal invasion and they can be of enormous help in your
state. Start calling talk radio, mobilize whatever organization you
belong to and join together for massive marches on your state capitol.
Demand your National Guard be put on your border to stop any more
illegals smuggling themselves into our country. Isn't 10-12 million
already here enough for you? If you have recall in your state like
California does, remind those public servants who work for you in
the State House that you will make sure they never serve another
term if they don't get the governor to get out the guard.

Form a citizens group in your county and get to your county Sheriff.
Demand he uphold the law, round up illegals and deport them - now.
No more coddling. They don't get to go "home" and pack up their CDs.
They go back across the border right from jail. Stop putting out the
welcome mat and giving constitutional rights to those who have no
right to them. Make illegal entry across the border so miserable, it
will deter illegals instead of encouraging them as this current President
is promoting.

Illegals are a threat to our Republic. They threaten our security, they're
destroying our standard of living (along with "free trade"), straining
already overstrained infrastructures of cities and the criminal justice
system. If I lived in one of those border states, I would be leading the
non-violent assault on the State House and the public servants who
work there. One woman in California, Jodi Waters, is responsible for
the elimination of MTBE in gasoline. She took on the big oil companies
and the State of California and won. Jodi's story makes Erin Brockovich
look like minor league. Jodi was just one person, think of what can be
accomplished by thousands in those border states?

There is no more fun time, golf time or couch potato time. There is only
time to get organized and demand your governor, with the assistance
of your state legislature, seal up your border with Mexico. Since the
White House is determined to allow wholesale invasion, the sovereign
states of the Union have every legal right to stop it. There is no other
alternative. "Elect a conservative Republican" is about as effective as
mammary glands on a bull.

As sovereign republics, the individual states of the Union have the right
to repel any invasion when the federal government refuses to perform
their lawful duty. There is no doubt about the intentions of
Washington, DC, so it IS the duty of the citizens to demand their
governor and their local sheriffs go after these illegals and deport them
or they will feel the wrath of their citizenry.


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