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Christine O'Donnell disaster in Delaware is not a win

By: Devvy
September 18, 2010

First let me say that I am and have been a vocal supporter of the tea party movement. I have said on my radio show many times and in columns, I hope the tea party movement remains independent because that is where their strength lies. Many of us feel some of the larger factions have been co-opted by neo cons like Sarah Palin who endorsed O'Donnell. The tea party movement has become a force to be reckoned with and a welcome awakening. Having said that, I am simply appalled by the hysterical reaction to the "win" by Christine O'Donnell in the primary this past Tuesday out in Delaware. Not because I don't support citizen candidates. I do 100%. All candidates have supporters and detractors, that's a given. However, with the O'Donnell win, I see sincere, well meaning people supporting a completely unqualified candidate who is in over her head.

I knew nothing about Christine O'Donnell until her "win" over Rep. Mike Castle. So, I spent quite a bit of time looking into who she is and what she stands for on the issues. Its been difficult. O'Donnell's 2008 web site is here. At least for the moment. Some of the You Tube's of her being caught in her lies have now disappeared from just two days ago while I was doing research. Her 2010 web site was a joke until the day after her win, then it simply disappeared. All of a sudden it was one page (directed by Drudge) to donate only. Donate without a lick of information? Gullible and desperate Americans across the country poured about a half million bux into her campaign account within 24 hours. They may as well have spent the money on some frivolous trinket.

When you go to her 2008 site and click on issues you are taken to her 2010 site. None of the links work. It seems so many items on O'Donnell on the Internet have been pulled:

2. O'Donnell Lies on Fox News - NewsBack

"WILMINGTON — In an appearance Thursday on Fox News' “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” perennial fringe candidate Christine O'Donnell (R-DE), falsely denied a ..."

Perhaps you have to be a member of Delaware GOP to read it......or, now that useful fools like Sen. John Cornyn has made nice with Ms. Christine, it's time to wipe her slate clean.

O'Donnell is a proven liar who thinks she can simply shrug off her lies like lint on her skirt. She's lied about her education and alleged previous victories. Back taxes to the IRS: Anyone can have problems with the Gestapo, but she lies about it in the most ridiculous fashion.

Her house went into foreclosure because she's either too lazy to get a real job or feels playing wanna be politician is more fun.

O'Donnell was sued by a college she attended and when questioned about it, comes up with a zinger accompanied by her annoying and silly giggling: "I think the fact that I have struggled financially is what makes me so sympathetic," O'Donnell said." Yep, a real grizzly mama in the making. One could almost forgive her 'deer in the head lights look' all the time if she just understood the cancers plaguing this nation and offers solutions, but she hasn't a clue. I know her supporters will disagree with me, but how many of them understand federal jurisdiction, treaties, the disabilities of our monetary system, what must be done and other critical issues that fall under the duties of a senator? I'm not trying to sound smug or superior, but so many Americans really don't understand issues that have taken me many years of studying and research to understand.

This site gives a factual accounting of O'Donnell's expertise in handling money matters. I don't know if O'Donnell appreciates the seriousness of what she's doing with campaign money. I ran for Congress so I know what full disclosure means and the laws about how a candidate can use campaign money. She's been smacked down many times already by the Federal Election Commission. I suspect now with more than $750,000 bux flowing into her coffers, it wouldn't surprise me to see this end up with a grand jury down the line unless someone in her campaign stops her. Since O'Donnell has no job except constantly running for office, she would be hard pressed to repay fines. Oh, wait. She will use your campaign donation! Quite frankly, what I see is a person who has learned how to game the system.

For someone who's adult life reflects nothing but financial problems and an inability to handle relatively small amounts of money, what makes anyone think she is qualified to vote on complicated budgets that run into the billions?

Not to mention inconsistencies in her stories:

"O'Donnell tells The Weekly Standard that while she does pay rent on what is technically her legal residence with campaign funds, she also has a separate permanent residence, the location of which she won't disclose "for security reasons." And, "Asked about a financial disclosure showing that O'Donnell only had $5,800 of earned income last year, O'Donnell told me that she actually made more but didn't have to and wouldn't disclose how much." [Emphasis mine]

I'm sure the IRS took note of that bothersome fact.

Mark Levin defended O'Donnell (You Tube video) saying he doesn't care about any of the above. While I agree Castle should be thrown out with the rest of the crooks, character does matter. The question I have is: How did O'Donnell end up being the only available person to run against Castle? Go to this You Tube and watch O'Donnell lie with a smile. (at 2:18 into the clip - interview on FOX with Neil Cavuto) Yes, her house was foreclosed on and was set for a sheriff's sale on August 1, 2008. O'Donnell seemingly is challenging that:

Christine Counters — Christine O'Donnell for U.S. Senate
"3 Sep 2010 ... Yet, my opponent is circulating a supposed foreclosure notice. ... also claimed that O'Donnell actually lost her home in a sheriff's sale, ..."

However, like so many other sources, the link is dead. Of course, everyone else is lying! Click here to see the documents.

Yes, she has a federal tax lien against her, but in that interview with Cavuto she lies right to the camera. Does she think no one will notice? Quite frankly, I don't know how anyone with integrity could continue to work for her campaign after watching that interview.

If you think I'm being unfair, please remember that I belong to no political party. I don't live in Delaware, so I have no favorite candidate. How about the opinion of someone who did work for her?

Nominating Christine O'Donnell (DE) Could Destroy the Tea Party

"I volunteered for the O'Donnell campaign in 2008. I am not owed any money nor have I ever received payment from either the O'Donnell or Castle campaigns. Working with her for an election cycle taught me one indisputable fact: Christine O'Donnell is not deserving of ever holding elected office and her nomination will be nothing short of catastrophic to the Tea Party Movement. While Virginians may not be concerned with an election in Delaware, they absolutely should be. The implications for conservatives everywhere are enormous.

"While I have some serious concerns about Mike Castle, I realize that he is the best option for Republicans in Delaware. At least he has some record of achievement whereas O'Donnell has never held any public office at any level. It would be one thing to justify a political neophyte as a Senator if they were perhaps a savvy businessperson, but this is not the case with O'Donnell, she has struggled to make ends meet all of her adult life.

"Everything being said about her is absolutely true – from her house almost going into foreclosure to failing to graduate from Fairleigh Dickenson for payment delinquencies (then lying about it). She has failed to retain a full-time job for the last 5 years or so, she's on the brink of losing her license because of speeding tickets, and she still refuses to pay her staffers from her last campaign – including a significant amount to Davy Keegan, a member of the U.S. Navy. Running your own life into the ground is one thing, but to treat a member of our Armed Forces in such a way is disgusting.

"It is also true that she was fired from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute for attempting to steal their internal email list. She then turned around and unsuccessfully sued them, claiming sexual discrimination. She may talk the talk of a conservative but she certainly does not walk the walk. Christine is hoodwinking the American people into believing she actually cares about them, but she only cares about herself. Her delusions and dishonesty are unbecoming of any elected official at any level. Conservatives everywhere need to learn that we cannot take all candidates at face value without some proof of their dedication to the cause. Claiming to be a conservative is not enough.

"There are more crushing components in her back story that have yet to surface, but they will if she wins the GOP nomination. The Coons campaign is licking their collective chops with a smorgasbord of opposition research that hasn't yet seen the light of day. This is a warning to conservatives if you nominate O'Donnell: The national media will write off not only her but the entire Tea Party Movement as a laughing stock which could result in its ultimate demise.

"Its time to face facts, we lost the battle in Delaware by backing a candidate in O'Donnell who has conned the American people into believing she is a conservative – she is not. We need to cut our losses, nominate Mike Castle, and regroup for the next battle in November."

"Alan Moore is a conservative activist and public relations expert in Fairfax, VA. He has served as the press secretary for a 2008 Presidential campaign and presently works for Townhall.com. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in communication at George Mason University." His contact information is at the bottom of his statement.

Is he just a sour grapes person?

Ex-aide: Christine O'Donnell a 'complete fraud'

"The call  features the voice of Kristin Murray, who ran O'Donnell's 2008 Senate campaign against then-Sen. Joe Biden, and who charges that her old boss "is no conservative." "I got into politics because I believe in conservative values and wanted to make a difference. But I was shocked to learn that O'Donnell is no conservative," says Murray, according to a script obtained by POLITICO. "This is her third Senate race in five years. As O’Donnell’s manager, I found out she was living on campaign donations — using them for rent and personal expenses, while leaving her workers unpaid and piling up thousands in debt," she says. Perhaps the most biting line in the call delivered by Murray: "She wasn't concerned about conservative causes. O'Donnell just wanted to make a buck." O'Donnell insisted that it was she who ended the working relationship with Murray, not the other way around.

"But Murray says in the call that O'Donnell's less-than-noble motives are why she left the campaign, and are the reason "why I won't trust O'Donnell with my hard-earned tax dollars." In an interview, Murray said she had been reluctant to speak out about O'Donnell until she saw her campaign gaining traction and becoming a real threat to win the primary. She said she agreed to record the call only Monday, after being approached by Ross, and had complete control over the script.

"Obviously, I don't think I would be doing an ad for the state party if they fired me," she told POLITICO Tuesday afternoon. "And I'm not a big fan of Castle either; I wasn't going to be, ‘Rah-rah Castle.’ I just wanted people to know it's more about who is better on taxes. You're dealing with someone who is a complete fraud."

"Murray said she voluntarily left her position as executive director of the state party to run O'Donnell's second Senate run in June 2008, after the candidate pleaded with her three different times to sign on. She left the position two months later, after she found out O'Donnell doesn't have a college degree, had foreclosed on her home and was using the campaign debit card for personal expenses. "It just amounted to too much," she said. "The reason she's running is so she can pay her rent, pay her electricity bill. If it was popular to be really liberal now, maybe she'd do that," Murray said. Murray's call marks the second time a former O'Donnell campaign staffer has come forward in recent days to publicly rebuke the former television commentator's candidacy.

"David Keegan, a former O'Donnell aide, told The New York Times earlier this month that when he found out about O'Donnell's personal financial problems, he decided he could no longer work for her. "We are constantly trying to hold her back from spending. She was financially completely irresponsible," Keegan told the Times."

Let's talk issues

Rep. Mike Castle was her opponent. He is a RINO. Here is his record on the issues. He's taken some good positions, but 90% of his voting record is for unconstitutional spending. Castle claims to be Catholic, but he isn't. You cannot be Catholic and support the killing of unborn babies. He also supports men ("gays") who prefer bowel movement sex (sodomy). O'Donnell is Catholic and pro-life.

O'Donnell will go up against Chris Coons who is already leading in the polls. Something I found so shocking is how unfavorable O'Donnell was viewed in the State of Delaware:

"Before the primary, and especially before the primary got nasty, O'Donnell was running at about a 10% win probability. This Rasmussen poll is worse for her than that, as it puts the race at a 92/8 split for Coons. Coons leads the poll 53-42 (MoE 4). In particular, the primary has lifted O’Donnell’s Very Unfavorable rating all the way up to 38%, putting her total favorability situation below zero at 42/54/5. Coons meanwhile, having coasted in the primary, sits at 58/34/8."

O'Donnell has never served in public office before, but On the Issues does have a page for her here. Better hurry and take a look at it before any updates are made. You would think that as many years as O'Donnell has been "running" for office, she would make her position on the issues known over and over. Look at that page. The big remake is underway, but no matter how much glitz all that new campaign money can buy, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

For someone who has run for office multiple times, I have yet to read or hear anything out of her mouth but the standard Obama bashing. Seriously, while it's been painful, I've taken the time to watch videos of her at debates and on the stump. She simply avoids any serious questions and reverts to the Palin game plan of putting the blame on her opponent or Obama. Ask her about getting out of Bretton Woods, what does she think of the latest Basel III?  The deer in the head lights look will be your answer.

Why DE Republicans Should Vote For Mike Castle

"So what about the primary election going on tomorrow in Delaware? Simply, this; I'm imagining some morning in late November or early December 2010, where the night before, the US Senate, with newly sworn-in Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) - together with outgoing Senators Lincoln, Specter, Bennet, Reid, Dorgan, etc voting in favor - just passed Card Check, sending it to the President's desk for his signature.

"Be honest with yourselves; would the defeat of Mike Castle taste quite so sweet then? Which is why I - personally - am supporting Mike Castle in the DE US Senate Primary tomorrow, and I urge everyone to hold their noses and do the same. The Democrats are indeed planning a vengeful lame duck session. The winner of the DE Senate race would be seated immediately and make no mistake - we need an R in that seat.....

"Keep these three things in mind.

1. The winner of the Senate race in Delaware will be seated immediately, like the winner of the race in Illinois, Florida and West Virginia. Castle is a confirmed filibuster vote to kill an active lame-duck session for Reid, Pelosi and their acolytes to pass stuff like Card Check, Crap & Tax, raise taxes, etc. that will take until after January 2013, a new President, and filibuster proof majorities to undo.

2. To pull off the sort of upset we're hoping to see, I repeat; the quality of the candidate matters. There's a reason why Erick - who would back the underdog against all odds (and sometimes, I've thought, reason) - has washed his hands off O'Donnell. People do not see “Conservatism” vs “Liberalism” on the ballot, they see people's names and vote accordingly - the DE electorate likes the name and the people of DE like the name “Mike Castle”. Christine O'Donnell is far from the quality of candidate we need - she's no Rubio, Brown, or even Kirk.

"What we need to do is win. Not only win, but win in such a way as to give them a long moment of pause so they'll be too terrified to try and pass any more of their agenda for generations. Taking the vacated Senate seats of their President, Vice-President and Senate Majority Leader is something they cannot ignore - and I doubt it would be much comfort to them that “moderates” took their seats given the Rs behind their names.

"3. The race to replace Mike Castle in the House has the Democrat leading either of the two likely Republicans by approximately 16 points. This is the exact same electorate that will be faced with a choice between Coons and O'Donnell in the Senate race - the same electorate that is already showing that they prefer Coons to O'Donnell by 11 points and prefer Castle to Coons by a similar 11 points.

"Let's be realistic here; states do not abruptly swing from deep Blue to deep Red or vice versa in one go. The best way to ensure that DE would vote for a four-square conservative is to build up our party infrastructure and build a bench of excellent potential candidates with stuff like the Precinct Project. The GOP rank-and-file needs to start working to get combative conservatives into the party leadership and into public office in Delaware."

Back on March 16, 2009, I wrote a column titled, Now is the time to identify candidates. One would think that looking at O'Donnell in her past failed attempts to get elected, the tea party groups and concerned citizens in the State of Delaware would have looked to find a credible, intelligent, moral individual to go up against Mike Castle. Why would they settle for such a flawed, unqualified candidate who tells provable lies? What I saw in Delaware is the same thing I see every two and four years: Hold your nose and vote. They did and it will have ugly consequences.

I know how frustrated we all are about getting incumbents booted in November. However, look at the quality of candidate endorsed by the tea party movement in Delaware. It is a disaster, make no mistake about it.

The kindest thing I can say about Christine O'Donnell is that she is an empty headed bird brain.

Christine is going to get a good dose of reality in the near future because Coons and the Democrat party will play very dirty. She has, by her own lies, painted a big, fat target for them to aim at and they will. Instead of the seat (while illegal because the Seventeenth Amendment was never ratified) going to a Republican, unless Coons really messes up, he will win the election. According to politicos who call these races, that will finish off chances for a GOP controlled Senate.

Another tea party candidate who just won the GOP primary out in NY is in trouble: Carl Paladino. He has acknowledged sending emails full of porn. Bestiality with women. Racist emails. I caught a segment last night on Anderson Cooper with Paladino (which also contains more on O'Donnell and her need to live off campaign donations). If I hadn't watched it live, I wouldn't have believed Paladino said this, but he did:

"COOPER: You have a plan for the unemployed and people on welfare, and I was reading about it on your Web site today. You basically suggest renovating prisons and unused college campuses and say that those on welfare would live in these facilities voluntarily, I assume. And you say, quote, "Instead of handing out the welfare checks, we'll teach people how to earn their check. We'll teach them personal hygiene, the personal things they don't get when they come from dysfunctional homes." I mean, your critics are saying this sounds a little bit like you're saying people who receive unemployment or who are on welfare are dirty, that they need personal hygiene lessons.

"PALADINO: No, that's not the case. We're talking about a dignity corps that would help people who are disadvantaged move into the mainstream of our society. It would give them a pathway to a fulfilling life."

Then I saw his emails. WARNING: SEXUALLY EXPLICIT WITH NUDITY. Very ugly, very sad. Not to mention he did commit adultery which resulted in a child born out of wedlock.

In response to sending out such filth, Paladino responded: "I apologize to women who may have been offended," he said. "I'm not politically correct and never have been. I'm not perfect. But if the worst I ever did was send out some nonpolitically correct e-mails — my God," he added."

I take that to mean men would not be offended by such trash. I guess we shouldn't be offended either by an email he forwarded which has this caption: 'Holy sh*t. Run n*ggers run.' Yeah, that's real funny, Mr. Paladino. It's not about political correctness, it's about who you really are as a person.

His cavalier attitude seems to be on the same level as O'Donnell's about her lying. How you conduct yourself in your personal life is important because it goes to character. I took the time after watching Paladino on Cooper's show to go read his position on the issues. He has the experience of running a huge and profitable corporation in a tough, competitive environment. Well, the voters of NY will have to decide for themselves.

My friend, Jon Christian Ryter, who is a fabulous writer and very politically savvy, had this to say about that primary race out in NY:

"If I was Andrew Cuomo getting ready to fight Rick Lazio for the job as governor of New York, I'd try real hard to get the GOP nomination for someone I could beat.  All of the honest polls of likely voters showed Cuomo beating Lazio...but beating Paladino worse. Yet, Paladino won the primary.  What's wrong with that picture?  Could it be independent voters who usually vote Democrat voting for Paladino in the primary who will vote for Cuomo in the general election?  Could be?  Add to that Lazio, who has become the Conservative Party candidate for governor.  Lazio will split the conservative vote and guarantee the election of Andrew Cuomo....

"With Lazio and Paladino splitting the conservative vote, Cuomo will have a victory that will be called the minute the voting polls close on Nov. 2. In fact, we can probably call the election right now since the defeated Lazio has already slapped his saddle on a new horse for the race—the Conservative Party (which should be renamed, "the Party of Losers.") This year's crop of Conservative Party candidates seem to have more than its share of disgruntled Republicans like Lazio and Florida's Charlie Crist who apparently have decided if they can't have the candy no conservative will get it. Third party candidates are always spoilers. In every race where you have a former GOP star who goes rogue, he splits the conservative vote and elects the Democrat.

"Paladino had an upward battle to get his name on the primary ballot since he lost to Lazio at the State GOP convention earlier this year, but got on the ballot by securing signatures from 30 thousand registered Republicans. While Lazio claims he will pull votes from Cuomo in the general election, it should be noted that Paladino, the Tea Party favorite, has a history of financially backing Democrats for political office. However, I suspect that many of the registered independent voters (who can vote for either the Republican or Democratic candidate in New York's closed primaries) voted for Paladino in the primary, but will be voting for Cuomo in November.

"In fact, I'd venture a guess that Cuomo union campaign workers were on the phones talking to New York Republicans and sounding like Tea Party advocates when they suggested that Lazio was too far to the left for New York conservatives. Those same union campaign workers will be on the phone next month telling New Yorkers that Paladino is too much a right wing radical for New York. New York politics is not a whole lot different than Chicago politics. The people with position and money [a] control who gets on the ballot, and [b] who wins the election. That's the only reason a New York crook like Harlem's US Congressman Charlie Rangel was still on the ballot and, although he should be in prison, won renomination. He will walk to an easy victory in November. Not even NY Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV could snag the nomination away from the scandal-plagued Rangel. Powell should run as a third party spoiler against Rangel. That would at least make New York politics newsworthy on Nov. 2 since we already know the outcome of the gubernatorial race."

Might I offer up some sincere advice to the tea party groups around the country? First, stay independent. Don't let yourselves be led down the path to destruction by dangerous neo cons like Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and others. Second, don't be desperate. Before you endorse any candidate, you really must vet your candidate. Make sure the individual is (1) qualified and (2) a person of character and good morals.  I know, Jesus and the Bible are not on the ballot, but character counts. If people will lie and cheat the system, how honest will he/she be in office or open to deal making that hurts America? If you think someone who sends emails of hard core porn and women performing a sex act with a cow is okay, then my words fall on deaf ears.

Yes, this is probably the most important election of our lifetime. The actions of Paladino simply throw more kerosene on the fire that the tea party movement is a bunch of racists. In one of the links above, the author speaks of The Precinct Project. I went over to their web site and it is an excellent plan. As I've been saying for years: boots on the ground.

The primaries are over and we the people will have to live with the "new" Congress in January. Pollsters and pundits predict the Republicans could take up to 45 seats in the house. That still leaves 400 incumbents who will go back. The same 400 who have refused to get us out of the FED, the UN, Bretton Woods, abolish unconstitutional cabinets; the list is a mile long.

Hopefully, hundreds of bad state reps and senators will be kicked out of office in November. The epic battle will be between the states and the criminal syndicate out in DC. Make no mistake about it. If you can take the time, listen to my interview with Rep. Sam Rohrer who serves in the Pennsylvania State Legislature; click on September 15 date. Rep. Rohrer is a true statesman and he knows how serious the situation is and what's coming.

Anyone seeking information about GOP Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell has to look somewhere other than her official web site:

Short Fox video - A remake underway to paint her as credible, bank on it

Tea Party candidate: Questions about my personal, public finances insult voters

Town Hall Meeting w/ Christine O'Donnell in Delaware - You Tube

What in God's Name are Conservatives Supporting Christine O'Donnell For?

The Buffalo News: Paladino under fire for e-mails

Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies distributed. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party.

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