Hope to see you at the FES Convention in August

August 7, 2004

Free Enterprise Society's annual Tax Freedom Rally in Sunnyvale California on August 28th and 29th 2004 is expecting about 400 people. Free Enterprise Society wants to restore the US Constitution back to its rightful place as our SUPREME LAW. We believe there is no law which requires anyone to file income tax returns. We have many great speakers this year. Speakers include:

Attorney Larry Becraft, Constitutional attorney from Huntsville, Alabama. Handled the acquittal of Lloyd R. Long; was lead counsel in 17 acquittals in the Franklin Sanders’ case; felony acquittals in Brad Laeger’s case. TOPIC: New projects, and how you can help

Joe Banister, former Criminal Special Agent of the IRS, now speaks out against them.  He now believes there is NO law which requires anyone to file income tax returns. TOPIC: Income Tax Report and recent events

Devvy Kidd, Author, lecturer, jounralist. She is dedicated to informing Americans about their rights. TOPIC:
How to make things right in the future. More effective ways to educate others. We can prevail.

Rodney Stitch,
Former investigator of the Federal Aviation Administration, author, and activist.  9/11 information and US drug connections. TOPIC: Blowback, 9/11, Iraq, Lies and Cover-ups

Vernice Kuglin, Vernice is a FedEx pilot who beat the IRS in court. NOT GUILTY
on all counts.  BIG LOSS for the IRS.  Great Story and helpful hints.  A must see! TOPIC: About her case and the things she did to help win the case
Attorney Robert Clarkson, Leader of the Patriot Network, dedicated to returning the US Constitution to its rightful place in our nations legal-governmental structure. TOPIC: Helpful information to help you succeed

Steve Hempfling, Director and cofounder of Free Enterprise Society.,  TOPIC:  Basic income tax problems and defending successfully against IRS attacks and other recent events
Godfrey Lehman, Jury Rights Expert.  The US authority on Jury Rights. Author of Edward Bushell Story and We the Jury. TOPIC: The power of the jury.  With no jury the constitution would already be gone

Rich Diamond, Director of Reality Freedom.  Founded to help patriots have more money.  TOPIC: He has developed a unique way to deal with real estate without using a social security number and no report

Banquet Speaker, Ted Gunderson,
Former Los Angeles FBI chief. He had 27 years with the FBI with 700 personnel under his command and $22 million dollar budget. TOPIC: Terrorism, Today and Yesterday
More speakers and many exhibitors will be there. Don't miss this. For more details see www.FreeEnterpriseSociety.com or call 209-966-7040.

You won't want to miss this opportunity. Register early and reserve your seat now!
Bring a friend, family member or business colleague and let them hear the truth and meet all these fine speakers.

Endorsement from Devvy Kidd:
With the exception of 2003 when I was unable to attend, I always look forward to speaking every year at Steve's convention. Over the years at this convention I have met so many fine Americans who care and are willing to go that extra step to help restore America to a Constitutional Republic. FES always puts on a class act; their speakers educate and motivate the audience.
I hope you will attend this event and if possible, purchase a ticket for a family member or someone you know who has this "feeling" that things aren't right, but doesn't really have all the facts. This will be a learning experience for them.
As time grows close to this event, I encourage everyone to get your hotel or RV park reservations made and purchase your two day pass - before they sell out! Newswithviews.com will have a display table there and I look forward to seeing you.