Where is the Money?

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More than $1.1 trillion of federal government money is missing. Our government leaders say they will not account for it. However finding this money could solve all of our federal, state and local budget crises.

Where is the Money?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of the Inspector General has reported that HUD has not and will not account for $59 billion of "undocumentable adjustments."

The Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General has reported that DOD has not and will not account for $1.1 trillion of "undocumentable adjustments."

The "undocumentable adjustments" made by these government agencies are much like the balance adjustments many of us make when reconciling our checkbooks. Except that the amounts are staggering: California's share of the "undocumented adjustments" is $128 billion -- more than three times its current $35 billion budget deficit. The average American's share of the "undocumented adjustments" is almost $4,000 per person.

Where is the Money?

The fictional New Jersey mob family of The Sopranos television program has shown how some people make money by defaulting and foreclosing on HUD homes and destroying communities. Are the episodes of TV mobsters more informative about HUD operations than HUD financial statements?

A General Accounting Office report found that the U.S. Army lost track of 56 airplanes, 32 tanks, and 36 Javelin missile command launch-units. Are planes, tanks and missiles running away from home?

We, the undersigned, are being asked to pay for government corruption and fraud. We are paying with taxes, unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcies. We are paying with cutbacks in services, deteriorating public infrastructure, and declining quality of life in our neighborhoods. We are paying with reduced health care and retirement benefits.

We worry about the effect of the federal government's deteriorating financial condition on our children and grandchildren's financial security and education and on our environment. Such significant financial corruption is a national security issue.

US Citizens provide financial reports and supporting documentation to the IRS annually, as required by law. We insist that the US government be held to the same standard.

Where is the Money?

We demand a complete and accurate balancing of the books of all US government agencies.

We want a full audited accounting of the real cash and assets that should be in our national bank accounts and inventories.

Furthermore, we demand that all government financial data on the expenditure of our tax revenues, the management of federal credit, and all agency contractor budgets be made publicly available via open website access.

With citizen access to our financial data, we will find our money.

Where is the Money?


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