Resignation from We the People Congress, Inc.

Devvy Kidd
March 4, 2004

 On February 24, 2004, I resigned as Executive Director of Bob Schulz’ We the People Congress, Inc. As I resigned there is no financial compensation package. Despite the immediate financial burden of a lost paycheck and the expensive move back to California from Maryland, I had to do what my conscious dictates.

    I resigned for philosophical reasons. Please do not send me e-mail asking for all the “juicy” details. I am aware that my departure came as a surprise to many and there have been requests that I define what ‘philosophical reasons’ are in this case. Because these situations do happen in the business world, the affected individuals seek to keep the situation from deteriorating even further. There is one major issue I feel compelled in the strongest of terms to state my position about:

I fully support the effort to educate Americans on the right to petition, its important history and the obligation of government to respond. This is very important. However, in my opinion, the WTP Foundation for Constitutional Education’s “Right to Petition” lawsuit is the most colossal waste of money I have seen since I quit working for the Department of Defense.

There are several other avenues, including a fairly common court filing, which would achieve better results for a few hundred bucks, the usual briefs and a few court appearances. The expenditure of $285,000 on a lawsuit that still is not filed and will go no where, is not something I could support and was one of the reasons I simply could not stay on as Ex Dir for WTP Congress, a corporation affiliated with WTP Foundation.

No one should allow my resignation to affect their support of Bob or his organizations. People are free to join any organization they want to support and associate with whomever they please.

What next? I hope to leave for Sacramento by the first of April. I will continue my writing, doing radio shows and will go back on the lecture circuit. If you'd like to book me for your event in 2004, please contact my agent.

A few people who knew I resigned suggested I do talk radio. I doubt there's much likelihood of that since it appears most "conservative" am stations only want to hire blonde GOP mouthpieces like Laura Ingram to promote their socialist agenda. If a decent offer came along, I would certainly consider it.

That's it for now. God bless our Republic.