Flight KAL 007 - Bring Our People Home Now

Devvy Kidd
August 29, 2001

Last November and December, 2000, I posted two pieces I did on the alleged downing of Korea Air Lines flight 007:



The response to these two pieces about shut down this system and was in a word, overwhelming. I have made no bones about the fact that I believe as sure as the sun sets in the west, that KAL 007 ditched safely and 63 Americans, including U.S. Congressman Larry McDonald, survived and were snatched by the Russians.

Before you leap into a state of denial or disbelief over my statements, read these pieces because I guarantee you, the next time you take an international flight, you could be one of these abandoned Americans. While Ronald Reagan has become some ridiculous symbol of the greatest president who ever lived and an icon for the "right," he was and is part of the one the most heinous cover-ups in the history of this country.

This past week we have seen the media coverage regarding the retirement of Jesse Helms. "Oh, what a great conservative he's been" and so forth. Well, let me give you a reality check: Helms is also guilty as sin in covering up this sickening hostage taking of American citizens. Helms knows that passengers survived. He had his staff deeply involved in the investigation, then suddenly closed it up and went about business as usual.

Please, I am so sick of hearing conservatives use excuses like, "Well, maybe he was threatened." So what? If you don't have the stones to do the right thing, get out and let someone else do the job. Just because you're afraid, doesn't mean you simply cover up something as heinous as the "incident at Sakhalin," even if your name is Jesse Helms. When will Americans get out of this state of denial about the integrity of 99.9% of the people who serve in Congress? Oh, well, when it's your favorite congress critter, it surely isn't their fault things are the way they are....right?

The POW/MIA issue is one that far exceeds the words "shame on this nation." The government of these united States of America, and military officers of the highest rank, left more than 2,200 of our precious freedom fighters to rot in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Some were transferred to prisons in other countries like the Soviet Union. If you have delved into this as deeply as I have, you would know there is no longer any question that our men were simply disposed of like a dirty baby diaper.

A new book has now come out that screams Russia: Give back the passengers of KAL Flight 007 now! In my prior post on KAL, I covered extensively a book titled Incident at Sakhalin. This is a rare book, but worth the effort to obtain. I just checked my favorite source, www.alibris.com, and they have a few copies available.

Rescue 007: The Untold Story of KAL 007 and its Survivors is new. From the back cover:

Rescue 007

In the early morning hours of August 31, 1983, a single Soviet Interceptor sent a missile in the direction of a Korean Airlines 747 jumbo jet carrying 269 passengers and crew on a flight from Anchorage. Alaska to Seoul, Korea. For years, it was believed that the "target" was "destroyed," as the interceptor's pilot, Major Osipovich, had reported seconds after the attack.

In a dramatic turn of events, evidence has now surfaced (some quite literally from the bottom of the sear) proving that KAL 007 had indeed ditched successfully off the shores of tiny Moneron Island, and that the passengers and crew were rescued to be held captive in the former Soviet Union.

Here in this book, are the unparalleled transcripts and chronicling of the whole Soviet hierarchy from the Commander of the Far East Military District down to Major Osipovich squeezing the trigger.

Here are the high level, and sometimes vehement, interchanges that resulted in both the shooting down and the ordering of rescue missions involving KGB patrol boats, helicopters, and civilian trawlers around Moneron.

And, here finally, is the evidence we need to bring our people home.

Senator Jesse Helms to Boris Yeltsin - December 10, 1991:

                        "The KAL 007 tragedy was one of the most tense incidents of the entire
                        Cold War...Please provide a detailed list of the camps containing live
                        passengers and crew, together with a map showing their location."

The son-in-law of one of the passengers of the ill-fated Korean Air Lines Flight 007, shot down by a Russian air-air-missile in 1983, Bert Schlossberg has dedicated the past ten years to researching the question of passenger rescue and survival, as well as Soviet resistance to disclosure connected with this mysterious flight." -End-

If you take the time to read my posts from last year, one of the most important pieces of information that proves the big lie promoted by former Secretary of State, George Shultz and Ronald Reagan is found in the book, Incident at Sakhalin, which I now quote from page 4 & 5:

        Pg 4: "At precisely ten o'clock, the South Korean minister of foreign affairs announced that he
        had received confirmation from the CIA that "the plane had landed at Sakhalin. The crew and
        passengers are safe."

        Pg 5: "Let us examine the CIA announcement about which so much as been written:
        The aircraft did not explode in flight and did not crash, but is known to have landed on
        Sakhalin. The passengers and crew are safe and the aircraft is undamaged."

Bert Schlossberg, his wife and four children live in Jerusalem. His new book is so sickening, you just want to walk outside and pound the heck out of something. Every time I work one of these stories, it makes me sick. Think this can't happen to you? I darn straight guarantee you that if you're on some international flight and something happens like what happened with KAL 007, this government, at the direction of the shadow group who pull the strings of these puppets in Congress and the White House, will write you off as nothing more important than a speck of lint.

Let me give you just one quote from Mr. Schlossberg's new book, page 79:

        "The case of KAL 007. On September 1, 1983, rocketed at 35,000 feet over Sakhalin Island.
        Aircraft remains and other debris located on the surface and at shallow depths of Tatar Straights
        ranging from 656 feet (200 meters) to 1,640 feet (800 meters).

        Luggage recovered at sites - 0
        Bodies recovered at sites - 0
        Percentage of bodies recovered - 0
        Amount of aircraft structural debris - "likened to that of a crash of a Piper Cub"
        (CIA/Republican Staff Study, pg. 10).

        The total amount of debris, including aircraft structural parts and fragments of parts, passenger
        belongings, cabin articles, and even including the 13 unidentifiable body parts found awash eight
        days later at the Japanese coastline hundreds of miles from the shoot-down (of doubtful connection
        to the shoot-down itself) - 1,020 small pieces. (The largest item was a 30 x 36 inch strip of metal
        believed to have come from the vertical tail fin.) Of this number, 785 (77%) were supplied by the
        Japanese and only 235 (23%) were handed over by the Soviets. The CIA report concludes that
        "Almost all of KAL 007's wreckage, luggage, and all the 269 innocent people on it seem to have
        simply disappeared completely on the night of August 31 --September 1, 1983, almost without a
        trace....The lack of debris from KAL 007, as compared to empirical evidence from other events
        presumed to be similar to the KAL 007 incident involving massive amounts of debris, suggests
        that massive amounts of debris also should have been recovered from KAL 007, if it indeed 'crashed.'
        "Because of the fact that there was a dearth of remains from KAL 007, and such little debris was
        late being recovered, it is reasonable to speculate that maybe KAL 007 did not crash  after all."
        (CIA/Republican Staff Study, pg. 10).

        The United States terminated its search for KAL 007 on November 7, 1983, just one month
        and six days after the shoot-down. Japan terminated its search two days later. The United
        National International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) finished its investigation and issued its
        report in December of that year. All soon came to a standstill. A study of the nature of the floating
        debris at both the "crash site" and at the shores of Kokkaido should have alerted the governmental
        agencies charged responsible for the investigation that not only was the rescue of the passengers
        suggested by the nature of the evidence, their rescue was indeed required by it. The 1,020 items
        that had been recovered included dentures, newspapers, books, seat cushions, 8 "KAL" paper cups,
        shoes, sandals and sneakers, a camera case, a "please fasten seatbelt: sign, an oxygen mask, a
        handbag, blouses, a bottle of dishwashing liquid, an identity card belonging to 25-year old passenger
        Mary Jane Hendrie of Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, bottles, a vest, the business card of passenger
        Kathy Brown-Spier of New York, and a baby doll.

        All of these items, as well as all the other nonstructural items that were recovered, came from
        only one section of the jumbo jet--the passenger cabin, the "top section" of the aircraft which
        includes its distinctive hump. Nothing had been recovered and another had been reported floating
        on the ocean surface that had come from the "bottom section" of the aircraft's fuselage--the
        cargo hold.

        This alone should have alerted investigators that the passenger jet could not have exploded in the
        air -- neither at missile impact (as would nine years later be confirmed by the black box tape analysis),
        nor in proximity to the Japanese cuttlefish boat Chidori Maru (as would be confirmed nine years later
        by analysis of Soviet ground-to-ground communication - the explosion seen by the boat crew occurred
        at 6:30 a.m., while KAL 007 had been tracked by the Soviets at 6:34 a.m. flying 16,400 feet
        over Moneron, 22 1/2 miles distance from the Chidori Maru). Nor could KAL 007 have crashed at
        sea since such a conjectured crash at such conjectured force would also have demolished the aircraft
        "top and bottom." No suitcase (over 450 on board), crate, carton, or any other cargo area item
        emerged from the deep.

        It should have been apparent from the start that KAL 007 had successfully landed and that any
        explosion of the aircraft could only have occurred subsequent to its landing, and after all passengers,
        crew, and luggage had been removed. The CIA/Republican Staff Study of 1991 concluded that,
        "The only way to explain the lack of wreckage, bodies, and luggage from this great airliner incident is
        to assume that after its twelve-minute flight in search of a landing spot, KAL 007 successfully ditched
        at sea, and that the Soviets recovered all the passengers who survived and recovered their luggage, or
        that the Soviets recovered all the bodies, wreckage, and the luggage. Since the Soviets are now known
        to have recovered the black boxes and the wreckage, as revealed in 1991 by Izvestiya, it is reasonable
        to presume that the Soviets also recovered at least all the passengers, dead or alive, and all the
        luggage. " -End quotes-

You have to read these books I am referencing to see that they are not just the opinions of the authors or fanciful thinking. These people have obtained documents which are hard evidence to back up the inescapable conclusion that the plane safely beached in shallow water, the passengers removed and taken hostage by the Russians. Patrick Henry said we are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth. He was right, but so many people just refuse to believe the evidence right in front of  their eyes because it destroys their hero worship of some politican. Well, I'm real sorry, but we're talking about Americans being denied their freedom and twenty years of being separated from their families. How would you feel?

Of course all these investigating agencies and country "leaders" knew. So do the personnel aboard the Navy vessels who were in the area. How do these people look themselves in the mirror everyday? Counterfeit U.S. Senator Jesse Helms, has known all of this for more than a decade. I spoke with his staff in 1994. The investigation had been closed down and all three staffers working the investigation - long time staffers - were suddenly no longer with Helms' office.

My adjective for Jesse Helms can't be printed here. How despicable can a human being get? Helms should have made all of this public. He should have held press conferences until the press was eventually ordered not to give him any forum. He should have used his franking privileges to mail his findings to every influential person in the U.S. and enlist their aid in exposing this horrendous and grossly immoral cover-up.

Most people "remember" the Lockerbie "incident." That PAN AM Flight 103 was blown out of the sky on December 21, 1988, killing 259 people and 11 more on the ground. You can find out more about this sickening act of terrorism at:


Most people could care less about the families of the victims of that flight, same as TWA Flight 800. Yeah, it was terrible at the time, got lots of news press, but ya gotta move on. Tell that to the families. Their pain, grief and anguish goes on for the rest of their lives. Same as the families of our POW/MIA's. In the case of KAL 007, some these family members must be dying a thousand deaths knowing that their mom, dad, brother, son, sister, aunt, uncle or whatever the relationship, are alive and being held by the dirty, lying Ruskies.

What Can You Do?

I ask God everyday to help us solve these unspeakable cover-ups. You can help. My goodness, what would you do if it were your mom, dad, husband or family members? Would you not be hurt that 170 million adult Americans were "too busy" to try and get these liars in our government to bring home your loved one --- or you?

Taking a trip to Europe anytime soon? I've stood in many airports over the past three years and every single time I'm standing there, waiting or departing, KAL 007 is on my mind. I look at all the lovers giving a last smooch, or grandpa giving a big hug to his grand child and I think: Please Father, let them arrive safely, don't let another Alaska Airlines 261 or KAL 007 or TWA Flight 800 or the crash at Gander, Newfoundland happen to these people.

There are two people who can bring home the 63 American hostages and if that happens, all the other passengers still alive from the other countries on that flight will also be able to go home to their families. People from more than 70 countries read this web site. I am hopeful that the coverage I have given to this issue will somehow bring the families together and start making a huge ruckus. Here in America, I ask you to please take 15 minutes and write a short letter to President George Bush, Jr and Secretary of State Colin Powell. Tell them that we demand they immediately begin the diplomatic process of getting the Russians to release all the passengers of KAL 007.  Let Vladimir Putin blame it on Yeltsin. I don't care, just get them released and home.

You can write them at:

President George Bush, Jr.
The White House
Washington, DC 20500
e-mail: president@whitehouse.go

Colin Powell, Secretary of State
Secretary of State
U.S. Department of State
Washington, D.C. 20520
e-mail: Secretary@state.gov

George Bush just took a month's vacation. Colin Powell is busy flying around the world doing his "foreign affairs," i.e. since February 16, 2001: At Special General Assembly in Lima, Peru and Colombia The Bahamas, Japan, Vietnam, Republic of Korea, People's Republic of China, and Australia, Rome, Italy, the Middle East, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, and Slovenia, OAS General Assembly in San Jose, Costa Rica, Mali, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Hungary, Canada, France and The Balkans, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Gaza and West Bank, Jordan, Kuwait, Belgium and Mexico.

If these two men have all this time for vacation and travel, the least they can do is find the time to bring home Americans being held in a foreign country against their will. One of the passengers on that flight was Larry McDonald, a United States Congressman. If I had a family member on that plane, I would go to DC and hunker down - right in front of the White House. I would put together a good flyer, have my loved one's photo blown up into big posters and I would sit there until hell freezes over or my husband, son or daughter were returned to me.

Won't you please write that short letter to Bush and Powell today? Let them know you know the truth and we aren't going away on any of these cover-ups.

If you know anyone who had a family member on that flight, could you contact them with this information? We're all aware of the missing intern, Chandra Levy. Her parents have done an amazing job in keeping their daughter's disappearance alive with enormous media saturation. The same needs to be done with KAL 007. Call your favorite radio talk show host. Send an e-mail to worldnetdaily.com and ask Joe Farah to assign this story to one of his excellent reporters. WND reaches so many people every day - including people in government. It's time to raise the pucker factor on this issue.

Send an e-mail to people like Sean Hannity, Geraldo and Bill O'Reilly. Tell them we're sick of the same old gas bags like Lanny Davis, Julian Epstein, Ann Coulter or Charlie Rangle. All of these people fly internationally. Remind them that next KAL 007 could be them. Let them chew on that for awhile.

I wish I had Bill Gates or H. Ross Perot's money. I would run a full page ad in every major newspaper and big city newspapers in this country exposing this cover-up. But, I don't have those kinds of resources. Ultimately it will be up to the families to raise cane. We as fellow Americans should help them in our limited way to find out absolutely for sure, one way or the other, the true fate of their loved ones. If it were my daughter, Brandy, well, I would have been parked in front of the Dirty House on Pennsylvania Ave back in 1994 when I found out about it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Forget that. My daughter is my baby and enough said.

Media e-mails:

Sean Hannity: hannity@foxnews.com
Bill O'Reilly: oreilly@foxnews.com
Joe Farah at WND: jfarah@worldnetdaily.com
Brit Hume (FOX): special@foxnews.com
John Gibson (FOX): live@foxnews.com
Geraldo Rivera (MSNBC): Rivera@cnbc.com

You can forget Rush Limbaugh, Oliver North or any of those people ever touching this travesty. You don't get a nationwide radio or tv show unless you follow the rules, but we have to try for the sake of our fellow Americans being held hostage.

To Order Rescue 007:

ISBN # 0-7388-5775-0

Talk show hosts, please contact:

The International Committee For the Rescue of KAL 007 Survivors
P.O. Box 43
South Windsor, CT 06024


Bert Schlossberg
P.O. Box 44143
Pisgat Zeev
Jerusalem, Israel

I don't have any direct numbers, but have just written to Mr. Schlossberg to provide one for media to interview him. I know that the people involved in this, family members, can't afford to return long distance calls around the globe and that's probably why they didn't include a phone number in their press flyer or the book. I did speak with a lady at the publishing house and they do pass messages along to Mr. Schlossberg.

Here's another one for you, just in case KAL doesn't turn your stomach: I believe the crash at Gander, Newfoundland on December 12, 1985 was another act of terrorism. No question in my mind. If you'd like to read more about more heartbreak, go to:



After this crash had settled in the media's vast wasteland, my daughter and I donated a modest amount for the scholarship fund set up for the children of the service men killed on that flight. It was the first time in my life that I had made any contribution on anything political or a "national tragedy." By December of 1985, I was well into my research about the POW/MIA issue and my first gut instinct on Gander was that it was a cover-up of gross magnitude. I haven't changed my mind.