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Devvy Kidd
January 19, 2003

One my loyal readers sent me some research he did on the above captioned web site.

I receive literally a ton of information via e-mail every day and simply don't have the time or manpower to filter through it all.

I did, however, take the time to go through this research and decided to let you, the reader, make up your mind about this information because Mr. Jackson makes some very valid points.

January 16, 2003

Dear Devvy:

I'm not sure that many are aware, but there seems to be a Trojan among them there Conspiracies. Yes. What's the best way to control the hatching of conspiracies and how they proliferate? You own the market!

There's a website called What Really Happened, and it is supposedly run by a single individual with an interst in promoting "The Truth The Government Hopes You Don't Learn." This site has been one of the fastest growing sites on the Net in the last 2 years.

It has been called a "News" site, it's been called a "Conspiracy" site, and it's been called a conspiracy of  conspiracies. This site, as a matter of content, hosts links to 3rd party  news stories with a comment or two on each story from the "individual" that  runs the site. I've heard it described as "Drudgereport with comments."

Recently, there's been a rash of finger pointing and charachter attacks
between an Internet pen name titled "S. Boyle", the individual that runs the What Really Happened Site, and a site called Bank Index, which is owned and operated by PMC4, LLC.

You can read the initial article by S. Boyle, here:

In this article, S. Boyle comes to a number of conclusions, of which some are verifiable and true while others are completely false. What was immediatly pounced upon by "The Staff @", though, was a major leap of logic that could not be substantiated, and was not true.  S. Boyle revealed a number of things in his article, but he made the mistake of assuming Dandelion Books was part of PMC4 holdings.

I will clarify a few things:

1) What Really Happens is run by a guy named Michael Rivero.

2) Bank Index is owned by PMC4, LLC.

3) GoOff is owned by PMC4, LLC.

4) Dandelion Books was started in November 2000 by Carol Adler who is the

Here's a solicitation by Alder (Letter with Subject of "Books", 2/3rds down
the page:,+Inc%22&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

5) is the "Bookstore" and Affiliate "Hub" for Dandelion Books.

7) Inc. is the founding partner of the PMC4, LLC family.

8) Inc. Lists the following projects on it's website:

        Internet Service Providers
        Genetic Information
        Casinos, Gambling and Games
        Art Exchange
        Banking and Finance
        Modeling and Fashions

9) Michael Rivero has done two interviews - One with GoOff - and the other with Bank Index - Both owned by PMC4.

10) Dandelion Books is a subsidiary of Dandelion Enterprises, Inc.

11) Dandelion Enterprises, Inc. also has a self-publishing division, Tiger
Maple Press.

12) Bank Index, some point after 9/11, changed the type of stories it
released in the "Today's Top Headlines" section.

Here it is just after 9/11:

Here is it today:

13) What Really Happened went through a major change after 9/11:



I hope I've made the above relationships clear. One thing that I have not made clear, though, is the relationship between the What Really Happened website and the other parties mentioned. I have no solid proof that the owner of What Really Happened works with or for PMC4 or any of it's holdings, but I can say that they work closely.

1) Sometime in 2002 Bank Index had a "Popup Ad" for the purchase of an album titled: "Isle Of Sanctuary" by Claire Rivero, Michael Rivero's wife.

2) The What Really Happened website links to Bank Index and Go Off articles almost on a daily basis.

3) A number of Mr. Rivero's articles have been posted on Bank Index.

4) Michael Rivero has a new book, titled "Cyber Soldiers And Silicon
Patriots: The New Face Of Political Dissent", published by Dandelion Books:

So, they are (or were) all working together at some point or other. The  question is, is there an agenda? Would it be to control the types of conspiracies that are rumored on the 'Net? You be the judge.

S. Boyle has since posted conversation between himself and Bank Index, the outcome of which was supposed to be an apology/retraction of false statements:


In short, all of the sites and companies I have listed do in fact work with each other. Inc. seems to be the umbrella company to all of the other companies I've listed, except for Dandelion and What Really Happened. Dandelion just happens to be the publisher of the books written by conspiracy theorists, and What Really Happened seems to drive an awful lot of traffic to those two sites.


An interesting comment made by one reader:

    "Rivero, What Really Happened, Go off, Dandelion, Gordon Thomas are essentially all part of an inbred and incestuous network of Right Wing propagandists and disinformation artists."

    "They included not only the standard Hard Right outlets like Newsmax but also Christian Fascist moupieces like Dandelion."

    "Their political function and agenda in general is to act as a phony
opposition or Trojan Horse media specifically targetted towards those people who question the official story. If you study the disinformation put out by these propagandists, you will see a similar pattern in that they question the official story or version of events--only to carefully spin the issue in a way which just so happens to reinforce their own Right Wing agendas and political campaigns."

    "In particular with respect to 9-11, most of the sites have tried to seize upon obvious holes and lies in the official story about 9-11 in order to direct and deflect blame AWAY from the Bush Regime and American State in general towards some foreign bogeyman or patsy."

    "The bottom line is that these pseudo-alternative media outlets set up by the Right Wing have the effect of being classic CIA style psyops operations. They question the official story, only to steer and focus attention away from the more fascistic political factions which support the American military-corporate complex onto a suitable "enemy" foreign or domestic."

The "Right Wing" may not have a darned thing to do with it, but still, an intersting insight.


We all know that there are going to be people that question any official story.  What better way to control the conspiracies than to setup "fake" alternative news outlets to push "fake" conspiracies?  It would quench the thirst of most seeking that second opinion, but at the same time, confuse them while keeping the truth hidden.

Don't get me wrong, some of the links on are very good indeed. Others, though, seem to be opinions, almost forced onto the reader, like the Israli Spy ring, and the daily harping on Israel. All three sites (What Really Happened, Bank Index, and GoOff) all seem to be promoting NO WAR, Government in Debt, Peace Rallies, the Government cannot  be trusted, and the coming of a revolution.

Some of these things may be true, but the promoters of the ideas from these sites don't offer solutions, and don't seem to participate in public dissent. They would rather cause  dissent from behind thier cushy web sites. They seem to want to promote the  mindset that you can only get the truth from reading thier websites and/or articles and/or books. Simply not true.

BTW, Rivero's still promoting that Mr. Tom Kenney was indeed in NY prior to

* * *

I highly recommend you order and view Mike Ruppert's excellent video on forces behind the scenes, 9-11, the financial implications and the towers:

The Truth and Lies of 9-11

There is another video on Mike's site I've seen that raises some very interesting questions about 9-11. This video has real interviews with people at the location and news reporters who saw and experienced what the FBI doesn't want you to know:

Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus

Veteran TV journalist Dan Hopsicker takes his video camera into the lions den to investigate the real history of terrorist flight training in Florida. What he uncovers will leave you stunned.

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