This section is a work in progress.

These flyers are specific for a particular issue.

I'm trying to make this as easy as possible for all of us to get this critical information out to our fellow Americans so we can all get on the same solution.

Just click on each issue and a flyer will appear. Down load it.

Pass them out at gun shows, at a church event, any political event. Take a stack to the flea market. Get volunteers to stand outside your post office (after you get permission to stand on the public side walk) and hand them out for a couple of hours. This one works very well and I say this from past experience. If you're polite, folks will take a flyer. If they act uninterested, I've learned to just smile and look to the next person. Why waste a flyer on someone walking around in a self imposed coma?

Mail one to everyone on your list who doesn't have a computer and ask them to make copies and get them out at their events and to their circle of friends. I'll be mailing my mom a hundred of each one that gets listed. She will get them to the senior center.

Hit those VFW Halls, the next Rotary luncheon, a conference for your profession. Leave a stack on the table in your office. This isn't about politics, it's about our survival as a free people. Freedom for our children and grand children. If people are offended by bringing them out of a stupor with a flyer sitting on a counter, then the heck with them. There are Americans who DO care and those are the folks we want to reach.

Most anywhere these days you can get a hundred flyers printed up for about ten bucks. If you own a print shop, maybe you can donate a hundred flyers for your area when volunteers step forward with an event they can hand them out at - that would be great!

Regardless of political party, attend those committee meetings and events. These are constitutional issues, not right, left, Democrat, Republican, Constitution Party or a special interest. These issues are critical to saving this republic and time grows short.

We can multiply the number of people who know the truth with these simple flyers.

Americans are over loaded, most don't really understand what's going on and even those who do feel powerless to do anything because of family obligations and work. That's why I've put up this section: build numbers, working for the same end result (restoring constitutional government) by using accurate information/data via a simple flyer with contact information.

If you are involved with a group or organization that has a flyer, please send it along to me and we'll see about adding it to this list. I don't play favorites, but some groups/organizations have really grown in size and effective grass roots activism. There's no need to recreate the wheel so to speak. Let's go with those organizations that have proven themselves to be totally dedicated to the cause and not to some party or politician.

Please understand that this section isn't to promote any money making schemes or any specific group. Our power will come through coordinated, cohesive grass roots action with our only goal: saving this republic. Divided we will fail.

This doesn't mean that an issue which is dear to your heart isn't important, but we must stop this massive illegals invasion, stop the massive numbers of terrorists crossing the border every day, protect our sovereignty, get rid of the Patriot Act and other unconstitutional acts by the Republican controlled Congress since 2001.

Those are just a few examples and I thank you for understanding.

Also, if you can help with the design of flyers, please let me know. There's no pay, but I can only do so much and these flyers can and will be very, very effective as tools to reach millions. Activate and motivate -- that's what we wish to accomplish in reaching out to those Americans who still believe in America and are fed up with this march towards totalitarian government.

Thank you.

Letter from Arizona state Senator Karen Johnson

Terrorist Alert: Why won't the government rouund up
known terrorists inside the US?

Optional attachment to terrorist flyer
For state legislators, governors and local law enforcement

A series of flyers concerning contrail information
(Large PDF -- 905Kb)