Call the NRA and say NO!

The following bulletin is from one ofour greatest champions of the Second Amendment, Bernadine Smith from the Second Amendment Committee. Please get on the phone and tell the NRA NO to a constituional convention.

April 14, 2004


To all of our contacts who are either voting members of the National Rifle Association or who are in touch with those who are voting members of the National Rifle Association.


1)     Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association is hoping to enlist members of the N.R.A. to try and promote an outcry that will urge Congress to initiate an amendment to the Constitution which will lead to the opening of a Constitutional Convention. 


2)      It is a known fact that certain members of the Congress are desirous of using the Constitutional Convention method in order to bring in a global government constitution; thus, discarding our 1787 Constitutional Covenant and the Bill of Rights which was added in 1791.  We can easily lose our Second Amendment if this happens!


3)      Chief Justice Warren Burger has stated that “There is no way to put a muzzle on a Constitutional Convention.”  In other words, once opened, a Constitutional Convention cannot be limited to any certain subjects! 


4)     I have been informed that the effort will be made at the National Rifle Association’s annual get-together, which is scheduled for Saturday, April 17, 2004 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to encourage N.R.A. members to get behind the idea of resisting the ill-conceived McCain-Feingold legislation with a call to support a Constitutional Convention.  This is extremely bad advice!  I agree that the McCain-Feingold legislation needs to be opposed; however, you should not try to put out a fire with gasoline. 


5)  Elliott Graham, Chairman of “Constitutionalists United Against a Constitutional Convention” (also an N.R.A. Endowment Life Member) has drafted a resolution that promotes something positive for the N.R.A. convention members to use which will counteract the unwise effort of Wayne LaPierre. 


6)    Why endanger our Second Amendment with another foolish call for an amendment to the Constitution of the United States?  Many efforts have been tried to sucker in unwary citizens to clamor for a call to open a Constitutional Convention, starting first with an enticing amendment, such as, “To protect the American flag from being desecrated”; “Term limits”; “Spending limits”; “Balanced Budget Amendment”; “Prayer Amendment”; “Pledge of Allegiance Protection”; “Marriage between Man and Woman Protection”; “Protection of the Unborn”; “Restoration of Bricker Amendment”; “Continuity of Government”; “Mike Gravel’s Direct Democracy Act”; “Gas Price Control”; etc., etc.  All these ideas can be accomplished through the normal lawmaking process without incurring the dangers involved in opening up the heart of our federal Constitution.


7)   Please spread the word to all your friends who are members of the National Rifle Association and who will be attending the annual meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that McCain-Feingold legislation is just another excuse for opening up a Constitutional Convention that will result in destroying our Second Amendment rights.  Please do support Elliott Graham’s resolution opposing a Constitutional Convention.  (Attached)


Second Amendment Committee

Bernadine Smith