President Bush Pushes Volunteering

Devvy Kidd
September 28, 2002

Almost from the beginning of his presidency, President Bush has been pushing "volunteerism." He's not the only one to beat this drum. Other notables are Colin Powell, Bob Dole and a whole host of new world order promoters. There is an evil and sinister agenda to this that so many Americans aren't aware of, but need to research.

I can't urge strongly enough that Americans who are looking for truth and answers to their questions on the mechanisms plaguing this nation and bringing us to ruin, read Jeri Ball's books. They are intensely researched, fully documented and footnoted. These books should be discussed on every major talk show in this country, radio or TV, yet they are ignored.

Her book, Masters of Seduction, should have grabbed the attention of Bush apologists like Shawn Hannity, but he's not interested. Is it because the book isn't worth reading? Not according to some:

"I would encourage everyone who loves read and reread Masters of Seduction..."

                             --Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (USAF, Ret.)

"Masters of Seduction is a must read."

                            --Rear Admiral C.A. Hill, Jr. (U.S. Navy, Ret)

"Masters of Seduction is one of the most penetrating, powerful, and revolutionary books to date."

                                                           --G. Edward Griffin

I have known Jeri for almost a decade. Her sacrifices to get these books written and published have been nothing short of herculean. She is right on point. Americans, regardless of political party, need to read her books. Time is short. Give her book(s) as a gift: