EEOC v. Kidman Family: More Government Run Amok

January 30, 2003

A lifetime of work destroyed?

The federal government has filed a lawsuit that would bankrupt an Arizona family and destroy a lifetime of work.

Richard Kidman and his wife, Shauna, started their small business, RD's Drive-In, more than 20 years ago in Page, Arizona. Over the years, the Kidman family and their restaurant have faithfully served the nearby Navajo community. Many of their customers are Navajo. Nearly all of their employees are Navajo.

In 2000, some of the drive-in's Navajo employees complained that a few of their coworkers were treating them rudely by talking about them and using offensive language in Navajo. In order to protect their employees, the Kidmans followed the advice provided on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") website and adopted a policy that required employees to speak English while working.

The EEOC has now sued Mr. and Mrs. Kidman and their son Steve, who works at the drive-in, seeking large damages because of the English policy. The lawsuit could bankrupt the Kidmans.

The Kidmans need your help. Please register your support for them and send them your comments by filling in the information below. We will keep you informed about important developments in the lawsuit.

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You could be next. No? This nation is full of victims of this administration and the ten before it. We are all targets of the machine. The system needs victims in order to stay in business and the PC crowd go to work everyday looking for new victims to justify their jobs.

If you're an attorney in the Page, Arizona area, you might consider volunteering some of your legal time and expertise to help this all American family.