Devvy Kidd v. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Devvy Kidd
June 8, 2002

Conservatives in this country were so hungry to get rid of the Clinton/Gore dictatorship, they were willing to take the son of a former President whose primary purpose for being in the White House was to facilitate the destruction of our Republic and take America into a new world order of communist brutality. No?

    "I think that what's at stake here is the new world order. What's at stake here is whether we can have disputes peacefully resolved in the future by a reinvigorated United Nations. Or will the United Nations, it's peacekeeping function having been elevated to its most promising height since 1948, be sent back to the Dark Ages because we failed to fulfill its mandate?"

                                                    President George Bush, U.S. News & World Report, January 7, 1991

    "Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective - a new world order - can emerge...We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders." (All Communists)

                                                    President George Bush, Televised Address, September 11, 1990

    "When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfil the promise and vision of the UN's founders." [This is what the Gulf War was all about, folks. Kosovo cemented the deal.]

                                                    President George Bush, Televised Address, September 16, 1991

    "[The Gulf crisis] has to do with a new world order. And that world order is only going to be enhanced if this newly activated peacekeeping function of the United Nations proves to be effective. That is the only way the new world order can be enhanced."

                                                  President George Bush, Press Conference, January 9, 1991

                                                                                * * *

It is regrettable that Americans are constantly disappointed by their so-called leadership, but unless and until they turn off the boob tube, hunker down and do the homework, they will continue to feel the sting.

George Bush, Jr., was breast-fed on the milk of globalism. He was groomed for this job whether he wanted it or not. Quite frankly and equally as scary, our President seems quite child-like in his actions and speech. Unless he follows a script, Mr. Bush seems incapable of stringing together a single coherent thought for more than 15 seconds at a time. I have watched this man carefully for several years and it's very unsettling.

The Bush Administration has done a number of things since inauguration day that has angered and shocked the very base of support he counted on during his pretend run for the White House. One of those was his refusal to pursue the crimes committed by Bill Clinton. Instead, Mr. Bush told America that "it's time to move on," and then dropped the lid on any investigations.

Agencies for which he is the boss, i.e., DoJ, IRS, FBI, etc., are just as bad, if not worse, than under Clinton. This isn't sitting well with a lot of people, including yours truly. Of course, excepting the big names at the top of the pecking order of these various alphabet soup agencies, the staffs in most of them are still the name inept personnel from the last three presidents.

The McVeigh Puzzle

The one year "anniversary" of Timothy McVeigh is this coming Tuesday. Contrary to what some people think, the OKC bombing is not a closed case, it is an open cover-up. Every piece of the puzzle is important and I've been digging for years.

I reported last March ( that I met with Larry Klayman while I was in Washington, DC regarding the Department of Veterans Affairs refusal to process my FOIA request to provide me with a copy of McVeigh's DD-214.

On May 3, 2002, Judicial Watch filed suit on my behalf against VA in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Case No 1:02CV00861

On May 31, 2002, I received a short cover letter from VA, accompanied by a copy of Timothy McVeigh's DD-214. There was no mention that their agency had been sued.

This document confirms that McVeigh was discharged on December 31, 1991. However, it also raised a few more questions in my mind, so I immediately filed a FOIA with Office of the Chief, Army Reserve, in Arlinton, VA. I will keep readers apprised of the status of this latest request.

Nine months, one week and a lawsuit to get VA to cough up one piece of paper.

If you think this is a fluke, I have other FOIAs sitting with various agencies just as old. Yes, I fully understand that these FOIA offices are buried in requests, but, why do you suppose that is? Because, just like the Clinton Administration, the current one continues the cover-ups on so many issues and is fighting The People tooth and nail to keep the truth from US.

Next week I will be filing two lawsuits against the IRS and Bureau of Prisons on two of these outstanding FOIAs. It's a crying shame that the people of this nation, in a supposed open government, now have to sue the hell out of the Bush Administration to get any information.

Because No One Is Above the Law

That is the motto of Judicial Watch and one of the reasons I have sent in my little donation over the years. The work done by JW is very important. They don't play party favorites and neither do I.

America's moral compass is so badly damaged, it's on life support. One of the reasons is the rot and corruption at all levels of government in this country. Guess who the corrupters are? That's right! Americans who work in all these jobs, federal, state, county, NGOs, PACs. They are the corrupted and they call themselves Americans. Anything for a paycheck and the hell with the U.S. Constitution and our God-given rights.

I would like to point out a few things JW is doing right now. Time is at a premium for everyone and it's difficult to keep up with everything that's going on, even for someone like me who works at home and controls my own time. Hopefully I can cut down some of your search time while getting you the facts.

There has been a lot of very disturbing accusations made about 9-11, who knew what and when? Some of the material making it's way around the Internet is speculation that is now taken as gospel. Some is so preposterous, it's not worth wasting your time reading. However, and I've said this a million times on this site, it takes time to let the dust settle after one of these 'incidents' before you can start making headway in getting facts backed up by documents. Credibility is everything. Rumors don't get convictions. Michael Ruppert has done an admirable job and so is JW.

Refresher on Anthrax Attack

The government immediately began to float trial balloons that the Anthrax outbreak was coming from "right-wing militia folk." That didn't sell well, so they decided to cook up some new lies. Remember this as you read the press release below: The anthrax attacks on America did not start until weeks after 9-11 when the first victim died in Florida the first week of October 2001.

Going After the Truth

For Immediate Release
Jun 7, 2002
Contact: Press Office



Judicial Watch Wants to Know Why White House Went on

Cipro Beginning September 11th

What Was Known and When?

    "(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption and abuse, said today that it has filed lawsuits against the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI"), the Department of Health and Human Services ("HHS"), the Center for Disease Control ("CDC"), the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases ("USAMRIID") and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for those agencies' failures to produce documents concerning the terrorist anthrax attacks of October 2001, under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA").

    "Judicial Watch has additional anthrax-related FOIA requests pending with the White House and other government agencies that will see legal action in the next two weeks.

    "Judicial Watch represents hundreds of postal workers from the Brentwood Postal Facility in Washington, DC. Until the Brentwood facility was finally condemned by the CDC, Brentwood postal workers handled all of the mail for Washington, DC, including the "official mail" that contained the anthrax-laden envelopes addressed to Senators Daschle and Leahy.

    "While Capitol Hill workers received prompt medical care, Brentwood postal workers were ordered by USPS officials to continue working in the contaminated facility. Two Brentwood workers died from inhalation anthrax, and dozens more are suffering from a variety of ailments related to the anthrax attacks. A variety of legal actions are being planned for the disparate treatment and reckless endangerment the Brentwood postal workers faced.

    "In October 2001, press reports revealed that White House staff had been on a regimen of the powerful antibiotic Cipro since the September 11th terrorist attacks. Judicial Watch is aggressively pursuing the disclosure of the facts and the decision for White House staff, and President Bush as well, to begin taking Cipro nearly a month before anthrax was detected on Capitol Hill.

    "The American people deserve a full accounting from the Bush administration, the FBI , and other agencies concerning the anthrax attacks. The FBI's investigation seems to have dead-ended, and frankly, that is not very reassuring given their performance with the September 11th hijackers," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. "One doesn't simply start taking a powerful antibiotic for no good reason. The American people are entitled to know what the White House staffers knew nine months ago, " he added.

                                                                                * * *

It took over two years before some testimony could be taken in JWs case regarding Elian Gonzalez that turned out to be shocking: INS Commissar Doris Meissner personally ordered every single document pertaining to the Elian raid be destroyed to prevent any embarrassment to the administration.

As a friend of Hillary Clinton's, I guess she got lessons from Hill since Mrs. Clinton's former law firm, (Rose) became the first paper less law firm in the country when Whitewater hit the streets. In any event, Ms. Meissner didn't get as lucky as her gal pal, Hill. One single document survived the attempted cover up and it only came to light as a result of JWs lawsuit.

Moving on. I'm sure many people remember the flap over the Wen Ho Lee bungling by the FBI and DoJ? The goats, sheep and cattle out in this country are so stupid. These legions of dumbed down, politically correct drones, including the loons who work for the the ACLU (fondly referred to as the American Communist Lawyers Union), seem to think that our enemies wouldn't do things like plant sleeper agents and spies in this country working to bring down America. How utterly naive and dangerous.

'Racial profiling' has become the weapon of the terrorists and traitors working and living in this country. America is going to continue to pay the price until someone with titanium testicles puts his foot down and orders these dangerous people rounded up and shipped out.

Of course, that won't be Mr. Bush. Many times over the past year and a half, he has made very clear his desire to legalize 11 million illegal aliens who broke the law to get into the United States. Never did I think I would see the day when a sitting President of the United States of America would condone lawlessness, instead of rounding up all these illegal aliens and booting them out of this country. While we are required to obey laws, the illegals get away with murder.

In the case of Notra Trulock, once again, just like the Clinton Administration, the Bush Administration seems hell bent on not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings. From Bush to Ashcroft, they get down on their knees and grovel at the feet of every hyphenated-American special interest group in this country, constantly regurgitating the same old "sensitive" garbage, while this nation is at risk.

It's sickening. More political correctness, the disease eating America alive. How America's enemies, including the ones here on U.S. soil, must laugh at us everyday. Cleaning out the illegals and terrorists, regardless of their race, religion or color, isn't "racist" or "mean," it's the right, rational, sane thing to do and it should have been done a long time ago.

Interview with Notra Trulock JW newsletter, June 2002

Mr. Trulock is a client of JW. Mr. Trulock blew the whistle on a nuclear compromise, lost his job and had his reputation smeared in retaliation. Mr. Trulock was the Director of Intelligence at the Department of Energy when he discovered and reported serious breaches in national security.

Mr. Trulock discovered that nuclear secrets were missing from the lab, and possibly put in the hands of the Communist Chinese. After uncovering the story, Mr. Trulock was forced to resign and subjected to a vicious smear campaign by accused Los Alamos spy and convicted felon Wen Ho Lee and the Clinton-Gore Administration. He later had his home burglarized and his computer and files illegally searched at the direction of Clinton FBI Director Louis Freeh.

He was also accused of being a racist by Wen Jo Lee. A report released by the government (known as the Bellows Report) [] in JWs case on behalf of Mr. Trulock exonerated him from the false charges of racism leveled against him.

The Verdict: Many people have heard the name Wen Jo Lee, but don't know much about him. What did he do for Los Alamos?

Trulock: Lee was a computer code writer at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and as such, Lee had access to all of the secrets about U.S. nuclear warheads, including access to a vault that contained warhead blueprints and nearly 50,000 classified documents.

The Verdict: How was Lee able to violate national security?

Trulock: At first Lee downloaded the top-secret data and storied it on an unprotected Los Alamos computer network that was highly vulnerable to outside attacks. Beginning in 1993 he was downloading the files onto portable computer tapes, many of which are still missing. With respect to the government, perhaps the most disturbing element of all this is that the FBI, CIA and Clinton-Gore Administration did in fact know, or should have known, what Lee was doing.

The Verdict: Lee was one of many suspects in the suspected Chinese thefts of nuclear secrets?

Trulock: Yes. What many people don't realize is that before the well-publicized espionage allegations against Lee in 1996, he was already the subject of an ongoing preliminary investigation. FBI sources had reported that the director of China's nuclear weapons program had said that Lee had helped the Chinese nuclear program with computer codes and software and that he was well known in Beijing.

So, the short answer is yes. Yet, there were many other potential leads provided to the FBI, including the names of many Caucasians. The problem was with the FBI's response.

The Verdict: Where did the FBI go wrong?

Trulock: The FBI's investigation of the matter was pathetic. From the outset if suffered from inattention, insufficient resources, and inexplicable delays. The FBI didn't even assign a full-time agent to the case, which is particularly offensive when you consider that, according to the Bellow report, the FBI's espionage allegations at Los Alamos were "as serious as any it ever investigated."

The FBI did not comprehensive financial analysis on Lee, conducted no interviews with supervisors or co-workers, never established surveillance on Lee which may have enabled him to destroy evidence, did no trash covers, never examined his computer activities, and, after more than three years of investigation, was still unprepared to interview him.

The Verdict: Was this a case of incompetence or corruption?

Trulock: Both. Director Louis Freeh gutted the bureau's counterespionage capabilities in favor of street crime, drug busting and white collar crime. Many of the better China-squad agents retired in disgust; others left during the Chinese campaign finance scandal after refusing to permit the White House to compromise some of their most sensitive sources, and as a result of this incompetence, China was a huge blind spot for the FBI throughout the 1992. But incompetence alone cannot account for the special treatment afforded Lee.

The Verdict: Was Lee "let off the hook"?

Trulock: In short, yes. By 1997 the government knew that the Chinese were exactly the type of information on Lee's tapes, but it took no action to step up protection of the lab's computer networks. In 1999, the FBI finally searched Lee's office and found evidence of his illicit computer transfers and, later, his portable tape library (though 20 tapes are still missing).

Despite the fact, as the Bellows report concluded, there was sufficient "probable cause" to believe Lee "was engaged in clandestine intelligence gathering activities on behalf of the PRC," (People's Republic of China) the government refused to prosecute Lee on espionage. Instead they struck a deal and let Lee, and the government of China, off the hook by charging Lee with mishandling classified information.

The Verdict: What possible motivation could Clinton-Gore and the FBI have for not fully investigating Lee?

Trulock: In the case of Lee, there is a tremendous amount of evidence to suggest he and his wife, Sylvia, were working for the FBI and CIA as "informational assets." In 1982, the FBI caught Lee contacting another FBI espionage suspect at Livermore National lab. Rather than face investigation, Lee offered to report on his contacts with the PRC.

For more than a decade they fulfilled this obligation, albeit insufficiently, and, as a result, the Lees became the "protected property" of the U.S. government. An entire chapter of the Bellows report on this matter is entirely blacked out, and a Senate Judiciary Committee report on the same issue was similarly redacted, showing the lengths to which the government is willing to go to deny the relationship between Lee and the FBI. But JW shoed these links in unclassified testimony in the case they brought for me against Lee for defamation.

The Verdict: Why should the FBI have known that Lee may have been up to no good?

Trulock: They began to get suspicious of Lee when, during trips to Beijing, every single lab scientist upon their return would report instances of the Chinese trying to elicit information from the, except one - Wen Ho Lee. More than a decade later, Lee would admit he lied about his trips to Beijing. He would tell the FBI the Chinese in fact did seek classified information from him about U.S. warhead programs and solving problems in their nuclear weapons computer codes.

He withheld this information from the FBI which raised suspicions that he was helping the Chinese nuclear program. Still, even though his official relationship with the FBI ended in 1991, the bureau had sufficient motivation to botch the investigation and strike a deal. If their hunt for the spy who had given the Chinese nuclear secrets turned out to be an agent from whom they used to get information on China's nuclear program, it would have caused the bureau great embarrassment.

The Verdict: You mentioned that the Chinese, not just Lee, were let off the hook. Why would the Clinton-Gore Administration go soft on China?

Trulock: As Judicial Watch has exposed for all to see, Bill Clinton and Al Gore accepted illegal campaign monies from the Communist Chinese. Contributions were flowing into the Democratic National Committee from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and the Chinese intelligence services. They were being channeled through White House coffees and photo opportunities that were sold to the highest bidder. As a result, Bill Clinton and Al Gore adopted a sort of "see no evil, hear no evil" policy with respect to China. Actually, it was worse than that.

The Verdict: Did anyone ever try to cross the Clinton-Gore Administration over the China issue?

Trulock: Let's just say that speaking the truth to the Clinton Administration was not a career- enhancing activity. A number of career intelligence officers at the CIA and elsewhere were fired when they tried to report accurately the Communist Chinese penetration of U.S. defense industries or nuclear labs.

The Verdict: And in your particular case, the government did far worse.

Trulock: Yes, when I blew the whistle on the breach at Los Alamos, my life got very difficult. First and foremost, I lost my job. Then the FBI conducted an illegal search of my home and seized my property. Lee and others maliciously attempted to destroy my reputation by suggesting I point the finger at Lee because he was Chinese, falsely calling me a racist among other things.

Well, of course, this is completely ridiculous as was pointed out clearly in the Bellows report. Now, with the help of Judicial Watch I'm fighting back with a defamation lawsuit and a civil rights lawsuit against Louis Freeh that I aim to win."

                                                                                    * * *

In the end, Congress, the FBI, the White House and the Department of Justice all lied, covered up and have put this country at great risk.

Louis Freeh, like Janet Reno, should be tried for murder, conspiracy, cover-up and obstruction of justice regarding Waco, TWA Flight 800 and OKC. George Tenet should be fired. Why Bush kept him on after Clinton is a huge mystery. Mueller was only on the job six days when 9-11 hit, but since then he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's just another incompetent political animal.

Mr. President: Who do you serve? Stop deceiving The People:

The Cox Report was percolating at the same time the Republicans were pacifying the "conservative right" by going after Clinton on a sex charge instead of treason:

Horrific State of the Union report by JW on Mr. Bush's administration - a must read:

America: Please do not buy anything made in Communist China. They are our deadly enemies.

Why would we want to fund our own destruction? You can buy Made in the USA:

Just the facts on Mr. Bush's agenda:

Perfect example of blind loyalty to a party or President; perfect example of denying reality:

Larry Klayman has to wear a bullet proof vest. His life is in constant danger because of the work he does in trying to clean out this nest of vipers in Washington, DC. This despicable state of affairs is reminiscent of the old KGB, only it's happening right here, right now because tens of millions of Americans have put their blind loyalty to their political party ahead of America.

Judicial Watch cannot do their important work without financial support. They are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity. You can donate to them on-line:

Never Forget:


(Including Hong Kong)!Taiwan.shtml

News Telegraph, UK
November 3, 2001

Beijing Produces Videos Glorifying Terrorist Attacks on 'Arrogant' US

By Damien McElroy

    "THE Chinese state-run propaganda machine is cashing in on the terror attacks in New York and Washington, producing books, films and video games glorifying the strikes as a humbling blow against an arrogant nation.

    "Video discs filled with lurid images along with dramatic opera music and even the theme from Jaws have flooded the nation's markets in the wake of the attacks.

    "Disc after disc bear the imprimatur of the Communist Party-controlled media. The most popular DVDs have been produced by the Xinhua information agency, Beijing Television and China Central Television.

    "Communist Party officials say President Jiang Zemin has obsessively watched and re-watched pictures of the aircraft crashing into the World Trade Centre. In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, workers at Beijing Television worked round-the-clock to produce a documentary they called Attack America.

    "Scenes from Hollywood films have been spliced between shots of the events of September 11, including footage from the 1998 remake of Godzilla, in which a monster destroys New York buildings.

    "As rescue workers pick through the rubble of the twin towers, the commentator proclaims that the city had reaped the consequences of decades of American bullying of weaker nations.

    "He said: "This is the America the whole world has wanted to see. Blood debts have been repaid in blood. America has bombed other countries and used its hegemony to deny the natural rights of others without paying the price. Who until now has dared to avenge the hurts inflicted by unaccountable Americans."

    "Officials at Beijing Television defended the video as an educational film that will meet market demand. A producer said: "There's this need for more information on world terrorism in the market, so we've got to meet it."

    "At the country's most respected bookstore, Xinhua Book Shop on Beijing's busiest shopping street, Wanfujing, crowds jockeyed around a table to buy discs. According to staff, thousands of copies of the video have been sold in the past month.

    "The shop assistant said: "Before people were interested in the movies but this is more compelling. What happened in New York could have happened in a movie but this is real life. It's better."

    "The many shops that stock pirated DVDs compiled in China and Hong Kong report that their most popular products are similar productions that use video graphics to show the United States suffering other damaging attacks on its tallest buildings and military installations.

    "On the unofficial films the commentary is even more callous: "Look at the panic in their faces as they wipe off the dust and crawl out of their strong buildings - now just a heap of rubble. We will never fear these people again, they have been shown to be soft-bellied paper tigers."

    "Elsewhere music shops are selling out of a bootleg version of the summer's top pop hit. The amended song implies that America deserves to suffer for its disregard for the point of view of countries weaker than itself.

    "The refrain says: "We guys are all Americans, our government is used to bullying people. We guys always have our hands on too much, this time our own people got hurt."

                                                                                * * *

Buy Made in the USA. Look around and read the label. Tell store managers that you will not put money into the pocket of our mortal enemy and a government that rejoices in the horror visited upon America, September 11, 2001.

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