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Vivien Kellems' FBI File

Devvy Kidd
April 4, 2003

On April 1, 2002, I filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the FBI to get anything they had on Vivien Kellems. If you're unfamiliar with this woman, please go to:


Everyone should read her short book, Toil, Taxes and Trouble, about her lawsuit (which she won) against the government.

Prior article on Vivien Kellems trial files:


Those files have now been scanned and should be posted to vivienkellems.com web site any time now.

On April 2, 2003, one year and one day after I filed my FOIA for Ms. Kellems' FBI file, lo and behold, it arrived - all 403 pages. Here's a teaser of what you will read:

Vivien sends old J. Edgar a letter asking to see him when she's in DC. Hoover writes back that will be fine if he's available. She writes back and thanks him. But, an inter office memo says that when Vivien arrives, she's to be told he isn't there and fob her off to an assistant.

Then the fireworks begin. It seems our Vivien had a tendre for one Count Frederic Karl von Zedlitz. This was in 1942 - WWII time. She wanted to marry the guy. Also, at this time she was going to run for Congress against the infamous Claire Luce Booth.

Guess what? A "rumor" began that old Von Zedlitz was a Nazi sympathsizer. Her letters to the Count were intercepted under the Office of Censorship before Frederic got them. Very detailed stuff she wrote from her heart to the Count. Pet names, I love you stuff.

Someone leaked these letters because some members of Congress (Democrats) read juicy parts of her love letters to theCount on the house floor and the smear began big time. The media followed. Vivien didn't take it lying down and demanded an investigation. She was cleared as was the Count, but the damage was done. Vivien withdrew her name for nomination at the Republican Convention.

This file will get scanned shortly and posted to: http://www.vivienkellems.com so stay tuned.

As for Vivien's trial files: They have been scanned and my web master should be getting those documents posted to the Vivien site soon.