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By Devvy Kidd
March 26, 2003

The November 2004 elections will be here before we know it. While the ballot box has been severely compromised by fraud and electronic manipulation, there are several ways to audit the vote to catch this criminal activity. It can be done if there is a desire to stop it.

Unless and until the people of this country get serious about cleaning up vote fraud, you will never change the political landscape in Washington, DC or the 50 state legislatures. It's real, I wrote the book on it: ( and candidates can stop it - if they really want honest elections. Of course, they will need the help of the millions of fed up Americans who continue to wonder how 96% of all incumbents continue to get reelected.

Who Makes the Laws?

County supervisors, water boards, school boards, members of the state legislatures, Congress.

Who enforces these laws?

Your local Sheriff, district attorneys and the courts.

Where do they all get their power?

The ballot box.

Why Constitutionalists Must Run for Office

Having been a two time candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, I speak from the voice of experience: running for public office is both a blessing and a sad experience. The blessing is meeting so many good, decent Americans who are trying to make America a better place.

The sad experience was meeting so many thousands of people who don't have a clue about how government works at any level, nor do they have any knowledge of the history of our Republic. The public indoctrination centers (federal schools) have been very successful in teaching nothing but politically correct socialization.

The disappointment was losing the election through electronic vote manipulation. However, that was six years ago and I know far more now than I did back then.

It is imperative that constitutionalists run for office in 2004. Every available publicly held office: School board, water board, county supervisors, county recorder, sheriff, judges at all levels (except State Supreme Courts because they are political appointees), your state legislatures and Congress.

Want to take back education where it belongs - locally? Tell the NEA and NTA to go pound sand? Run for your local school board and school superintendent. Just say no to those two private, communist organizations. It can be done, but we need constitutionalists to get elected first. Then comes the power to bring change.

Unfortunately, no one legally can run for the U.S. Senate because there is no law that authorizes such a candidacy. The Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was flat out not ratified by the required 3/4ths of the states. The fraud in that travesty is even worse than the fraudulent ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment. Every U.S. Senator seated today serves in office under a law that does not exist and has no authority to vote on anything. Sadly, only a handful of Americans care about this very important legal fact.

Stop PC Madness

Who is birthing all this politically correct madness we see at all levels of government in this country? Socialists, Marxists and fools - of both parties. But, these brain dead drones who serve on your school board, your Superior/Muni Courts or Attorney Generals have taken the time to run for office. Once elected, they have been busy unleashing disaster upon this nation and one of the only ways to stop it is to get constitutionalists elected.

Yes, it is a sacrifice of your time and some financial commitment. Depending on what office you seek, it can be a small amount of time (school board) or a lot of time (State Legislator). But, it has to get done. These chowder heads across the country are stealing our rights and we can stop them, but only if enough folks get out there and run an effective campaign and then audit the vote if they lose. You can catch vote fraud if you make the effort.

Taxing you into poverty - the more politicians can steal, the more they will steal

Are you fed up with higher and higher taxes in your county to pay for more welfare programs? How about this latest doozy here in California:

Sacramento Bee, March 24, 2003: "Attempt to aid illegal residents."

The law breakers here in California's State Legislature are proposing a bill to guarantee basic college financial help for illegal aliens illegally attending college. The operative word here being illegal. While Californians struggle to get their own children through even a junior college, these communists over in our state legislature are trying (and they out number the Republicans) to once again, reward lawbreakers by stealing from those who respect our laws.

Not all Democrats support this insanity, believe me. Nor do folks who have come from Mexico legally and have become working, productive and valued members of our state. But, it won't change until these people are removed from office.

Are you a lawyer? We need constitutional lawyers to run for judgeships.  So many elected offices go unchallenged every election - especially lower court judges. Yes, it's true. Contact your Secretary of State or County Clerk and you'll see how many incumbents go unchallenged each election cycle. That means they're automatically back in to do more damage. Sure, it may mean less money, but I guarantee you: Freedom is more important and we owe it to our children. We are the keepers of their freedom and by God, it's time everyone stepped up to the plate.

Are you retired military or retired law enforcement? We need you to run for Sheriff. Yes, it is more difficult in the big, inner cities, but if the effort isn't made (audit the vote), the bad guys win by default. We must do everything we can to get constitutionalists elected as Sheriffs.


There are more than 28,000 citizens groups in this country fighting bureaucracies at every level. I have seen the talent out there. I am familiar with the material and work of so many of you. Run for office, please. Hit them where it hurts: the ballot box. Audit that vote.

For thirteen long years I have volunteered my time to restore America to constitutional principles. I have watched the prisons (state and federal) fill up with innocent Americans jailed by the lawless who hold public office. I have watched the gut-wrenching misery caused from unconstitutional treaties like NAFTA, GATT and the grotesque incident up in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

We can change things, but we can't change them without people and commitment. So many millions have and continue to make enormous sacrifices for this great nation. We are uniting and focusing in on the Achilles Heel in areas like the income tax and "Federal" Reserve. Now we must take this commitment to the ballot box. Every available office in all 50 states. Audit the vote.

Our Founding Fathers and those who fought and died to give us our precious freedoms didn't sit around at the pub all day complaining (today's equivalent is calling talk radio to vent). They put together their thoughts, their plans and they acted upon their resolve. Now is the time for We the People to do the same.

Identify the office, talk with your family, friends and anyone else who might support you. Encourage them to run for an office. Then do it. Get your candidacy registered either with your county or the state. Check the requirements for the office you intend to run for. Don't miss the filing deadline.

Just do it and audit your vote. If we the people don't, the same corrupt, rotten party animals will be right back in the driver's seat and we will continue the slide into communism. Might I also make one suggestion: Don't use a sledgehammer on the voters. Not all Americans know what you do about the world agenda. First impressions are everything because you may not get a second chance. Tailor your campaign to the duties of the office you seek.

Good luck and God bless everyone who will get out and take this very positive step in taking back our country. We're either serious about change or people can continue trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. Declare your candidacy now and audit your vote returns.

© 2003 Devvy Kidd - All Rights Reserved

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Bring back the citizen candidate.

We must break these personal fiefdoms of people whose voting record speaks for itself:

The melting down of a great Republic. Politically, economically, morally.

The entire Congress (exception: Ron Paul): get them out. Here in California, there's three Republicans in our state legislature who actually believe in their oath of office. The rest should be run out of town on a rail with no retirement perks. They have destroyed this state with their politically correct insanity and deserve no reward to rewarding unlawful behavior: Giving ILLEGAL aliens a free ride off the back of law abiding, taxpaying citizens of this State is killing this once prosperous and beautiful state.

Property Rights: Zoning, the UN treaties and all the rest of the nonsense. Go after those seats on the City Council, County Commissioners and Mayor ships. Declare your candidacy now. It takes a good year or more to go door to door, shake those hands and inform the voters of their God-given rights.

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NOT friends of the Republic:

Henry Hyde, Republican: 29 years in Congress CFR, Hijacked impeachment against Clinton. Should have gone before a Grand Jury for obstruction of justice at the very least.

Washington Weekly
June 7, 1999 Marvin Lee

Schippers: Impeachment Trial Rigged by Republican Leadership, Justice Department obstructed inquiry

By Marvin Lee

Speaking out after the failed impeachment of President Clinton, Republican counsel David Schippers says that the House Impeachment managers were betrayed by the Republican leadership in the Senate. In an interview with Human Events, he said:

SCHIPPERS: I think the most important factor that the public should know that they don't know is that, before we ever
appeared on the floor of the United States Senate, the House impeachment managers and I were told that there was no way we could win.

QUESTION: Who told you that?

SCHIPPERS: Six Republican senators. Members of the leadership.

QUESTION: Members of the Republican leadership came over to you?

SCHIPPERS: No, we were over there. We were discussing the kind of method by which we would try the case, and we, the managers and myself, were told, "Look we're just trying to keep you from embarrassing yourselves." I mean, this is after a vote of the House of Representatives impeaching the President.

In that same meeting one of the senators -- and because I do not know which one it was, I will not name any of the senators -- turned to Henry Hyde and he said, "Henry, I don't care. No way are you going to get 67 votes." This was before anything had occurred on the floor of the Senate.

And Henry Hyde said, "Well, you know Senator, we have other materials over there in that room that were furnished by Mr. Starr and I think that some of them may have to do with assaults or things like that. And the senator said, "Henry" -- this is a direct quote -- "I don't care if you have proof that he raped a woman, stood up and shot her dead, you're still not going to get 67 votes."

At that point I raised my hand and I said, "Senator, are you telling me I just watched a hundred senators raise their right hand to God and swear to do equal and impartial justice and that they will ignore that oath too?" And the senator said, "You're darn right they are."

From that moment on I knew that we were in a rigged ball game. In Chicago we'd refer to it as a First Ward election.

David Schippers further complained about an obstruction of the impeachment effort by the Justice Department itself:

SCHIPPERS: The FBI at every stage of the investigation -- at every stage of oversight, impeachment, or anything else -- gave us nothing but 100% full cooperation from the bureau. The problems always came between the bureau and us because interposed between us was the Justice Department, and they were not about to give up anything that might embarrass the President or the Administration.

QUESTION: Your feeling is they were covering up for the President?

SCHIPPERS: I feel they were covering up for the President.

Published in the Jun. 7, 1999 issue of The Washington Weekly. Copyright 1999

The Washington Weekly ( Reposting permitted with this message intact.

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Rep. Nancy Pelosi, California, 8th DistrictNancy Pelosi, Democrat: 15 years in the House. Political ideology is strictly communist. Very dangerous to anyone who loves freedom.

Rep. Henry Waxman - 30th District of CaliforniaHenry Waxman, Democrat: 29 years in Congress. Hard-core communist ideologies

Rosa DeLauro, Democrat: 14 years in Congress. Never let it be said that two thoughts at one time ever resided between her ears. That would be overcrowding! Never met a welfare program she didn't love.

Charles Rangel, Democrat: 34 years in the House. Racist. Strictly communist ideologies Big deal maker. Hates our Constitution

Congressman Major Owens welcomes you.Major Owens, Democrat: 21 years in House. Hates the Second Amendment. Tried to get it abolished (1992) Strict socialist. Extremely challenged intellectually.

Dennis Hastert, Republican: 17 years. Heads up the House with the GOP rule. These so-called  conservatives" have had years to reverse all this destructive legislation. Instead, what have they done? Lay us away with unconstitutional junk  laws since 1995 when they took control of the House. What a joke. I left the Republican party in April 1996. I've never booked back. I belong to no party and it feels good.

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From my CD (

Excerpt from:

Democrats Shouldn't Worry About Bush
(Republicans Should...)

Devvy Kidd
December 13, 2000

Democratic Socialists of America

57 Members of the U.S. Congress Betraying our Republic

This is one of the most egregious outrages in this country today, yet the majority of Americans are unaware of this heinous conduct by 57 sitting members of the U.S. Congress to overthrow our legal form of government. No, not through an armed revolution but rather, like the evil of Communism, these people do it through brain washing and deliberately breeding America to dependence on government welfare programs like a pusher who keeps his victim addicted.

America is a sovereign Republic. We are not a democracy. A democracy is mob rule and that mentality was displayed on December 10, 1998 during the prepackaged horse and pony show called "Impeachment Hearings." Congressman Howard Berman [D-CA] said that Congress could not impeach a president without the will of the people! How preposterous!

What happened to the rule of Law, Mr. Berman? Berman's brain cavity wouldn't even make a good drinking up for a hummingbird. Impeachment hearings are just that, or, an inquest if you will. An impeachment trial then goes on to the senate, presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Berman's ignorance isn't surprising if you've done enough homework as I have about the real agenda of the people behind the scenes who jerk the strings of Congress and the White House. And, no, it's not some silly conspiracy theory. The proposed take- over of America is right out in the open for anyone to see and read in thousands of documents, treaties and the voting patterns of Congress. This is what I do, seven days a week for almost nine years without any financial compensation. I know what I'm talking about.

Tens of thousands of gallons of blood has been spilled by hundreds of thousands of Americans to keep our nation free. To keep our Constitution and Bill of Rights as the supreme law of the land, instead of the Communist Manifesto. Communism should be hated by Americans, yet Americans purchase so much junk from Communist China, that our trade balance with these butchers is now over $400 billion dollars.

Sadly, most Americans don't even have a clue as to what this means to the economy and welfare of our country. How the Commies must be laughing themselves silly over America's stupidity. Too many Americans know only welfare in the form of social programs, handed out by Congress without a scintilla of constitutional authority.

There are more than 7,000 slave labor camps in Communist China and the blood from these poor souls probably made the blouse or slacks members of Congress parade around in - shame! Not me, not my family. We buy Made in the USA or go without and believe me, with the exception of some computer parts we can only get from Japan, we go without.

This is not isolationism as we frequently hear chanted by the media mouth pieces and Congress, it is called protectionism. Every country on this earth protects it's job base and we had better start doing the same because the next 10,000 jobs that go to Communist China, Communist Viet NAM, Communist South Africa, Sri Lanka or the Philippines just might be yours.

Anyone who seeks to undermine the sovereignty of the United States or overthrow our legal form of government should, and usually are, charged with sedition. Not the 57 members of Congress who are actively working to overthrow our form of government. No? If you are on the Internet, go to: which is the web site for the Democratic Socialists of America and for those who just can't get to a computer, let me give you the exact text off the main page of their web site:

The Organization

"The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal affiliate of the Socialist International (also in Francais and Espanol). DSA's members are building progressive movements for social change while establishing an openly socialist presence in American communities and politics.

At the root of our socialism is a profound commitment to democracy, as means and end. We are activists committed not only to extending political democracy but to demanding democratic empowerment in the economy, in gender relation, and in culture. Democracy is not simply one of our political values but our means of restructuring society.....

In this web site you can find out about DSA, its politics, structure and program. DSA's political perspective is called Where We Stand. It says in part:

We are socialists because we reject an international economic order sustained by private profit, alienated labor, race and gender discrimination, environmental destruction and brutality and violence in defense of the status quo. We are socialists because we share a vision of a humane international social order based both on democratic planning and market mechanisms to achieve equitable distribution of resources, meaningful work, a healthy environment, sustainable growth, gender and racial equality and non-oppressive relationships."

Sounds all warm and fuzzy doesn't it? How many Americans understand what "sustainable growth" means? They should, it's destroying the autonomy of the states faster than a NY minute. DSA also has a youth section so they can do what Hitler did: turn children into killers. DSA, in their own words: " advance the cause of Socialism." Do you know what Adolph Hitler had to say about democracy? While I am loathe to quote a monster like him, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat and relive it:

"The democracy of western countries is the predecessor of Marxism, which would be unthinkable without democracy. Democracy provides the nourishing soil for this world disease; the plague spreads from this ground."

"Anti-Semitism is a useful revolutionary expedient. My Jews are a valuable hostage given to me by democracy."

I encourage everyone to read a book titled, The Voices of America's Destruction by Jeri Lynn Ball. [ Order: 1-877-291-1000 or] I guarantee you, once you read this meticulously researched book, see the comparisons of speeches by Adolph Hitler and Bill & Hill Clinton, you will see this government through different eyes. Of course, most Americans won't because they are like zombies, mesmerized every night in front of the television set watching mindless drivel. America will rue the day very soon because her people put garbage like Friends, The X-Files, sports, booze and drugs before any concern for their freedom.

If there is one single issue that Bill Clinton and Al Gore should be driven out of office, it is the selling of our most secret and sensitive technology to the Communist Chinese, our mortal enemy. Make no mistake about it, this is as serious as a full blown heart attack and it has made America very vulnerable and unnecessarily put our military at grave risk. No?

I urge you to read, The Year of The Rat by Michael Timberlake & William C. Triplett as well as their other books. No, they are not members of the vast right wing conspiracy; these two courageous men have very impressive credentials. Like me and you, they are very, very worried about the security of our country. Their book is so well documented and takes the reader, step by step, times, dates, places and the people involved.

There can be no question that The Democratic Socialists of America's agenda is to overthrow our legal form of government. It is a travesty that we have an alcoholic lesbian as an Attorney General, Janet Reno, who, from the mouths of her own staff if put under oath, was probably drunk when she ordered the gassing and burning of almost 100 men, women and children at Waco. Strong words? Not when you have done your homework. Another excerpt from the web site of the Democratic Socialists of America:

Now you begin to understand why a controlled vote is a necessity to get gets these anti- American, and by their own admission, socialists, "elected" to the U.S. Congress. Where is your outrage, America? Fifty-seven members of the United States Congress are connected like an umbilical cord with this subversive organization. Are you going to sit back and allow them to do this to our country? I guess so.

Actually, with the joke we call elections, it is rather difficult to vote anyone out of office anymore- all members of the Progressive Caucus - socialists - "reelected." Sure. Please help to educate everyone you know, people in your church, your union and all across this country. Let our voices be heard before it's too late - and we're getting close. Who are these members of Congress working to overthrow our Republic? They are all Democrats who proudly proclaim their membership in the Progressive Congress, they are:

Earl Hilliard [AL], Eni Faleomavaega [AS-AL], Ed Pastor [AZ], Lynn Woolsey [CA], George Miller [CA], Nancy Pelosi [CA], Pete Stark [CA], Henry Waxman [CA], Xavier Becerra [CA], Julian Dixon [CA], Esteban Torres [CA], "Mad Max" Maxine Waters [CA], George Brown [CA], Bob Filner [CA], Diane DeGette [CO], Corrine Brown [FL], Carrie Meek [FL], Alcee Hastings [FL], Cynthia McKinney [GA] - I think she was just redistricted out, John Lewis [GA], Neil Abercrombie [HI], Patsy Mink [HI], Jessie Jackson, Jr [IL}, Luis Gutierrez [IL], Danny Davis [IL], Lane Evans [IL], Julia Carson [IN], John Oliver [MA], Jim McGovern [MA], Barney Frank [MA], John Tierney [MA], David Bonier [MI], Lynn Rivers [MI], John Conyers [MI], Bennie Thompson [MS]

Melvin Watt [NC], Donald Payne [NJ], Jerrold Nadler [NY], Major Owens [NY], Nydia Velazquez [NY], Charles Rangel [NY], Jose Serrano [NY], Maurice Hinchey [NY], John LaFalce [NY], Marcy Kaptur [OH], Dennis Kucinch [OH], Louis Stokes [OH] just retired, Sherrod Brown [OH], Elizabeth Furse [OR], Peter DeFazio [OR], Chaka Fattah [PA] gone, William Coyne [PA], Carlos Romero-Barcelo [PR-AL], Robert C. Scott [VA], Bernard Sanders* [VT], James McDermott [WA]

*  Sanders is the only "independent" in Congress. If I remember correctly, Sanders ran on the  Socialist ticket in '92 and was allegedly defeated, then ran as an "independent" in '94 and has been there ever since. He is as Red as Red Square in Moscow or Tienneman Square in Communist China. I do not believe that a constitutional and freedom loving state like Vermont would elect a socialist to Congress, no way.

Each and every one of these people took a solemn oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States. They cannot uphold that oath and be socialists at the same time. The two are not compatible. In my book, they are guilty of lying under oath, but, hell, why not? The President of the United States does it so why not them? Can you see the pattern here?

I have watched Congress on C-SPAN and all the talking head shows for years and years. I have  watched every single one of those listed above and each time they open their mouths, I am amazed at the stupidity and un-American, anti-American, destructive ideology that they chant on a daily basis. Marcy Kaptur became the darling of the anti-free trade sector of our population - all except me - I knew she was a member of the Progressive Caucus and what they their real agenda was/is: the overthrow of our legal form of government. Where's your voice, America?