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About that new car you bought a stranger in America (Cash for Clunkers)

By: Devvy
November 2, 2009

The outrage called 'Cash for Clunkers' program was illegal. Congress has no right to steal the fruits of your labor, your son, daughter, brother or mother to simply give to someone else. Yet, that's what the theft called Cash for Clunkers was and exactly what Marxist Obama promised: redistributing your money to someone else against your will. The Outlaw Congress backed him up and you will continue making payments on that new car you bought a perfect stranger somewhere out in America for many years to come.

Taxpayers cost per car: A whopping $24,000

That illegal program was supposed to stimulate the economy. Let me explain how it will further drive you and your family into poverty.

Who is making the payment on your car/truck/SUV?

You are - not the person who bought a vehicle under the Cash for Clunkers rip off. But, now, you have double debt. Your vehicle and the taxes to pay for those new vehicles under Clash for Clunkers.

What most, if not all, of those Joe or Jane's who purchased a new vehicle under Cash for Clunkers don't realize is that not only do they have a new car payment, but they are also going to be hit for higher taxes to pay the interest on the money that was borrowed to fund their new vehicle. In other words, all you new car owners using money stolen from we the people to fund your new car under this "federal program" have royally screwed yourselves in the process.

Are you driving a new car? Probably not, because you're either out of work or trying to make ends meet as we continue to roll into another monster depression. But, liberal progressives (communists) like Reid, Pelosi and any other outlaw in Congress who voted for the Cash for Clunkers don't care. They only demand the sweat off your back to fund their destructive agenda.

There is no money in the people's purse. The U.S. Treasury is overdrawn $11,901,429,311,747.91 (let's call it $12 TRILLION by the time this is posted). Yet, the Outlaw Congress continues to write hot checks every day. Where is that money coming from? The money for the new cars under Cash for Clunkers?

Every week $30 BILLION dollars must be borrowed from some foreign country to fund the continued spending frenzy by these thieves in Congress. Cash for Clunkers, ACORN and other illegal expenditures.

Every week $800 MILLION dollars is paid to just the communist Chinese alone on only the interest for the debt of America. That doesn't include all the other countries we pay interest to on the debt created by Outlaw Congresses for longer than I've been alive.

Your member of the Outlaw Congress and mine - regardless of party - have spent this nation into absolute bankruptcy over the past few decades. The interest on that $24,000 you, me and our children now owe in debt will double because of the interest charged by the central bank (FED). Interest paid to foreign countries who buy our debt. Do people realize what will happen one of these days when brutal, murdering dictatorships like communist China decide not to bail out America's  massive unpayable debt?

Anyone who thinks the recession is on the way out the door is in denial. Another phase of a national tragedy is building while these professional liars in Washington, DC and their lackey media attempt to convince the American people "we're over certain hurdles" and while things might be a little sticky for awhile, good times are ahead. Don't believe it for a minute. Fake stimulus packages like Cash for Clunkers are nothing more than temporary props that do nothing to address the core cancers: a debauched currency and monetary system (FED) and it's feeding machine (IRS).

As I write this column, the tax and spend miscreants in the Outlaw Congress have announced the "new" health care reform plan. Comrade 'Nutty Nancy' Pelsoi's 1990 page bill (they don't read them, they weigh 'em) is now tagged by the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) at - get this - $1.055 TRILLION dollars. Don't be fooled into thinking that number won't skyrocket through the universe when 20 MILLION criminals (illegal aliens) sign up to suck up the fruits of your labor; see this link.

This is madness beyond words. Years ago, my friend Geoff Metcalf, was a talk show host on KSFO HOT TALK out of SF. A lady called in who worked for the California State Franchise Tax Board. Her contribution to the discussion about illegals: the tax board was plagued with as many as 99 names PER social security number. Max Baucus is a cancer that continues to grow in the U.S. Senate and why the Seventeenth Amendment must be addressed by the states.

When your checkbook is overdrawn $12 TRILLION dollars, how is it you decide to write another $1.055 TRILLION in hot checks? It doesn't matter how these thieves in Congress intend to pay for it (tax the rich!), "it" is illegal. Instead of that being the position of the Republicans: This is illegal under the U.S. Constitution, they have caved. Again. A few of them gave interviews after Comrade Pelosi's announcement: We have a better idea for compromise! Comprising away the Constitution is what has brought us to the brink of ruin.

There is a popular email making the rounds which socks you right between the eye. I've modified the points a little with more truth:

The U.S. Postal Service was established in 1775. 234 years later it is broke.

Social Security was established in 1935. 74 years later it is double digit TRILLIONS of dollars in the hole

Unconstitutional Fannie Mae (established in 1938) and Freddie Mac (established in 1970) are broke. We the people watched as the Outlaw Congress stole tens of billions from us to "bail them out." Since there was no money in the Treasury, all those billions had to be borrowed from the Saudi's, Japanese or communist Chinese. America the beggar.

The "War on Poverty" started in 1964 with LBJ's con, The Great Society. More than $1 trillion dollars a year is stolen from we the people and redistributed to "the poor." Every penny borrowed from some foreign country. None of those social welfare programs has worked. They will never work. All they continue to do is breed dependence upon mother government, but that is the plan, isn't it? "We Are Trying On Every Front To Increase The Role Of Government" - video of sodomite Congressman Barney Frank.

Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965. 44 years later, Medicare is double digit TRILLIONS of dollars in the hole. State programs are also teetering on insolvency and your state legislature is going to go for every last piece of paper in your wallet.

Now, the Outlaw Congress - both parties - intend on hijacking 1/7th of the economy onto another path of financial destruction. Health care is not a right guaranteed anyone under the Constitution. Not in the General Welfare Clause or Art. 1, Sec. 8. Instead of the states addressing health care coverage reform, the Outlaw Congress is once again legislating outside their authority and sadly, millions of Americans are cheering on their own destruction.

It's not too late to get on the phone and tell these key players NO to this illegal health care reform taxing scheme. You can print this out and call the ones in your state or as many as you can until we defeat this monster.

While all the political bickering continues, Americans need to assess their own personal situation and get prepared for the worst — especially inflation. The attack on the dollar is relentless and it will not get any better. Listen to Bob Chapman, a shrewd forecaster I've followed for over a decade and learned much; October 28, 2009:

"We have entered a phase where the Fed and the US Treasury recognize that they can no longer hold up the dollar. They can only impede its downward progress. In that process US and British transnational conglomerates can make even more money by paying for goods in dollars and shorting the dollar simultaneously. This process began at the beginning of the year led by the Chinese and as a result Forex reserves of foreign central banks fell from 64.5% to 62.8% in dollar terms.

"Those events have been accompanied by a flight into other currencies and gold and the use of the dollar in the carry trade. Zero US interest rates will stay at that level indefinitely irrespective of the inflation that will rage in the US and be transported worldwide. Once the dollar falls to long-term support at 71.18 to 72 on the USDX, there will probably be a rally and a retest. Sometime in 2010, 71.18 will be broken to the downside and we will then find out where the real bottom on the dollar will be. It could be 40 to 55, we won't know until we get there. That is when official devaluation and default will occur, not only in the US dollar but in many other currencies. That will cause financial chaos worldwide and you had better have gold and silver if you want to survive."

"We'll remember in November" (except for the voting machines, scanners and ACORN stealing the elections) is a popular slogan. However, that November isn't for another full year and a couple of weeks. What will happen between now and then is what people need to address for their own survival.


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