This press release by Michael Peroutka is so compelling, I decided to post it for mass distribution. It is the absolute truth and I hope those who continue to pledge their blind loyalty to the Republican Party will think about what's more important: winning at all costs! or truth and the long term survival of this Republic..

April 30, 2004

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April 28, 2004

Bush, Santorum, Toomey Support For Specter
Demonstrates Moral Bankruptcy Of Republican Party And Need For Constitution Party

           John F. Kennedy once said: "Sometimes party loyalty demands too much." Amen! And one of those times just occurred in Pennsylvania where incumbent Republican Senator Arlen Specter --- a far-Left extreme Liberal --- just defeated his more conservative primary opponent Rep. Pat Toomey.

           Now, when I say Specter is a far-Left extreme Liberal, I'm not just name-calling. He supports the Roe v. Wade decision which "legalized" abortion and has destroyed the lives of more than 40 million innocent, unborn children. He has voted against banning the hideous procedure known as partial-birth abortion --- which is really infanticide. He's for taxpayer-funding of abortion. He's against parental notification before abortions.

           In addition, Specter led the effort to stop Robert Bork from becoming a U.S. Supreme Court justice. But he voted for the far-Left extreme Liberal Ruth Bader Ginzburg to become a high-court justice. He refused to vote for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. And he opposed giving the Boy Scouts access to schools and Federal buildings unless they agreed to allow homosexuals Scout leaders.

           So, because this was one of those times when principle should have been put over party, President Bush should never have campaigned for Specter (but he did). Pennsylvania's other GOP Senator Rick Santorum should never have campaigned for Specter (but he did). Republicans should never have re-nominated Specter (but they did). And certainly, if nothing else, Rep. Pat Toomey should never, ever have said he will now support Specter (but he did).

           In many ways, I respect Rep. Toomey. He has taken principled positions on several issues. Thus, it was shocking (and, to be honest, disgusting) to see him say that he is now supporting Specter because "our differences are not nearly as great as our differences with the Democrats."

           Well, now, excuse me, Rep. Toomey, but on the great moral issues of our time --- God and government, abortion, homosexuality --- Specter's disgraceful record is the same as the Democrats! And not just "the Democrats" but the farthest Left of the far-Left Democrats. It was you, sir, who said, correctly, during the campaign that Specter "represents the Ted Kennedy wing of the Republican Party." Therefore, if my logic is correct, the differences between you and Specter are the same as between you and Ted Kennedy.

           You also said of Specter that "there isn't another Republican Senator in the country who's got such a bad record as Arlen Specter." You said he's "way outside the mainstream of the Republican Party‚ too liberal for too long. He's undermined what Republicans have tried to accomplish." You said "he's supported all kinds of wasteful spending" and has been recognized as "the most wasteful spender in the entire United States Senate." You said: "Whether we're talking about economic or business, social, cultural or legal issues, Arlen Specter comes down on the side of the liberals and the Democrats." And you said that during the campaign Specter had "been pretty dishonest, in fact."

           All this having been said, how in the world could President Bush support Specter? How could Rep. Toomey say he now supports Specter?! How could Sen. Santorum say that Specter is "with us on the votes that matter" which is why he was "proud" to endorse Specter? Don't votes to keep "legal" the killing of innocent, unborn babies "matter?" Of course they matter. And they have mattered greatly to Sen. Santorum who is, arguably, the Senate's most passionate and articulate defender of the unborn. But Specter is for the "legal" killing of the unborn and even the "legal" killing of babies almost totally born and outside the womb (so-called partial birth abortion).

           Now, there is a reason why President Bush, Sen. Santorum and Rep. Toomey support Arlen Specter. And the reason is an ugly one. The reason is because they all, ultimately, put the Republican Party and holding political power over the issues they have said matter to them. There is no other conclusion that can be reached. It is obvious.

           I must be blunt here and speak plainly. There's a word to describe this lack of dedication to principle. The word is "corrupt." The last dictionary I trust, Noah Webster's 1828 "American Dictionary of the English Language," defines "corrupt" as meaning, among other things, "to change from a sound to a putrid state‚.to change from good to bad‚.to pervert or vitiate integrity."

After winning his primary, Specter said: "Now is the time, having settled our family disagreement within the Republican Party, to unify, to re-elect President Bush, to maintain the Republican majority in the Senate."  But, no, Specter is, again, as he has been on so many vitally important issues, wrong.

           Now, my friends, is the time for a new party, our party, the Constitution Party! Now is the time to re-double our efforts and make the American people aware that we exist, that there is a real choice in this year's elections and it is the Constitution Party! Now is the time to defend God, the family and our Republic!

For God, Family and the Republic,

Michael A. Peroutka

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