Going to the Polls November 5, 2002?

Devvy Kidd
October 26, 2002

Since 1993 I have been talking myself blue in the face about the rampant vote fraud in this country which has neutralized one of our most sacred rights: The ballot box. Few have listened.

Six months before every election, I begin hammering on Americans, again, to order my Blind Loyalty booklets (http://www.devvy.com/beginning.html) and get them out to anyone who will read it. This book is 45 pages of vote fraud from the last five election cycles.

Some have, most just refuse to believe what is happening right under their nose and continue to send me mail about how we must defeat this socialist rat in Congress or that liberal scoundrel in our legislature. I continue to try and get these well meaning folks to understand the pervasiveness of vote fraud in our voting system. They don't listen.

Then, surprise! On "election" day, 96% of all incumbents are "reelected" and the people just scratch their heads and amble away wondering how the people of this nation continue to put back in office the very same vipers destroying this Republic?

If you'd like some hard facts and figures on this, please go to:


You will never change the political landscape in Washington, DC unless and until America's voting system is returned to hand counted ballots in the precincts, in front of anyone who wants to watch before the ballots go to the county clerk.

Congress just voted to "reform" America's election process:

Election Reform Wins Final Congressional OK

October 16, 2002
By Thomas Ferraro

    "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A bill to overhaul the U.S. election system in response to the disputed 2000 White House contest won final congressional approval on Wednesday, clearing the way for President Bush to sign it into law.

    "Hailed as the first major civil rights legislation of the 21st century, the $3.9 billion measure would help states replace antiquated voting machines, educate voters and train poll workers.

    "Bush, in a brief statement issued by the White House, saluted Congress for passing the legislation and said, "I look forward to signing these important election reforms into law."

    "We are breaking new ground here," said Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, the chief Democratic sponsor of The Help America Vote Act.

    "This is the first time in more than 200 years that the federal government is going to take a very proactive involvement in the conduct of elections," Dodd said, noting that up until now they have been basically handled alone by the states. "

                                           * * *

Create chaos and then offer up a lie to "fix the problem." Never mind the fact that Congress has no right to dictate to the states how their citizenry will cast their votes. Few care any longer about constitutional restraints. The mantra is "win at all costs." Americans are committing national suicide - all for their party and "win at all costs."

This is the death knell to fair and impartial elections in this country and the grassroots out there can take credit for ignoring the obvious and grabbing another illusion as a quick fix. This may offend some people, but I have been offended for years by the refusal of Americans to even look at the evidence and continue to opt for the easy band aid.

When you vote ten days from now, don't be surprised when the same old gasbags, crooks, cowards and sell-outs are "reelected."

Wis. Probes Gov. Vote-Buying Charges

October 23, 2002

    "MADISON, Wis. (AP) - A prosecutor said Wednesday he is investigating allegations that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Doyle's campaign traded food and money to secure votes at a bingo party.

    "WTMJ-TV reported Tuesday that Doyle campaign workers set up the party and offered free soda, coffee and pastries to residents of a low-income hotel in Kenosha. After the bingo, the residents were told they could vote by absentee ballot in another room.

    "Rick Graber, chairman of the state Republican Party, said the Doyle campaign's ``exploitation of the mentally disabled to score a few votes is appalling, unscrupulous and downright immoral.''

* * *

Merlino, Beckett welcome FBI voter probe - Nevada

By Doug McMurdo and Rich Thurlow
October 23, 2002

County clerk believes investigation could last well beyond Nov. 5 general election

    "Eight FBI special agents armed with a subpoena rolled into Tonopah early Monday morning and confiscated roughly 60 banker boxes containing thousands of records regarding the 2000 general election and the Sept. 3 primary election. That was viewed as good news by District Attorney Bob Beckett and County Clerk Sam Merlino.

    "Nye County Clerk Sam Merlino said the agents were equally tightlipped with her, though one of them told her the investigation "specifically" addressed allegations of voter fraud. The agents, she said, were precluded from informing Merlino who it was that contacted them.

    "Sources said Deputy Attorney General and Nye County District Attorney candidate Brian Kunzi contacted the FBI after he was presented with allegations of voter fraud. Kunzi was not available for comment by press time. At any rate, Kunzi reportedly told several people he was compelled to contact the FBI after he received the complaints due to his status as a state prosecutor.

    "They took all records from the 2000 general and the 2002 primary elections," Merlino said. "I believe they want to sift through them to be sure the people who have requested absentee ballots actually exist."

* * *

Arrests made in voter fraud case -Oklahoma

By James Beaty, Senior Editor
October 22, 2002

    "A voter fraud investigation in Haskell County has led to the arrests of four people on felony counts of conspiracy to commit a false notarization of an absentee ballot - and authorities were searching the residence of a man today where they said they seized drugs and huge amounts of cash.

    "The election-related charges were filed at the Haskell County Courthouse in Stigler on Monday following an investigation by the Okmulgee County district attorney's office -which was assigned the case by Attorney General Drew Edmondson's office.

    "Another investigation is also under way concerning questions related to the Aug. 27, 2002, primary election, said Kym Koch at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

    "She said at times, there have been as many absentee ballot votes voted in Haskell County as in Oklahoma County, so investigators wanted to look at the situation."

* * *

Voting Controversy Already Dogs Election in Texas

NewsMax.com Wires
Oct. 24, 2002

    "DALLAS Election officials worked Wednesday to solve a problem with touch-screen voting machines that threatens to disrupt early balloting in the second-most voter-rich county in Texas.

    "Dallas County Democrats initially asked a state district judge to shut down early voting after receiving a couple of dozen complaints that votes for Democrats were being recorded for Republican candidates.

    "Democrat leaders later put the court action on hold pending the outcome of a meeting late Wednesday with election officials and representatives of the machine's manufacturer who flew to Dallas.

    "We want assurances that the ballots are being accurately recorded and that the problems are fixed," Dallas County Democrat Party Chairwoman Susan Hays said just before entering the meeting. "If we're not satisfied, we may be going back to court."

    "Republicans said Wednesday that they would intervene in the lawsuit and accused the Democrats of trying to disrupt early voting, which usually favors the GOP in Dallas."

* * *

California Governor's Race: So You Want to Steal an Election?

Patrick Mallon - Newsmax.com
Oct. 14, 2002

This article is the latest in the ongoing weekly series on the California governor's race. See previous articles:

Only Vote Fraud Can Save Davis Now (9/30)
Tammany Hall's Next Target - Simon's Faith (8/16)

    "So, while reporters write Simon's obituary over at One-Hour Photo, let's discuss how to steal an election. After all, this was the same week Dick Gephardt implored undocumented immigrants rights advocates in Washington to "help us elect those who will give you earned amnesty." How those lacking any legal right to vote can do that is no real mystery.

Find Me The Guy Who Writes Vote-Tabulation Software

    "Since conduct any nitwit would deem extortion and bribery are entirely "legal" to the Davis Familia, what happens if heavy-handedness and sympathetic reporting still aren't enough to re-elect the team of "Leadership We Trust, Values We Share"? As any liberal knows, do whatever it takes, because Republicans don't fight as dirty.

    "So, if one wanted to steal an election, which method would be the most effective? Planting illegal immigrants as poll workers? Recruiting little old ladies (lifelong Democrats wearing sneakers) to look the other way as carloads of "provisional balloteers" show up just before close? How about sending hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots to invalids at nursing homes, then "helping" them fill out their choices?

    "All textbook and standard donkey tactics.

    "But if you guessed "none of the above," give yourself a pat on the back. The easiest way to steal an election is to manipulate the software program used to tabulate the vote count.

    "One programmer, one software routine, press Enter.

    "Can it be done? Look at it this way. An obscure routine built into cryptic software can be programmed to change the count, and there is no paper audit trail to identify tampering. It's not that difficult to make the association with Touch Screen equipment already being used in Riverside and Plumas counties. Granted, no system is infallible, but at least with printed ballots, tangible evidence of an actual vote exists.

    "The most ardent supporter of increasing Touch Screen usage is none other than Well, what a coincidence! Art Torres, California Democratic Party chairman. It was "Reconquista" Art Torres who said in 1995: "Proposition 187 was the last gasp of white America." And here the media were telling us only Republicans were racists.

State Registrar of Voter Policies

    "So, what are the policies? According to the Canvas of the Vote section on the official Web site of California Secretary of State Bill Jones:

    "Immediately upon the close of polls on election day, the county elections officials and the Secretary of State begin what is called the "semifinal official canvass of the vote" the tallying of early-returned absentees and the ballots cast in each of the state's 25,702 voting precincts. The semifinal official canvass begins at 8:00 p.m. on election night and continues uninterrupted until the last precinct is counted.

    "All ballots are then collected from the 58 counties and tabulated by computer.

    "Twenty-five thousand, seven hundred two voting precincts. That's a lot of polls to monitor for voting chicanery. And who's watching the poll workers? Probably more people than are watching the developer of tabulation software.

    "Back in March 2001, Rebecca Mercuri, a 46-year-old authority on voting systems, was interviewed on the subject of computer voting by the Wall Street Journal.

    "I fear for what's happening," says Mercuri, who has programmed for decades and teaches computer science at Bryn Mawr College. "The idea of running an election on the Internet is totally horrifying.

    "Voting-systems companies usually turn to crack-proof codes to ensure that information remains private. But no matter how good the encryption, you still need to worry about how the information could be altered or misread."

    "Presciently, Erik Nilsson, a software engineer who at the time monitored computerized voting for the Palo Alto-based Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR), wrote 12 years back listing ways in which vote-counting software can be "secretly changed."

    "The possibilities include adding extra ballots, discarding some ballots, misreading ballots, turning off the computer's internal record-keeping system or simply changing the results. Any of these threats can be accomplished by a single computer expert or, in many instances, by a non-professional."

    "One programmer, one software routine, press Enter.

Priceless right to vote like litter

    "Hundreds of thousands of American soldiers have fought and died for our right to vote, a freedom the majority now take for granted. The right to vote is our primary link to democracy, and yet it's being treated as a plaything.

    "Have we reached the noxious stage where validating a person's right to vote results in being called intolerant and bigoted?

    "There's no question illegal immigrants are voting: We know there is NO photo ID requirement to vote, we know anyone can just show up at the polls and request a provisional ballot (no questions asked), and we know that upwards of 3 million absentee ballots are issued in this state, many to people who just invent names and wait for the ballot to arrive in the mailbox.

    "The lack of concern or reporting on this appalling lack of accountability appears to be driven by party politics. Our newspapers are patently of the liberal persuasion. Republicans in Congress demanded a photo ID requirement for voting in recent election-related legislation. Democrats vetoed the ID requirement as "biased against minorities."

    "It was Democrats who were silent when Loretta Sanchez defeated Robert Dornan in a 1996 congressional race shrouded by incontrovertible proof that illegal immigrants voted for Sanchez.

    "Now, wary and cynical California voters have no clue as to who writes the software that counts their ballots, who is watching the software engineers who write patches and upgrades to cryptic tabulation code, and who, if anyone, watchdogs their performance.

    "Meanwhile, writers for California newspapers are over at One-Hour-Photo, writing an epitaph for a candidate they never gave a fair shake to anyway, while rationalizing another four years for Davis. But all's not lost, maybe these self-impressed grocery clerks got a good deal on double prints.

    "One engineer, one program, press Enter. What could be easier? "

* * *

Massive voter fraud investigation under way in state - South Dakota

By Denise Ross, Journal Staff Writer

    "A large-scale federal and state investigation into voter registration fraud in six South Dakota counties is under way, state Attorney General Mark Barnett said Thursday.

    "The two-week-old investigation, now being led by the FBI, has uncovered the likely registration of dead people, people not old enough to vote and people who appear not to exist, Barnett said.

    "Barnett said the investigation "could generate some state issues" and that the short time remaining before the Nov. 5 election makes the matter urgent.

    "We've made it a priority for obvious reasons. There are enormous stakes. Beyond protecting the rightful winner, it's far more important to maintain the faith of the voter in the integrity of the system," he said. "If people believe it's easy to cheat in our system, they'll tend not to vote. It's absolutely critical that we get to the bottom of this and find a way to reassure the voters each vote is counted and counted once. Each person gets a vote and only one vote. This is democracy at its base, its most fundamental core."

    "The case came to the attention of the Attorney General's Office when county auditors reported receiving "unusual" absentee ballots. The auditors also reported they had trouble with a number of voter registration confirmation cards. Either the cards were returned undeliverable or residents called to report they had received a confirmation card for a person who did not live at their address.

    "It's wrong, it's illegal and it's unfair and we're going to go after it," Barnett said."

* * *

The only way to ensure an agenda is carried forward is to make sure the elections are controlled. Many years ago I put the following quote in my Blind Loyalty booklet. Truer words have never been spoken:

"Voters decide nothing; people who count votes decide everything." Joseph Stalin

I don't cared how many millions of dollars are spent on machines. The one and only way to have fair and impartial elections in this country is paper ballots that are hand counted in front of who ever wants to watch.

What you've read above is just the tip of the iceberg.

I rest my case. Go vote. Go use those convenient, fast-food machines to vote. With the exception of a few "new" faces in Congress and the state legislatures for show, the same rotten bunch will be sworn in next January. Don't say I didn't try to warn you.

Update: October 29, 2002:

Detroit's voter rolls in question

Mayor's office says total too high by 150,000; dispute could skew count, prompt challenges

By Darci McConnell / The Detroit News

    "DETROIT -- Despite having died eight years ago, Kathe Beddow still retains one mortal privilege: The right to vote.

    "The city Elections Department in July sent Beddow a voter registration card, even though she hasn't voted in more than a decade. She is also still listed as a registered voter with the Secretary of State's Office.

    "Behind such simple mistakes lies a massive disagreement over the number of registered  voters in Detroit that could become a pivotal issue in next week's election.  The credibility of the registered-voter rolls came into question last month, in a controversial memo tied to Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. The memo, drafted by Kilpatrick aides and addressed but never delivered to Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jennifer Granholm, claims that the city's total of registered voters -- listed by elections and state officials as topping 600,000 -- is off by more than 150,000 people.

    "It has been said that there are 650,000 registered voters in the city of Detroit. We all understand that this is a false number," the memo reads. "... I believe that number will fall somewhere around 450,000 registered voters."  Reinforced Kilpatrick spokesman Jamaine Dickens: "We believe that the (650,000) number is inaccurate."

    "When Southfield attorney Geoffrey Fieger ran for governor in 1998, he targeted 300,000 voters, instead of the more than 600,000 that the city says are registered. Fieger, who went on to win 87 percent of the votes that year with 196,624, said he believed the number of registered voters recorded in city and state records was wrong.

    "I believe that the true number (of registered voters) is somewhere around 400,000," Fieger said. "It was never my understanding that it was 600,000 voters."

    "But Detroit Elections Director Gloria Williams maintains there are 611,321 registered voters in the city. This summer, the city spent $143,363 to mail registration cards.   "That's way wrong," Williams said of the 450,000 figure in Kilpatrick's memo.

    "Both Williams and State Elections Director Chris Thomas say their efforts are hindered by federal laws saying that even when a voter is suspected to no longer be at an address, that person's record can't be purged until after two federal election cycles.

    "After its summer mailing, the city got back 63,000 voter registration cards bearing bad addresses. The earliest those voters can be taken off the rolls is 2004, Williams said."

                                           * * *

                   I rest my case.