Devvy Kidd vs. Federal Bureau of Prisons

Devvy Kidd
August 12, 2002

On July 25, 2002, I filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against the Federal Bureau of Prisons. If you are unfamiliar with why I have had to resort to suing the Bush Administration, please go to:

McVeigh FOIAs: Government Stonewalling (FOIAs near the bottom)

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Devvy Kidd v. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

I filed a new FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) on January 22, 2002. By mid-July I decided I would not receive a processed FOIA, so like many too people in this country trying to get the truth from this government, I am forced to sue. This case is Devvy Kidd vs. Federal Bureau of Prisons, Case No. CIV.S-02-1578 LLK DAD-PS

The U.S. Attorney has now been served and the ponderous wheels of justice (hopefully) have now decided to take the first inch. I received notification for pre-trial conference.

Get this: Congress can pass more silly and meaningless laws to "hold corporate CEO's responsible" in less than a week, but in a simple FOIA case like mine, I have to wait almost six months just to get to pre-trial hearing stage.

That's right, pre-trial is scheduled here in District Court for December 6, 2002! I guess that means if we have to go the whole nine yards, I may get BOP in front of the federal judge sometime around 2004.

I am hopeful that the U.S. Attorney will talk some sense into the heads of the brain dead out there in Washington, DC at BOP and tell them to cough up the documents I have requested instead of having to go through this expensive exercise that BOP can't win. Your tax dollars at work.