Hold That Mail!

Devvy Kidd
April 30, 2003

I will be in the Washington, DC area for the entire month of May; should return home around May 28, 2003. While my husband will be here with the dogs, he won't be managing my mail box. Please hold off on mail until my return. Thank you and I hope you'll take time to catch up on articles on this site you may have missed.

Don't forget to order my CD. It helps fund my research.

The timeframe of this CD encompasses the material from the launch of this site in July 1998 through August 2002 - some 900 html files! This material is perfect for research. It's also perfect as a gift for any occasion.

 In addition to receiving the entire archived web site for your collection, the CD also contains the 240-page official investigative report from the Shelby County (TN) Sheriff's Office regarding the death of world-renown Harvard microbiologist, Dr. Don C. Wiley.

See how a real investigation like this is conducted by law enforcement. This report can be obtained directly from the Memphis Police Department for $249.00, but why would you do that when you can get it on the CD for only $24.95!

Between November 12, 2001 and March 27, 2002, ten top microbiologists all met strange or violent deaths. All occurred after September 11, 2001. All the scientists were top experts in the fields of Ebola, hemorrhagic fevers, anthrax, DNA sequencing, world weather patterns, and other ultra-specific related fields.

Was Dr. Wiley's death an accident? Or, was it murder? Read the report for yourself. See if you have the same questions Devvy Kidd has about this senseless death.

To order, click here: http://www.devvy.com/cdrom_sales.html

Also, one the best newspapers in this country, The Idaho Observer, has a must read article this issue:

SARS: A Great Global Scam by Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.


From Don's desk, April 10, 2003 - so true:

SARS, Smallpox, West Nile Virus: Disease Scare Season 2003