Honor, Racism, Service Rifles & "Assault Weapons"
One Black Cop's View

The following statement appears on the excellent Second Amendment web site: www.keepandbeararms.com

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Honor, Racism, Service Rifles & "Assault Weapons": One Black Cop's View

By Police Officer "Snake" Bowman

The Author "Henry 'Snake' Bowman" is obviously a "nom de-guerre" for a real person, an active full-time, Black Police Officer whose agency prevents him from speaking his mind at risk of his employment.

    "Well, you Sons of Bitches, now you know how I feel!" --General George S. Patton-

You may not like what I'm going to say here, but the First Amendment is still in effect (at the time of the time of this writing) so I'm going to exercise my right to rant: Prepare to get your feathers ruffled!...

If you are an uniformed Police Officer of any rank and do not fully, and honorably support the pre-existing God given rights enumerated in the 2nd Amendment, you are a disgrace to your Badge and your oath of office to protect and serve. The citizens of the United States of America deserve better than you. You should not be allowed the honor of public service as a sworn peace officer of the law. Taking a contrary, selective position to the Constitution means you are not following the supreme law of the land and are, in fact, endangering the safety of yourself, your fellow officers, and the public you are sworn to protect.

This dishonor is increased if you support any (so-called) "Police Fraternal Organization" that aligns itself with groups seeking to infringe, limit, or destroy the 2nd Amendment (Such as "Handgun Control Incorporated", etc). This dishonor is increased if you support any State or Federal Attorney General, Legislator (Politician); or local Government body that have de facto reneged on their sworn oath to "Protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic." For these individuals (by endorsing "gun control") have become the "domestic enemies" embodied in that oath.

If this description fits you, know that I consider you to have no honor and should rightly be held beneath contempt for your nauseous subservience to an unconstitutional doctrine, plus unheroic behavior in the face of danger to your fellow officers and the public.

Are you ticked off yet? Well, refer to the above quote by U.S. Army General George S Patton. Read it? Good, that means I can only add, (if you were offended): "tough noogies"!. Let's proceed...

There is plenty of documentation to support the fact that "gun control" laws in the United States are and have been rooted in the dishonorable practice generally known as "Racism". If there is any doubt about this, I suggest you do some research on your own (Author Clayton E. Cramer has written a short essay that can bring you up to speed quickly, search it out). 

This brings me to a further assertion. I submit that if you wear the badge and happen to be of Black ancestry ("African-American" is the current "politically correct" term: I choose not to use it), and fit the criteria I have previously described, you should be held in special dishonor. Your ancestors fought and died under a special adversity for the rights you presently enjoy. I know that we still have a long way to go, (and you are unhappy with that last promotion you were "suspiciously" beaten out of).

But today you are still freer than any previous generation, and should honor what they fought for by at least acknowledging that fact. A Black officer or group of officers that support "gun control" over the 2nd Amendment, in effect, support a continuation of practices rooted in racism, practices that currently discriminate against a targeted group of Americans not limited only to Blacks.

If you support that you have no honor and are a disgrace to your badge, your brothers in blue, your brothers in ancestry, and the public you are sworn to protect and serve. (This goes for the rest of you who seek not to be identified as "Black", but are not, so-called, "white"; so for you "others", accept that you have advanced in large part on the corpses of millions of Black Americans who were here before you: It's a fact: Deal with it.)

Are you ticked off yet? Are you calling me bad names? Does the truth hurt? Good, maybe you'll grow a spine and renounce this "thing" called "gun control" and fight for all your rights!...Refer to the Patton quote again here.

(By the way, Patton lauded his Black tanker / tank destroyer units who fought under his command. Patton said words to the effect of him not giving a damn what color a man was as long as he had the balls to fight the enemy...How are yours hangin', Lawman?)

Fact: "Gun Control" is a betrayal of the people you are sworn to protect.

"Gun Control" deprives only the law-abiding citizen the best means of self-defense against the violent criminal element.

Remember those people? Those you are sworn to protect? And what about those "other" people? You know them well, you have to deal with them on the street nearly every day. You know what mindless savagery they are capable of, you have seen the result first hand. You know they have no conscience. You know that most are sociopathic, and rationalize that the rules don't apply to them, just the "chumps" stupid enough to work for a living and obey "the law" 99% of the time. You know they are cowards who enjoy harming the weak and defenseless; who in fact take a vicious glee in the suffering of their victims.

You know there is a reason we need prisons. You know this from "up close and personal" experience the protected rarely grasp: They are taken aback by the naked face of evil, flee from it. They pray that you might arrive in time to save them from it (Except, of course, from the self-reliant gun-owning citizens "allowed" to defend themselves in pro-self defense jurisdictions). But you , Lawman, ideally should be a warrior/philosopher. You run toward the sound of battle, rather than from it. You are charged with righting wrong, sworn to do so even at risk of your life. You know the badge is more than mere metal...

That being the case, to advocate citizens offer themselves up as sheep-like prey, to advocate the best citizens, the level-headed, able to help their fellows in your absence, those who are your support, those whose firearms will NEVER be turned against YOU, is unconscionable, unreasonable, and unrealistic!

That citizen could well save your life some day. It has happened in the past countless times, what makes you think it cannot happen again? Well, it will not happen if that citizen is (un-constitutionally) disarmed. That citizen, (in actuality, that member of the Unorganized Militia of the United States of America, constitutionally protected to keep and bear arms), is there to help. If you have had to deputize a citizen while alone and struggling with a resisting suspect, you know what I mean! (Why do you think you have the power to deputize in the first place? Think about it, Lawman).

Understand this concept: Criminals misuse firearms in violent crime, law-abiding citizens DON'T. The mere fact that one is willing to misuse a firearm against his fellows automatically brands them an evildoer, unfit to share the company of non-violent citizens: Their intent and action (Human responsible agency) defines them as violent criminals, mere possession of firearms does not. Never confuse the two...Remember there is a faction whose intent is specifically designed to deceive you into equating mere possession of firearms with evil intent: Never fall for this sophistical gambit, don't be a gullible fool, manipulated by emotionalist propaganda. Use your mind and logic to see through the hype

To advocate this "thing", this "gun control", is the highest betrayal of the primary rule of nature: self-defense. It is a cruel betrayal of the people you are sworn to protect, and a boon to the evildoers among us. It is the ultimate betrayal of your hard-earned Badge and all it stands for...

Are you ticked off yet? Are you calling me "crazy" because you have been fed propaganda claiming citizens "can't be trusted with guns"? Has it occurred to you that all citizens are not violent criminals? that "cause and effect" do not support the flawed theory that armed citizens cause crime?, that it is illogical to "tar the citizen with the same brush" as the violent predators among us?

Well, know this: the advocates of this despicable thing called "gun control" do not bother to make these distinctions! Their mentality proves it, and the intentional criminalization of millions of American citizens at their hands, through the "banning" of mythical so-called "Assault Weapons", handguns, and other infringements, proves that "crime control", despite their claims, is not their true agenda.

After all, why would politicians intentionally create a new class of "criminals" from a population that has not engaged in any violent acts? In some jurisdictions, California comes to mind, Police Officers, assumed to be trusted to carry firearms in the defense of the public; are not exempted from these "assault weapons" bans, on or off-duty. Think about that, Lawman, What message is that sending you? . What about "Officer Safety"? (Particularly in the wake of the North Hollywood shootout, where Cops had to go begging to local gun shops to borrow "illegal assault weapons" to stop terrorist bank robbers?). They are denying you safety, and survival, and by extension, also the public.

How are you being seen by those who seek to ban any firearms that can be demonized to suit arbitrary political whims, such as "(Niggertown) Saturday Night Specials", ".50 Caliber Sniper Rifles", or the current obfuscation craze, the alleged "deadly, high powered semi-automatic weapon" aka "Assault Weapons"? (President "Teddy" Roosevelt would have been confused about that one: He routinely carried "semi-autos" on his hunts, and this was in the early 19th Century! "Semi-Auto" Technology is nothing "new", despite newsroom propaganda).

Realize that even you are now a suspect, viewed as a "latent criminal" by the very people that claim to be "pro-law enforcement", and tell the public that you support their views! This concept is what the Communists called "useful idiots", human tools to further a totalitarian agenda. If you think they are your "friends", I beg you to look at the facts and realize that anyone who seeks to deny your self-preservation is not your friend! Period!

Anyone who seeks to deny American citizens the ability for self-preservation is not a friend either: The two go hand in hand: the protectors and those they are charged to protect...And over what? Simple possession of a legally purchased firearm that is no different from any other of its class except by it's "appearance"?

Orchestrated brainwash: Propaganda techniques and The Mythical "Assault Weapon"

Anyone but an abject moron or gullible dupe can deny certain obvious facts regarding firearms. . Several well-researched articles have been written supporting the facts about "semi-automatic" firearms. For brevity, I will assert 2 basic facts important to understand when attempting to figure out how we got to this point in history.

Fact 1) Propaganda techniques developed by the Nazis and Communists are not dead: It is easy for one to dismiss facts by claiming a "right wing" bias against "progressive" (Socialist) ideas. That's a game for fools. Advocates of "gun control" unashamedly use emotionalistic ploys a to gather cash, sympathy, and "useful idiots", to further their agenda. Accept that these people are more than willing to LIE without conscience to further their agenda. Have no illusions about it. Furthermore....

Fact-2) The "Mainstream Media" and University environments are controlled by Socialist "political correctness": One cannot rely upon these sources, in the main, to be objective or "pro-constitution". The "Lamestream Media" are the epitome of "useful idiots". Their news organs are run by 60's Marxist influenced cadre who use our "freedom of speech" against us (As predicted by Soviet Cold Warrior Nikita "We will bury you" and "We will take over your society without firing a shot", Kruschev). University "Professors" happily brainwash your kids with discredited Marxist rhetoric...They "love" the 1st Amendment, but see the rest of the Constitution as merely a hindrance to be negated as soon as possible, particularly the 2nd Amendment. As elite "intellectuals" they ignore the fact that they would be first against the firing squad wall in the Utopian "revolution" they dream of.

(In the Congo revolution of the 1960's, people were shot out of hand merely for having the intellect to ride a bicycle!) Both elements are anti-firearms (in the hands of the untrustworthy "masses" at least) by philosophy. Ironically their "supporters" would quickly "put them against the wall" after they are no longer "useful idiots". These fools would graduate to being "dead idiots" and initiators of a Police state, rather than a "Utopia". This has happened countless times in history, yet they never accept this fact.

Summary: "Gun Control" advocates consistently use the above indicated techniques, are shameless liars, and have no compunction to use "any means necessary" to disarm Americans...They are in fact elitists who look down on the "masses" being armed and care nothing for your safety. They hate the Police as "tools of the oppressors" (i.e.: not under their control), and all they stand for. They "tolerate" guns only to assure their self-preservation (Your self-preservation does not count, they see you only as fit to be nameless victims on TV news bytes. This applies to both Police and citizens!)

Lies and dammed lies: The Mythical "Assault Weapon"

If you have stuck with me this far, it likely means you know something about firearms so I can cut to the chase and get down to business. Keeping the previous facts in mind, other facts appear that we already know, such as...

There is no honor in dishonor: We are not "useful idiots", cowardly by nature and easily manipulated by fear tactics. We know that a cruel "magic trick" has been cynically perpetrated on the people of the USA, and continues to be at the time of this writing. We know that the politicians, their "running dogs" (to borrow a Communist propaganda term) in the news media, and, sadly, the "useful idiots" who carry a badge and align themselves with these elements for personal gain and power. These are primarily Police Chiefs/Sheriffs and "Fraternal Organizations", who claim to represent the true street cops, but have long ago lost touch with the street and the officers who daily are on the line.

These dishonorable individuals are a disgrace to the Badge for their craven contempt of officer and civilian safety by condoning firearm confiscation, this "thing" called "gun control"). We know this axis are liars, dammed liars, and continue to be liars!. We know, however, that they have had success with their dammed lies! Fact:

There is no such thing as an "Assault Weapon": We know that the firearms that have been demonized as so-called "Assault Weapons" are no more dangerous than any other common rifle. We know that these firearms were discriminated against simply because they look similar to current military firearms. We know that looks are totally irrelevant to function. We know that many of these targeted firearms are in fact less lethal than most common firearms, because the ammunition is of lower power.

We know that the propagandists misused the German term "Strumgewer" ("Assault Rifle"), a firearm by definition a "machine gun" or "full-automatic" rifle, and bastardized the term into "Assault Weapon". Then, using the "Big Lie" technique (itself pioneered by Nazi master propagandist Josef Goebbels) by substituting the term "Assault Weapon" for "semi-automatic" or "self-loading" rifles. The latest definitional "bait and switch" buzzword is to refer to any self-loading firearms, rifle or pistol, as so-called scary "Semi-Automatic weapons".

This latest variation on the theme serves the same purpose as the original: Create confusion and reactionary fear in the populace to further a gun confiscation agenda, plus stigmatize any law-abiding citizen who would choose to own such a military look alike firearm! The idea is to discredit the gun owner, force them to appear to be "unreasonable", and thereby justify "more reasonable controls" on firearms.

Remember their overused talking point? "Why would anyone need an "assault weapon"? (A lawyer must have thought up that bit of "are you still beating your wife" rhetoric!). This "Divide and Conquer" tactic worked quite well, and all gun owners who fell into that trap should be ashamed of themselves. From the black powder shooters up and through the .50 Cal Geeks, we should never again allow ourselves to be divided this way!. If you remember nothing from this essay, remember this point!).

After all, one can buy a 150mph capable Ferrari, but only "needs" a VW Bug: Quick! Justify that argument to yourself right now. What other logical arguments should you have come up with when some brainwashed anti gun do-gooder got in your face with this type of propaganda?...How will you fare in similar situations in future?.

Military look-alikes are "more" Constitutionally protected than others: They are true "Militia Rifles!

This fact points to the actual reason why these firearms are demonized and "banned"!. Did it ever occur to you, Lawman, why the anti-gun fanatics chose to "ban" these mythical firearms rather than seek to "control" them by using the same system already in place for "machine guns"? Think about it...Hard!. Scenarios can range from the simple (Semi-Auto technology could not stand the objective test to compare them to actual machineguns, therefore the gun-banners had to consider they might lose using such a tactic) to the full-on "nightmare" (Gun banning politicians looking outside their office windows to see thousands of citizens of all races and creeds gathered together, each thrusting their AR-15's, AK-47's and FAL rifles overhead, chanting in unison "Don't tread on me!", "Never Again!" and "fill in the blank!"). [What scenario(s) do you think explains "banning" vs. "control"?]...

The modern Militia Rifle is no different from the personally supplied musket, powder and ball of our ancestors: state of the art civilian versions of military firearms, as the founding fathers intended. The Swiss have long known this simple concept, and their unorganized Militia possesses government issued (actual) Assault Rifles and other small arms in most homes. Their politicians appear to have no problem trusting the people with arms.

Here, in the USA, politicians intentionally conspire to deprive the people of arms, and have specifically targeted those arms that have the most utility as Militia firearms. Can we see the forest for the trees? I'm going to say it, because is seems nobody else has the "stones" to "tell it like it is", so prepare again to get your feathers ruffled! Our first and best President, George Washington, hit the nail on the head when he called Militia Rifles our "liberty teeth"!

Do you really think the gun-ban fanatics don't know the real significance of widespread ownership of Militia Rifles? Do you really think they suddenly decided that these firearms should be "banned" because a few isolated madmen (criminals) decided to commit "suicide by Cop", turning the gun on their fellows, with the resultant, orchestrated, high profile media coverage?

(A tactic used to "justify" gun bans in Canada, Australia, and the U.K. to name a few...Countries who now have a nearly out of control "illegal firearms" crime rates? Don't forget that their governments declared the firearms to be illegal in the first place, yet decry so-called "illegal firearms use"). George Washington had recent memory of the events that sparked the Revolutionary War against the Crown, events that are not taught to our children, glossed over, or outright lied about in classrooms all over the USA. The simple fact is that the revolt was sparked by British troops attempting to confiscate the arms and ammunition of American colonists!

Our ancestors called those that would deprive the people of arms as tyrants seeking to crush liberty. So I ask you, what are we to call those who seek to do the same thing here and now?. Remember what I said about those who would deprive you of your right to defend yourself not being your friends, Lawman?

What about your officer safety and the safety of those you are sworn to protect? (One cannot "pursue happiness" if one is dead, after all). What do we call those who today are relentlessly determined to confiscate, declare "illegal", and "ban" firearms, particularly those most suited to be Americans "liberty teeth"? Those who are doing the same thing as those British troops of yore, (by "legal" means): attempting to confiscate the arms and ammunition of Americans? Say it, Dammit!

The bottom line: Telling it like it is, and Deal with it!

The constant spiteful attacks, slander, demonization and ridicule of law-abiding gun owners over the years are taking their toll. The peaceful citizens of the "gun culture" are fast reaching their limit of how much abuse they are going to take. They are fed up with being compared to violent criminals, because they know they are not.

They rightly resent, and are fearful of being turned into "instant felons", merely because a firearm has some innocuous feature they know has no realistic bearing on its function. These execrable "laws" are already on the books, and the citizens, terrorized by State propaganda, know they are in jeopardy, backed into a corner. You know what happens when you have to deal with the proverbial "cornered animal"? And realize this: No politician will suffer because of these "laws", if anything, they will exploit the results of the "enforcement" of these "laws", and what will that be, Lawman?

You or your fellows being killed by the dozens attempting to serve warrants on "technical violators" (that guy with a "flashhider", "detachable magazine" or "bayonet lug" on his legally bought firearm? All because some cowardly "Supervisor" thought it would be an "easy arrest", as the "violator" is not a known violent felon? That is the bottom line: You have been put in the "trick bag", Lawman! They pass the phony unconstitutional "gun laws", but you, Lawman, are the first to DIE "enforcing" them!

These citizens are not stupid, they instinctively know these "laws" are wrong. You know that these laws are wrong also, Lawman, and what you see on the street every workday proves it over and over again. I know because I see it every workday myself. Again, I say: Criminals misuse firearms in violent crime; law-abiding citizens do not! I have never seen or heard of anyone injured or killed by a "folding stock" or a "30 round magazine". I have seen people injured by the "human responsible agency" of another person, using "weapons" from fist to automobile.

By standing against the lie embodied in this unnatural anti-self defense concept of "gun control", you are making the ultimate statement to truth, justice, integrity and honor. You are assuring that the Police in America will not go down the same path as the Politzei of the Nazi era, passively participating in the oppression of those citizens disfavored by the current government. (James Madison: "Americans [having] the right and advantage of being armed-unlike citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms").

We are Americans our traditions make us unique. We must, as officers of the law, protect and serve the citizenry, enabling them to "pursue happiness" as best possible. Your Badge should only reflect the bright light of liberty and never embrace the dark side of evil: the poisonous, insidious, despicable, doctrine of gun confiscation. There is no higher evil than to deprive the citizens of the United States their right to individual, collective, and national defense against those who would harm them without mercy. Stand against this horrific crime. Prevent the consequences, intentional or not.. The gun-confiscators are creating a move from "the ballot box to the cartridge box". Only your sacred Badge and all it stands for will prevent it, and this you have sworn to do Lawman!

Well, you Sons of Bitches really know how I feel now!

Officer "Henry 'Snake' Bowman"