Devvy Kidd
April 26, 2000

Religion is another one of those subjects that just seems to breed hate between human beings for no other reason than they believe differently. I have mentioned here and there on this web site that I was raised in the Catholic Church. Over the years I have been barraged with anti-Catholic literature and soundly damned for comments I have made about this Pope and the Church. I really wonder why people bother to ask my opinion about something and then when they don't like the answer, I get hate e-mail or worse.

There are people who hate me because I am Roman Catholic. There are Catholics who hate me because I refuse to bow down to this pope or serve this Church that has become corrupted. There are Catholics who hate me and say I can't possibly be a "real Catholic" because I don't attend their Novus Ordus mass every Sunday or worship this pope. Hate, hate and more hate. It doesn't mean I don't believe in the tenets of Jesus and the church he built. I do. But, I cannot and will not simply roll over and remain silent when the Church is in so much trouble.

I hope this will set the record straight on this subject. I was baptized Catholic. I was confirmed and went to church until age 14. While I had little understanding of what Vatican II was all about, instinctively, I balked at returning to church when they changed the mass from Latin to English, along with other changes that didn't seem right to me. Naturally this caused some fights with mother, but in the end, I just knew I could not step foot in the Church again. It wasn't until around 1993 when I met George Shea, that I really began to do the research on the Church, Vatican II and communism inside the Church. What I found, I didn't like. As a matter of fact, while some of the information didn't surprise me, what hurt was the betrayal of what I was taught and what I believed.

I am nobody's fool. After I began the research from credible sources, I started to understand a lot more about the direction the Church had taken. I also have come to believe that this pope, John Paul II, is a heretic and an anti-Christ. I do not attend Catholic mass because they are all Novus Ordus unless you can find the rare underground priest. I practice my religion quietly, between myself and God. I do not try to convert people nor do I criticize other people's choice of worship, unless it's Satan worshipers, witches or pagans. I do have a problem with that stuff, but in the end, it is a person's choice and on judgment day they will find out if they've made a mistake in their belief system.

Some guy sent me an e-mail about supporting a Catholic See in the UN. I responded by telling him that this pope should soundly condemn the UN for what it is and withdraw any support for that insidious, evil organization. Instead Pope Paul II embraces the UN. This e-mailer fired back that "No true Catholic would say such a thing." This reminds me of the Elian Gonzales fiasco. I either agree with these Catholics who have never read anything outside the approved literature from the Church or they tell me I can't be a true Catholic because I have come across credible documentation that discredits their current pope.

Well, I am past tired of receiving anti-Catholic hate mail, literature and phone calls. If people want to do some research on the Church, I can make some recommendations. Of course this information will not be welcome to those who refuse to see the other side of the story. The references I provide below cannot be disputed and I will explain why in a moment. I didn't want to discover all this stuff about the Church, let me tell you that right now. So many lies about so many things, it's quite disheartening. However, my personal belief is that hiding from something uncomfortable won't make it go away. I do my best to obtain as much credible and documented source material as possible and then make up my mind.

There is a book that's difficult to find but some libraries carry it and once in a while I see a copy at the used book store. This book was on the NY Times bestseller list forever and a day. It is incredibly well researched and documented. Catholics won't like it. This book is well worth the read if you can find it. Ask your local bookseller to use the ISBN and direct order it from the publisher:

In God's Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I by David A. Yallop; Acacia Press, Inc.; ISBN: 0552132888

The Keys of This Blood : The Struggle for World Dominion Between Pope John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the Capitalist West by Malachi Martin; Touchstone Books; ISBN: 0671747231

In front of me is a newspaper clipping from The Trumpet, published in Colorado and dated July 1992. Headline: Artist Presents World Symbol to Pope In Rome

    "John Paul II has the world in his hand in the symbol for the seal of the New World Order which was official presented at the Vatican on May 27, 1992. With him in the symbol are George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev.

    "In September 1991 the NRI Trumpet printed part of the July interview with the symbol's artist. He told NRI that the official unveiling of the symbol would take place in Rome between September and December of 1991, unless "some variables occurred to delay the presentation....In the July interview the artist only spoke in general terms about the symbol for the seal of the New World Order which he had been commissioned to design...

    "However, in a June 17, 1992, telephone interview with the seal's artist Richard Barile, a black coral jewelry designer, he told Kathleen Hayes that the official unveiling of the symbol had occurred at the Vatican on May 27, 1992. When Hayes spoke with him on June 17th, Barile had just returned from Rome.

    "I made the presentation to the pope in person. I talked with him, held his hand and hissed his ring," said Barile who has an exclusive jewelry shop in the Grand Cayman Islands. He also said that many cardinals were present for the unveiling, but George Bush and Mikhail Gorbechev who were originally scheduled to be present, were not.

    "Barile claims that soon after he presented the sculptured piece to Pope John Paul II, "The Pope announced over the loudspeaker in St. Peter's Square four times in such a loud domineering voice that it rang out through the city, Cayman Islands is here with the World at Peace, the pope bellowed."

    "The symbol which is eighteen inches in height and width, features stand-up figures of Pope John Paul II, George Bush and Mikhail Gorbechev. "The pope was sculpted in his full costume in gold with the world in his right hand which is raised high, and it was presented as all the powers of the world at peace with God," said Barile, "That's how it was presented, and that is the way they accepted it." Barile said the pope's cape was in gold with yellow sapphires. He is holding the staff with the crucifix in his left hand and the world in his other. Barile was asked by the pope is depicted that way, "Because the world is in his hands," he said.

    "Each man's image is made from black coral, a very rare species that only grows along the equator throughout the world, "all the accessories like the face, feet, hands, and the buttons on the jackets are in gold. It was quite impressive," said Barile.

    "The first media exposure of the piece was the next day, May 28, 1992, on the pope's Telepace, his own television station which features Vatican news two hours twice daily. The Vatican's Telepace opened the show with the symbol. Barile said the Vatican intends to open each day on Telepace with a close-up of the piece. It will remain at the Vatican until the end of history "as we Christians know history," said Barile. Barile said each of the men in the symbol is set on a separate black coral piece then on a marble piece....

    "Last year Barile told NRI that the piece he was working on was the symbol for the seal and that it would represent a global political seal."

                                                                        * * *

I would also recommend these books by the late Malachi Martin:

The Jesuits : The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church; Touchstone Books; ISBN: 067165716X

Windswept House : A Vatican Novel; Doubleday; ISBN: 0385492316

For those Catholics who are very serious about seeking truth, I can only urge you to immediately order the following materials from the Most Holy Family Monastery in NY. Bro. Michael Dimond is one rare individual in the Church and his knowledge of this Pope and the evil that has overtaken the church is phenomenal. I have given out, at my own cost, several dozen of these manuals and videos to people I know who are Catholic. They have been shocked. Bro. Dimond doesn't give you his opinion, he hits you hard with John Paul II's own words and actions and then compares them to Church doctrine. If you watch these videos and read these few manuals, I guarantee you will not look at the Church in the same way. You will feel betrayed and used. Some will simply refuse to believe what is right in front of their eyes. Only you can determine what all this means as it relates to your faith and dedication to this pope and the Church.

A Voice Crying In The Wilderness:

Issue #1: Our Lady of La Salette
Issue #2: Who is the Anti-Christ?
Issue #3: The Truth About the Three Baptisms

Each of these manuals is unique and as I said, many Catholics will be horrified when they read them but they are meticulously researched, footnoted and reference sources provided.

There are also two videos available by the remarkable Bro. Dimond and I can't recommend them enough, even if you're not Catholic. Bro. Dimond is fully up to speed on this "New World Order" nightmare and he is a real wonder. Too bad the rest of the priests, cardinals and bishops in the Church can't see the truth or if they have, I guess they choose to do nothing about it.

Has Rome Become The Seat of The Anti-Christ? (Video)

This video contains undeniable visual and documented evidence of the heresies, blasphemies, sacrileges, and idolatries of the Vatican II Church and her Anti-Popes; all of which have been condemned by the infallible teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Contains overwhelming proof that the Vatican II religion is a false religion and is not part of the true Catholic Church. The pictures contained in the video will convince even the hardest skeptic.

This is an amazing film.

Creation and Miracles, Past and Present (Video)

For those who don't believe in miracles, ya gotta see this one! I was absolutely fascinated and amazed by the things I saw which can only be called miracles.

If you would like to inquire or order any of these materials, here is the information you need:

Most Holy Family Monastery
Bro. Michael Dimond
4425 Schneider Road
Fillmore, NY 14735

Which reminds me, I need to send along another little donation to Bro. Dimond. They struggle to make ends meet out there at the monastery and the work he and his staff do is so important.

                                                                    * * *

I would also like to share another newspaper article with you. Right now I am looking at the front page of the Allentown-Morning Call dated February 11, 1939: Pope Pius XI on His Death Bed. In the center of the page is this:

3 Caskets Are Ordered To House Pope's Body

    "Vatican City, Feb. 10 (AP)--Vatican workmen were ordered today to make ready three caskets in which the body of Pope Pius will be buried in the grottoes of St. Peters.

    "The Pontiff's body will be placed in them in an elaborate funeral service, observing traditions centuries old.

    "The inner one, in which the body will lie, is to be of cypress wood lined with red satin, having a cross of walnut on the cover.

    "It will be placed inside a second of lead, a quarter of an inch thick and weighing nearly 900 pounds.

    "Both caskets will be placed inside the third, made of polished elm. It's cover will be surmounted by a cross, but will have beside that a skull and cross bones and an inscription and coat of arms."

                                                                * * *

Man has been killing man in the name of religion for thousands of years. It is truly a sad thing and certainly the Catholic Church can hang its head in shame for some of the horrible things carried out in the name of God.

I have read the doctrine of many of the world's religions. I may not agree with them, but neither would I kill or hate someone because they believe differently than I do. Having said that, I close this piece by requesting that people stop sending me hate letters, anti-Catholic literature and anti-Catholic hate e-mail.

I am fully aware of what's going on with the Church and I in no way support this Pope or what has been going on for quite a long time. I believe that God is in control and of what's going on and someday, perhaps in my lifetime, we shall know how he intends to deal with the evil covering this globe.