How the Russians Have Been Lying - Along with Your Government

            "We find few historians who have been diligent enough in their search for truth; it is their common method to take on trust what they help distribute to the public; by which means a falsehood once received from a famed writer becomes traditional to posterity."
                                                             --John Dryden, 1631-1700

Devvy Kidd
October 19, 2002

This is another update on the heinous cover-up about KAL Flight 007. 62 Americans are being held hostage by the lying Russians. If you have not read the truth about this, please go to:

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Date:  Wed, 16 Oct 2002 16:47:38 -0400
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Dear Friends,

This is to alert you to the fact that new items have been posted on the website.

For the first time in English!

Four Soviet Top-Secret Memos

In 1992, Russian president Boris Yeltsin disclosed four top-secret memos dating from late 1983, within weeks of the downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007.  These memos were published in the Soviet news magazine, Izvestia, shortly after being made public.  They are highly significant in showing the attitude of the Soviet leadership towards the US, the UN, its International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and this flight.

The reference to photographing radar screens in the second and third memos corroborates the testimony of "Reuben V., a former map maker assigned to Soviet Air Defense battery-Military unit 1845.  This was the radar unit that, according to Shifrin, had tracked KAL 007 to a safe water landing." (Pg.42, Rescue 007:  The Untold Story of KAL 007 and Its Survivors, Bert Schlossberg, Xlibris 2000)

Another interesting fact from these memos is an acknowledgement, contrary to public statements, that the Soviet interceptors made no attempt to contact KAL 007 on the international emergency radio frequency nor did they fire tracers or warning shots.  The final memo, to Soviet Premier, Yuri Andropov, confirms that the Soviets intentionally deceived the US and Japan as to the fact that they had retrieved the Black Boxes from KAL Flight 007 and that they had decided consciously to keep them secret from the rest of the world.

You will find these memos fascinating, particularly as a follow-up to the last item that we announced, The Great Russian Ruse. Here are original sources giving a glimpse behind the curtain, a sense of the minds behind the ruse.

"Stay tuned!"  This is the second of a series of new postings that we expect to be making over the next few weeks, including additional material appearing in English for the first time.

Yours for the rescue,
Ben Torrey

Ben Torrey
U.S. Director
The International Committee for the Rescue of KAL 007 Survivors, Inc.