Devvy Kidd
May 8, 2001

What you say? How could our Congress of 535 upstanding public servants promote and condone identity theft? Our government? Well, let me tell you exactly how this game works. When you |click here| you will see a number of real "Notice of Federal Tax Lien Under Internal Revenue Laws" we have scanned. These were received by me several years ago and I have kept them in one of my safes to protect the information. These documents were obtained by John Q. Public walking in off the street at the country recorder's office in his town. Now that I have gotten around to doing this piece, I have blacked out the social security numbers, street addresses and part of the names of these victims. You can also go to the URL below and read an interesting story about another "Notice of Federal Tax Lien" episode. This piece is titled: The IRS: Government Sanctioned Fraud & Extortion

http://www.devvy.com/9509.html#irs - Available on Devvy's Archives CD

"Notice" of Federal Liens are not  a real lien, simply a notice. However, all over this country, every day of the week, county recorders record these pieces of paper as if they were a lien. Banks all across this country treat these notices as if they were a real lien. The other day I went down to our country recorder's office to see what I could get walking in right off the street. This is what I personally observed at our local country recorders office:

I walked in and ask to look at a "Notice of Federal Tax Lien." The woman escorted me to a computer and said have at it. I sat down next to a man who was seated next to another man. I observed that they both had tablets. They were both writing busy down the name, address and social security numbers off literally hundreds of "liens." That's right, they had pages and pages of them. These guys simply went from one "lien" to another, gathering the necessary information to sell on the black market to accomplish identity theft. Where else might this information be posted for public viewing? You name it and the criminals have found it.

We've all heard the horror stories about how someone's SSN has been filched and the thieves have opened dozens of credit accounts, charged them to the hilt and then the real owner of this insidious number is left with years of trying to get the mess straightened out. Their credit is ruined and in most cases, they owe thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on credit accounts. It's bad enough that our homes and vehicles are robbed to obtain this kind of information, but it's beyond words that the Congress and the 50 state legislatures of the Union facilitate this crime against the people of this country by posting for public viewing, people's names and social security numbers.

How about a mix-up and the IRS slaps one of these phony liens on you? Panic first, and then if you're lucky and can prove to these goons that they have indeed erred, how long before the ponderous behemoth moves to remove that "Notice of Federal Lien" that was placed against you by mistake? In the meantime, the Russian mafia and the rest of the criminal syndicate out there have your name, address and social security number. I suppose one could say they're lucky that these criminals gathering this type of information only stole your theft instead of showing up at your house and murdering you and your kids.

Today in the Sacramento Bee (we call the Bolshevik in honor of their Red ideology) they carried a piece titled Scam Alert: Obtaining Licenses for Fake ODs No Biggie for State's Con Artists

    "The California Department of Motor Vehicles has a problem.

    "Every day, from Redding to San Diego, identity thieves apply for replacement driver's license susing another person's name, address and social security number.

    "The culprits have fooled the DMV, creating nightmates for law-abiding morotists who later see their bank accounts cleaned out or their driving records ruined."

                                                    * * *

Well, guess where these criminals are getting all this information? That's right, it's on public display down at the county recorders office for one. The SSA will tell you not to give out your SSN to anyone. Oh, really? In California you are forced to  volunteer into this federal taxing program (social security) in order to obtain a state driver's license. Period, end of sentence. Here in California everyone from the power companies on down won't give you service or products unless you provide them with this insidious number.

If this isn't enough to finally wake people up out of their stupor, here's something that should shock and anger the holy hell of people. The piece below is from newsmax.com which does allow re-print of certain material from their web site as long as full credit is given.

NewsMax.com Breaking News

May 7, 2001

    "NewsMax.com readers know that we have reported on new federal rules and regulations that invade your privacy, specifically new rules that allow marketing companies to have access to your medical and financial data -- including your Social Security number.

    "Today, NewsMax.com's Wes Vernon reports that the banking industry is celebrating: few consumers are "opting out" of new federal rules that allow banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions to sell and share your private financial information, including your Social Security number.

    "The major media have ignored these important stories involving this invasion of your privacy. The banking industry and insurance companies want access to your medical and financial records -- and their lobbying efforts have paid off big time!

    "The media black out is why so few Americans know about the new rules that allow banks to share and sell your private financial data.

    "Sen. Shelby has called the "opt out" program a "sham." It is.

    "You may have recently gotten what looked like a piece of junk mail from your bank or credit card company. It may have been headlined something innocuous, like: "New Information Relating to Your Account." A lengthy legal treatise follows, typically with small print. Most people would have thrown this letter out with their junk mail.

    "But by not reading this document and contacting your bank or credit card company, your financial institutions are now free to sell or share your Social Security number and your private financial data.

    "You can thank Bill Clinton and Congress for this new outrageous program -- and for the shoddy way consumers are informed. The law was created specifically to make it as difficult as possible to have you "opt out" to protect your financial records.

    "If Congress was honest and represented you the people, they would have demanded that banks and credit card companies get your specific OK to sell and share your private financial information.

    "Please be sure to read more about this on NewsMax.com today:


                                                            * * *

Have people like me complained about this? You bet your booties we have, until we're blue in the face. Our arguments against this practice has fallen on deaf ears of the stupid, greedy, evil bureaucrats from the states to the U.S. Congress. No, you can't sue your congress critter, they're immune. No, you can't sue the members of your state legislature. They're immune. You can recall the county recorder and members of your legislature if your state constitution allows it, so check. If you have one of these "notices" against you, now is the time to take all available legal action to get this information blocked from public viewing - if can can and good luck.

In the meantime, I hope America sleeps better tonight knowing that at any given time, you may have a dispute with the rogue operation referred to as the IRS or they make a mistake. You may have perfect credit. You may be one of those people who doesn't care if the IRS keeps a lien on your property forever "'cause you aren't going to file ever again!" and you aren't going to move. But, remember this: everyday the criminal element in this country is down at a county recorder's office in your town, possibly lifting your name, address and social security number off these bogus "notices" and then there goes your identity and your life.

Thank you, Congress. Thank you to our state legislatures. Anything else you can do to ruin the lives of good, decent Americans?

Thank you to the Republican Party which has had control of Congress since 1995. On a straight party line vote they don't need one single Demorat to get rid of these kinds of insidious programs. They won't and the reasons are covered in the Money and IRS sections on this web site.

I have a dozen letters from the Social Security Administration that say no one is required to have a social security number to live or work in the United States. You have to apply for this number, it is not issued mandatorily. And you people out in America call yourselves "free?" In a pig's ear. We are nothing more than indentured slaves in our own land, just as our Founding Fathers warned and the people have ignored.