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Trying to gain top level exposure for your product or service? Here is your answer.

At a fraction of the cost of many nationally-syndicated radio programs, you can have your products showcased on Devvy's radio show in a fully-produced 60 second radio commercial, heard live once each hour during thenetwork radio broadcast AND during reruns AND in the program Archives which are available to listeners 24-7.

You can use your own pre-recorded 60 second commercials or you can send us your ad copy and we will produce the commercial for you.

In addition to the full, 60 second commercials, as an advertising sponsor you will ALSO receive a permanent full color free banner ad on for as long as your company is a sponsor of Devvy's radio show.

This is unprecedented coverage and exposure for only $350 a MONTH.

You can't match this value on any other venue, on or off the internet.

Just send us an email and we'll help you get started right away. With more and more of the planet switching to the internet for REAL news, you can't possibly do a better job of reaching out to prospective customers than this opportunity on Devvy's show.

For inquiries, please email to Devvy at: