Back from Washington, DC

Devvy Kidd
March 6, 2002

I returned from Washington DC, yesterday afternoon. There are thousands of e-mails and two stacks of regular mail a foot high. Over the next few days, in between trying to keep my home afloat, feed my husband and the dogs, I will get everything processed. I thank you for your patience.

Judicial Watch to sue on my behalf

While in Washington, I met with Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch on February 27, 2002. We had already had a conference call with Joe Farah regarding my FOIA with VA regarding Timothy McVeigh's DD-214.

At our meeting on the 27th, Larry agreed to have Judicial Watch sue the Department of Veterans Affairs on my behalf.

VA refuses to even respond to my appeal, so it is now time to take the next step and rachet up the pressure. As soon as Larry files this lawsuit, I will get the information posted.

If McVeigh detached from active military service in 1991, the system would automatically spit out a DD-214. In the limited paperwork from VA, they have never cited national security or privacy reasons in refusing to provide this document, they simply have decided to ignore me.

If you aren't aware of this battle, please go to:

Upcoming travel

I will be going to Phoenix on March 12th and should return no later than the 18th. Again, if you missed important pieces due to time constraints, you might wish to revisit:

Bob Schulz' hearings

For those of you who did not watch the hearings via the live Internet simulcast, you need to get the film of those two days. It was truly phenomenal in how the questions were asked, backed up with a piece of evidence for each question.

There can be no mistake at this point in time that the government of the United States of America has lied to the American people regarding the nature of the income tax and withholding. The evidence, not some silly conspiracy theory, but the evidence itself is iron-clad. That's why the liars in the government (Ashcroft and Rossotti) reneged on their written agreement with Bob: they have no legal leg to stand on.

The only media who showed up was David Cay Johnston, lackey from the NY Times. No matter, the proof is now there for all to see. If you wish to obtain the film from the two days, please go to:

Even though I attended, I will be ordering a set of tapes.

New postings

I'm not sure how much time I will have before I leave for Phoenix for new postings, but I am working on a number of important pieces. There just isn't enough time in the day, but as I finish them, they will go up. I thank everyone for their loyal readership.