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What if a Joe Stack had murdered Joe Banister?
Part II

By: Devvy
February 22, 2010

Long story short, Joseph couldn't prove me wrong and being the man he is, Joe could no longer work in a job he believed was perpetrating fraud upon we the people. He resigned and his life has been hell now for 12 years. He was indicted and tried by gutless, cowardly U.S. Attorneys who pimp for their paychecks. Joe's very freedom was at stake. Thank God, he was acquitted.[3] The feds and the state have done everything in their power to destroy this fine man's life and even take away his license to be a CPA and feed his family - because he is out there telling the truth about the IRS.

Joe told me that he never knew the truth about the income tax. Like the CIA, employees are trained compartmentally. Once he studied the IRC, he came to the conclusion that the income tax does not apply to domestic Americans. I am proud to call him my friend and someone I most admire. You can read his story here.

Sherry Jackson used to be a forensic accountant for the IRS. A lovely woman. Dedicated mother and wife. A smart, funny lady. She is now serving four years in a stinking federal prison because she dared, like Joseph, to tell the truth. When I heard she was convicted, I felt extreme rage, but I didn't go out and shoot up the local IRS office. My rage is and always has been directed where it belongs: At all the current incumbents in Congress who have allowed this injustice to continue.

John Turner, also a friend, used to work for the IRS in Northern California, as a collection agent. He, too, found out the government has been lying to the American people about who is responsible for filing and paying income taxes. He quit. Not an easy thing as John's father was a 35-year veteran of the IRS.

All three of these Americans finally found the truth and when they did - at great personal and financial sacrifice - walked away. Joe, Sherry and John (and others) became educators speaking out against the big lie. Had some Joe Stack killed them like some animal without even the opportunity to defend themselves, what good would it have done? Would it have changed a single Internal Revenue Code? No, because that has to be done by Congress.

Do I wish all 99,000 IRS employees would do the same? Yes, but it won't happen because of two things: a paycheck and lack of courage. The important point is what if someone who was pushed over the top simply gunned down Joe, Sherry or John because the IRS had made their life hell? Not only would three wonderful people have lost their lives, their families would still be grieving for their lifetimes and it would have changed nothing. Just like Joe Stack's "act of courage" against injustice. The only thing it changed was so many lives - in a horrible way. Perhaps those who cheer on Joe Stack would like to visit his burn victims as they lie in hospital beds in excrutiating agony while their flesh heals.

You think I like what's going on? Think I like getting dozens upon dozens of emails a week from desperate people in trouble with the IRS or being stomped on by other federal agencies? It kills me. I've been a full time activist for 20 YEARS. Not 20 months since the bank bail outs sparked fury across our great land, but 20 years. It hasn't gotten easier. While thousands of people like me have been trying to educate Americans about the income tax, the under pinnings of one world government and the scum who promote it (like Newt Gingrich), few paid attention until their 401(k)s began bleeding back in 2008 and they saw government stealing from them to save the bacon of corrupt bankers. We're all victims of the corrupt machine out in Washington, DC, but we don't have to be -- we can be warriors and fight.

As with all these horrible tragedies, conspiracy theories immediately dominate the Internet and they are all out there now. I do have a few questions and it might be some time before any answers are provided. According to Stack's friends, he never spoke of his problems with the IRS:

Band mates Shocked by Texas Pilot's Rage: "The crazed pilot who launched a kamikaze air attack on a Texas IRS office hid his anger so deeply, friends say they had no idea of his anti-establishment rage or the money woes he said were behind it."

That does seem strange. Friends usually talk about things like the Gestapo harassing them, especially an audit and Stack was targeted for one: "Stack also lashed out at his Austin-based accountant Bill Ross in the anti-IRS screed. In a statement, Ross said Stack hired him for tax help in 2008 but the pilot had failed to give him all his financial information, resulting in an IRS audit. Ross said when Stack ignored the audit and his advice, he ended the business relationship and had not been in touch with him since October."

It appears Stack had problems with the dragoons at the California Franchise Tax Board (something the voters of California could have done something about decades ago, but have chosen to remain slaves): "According to California Secretary of State records, Stack had a troubled business history, twice starting software companies in California that ultimately were suspended by the state's Franchise Tax Board.

"In 1985, he incorporated Prowess Engineering Inc. in Corona. It was suspended two years later. He started Software Systems Service Corp. in Lincoln in 1995 and that entity was suspended in 2001. Stack listed himself as chief executive officer of both companies."

Stack didn't fly a plane into the FTB in California and kill employees there even though it looks like they pummled him for years.Stack's daughter from his first marriage said, "...the Web manifesto didn't sound like the father she knew." Because of all his stress, I wonder if Stack was taking any psychotropic anti-depressants like Prosac, Xanax or Ritalin which can make people suicidal?

I go back to what his band mates said: ""We didn't think he was struggling financially, the way he presented himself. He never aired any grievance. He was real easygoing," said Ric Furley, who played with Stack in an alt-country band." Those horrible "anti-depressant" drugs make people do things that are completely contrary to their normal selves - like kill people or commit suicide. Remember all those students in the 1990s who killed classmates and teachers -- every one of them I researched was on Prosac or Ritalin. It's the one question I wish Mrs. Stack would answer: was her husband taking any of those drugs? He is calm to his friends, but then commits a massive act of violence.

Stack owned the plane. It was housed in a private hanger. There are reports of extra fuel in the tanks. No one can confirm at this time, but I suppose Joe might have wanted to get the biggest bang for his buck by loading up the gas tanks. I said it's a no win situation and it isn't for Stack's family, all those injured and their families. It certainly isn't a win for Joe Stack because he's dead and has to answer to God. It is a win for the evil doers at Department of Fatherland Security and cash cows like the Southern "Poverty" Law Center. But, is this a false flag operation or another incident of one man pushed to the edge and ending it all?

According to a splashy headline on Alex Jones' web site, the FBI knew this attack was going to happen. This cannot be substantiated unless names are named.

I do have a serious question and this is from a video news clip on the same web site: Eyewitness: Hazmat Teams In Place Before Plane Crash. The witness does specifically state there was a fire truck parked right nearby the building and hazmats teams got there quickly. This does raise a red flag with me. The only way to find out what the fire truck was doing there is to file a formal request with the Fire District as to why one of their trucks was so close to the building at that time. Second, file a state records act (like a FOIA at the federal level) requesting all records for a state hazmat team for that day. Third, file a FOIA with the FBI for any DD5 incident reports for up to one week before the crash. Until someone does that, everything will remain sensational speculation on web sites.


Do you remember back in late 1997 when Congress held all those highly publicized hearings about the abuses by the IRS and their henchmen? Congress felt our pain! It was political theater that changed nothing. Congress has refused to abolish the unnecessary income tax because they need it to continue stealing the fruits of our labor to borrow from the unconstitutional Federal Reserve. That is a fact.[4] It's unfortunate that fact challenged mega cable anchors like Glenn Beck continue to push non solutions like the "flat" tax and movie star, Chuck Norris, continues to promote another non solution, a "fair tax."[5] If you read all footnotes 4 & 5, you will understand why I say this. However, perhaps one day they might actually come around to the truth and real solution.

So, I ask again: Do you declare war on those who have no role in policy or law making? Like the savages they call suicide bombers in the Middle East, is this the path we the people take? Play right into the hands of the ruling elite who want we the people to become violent so they can crack down on our freedoms even more?

Truth is Tommy Cryer's organization and the only one I recommend in the fight to expose the lies of the income tax. I saw Tommy at Edwin's speech in Tyler a few days ago. Get involved. Put aside good times, turn off the boob tube and get involved in bringing down the tyranny without killing innocent people.

We gain strength in numbers every day. Congress must be cleaned out in November. As many incumbents thrown out as possible (it won't be as many as we'd like) and replace them with courageous men and women who will abolish the IRS, the Federal Reserve, get us out of Bretton Woods and all the destructive trade treaties I discussed in my last column.

This requires time and commitment by we the people and it is happening. Once the tide begins to turn with such force it can't be ignored, we will see many things happen. Much of it isn't going to be pleasant, but we can win for our country and our people.

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