Update on KAL 007

                                                                    Devvy Kidd
                                                                    April 25, 2002

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Please distribute this information far and wide. There are 63 Americans plus dozens more from other countries who are being held against their will in a foreign country. Think of what their families have gone through and continue to suffer because of "political expediency." What if it had been you on that flight?

Below is the latest update on this cover-up:

Republican Staff Study/"CIA Report" on KAL 007 Available for the First Time in Digital Format

Dear Friends,

This is to alert you to the fact that a new item has been posted on the www.rescue007.org website.

Perhaps the single biggest revelation related to the fate of KAL 007 that moved efforts along to reopen the inquiry about ten years ago was the fact that a "Top Secret CIA Report" on KAL 007 had been produced.

This report was revealed publicly on October 26, 1992 by Sonn Se-il, opposition leader, in the South Korean National Assembly. As a result of this, there was a public outcry that contributed to the Russian's turning the Black Boxes over to the United Nations.

This report has been discussed extensively in various articles, the book, Rescue 007, and on our web site. Until now, it has not been available over the Internet.

Thanks to a supporter, Serge Zavylov, this report is now available in digital format. Mr. Zavyalov transcribed it from a printed copy and we have posted it on our site. It is available for downloading and printing by anyone who desires at http://www.rescue007.org/news.htm.

Be sure to read our discussion of this report and its place within the overall investigation into these matters.

Let others know about this, as well.

Thank you!