Devvy Kidd
November 2, 1999

I will no doubt get a lot of grief mail over this article but I feel what I have to say is long overdue. No question the "patriot" movement will get mad at me, again. For years and years, I have been receiving conspiracy theories via the Internet. Ninety-nine percent of the time, these conspiracy theories are nothing more than silly imaginings from loon-bags who have nothing better to do with their time than distract people like me from more important work. Are there real conspiracies out there? Of course. We can begin the laundry list with the cover-up of TWA Flight 800, OKC, Waco, to the fraudulent ratification of the 14th, 16th and 17th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Let's also not forget Jekyll Island. So, what's my beef?

I'm convinced that there are people out there who have nothing better to do than live for a new conspiracy and I think they have become addicted to these silly conspiracy theories, just like drug addicts or alcoholics. I am also convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are people out there on the payroll of the U.S. government whose job it is to infiltrate certain groups and organizations in this country with the intention of enticing them into breaking the law. I firmly believe there are others whose jobs for the U.S. government are to create fear and panic by inventing conspiracy-oriented web sites that feed people's justified fear of this government.

Let me provide a few sterling examples:

UN Police?Back on August 24, 1999, I received an e-mail that proclaimed: NATO-ization of Local Police Departments? Photo suggests near-future scenario! The individual reading this blast could then go to: where they could view some swat team folks holding shields which read NATO-2 Police. The promotion of this theory is that the police in Modesto, California have somehow been NATO-ized and we should all run and "Katy bar the door!"

As it just so happens, I was born in Merced, California and Merced is located very close to Modesto. As it also happens, Modesto is about a 90-minute drive from my home. I hopped in my Jeep a few days later and headed on down to Modesto. Now, to set the stage for this theater of NATO operations, one must understand a little about Modesto and the surrounding area. This is part of the agricultural corridor here in California. While Merced, Modesto and the surrounding areas have increased their populations over the years and acquired such things as Taco Bell and Burger King, they are for the most part, rural areas. Lots of seasonal workers, very hot in the summer and they grow some of the food on your dinner table.

Upon arriving in Modesto, I went to the police department at 601 11th Street and spoke with Officer Snyder, who is the watch commander and field supervisor. I flashed my Media Bypass press credentials, a print out of the "NATO-ization of local police departments" with the swat boys and truck. I asked him to explain to me the NATO designation on the shield. He kinda chuckled and said that I should go talk with Lt. Gianadi over at the SWAT division and that this equipment arrives with these ballistic designations from the manufacturer on them, but are later repainted. Off I went to the SWAT office over on Evergreen Ave and spoke with the good Lieutenant. I gave him my press credentials, the photo and ask him very specific questions, studying his face carefully while he answered.

Lt. Gianadi told me that a couple of years ago some book came out with this photo in it and they had some concerned citizens arrive at his office asking the same questions I was putting to him. He explained that the equipment comes with these ballistic designations on them but they were repainted within 30 days after they took possession. He said that particular photo was taken as a PR deal and indeed, there were photos on the wall of the same equipment but without the NATO-2 on the shields.

I asked him point blank if the Modesto Police Department and/or any of their special units, i.e. SWAT, had any kind of agreements, MOU's, understandings, anything like that with NATO. Lt. Gianadi looked me straight in the eye and said that the Modesto Police Department and their various units are part of their local government, period and that no such agreements, MOU's, understandings or anything else exist with NATO.

Until I find out different and because I grew up in No. California and lived in this state 40 years before I moved to Colorado in '89, I will take these officers at their word. Because I know that area so well and seeing is believing, the whole idea was preposterous from the git-go, but I took the time to check it out anyway. There is a web site attached to the photo: that everyone should hop on over to visit. What you will see from this manufacturer is this:

NATO-1, NATO-2, & NATO-3 Features:

All NATO Ballistic Shields are rated Threat Level III, and conform to N.I.J. standard 0108.01.

These shields come from the manufacturer with these markings. The law enforcement agencies who receive them, at some point, paint over them with their own identifying markings and, conspiracy, conspiracy, id numbers for - gasp! - insurance purposes. Yet, if one just reads this e- mail that flashed all around the country, without doing the legwork on site, one gets the impression that a local law enforcement agency has somehow joined together with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and is planning nefarious activities against the citizenry.

Our next conspiracy:

Last week I received an inquiry from a great guy out in Denver about some photos that were up on the net - what did I know, if anything about them?

Hi Devvy,

Have you seen any of these locations at Mather AFB?

(Name Withheld)

Mather Air Force Base/Surveillance Cameras/Near Sacramento, California

Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5Photo 6

As it so happens, Mather is about 20 minutes from my house. I told my friend that on Monday, November 1st, I was going to drop cans and newspapers at the animal shelter and that since the old Mather AFB was about 3 miles from there, I'd hop on over and do some recon work. Mather AFB was closed several years ago and has been undergoing transition to commercial, private sector operations.

But, to look at the photos on the url's above, why, you'd think that these photos were taken at some remote area and we will all be rousted from our beds in the morning and taken to a concentration camp. Well, it sure won't be at Mather, I can tell you that. In photo #1, we see an ominous warning with a stop sign telling us that it's the end of Douglas Blvd. Oooo....

Douglas Blvd, on Mather Field, as it's now known and open to the public, goes to the golf course and the new Lewis Homes housing development that is under construction. I had a nice chat with the fellow guarding the entrance to this construction site. He clears the contractors, cement trucks and so on. Nice homes. Right next to that entrance is the new church, converted from the old chapel when the Air Force was housed there.

Photo #2 is of some lights on top of a poll with writing over the photo that says: "A lot of light for empty fields in the middle of nowhere." What an odd statement: " the middle of nowhere." Whoever took these pictures and put this kind of bald-faced lie at the top of photo #2 could only have done it for one reason and one reason only: to scare people and fan the flames of conspiracies.

Mather Field is off Hwy 50, about 7 miles east on 50 from downtown Sacramento, California, the capitol of this state. When you exit Hwy 50, the entrance to Mather is approximately 1 mile. " the middle of nowhere." What hogwash. This is an extremely busy area both in traffic, industry, business and residential. However, someone looking at those pictures gets a completely different picture, pardon the pun, of what's really there.

Photo #3 is an empty field. Now, that is scary. No date, no name of the photographer. Ooooo....

Photos 4 & 5 are pictures of lights on poles and a guard tower. Photo 6 shows concertina wire. I was so afraid looking at this location over at Mather, why, I wanted to run home and pack up the dog and head for the hills. The lights shown in these photos light up the two large baseball diamonds. That's right. I drove all over that former AF base and there's only two places where there are stadium type lights. One is the baseball field area and the second I will explain below.

Because this is a former Air Force base, there is a runway. Today, it is a commercial airstrip. I took photos while I was there of some nice looking Lear corporate jets, some old collector type war planes and the like. The National Guard has a small unit stationed there next to the airport. Pretty sinister stuff. There is a VA Medical Facility and a whole lot of private companies who now lease space in the old buildings. They are clearing out some of the old WWII-era buildings and constructing newer offices. By crack-ee - there's a real conspiracy for you: big earth movers knocking down 60-year old buildings in broad daylight!

Out towards Douglas Blvd., there is an area surrounded by concertina wire and lights. There was a sign at the entrance which reads: "Do not enter - law enforcement training." Since the gate was open and I have a Colonel designation with McClellan stickers on my windshield, I figured I could at least get close before the UN troopers came out and shot me, or tackled me to the ground, tied me up, ran me into one of the buildings and then began to pull my fingernails out during an interrogation.

As I approached the few modulars in this confined area , I observed some pretty sinister things: one guard tower, no NATO sharpshooters visible. Whew. Two ambulances, a half dozen CHP [California Highway Patrol] cars, some local police cars and a bunch of orange pylons set out on a course where police were conducting driver training classes.

I was approached by a nice man who ask me if I was lost. He did observe my military stickers and asked me if I was a Colonel. I said no, I am proud to be married to a retired U.S. Army Colonel. I then showed him my press credentials and told him why I was poking around. His eyes got big as saucers, he busted out laughing and excused himself for his outburst.

I told him, hey, there are conspiracies and then there are government operatives out there trying to scare people half to death playing all kinds of head games. He was pretty cool, really and, like the guard at the housing project gate, was pretty up to speed on the "new world order" scenario. You'd be surprised how many people know what's going on but have no outlet for their voice of rage and anger.

In any event, we had a good chat and I ask him, although I already knew the answer, why the concertina wire? His answer may scare some, but try to relax: they store ammunition and training equipment in the modulars - equipment worth a lot of money. Since the facility was already set up for security, it's one of the reasons they leased it. Makes sense to me since I've been on a lot of military bases, all branches, by the way. For those of you who have never been on a Naval installation or a grunt base, security is just that: these bases are kept secure for a reason - or they were until Bill Clinton became Coward-in-Chief.

After I left that area, I drove around a bit more and the only thing one sees all over this former military base, located right off the freeway in a hugely populated area, is transition, construction and an airfield. Yet, photo #6 in the url above has this caption at the top: "surveillance camera and fenced in areas - what are they for?"

Schools and banks have surveillance cameras. Photo #6 was taken next to the law enforcement training facility and whoever took this picture knew that. The double rows of power poles are so obvious for anyone with a brain: Mather sits next to Rancho Cordova which sits next to Sacramento. This base used a ton of electricity and those poles run the length of the old base and service a huge area.Whoever took these photos knew this. By the way - just who did take these photos and post them to the Internet? No one seems to know. Gee, how convenient.

Tonight, another "sighting" via an e-mail, although the sender used the word "siding." This alert is shown below:

To all, I just received this in tonight's e-mail. It is from a very trusted source. Please share this carefully.

Folks, I figure I am already a marked man so this NG message is probably moot.

Observed over the last 10 days in Far North Collin County, Texas. Four trains daily on KCS tracks, headed toward Dallas. Final destination unknown (more on that), with the following cargo, at least that I have observed. All painted in Desert Storm tan color, no cameo. No markings whatsoever indiciating they are US ARMY. Only serial numbers but they are not new vehicles. Only markings on the hummers with a "7" and and Arrowhead over it or a "90" with three strokes at a 45 degree angle coming from the 9. NATO designators on some of the fuel trucks. No markings on anything else. I have observed. Not the tanks or anything else. No serial numbers either. And this is used gear.

  • 200 - Hummers
  • 100 - Battle Tanks
  • 50 - Fuel Trucks
  • 100 - Bradley Vehicles
  • 25 - 2500 KW Diesel Power Generators
  • 50 - Mult-Purpose trucks with cranes and loaded to the hilt with tires and tracks
  • 200 - MPT's loaded with 20 foot RR containers.
  • 200 - RR containers on flat bed cars
  • 100 - Fuel trucks
  • 100 - Water Trucks
  • 20 - Flat bed RR cars with electrical wire and poles
  • 5 - Flat bed RR cars with razor wire
There is a siding outside of Princeton Texas where the trains have to wait for oncoming trains. Here's a hit to see where Princeton is located in North Texas.

If it won't load the page, copy & paste one line at a time into your web browser

By chance today one was stopped at a siding in Princeton, Texas that was fully loaded. Thirty cars long, 4 engines. I stepped out to ask the engineer its final destination. I was told "That's classified". Not two minutes later two unmarked white cars stopped and two "gentlemen in ties and white shirts" asked what I had asked the engineer. I told them "I just had never seen a tank up close and wondered if the train was going someplace close where I could see one. " I played the dumb country boy and left. One older couple stopped to take pictures and they were detained.

One took my license number and a picture of my vehicle and me. But I did the same of them. After searching the plate it turns out the vehicles are with the Pinkerton Agency. Hmmmm...

Oh sure I can understand the need for security when that much military gear is stopped at a siding and people stop and ask questions, but........ There is another siding for KCS in Princeton Texas. Saturday my young nephew (seven years old) and I observed a 40 car train with all Bradleys and Tanks. We cut off the main road to go see them as "he thought that would be cool to see a tank up close." Three hummers with 3 men each, spaced 300 meters, and armed with .50 Cal guns on the hummers and autos in hand had set up check points along the siding at the crossings and we just went right past them and carried on.

There is a whole lot of gear moving thru Dallas and I doubt I am probably not the only one to notice. It would not strike me so bad except everything is unmarked. And they are using three to four engines to pull it all..That means it is heavy as hell. KCS would not comment when I called and inquired. In fact they fairly denied they were pulling that freight. Not to mention I could find no useful insignia on the uniforms of the "Safety Patrol". No unit patches of any kind on the uniforms. Full cameo. Fully armed.

Now while I am not typically an alarmist I have been alarmed by the "freight" I see moving 7-24 thru this area.

I know there are others in North Texas that have seen these trains. Can I get a witness?

Just, Deke


Let's take a closer look at this e-mail:

The sender says: "I figure I am already a marked man so this NG message is probably moot." Why he feels he's a marked man by some unknown person(s), is not made clear and I have no idea.

"All painted in Desert Storm tan color, no cameo. No markings whatsoever indicating they are US ARMY. Only serial numbers but they are not new vehicles."

I hate to be the one who bursts his bubble, but the military moves equipment around this country all the time. When my husband was still DEH [Director of Engineering and Housing] at Ft. Carson, CO., the rail cars were moving in and out all the time with equipment. At that time, ['90/91], most equipment was being repainted at the base in sand color due to the mobilization going on for Mr. Bush's Gulf War. This is not a conspiracy. It goes on all the time and right out in the open. Additionally, the military sells off older equipment and this requires transport of old inventory.

"One took my license number and a picture of my vehicle and me. But I did the same of them. After searching the plate it turns out the vehicles are with the Pinkerton Agency. Hmmmm..."

I'm glad this person took down the license plate of someone who questioned him without any apparent need to do so. Do I find it alarming that the vehicle he ran a plate check on belongs to Pinkerton? Not hardly. People need to remember that the United States, despite the rhetoric out of Washington, District of Criminals, is hated throughout the world. America is very vulnerable to terrorist attacks and it could happen right in your neck of the woods any time. Our military are choice targets for terrorists. It is not unreasonable for contracts to be let for private security firms to keep an eye out during operations such as transport of inventory and things of that nature.

Here's another !!!!: Unmarked Military Helicopter on LAPD Helipad!!!!



Black Helicopters


I had my husband take a look at these photos and he laughed. For one thing, there are a bunch of national guard locations in the LA basin. Second, LAX services a lot of different types of aircraft. Third, military officers, like my husband, used to fly around all the time to different places. They land at civilian airports. They do business and they get back on their helos or planes and head for the base where they are stationed. This is nothing to head for the bomb bunker over, believe me.

A few weeks ago I received another ALERT!!! ALERT!!!! url. It was a photo of a tank on a rail car. As it happens, I recognized the logo on the flatbed - it belongs to MTMC or Military Traffic Management Command. No big whoop. The Army moving equipment, yet the e-mail made it sound as if our military were doing something highly suspicious in broad daylight. As with most of these sensationalist dire warnings, this one was just a url with no author, no source and no way to find out when and where the photo was taken, yet people look at it and "bar the door Katy" is the order of the day.

Yes, this country is crawling with foreign troops. We are stupidly training military from other countries - especially the Ruskies and Communist Chinese. America will pay a heavy price for this gross idiocy, make no mistake about it. But, the examples I have given above are just plain scare tactics by either people who don't have a life, or trained agent provocateurs for the government.

We all know the story about the little boy who cried wolf. There are real and critical issues going on in this country and around the world that should worry us in a serious fashion. However, this kind of scare-mongering accomplishes nothing but groups serious people like me into categories like "anti-government, right-wing wackos who see a Bilderberger under every bed."

I realize that time is precious, ask me. Instead of doing the research I should be doing, I've taken time out to chase down nincompoop conspiracy theories, which of course, is why these things are being thrown out there. We have reason to fear this government, no question about it. However, we will continue to lose credibility unless people stop sending out unverified scare material and if you can't investigate the allegation, try to find someone who can or don't send it.

I have ask people to verify the information they are sending out and you know what I have received as a response? This is typical and it makes me ill:


I don't verify everything I send out, don't have the time. If it looks important and has a source I am comfortable with, it goes out. It is up to the recipient to decide if the info is good or not, as you did. Thanx for letting me know."

Yet, the same person who wrote this will be the first to express outrage if some smuck in the government's media complex did the same thing. What does that make the people in this freedom movement? It makes them no better than the Dan Blather's of the boob tube flunky set.

What if I didn't bother to verify what I put on this web site? What kind of credibility would I have? I can tell you: zip. What kind of credibility would Larry Becraft or Don McAlvaney or Chris Ruddy have if they didn't verify the material they put out for public consumption? Is it any wonder that this movement is considered a bunch of kooks by so many?

What happens when a real conspiracy surfaces? Well, just like the little boy who cried wolf, no one will listen and whose fault will that be?