Comrade, This Way Please.

Devvy Kidd
October 24, 2001

On April 1, 2001, the butchering Communist Chinese government allowed one of their F-8 fighter jets, playing a dangerous game, to collide with one of our U.S. Navy EP-3E Aries II surveillance planes. Twenty four Americans, after a miraculous emergency landing, were then held as prisoners. Eleven days later and after thoroughly stripping down this $80 million dollar airplane and breaking our sensitive defense code, the commies released our freedom fighters and sent us back a heap of salvageable airplane parts.

Those Chinese F-8 fighters have been carrying air-to-air missiles sold to China by Israel. The U.S. government unconstitutionally flat out gives Israel $3 billion dollars a year in foreign welfare. They then turn around and sell our mortal enemy air-to-air missiles and guess where they're pointed?

During those 11 days our military personnel were being held, Americans were wringing their hands in worry. The yellow ribbons went up on trees. Rightfully so, Americans were steaming big time and the families of those 24 crew members were fearful for the well being of their children, husbands and daughters. Mr. Bush issued an apology to the widow of the pilot who shot down our plane. It was truly a miracle we didn't have 24 dead service members.

On April 2, 2001, the White House, specifically Mr. Bush, stated the following:

"Finally, we have offered to provide search and rescue assistance to help the Chinese government locate its missing aircraft and pilot. Our military stands ready to help."

We're supposed to help our enemy, the ones who just caused our plane to be severely damaged, recklessly endangering our freedom fighters, to go look for one of their cowboys who brought his misfortune upon himself? And, then what do these lying curs do? They refuse to hand over our military and all but destroy our plane while it's on the ground. Oh, good, Mr. Bush. You ever hear of testosterone? You know: Put down your foot, let these people know what they did was dangerous and wrong and then stick to your guns? No, instead Mr. Bush somehow feels it's necessary to travel around the world apologizing to everyone. This month it's the Afghani people.

On April 3, 2001, Mr. Bush had this to say:

"This is an unusual situation, in which an American military aircraft had to make an emergency landing on Chinese soil. Our approach has been to keep this accident from becoming an international incident. We have allowed the Chinese government time to do the right thing. But now it is time for our servicemen and women to return home. And it is time for the Chinese government to return our plane.

"This accident has the potential of undermining our hopes for a fruitful and productive relationship between our two countries. To keep that from happening, our servicemen and women need to come home."

And finally on April 11, 2001, he said the following:

THE PRESIDENT: "Good morning. I'm pleased to be able to tell the American people that plans are underway to bring home our 24 American servicemen and women from Hainan Island. This morning, the Chinese government assured our American Ambassador that the crew would leave promptly. We're working on arrangements to pick them up and to bring them home."

Then - get this:

China Seeks U.S. Military Aid

Charles R. Smith

Wednesday Oct. 3, 2001

"June 2001 meetings with Chinese Air Force in wake of EP-3 downing

"Newly released documents show that U.S. Air Force officials met with Chinese military officers in June 2001 to discuss U.S. possible military aid for China.

"According to documents, the meetings took place inside China despite the "policy issues surrounding the (at that time unresolved) EP-3 situation."

Are the nuts running the asylum or what? Guess where this U.S. Military "aid" will come from? That's right - your pocketbook. This murdering regime brings down one of our planes, holds our servicemen and women hostage and then has the gall to ask US for military "aid?" And, these talks were apparently going on while the downed plane incident was going on? America: Guess what? They made suckers out of all of us, from George Bush, Jr. to his new world order lackey, Colin Powell.

While we were all sitting around praying for the safe return of our 24 crew members, it was business as usual. Do you remember during the "stand-off" that the commies wanted a million bucks from us for costs they say were incurred over this incident? Say folks, get the feeling we're getting shafted? Do you smell a big rat here?

In April 1997, the Ruskies and Communist Chinese President Jiang Zemin, the butcher of Beijing, signed a formal New World Order agreement in which they pledged to replace the U.S. as the world's lone superpower. These people are playing for keeps and anyone who thinks otherwise is either in a state of denial or hasn't done their homework on these two communist countries. Communism is not dead in the Kremlin. That little idea is a myth created and belched by the government's media apparatus. But, like so many other little miracles, 9-11 has "suddenly" brought Mr. Bush back into the bosom of the butcher Zemin to "fight the war on terrorism."

What did Ronald Rumsfeld tell Mr. Bush a mere two weeks before this downed plane, hostage incident?

"....China now perceived as the principal threat to American global dominance." See:,3858,4158392,00.html

Last week Mr. Bush was in Communist China, Shanghai, playing with Mr. Zenim in talks about the "war on terrorism" and how giving the commies everything they want in terms of free trade, is going to help in this new war. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I rest my case and I also suggest Mr. Bush read the following by a very savvy gentleman:

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Released: October 4, 2001

Anti-reason, anti-freedom ideas in Islam encourage terrorist fanaticism.

Radical Islam's Assault on Human Life

By Edwin A. Locke

The monstrous attacks on New York and Washington on September 11 shocked, saddened, and angered all Americans as well as the rest of the Western world. Some causes of this tragedy have already been identified: poor intelligence; inadequate airport and airplane security; and, most important, the weakness of the U. S. government, which has done nothing to punish those countries that have fosteredterrorism over the past two decades.

However, there has been an eerie silence regarding the most fundamental cause of the attack: the ideas of the terrorists themselves. This is due largely to the popular doctrine of "multiculturalism," which asserts that all cultures are equal and none may criticize another. But the terrorists' acts cannot be understood without grasping at least two fundamental premises of their avowed philosophic base: Islam.

First, in Islamic philosophy it is a moral duty and a moral virtue to kill "infidels"those who do not accept Islam. The Koran is replete with such commandments as: "fight and slay the Pagans wherever you find them . . . those who reject our signs we shall soon cast into the fire . . . those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them; boiling fluid will be poured down on their heads . . as to the deviators, they are the fuel of hell."

This is not to say all Muslims agree with this idea, but the terrorists take these teachings of the Koran seriously and literally. In his "Declaration of War against the Americans," Osama bin Laden repeatedly cites religious texts in addition to the Koran to justify his holy war. He especially favors martyrdom and boasts that Islamic youths "love death as you [the Americans] love life." The highest level of paradise, he claims, is reserved for those who die in battle. The young terrorists, he says, "have no intention except to enter paradise by killing you." Islam may oppose suicide, but it glorifies dying in battle, which is how the terrorists view their acts.

Second, Islam, unlike Christianity (since the Renaissance and Thomas Aquinas), has no respect for reason as a means of gaining knowledge or guiding actions. Islam advocates total domination of every sphere of life by religion, including the legal system, politics, economics, and family life. The individual is not supposed to think independently but to selflessly subordinate himself to religious dogma. The word "Islam" means literally: submission. The Koran states that knowledge comes from revelation, not thinking. The ideal Islamic society is a theocracy (religious dictatorship) run primarily by clerics. We have seen this before in the Westit was called the Dark Ages.

These two Islamic ideas together easily lead to religious fanaticism. The fanatic demands unquestioning obedience based on faith and rejects any attempt to question religious dogma. The fanatic cannot be reasoned with, because he rejects reason totally. The fanatic cannot bepersuaded that his views should be modified on the grounds that they are inimical to life, because life on earth is not important to him. Although there are other possible interpretations of Islam, the terrorist fanatics are consistent and uncompromising advocates of its doctrines.

It is true that many Muslims who live in the West reject religious fanaticism and are law-abiding and even loyal Americans, but this is because they have accepted some Western values, including respect for reason and individual rights and the need for a separation between church and state. Many Muslims left the Mid-East specifically to escape theocracy and its consequenc esespecially the lack of freedom.

The terrorists' attack on the World Trade Center vividly betrays their motivation. This was not just an assault on Americawhich they view as the embodiment of Satanor on capitalism, although it was both of these. At the deepest level it was an assault on life itself. The World Trade Center symbolized the principle that man can, with reason as his guide and individual rights as his protection, live successfully on earth by producing the material values his life requires. It represented the antithesis of the anti-life, anti-this-earth philosophy of the religious fanatics who worship death and the afterlife.

The only proper response to people who have declared war on life and happinessand everything that makes them possibleis to give them what they want: deathand to recognize that this is not just a war of weapons but a war of ideas. Ultimately, our biggest danger is not terrorist attacks but attacks of moral self-doubtby ourselves. We must proclaim loudly and with moral certainty the values we stand for: reason, rights, freedom, material prosperity, and personal happiness on this earth." End.

Edwin A. Locke, Dean's Professor of Leadership and Motivation at the RH Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, at College Park, is a senior writer for the Ayn Rand Institute in Marina del Rey, Calif. The Institute promotes the philosophy of Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead.* * *

If you would like to better understand this serious "game," you might want to read the pieces below when you have time:

Wake up America - the stench of treason is wafting clear across this Republic. Treason being defined as giving aid and comfort to the enemy. It's a joke in liberal circles that conservatives in this country are absolutely "clueless." Please prove them wrong. Get educated and get active.

Please do not buy anything made in Communist China. We are enriching our enemy with the financial resources to destroy us.