Bankrupt America Sold Out

Devvy Kidd
November 2, 2003

I have retired my Why A Bankrupt America booklet after ten years and nine months and one million five hundred twenty-five thousand copies (1,525,0000).  I own the copyright on that booklet. It will not be posted to the Internet. People already steal my work and put their name on it or circulate bastardized version of my work in the negative with my name on it.

There are no more copies available except through Harvey Gordin at El Dorado Gold:

I do have about 600 Blind Loyalty left and when those are gone, there will be no more. Blind Loyalty is 45 pages of verifiable vote fraud. The ballot box is hopelessly compromised by electronic ballot machines, mis-use and abuse of absentee ballots and people who believe their party should win at all costs and not by honest voting by the citizenry.

This is an election year cycle, ending one year from now. I would encourage everyone to order ten of these booklets and hand them out at a town hall meeting, to friends, relatives and people at work. Public awareness of vote fraud is steadily growing and you can help expedite this process by getting this little, inexpensive, fact filled booklet:

Thank you.