Show Your Clout: Boycott Time Warner

Devvy Kidd
January 16, 2003

Today carried a piece about the latest goings on with Bob Schulz' We the People TV:

[New 1.17.03: more censorship:]

For those who may not have the latest on internet censorship by Time Warner, big time globalists and anti-American to the quintessential, here it is for your convenience. Below this update is more on Time Warner and the "power of the people."

From We the People Congress:


"3 Minutes and 40 Seconds. Then Nothing."

Plug "Pulled" on WTP-TV? or Just a Coincidence?
First Show Now Available For Viewing

Three minutes and forty seconds of high quality audio and video, then nothing. That's just part of the story on WTP's initial attempt to broadcast THE LIBERTY HOUR this past Tuesday night.

Here are the facts as we know them.

1) During the day Tuesday, in preparation of the WTP-TV broadcast, the broadcast server and software configurations were tested repeatedly and verified as functioning properly.

From the beginning of the broadcast at 9:30 PM Tuesday, many viewers experienced various problems receiving the broadcast stream. Exactly one minute after Bob Schulz completed saying the following words, the broadcast was completely disabled and knocked off the "air":

          "Later, during this broadcast, I will outline a bold but doable PLAN that the We The People Foundation and Congress will spearhead a plan designed to bring our servant government back under the control of the People and our Constitution.

We call on all concerned Americans to unite behind the PLAN. The hour is late.

 At the heart of the PLAN, which I will soon outline, is a Mission Statement as follows:

          "With the grace of God and with malice toward none, and to force the leaders of the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government to respond to each of the four Petitions for Redress of Grievances that were recently served on every member of the Congress and President Bush, we will do everything in our power, including the creation of a Legal Defense Fund, to get three hundred thousand (300,000) employers, employees, retirees and self-employed people to immediately begin retaining and keeping in their possession the money that they would otherwise have turned over to the federal government."

2) For the next hour Bob Schulz and his guest Charlie Beall completed their remarks, in which they detailed the activities to be to be initiated by WTP pursuant to the Mission and laid out the rationale for this civil action. The entire presentation was recorded and archived and is available (see link below).

3) While the production continued in the studio, our service provider attempted to figure out why the broadcast was not going out.

4) While the number of people accessing the WTP website to watch the broadcast was very high in numbers, the problem was not a lack of adequate bandwidth capacity. THE LIBERTY HOUR'S access to the Internet is through dedicated server with a very large data communications backbone that can handle the throughput of over 1,000,000 users.

5) The problem was Time Warner.

6) Time Warner owns the node (a "junction box") through which pass the cables that our streaming provider renders its service. A node is comprised of hardware that manages the digital transmission of packets containing the sound and video of the broadcast. Corporations like Cisco manufacture the hardware that is used in nodes.

7) This particular node serves two large commercial multicast broadcast providers as well as a host of commercial T-1 data lines, residential cable customers, etc. Our broadcaster's service is specifically enabled to support the "multicast" broadcast transmission protocol that was used to broadcast our program.

8) At 6 PM Tuesday, our web broadcaster received a message that was left on a telephone voice recording machine from someone who identified himself as Tony Garcia from Time Warner. The message was that Time Warner was experiencing a problem affecting just and ONLY the specific communications node in the local area that was to carry the broadcast. He further informed our broadcast provider that a "work order" had been issued for maintenance. Coincidentally, as we found out later -- the only part of the node affected turned out to be the part that supports the multicast digital transmission protocol we were using for our broadcast.

No other reason was given for the fact that Time Warner had deprived our provider the ability to broadcast in this mode. It appears there was no attempt made by Time Warner to coordinate their repair schedule with their other commercial customers on this node that were affected -- or to ascertain if their "maintenance" would interfere with the ongoing 24 hr/day commercial activities of our broadcaster.

9) Our broadcaster was not able to reconfigure the server or software in time to continue. Attempts to revive the broadcast ceased after 10 PM.

By early the next morning we had received more than 1,000 e-mails from people, informing us of their experiences while trying to access the website to watch the broadcast. We thank everyone who did so. It was very helpful.

Besides getting knocked off the air after three minutes and forty seconds, we have been informed by many people that during the first few minutes of the broadcast they had intermittent audio but no video, or video but no audio. This kind of problem is usually attributable to dial up connections with slower speed modems and older operating systems, but also could also have been directly caused by the hardware problems at the communications node.

Finally, We had reports from many people who said that when they went to our website, the entire page was filled with "gibberish." Here is a sample:

          "çá<| ØNÜ'±³m§sú »×,ª 'Ø) kH*fÜôg2Òʨ±íGj¶w9K6è9µê95-ËHÐzãùÆÔÚloss> æ; ¥' g g ¯ú®ù [ /þø ?þáÙTðøü
          Ë {¥/þ K@ë JHmÿ-

With some people, the gibberish would not be there when they re-booted their computer. With others, it was.

This problem seems to occur every time we have a major event. The last time it occurred was on November 14, 2002, which was the day of our live webcast of Freedom Drive 2002 from the National Mall in DC. Before that it occurred on April 8, 2002, which was the day of our live webcast of our press conference from the National Press Club in DC.

The technology experts tell us we have a "very sophisticated" hacker at work. Somebody is interested in limiting the number of people who can access our website at times of high importance to us. We are taking steps to prevent the problem from occurring in the future.

The "gibberish" computer attack appears to interact with Internet Explorer's web page memory cache and certain system level settings on our server. Usually, the effects of this attack can be alleviated by users by clearing out the temporary and history files in Internet Explorer. This is done by selecting "Tools" "Internet Options" on I/E and then selecting the "Delete Temporary Files" and the "Clear History" options.

Now for some good news.

The initial production of THE LIBERTY HOUR was recorded and is now available. The show is 1 hour and 23 minutes long. NOTE: future shows will be kept under 1 hour in length.

Click Here mms:// to watch the broadcast using Media Player. NOTE: Due to system workarounds that were implemented to provide streaming of the broadcast, until next Wednesday, no more than 1500 users will be able to connect at the same time. After next Wednesday, there will be no limit to the number of simultaneous connections. We are reconfiguring our system.

If you want, you can download the file directly to your hard drive (approximately 63 MB) so you can watch it off-line or copy it to a CD-ROM to distribute to your friends. Click Here to easily download the video file (via FTP) onto your PC.

We encourage everyone to watch the full broadcast of the January 7th show and to tell others about it. Our next broadcast of THE LIBERTY HOUR will be on January 21, 2003 at 9:30 P.M. (Eastern), 6:30 P.M. (Pacific). After that, we intend to broadcast every Tuesday evening.

We apologize for the inconvenience we know many people experienced as a result of our problem with Time Warner and our hacker. We have taken the necessary steps to see that those problems do not occur again.

Click here to read and download a transcript of the January 7, 2003 show.

I got the hieroglyphics you see above. However, I read the transcript and it's outstanding.



WTP-TV Temporarily Off The Air - Someone Doesn't Like Our Message

Developing Story

As of 3:55 PM, Monday afternoon, the We The People Internet broadcast provider was forced by his provider, Time Warner, to cease providing transmission of the WTP-TV broadcast stream and the FTP download of the archived LIBERTY HOUR file.

Here's what we can release at this moment.

On Friday afternoon, while still under the impression that Time Warner had permanently fixed whatever "technical problem" caused them to knock our live broadcast off the "air," we posted the links enabling people to watch and/or download the event.

On Saturday, two computers at the White House were used to watch the entire event and eight computers at the IRS were used to watch and download the file.

By Sunday evening, 10,031 people had watched the event and another 5300 people downloaded the file to their PCs.

Beginning on Sunday and continuing on Monday, we received numerous messages from people about a "sluggishness" problem they were experiencing -- it was taking up to 15 hours for the FTP download of the file when it should only have taken 15 minutes. Something or somebody had so severely throttled our provider's "big-pipe" transmission bandwidth that downloading was slowed to a "crawl."

Not only was WTP being affected but also our provider was being affected. His business was being affected by the inordinate amount of time required to transmit data.

Urgent calls by our provider to his provider, Time Warner, for an explanation of the reason for the loss in transmission capability resulted, finally, in Time Warner's suggestion: "Turn them off." By "them," Time Warner was referring to WTP.

With his arm being twisted, and in the interest of protecting his business, our provider was forced by his provider to cut us off from his server.

Reluctantly, he did so at 3:55 P.M. Monday afternoon.

As soon as he did so, his full "big-pipe" bandwidth capability became available to him and all the problems he had been experiencing since last Tuesday night cleared up.

We The People is currently taking various technical and non-technical steps to insure the continued availability of our internet broadcasts.

Because of the high demand, we are duplicating the recording of the January 7 production of THE LIBERTY HOUR onto VHS tape and CD-ROM. These should be available very shortly.

We urge everyone that already has access to the initial broadcast to copy it, stream it (if feasible), offer it through an FTP link and make it available as widely as possible to your own network of contacts.

We The People will provide additional details about this developing story and our efforts to stop those that would attempt to curtail the spread of this historic message.

* * *


Time Warner heavies also sit on the Board of C-SPAN, which is why C-SPAN also censors real news and programming.  Instead, they feed the American people only what they want you to see.

It's a very sad thing today when companies who have achieved great success through free enterprise, think nothing of betraying the very people who spent their hard earned dollars to make those companies what they are today.

Boycotting any company is a difficult decision. Most of these huge international (not American) companies operating today in America employ good, decent people. Our friends, neighbors, folks who attend the same church. Hundreds of thousands of Americans own stock in these very same companies that have sold out America.

Boycotting hurts those individuals and I'm sorry I must take this stand, but I have no choice. I love my country and I won't sit back and "buy" while companies like Time Warner pull such a despicable act of censorship.

We are talking about the truth and the long term survival of our Republic. If hurting these companies financially is the only way to get their attention, then that's what has to be done. I refuse to buy any products from Unilever/Bestfoods because they sponsor a boob tube program called "Fastlane." This is a giant helping of vulgarity, porn and unnecessary violence carried on FOX.

I refuse to buy any products from Anheuser-Busch, Kodak, Chevron, Texaco or Philip Morris, nor will I bank with Well Fargo. These companies brag about their support of Sodomites. They advertise in publications that promote their filthy and dangerous deathstyles. This also goes for companies who run commercials during football games of two banshees mud fighting in their underwear. How utterly degrading.

[Update 1.17.03:]

I have been boycotting Disney for over a decade. They own one of the biggest porn cable networks in the world. They knowingly hire pedophiles and they not only court employment for Sodomites and lesbians, they hold special events for these purveyors of perversion.

I regret that I can't purchase Disney videos I grew up with for my nieces and nephews. I regret I can't take them to Disneyland. But no way in the world will I put a cent in Disney's pocket until they clean out the toilet they have become.

I don't "need" these companies or their products, but they need consumers like me with disposable income.

There is a world of difference between want and real need.

I live my convictions and what I stand for; going without isn't much of a sacrifice. Yes, this hurts the economy. I refuse to buy foreign anything, including foreign fruits and vegetables. This also hurts the economy because there are a lot of people like me. But, you either take a stand and stick to your guns or, well, just take a look around and see what we've got: A Republic in meltdown, both economically and morally.

People like me have been warning Americans for years, including stockholders, that one day all these big conglomerates will gobble up everyone else and then when they promote and support what you find repulsive or un-American, guess what? They will control a particular market and you'll be forced to use their service, i.e., phone companies, or go without.

Sadly, most Americans are so fat, dumb and happy, they stand for nothing because they believe in nothing. They're greedy, immoral and spineless. Brainwashed and dumbed down.

Time Warner is a huge conglomerate. Like Xerox and other companies, they play the numbers game. They bank on the fact that most Americans have no convictions, don't give a durn about morals and are so addicted to "things," they will excuse anything.

Bob Schulz and his dedicated people worked so hard to put together WTP TV to bring the truth to a nation commiting national suicide. The gentleman who sponsored his equipment and facilities suffered because Time Warner pulled the plug.

I have already sent e-mails to quite a number on the list below letting them know I will not buy any products or services from their companies as long as Time Warner and its affiliates practice Internet censorship by refusing to provide services for a bona fide customer which was attempting to broadcast WTP's program.

We have internal tracking for this site. Computers from the Dirty House, the IRS (CID- Criminal Investigation Division), the World Bank and U.S. Senators offices have all read this web site. As you read above, Bob's presentation was watched by the Dirty House on Pennsylvania Ave and the IRS. It must have scared the crooks so badly, the end result was censorship to you the people.

Fight back.

Let Time Warner and its affiliates know you will refuse to put money in their pocket over this disgrace. Tell them or they'll never know why their bottom line is shrinking. You can also switch your Internet service from AOL Time Warner (AOL is an enemy of the Second Amendment, so why would you use their service anyway?) and help raise money for Bob's work:

If you own stock in these companies, make your voice heard. If you can't attend a stockholder's meeting, send them your opinion in writing or sell your stock. Take a stand.

If you work for one of these companies, make your voice heard through your union if you have one. Our economy would flourish without the unnecessary income tax and withholding. Take a stand.

When you put money in the hand of the enemy, you are helping to fund the destruction of this Republic.

Money buys power, but the power of the people is where they put their money.

Of course, most people won't and that's what these new world order companies also count on: That the American people will not give up their favorite tv show, refuse to go to the movies, rent videos of movies made by the companies below, refuse to buy music CD's, their magazines or good time to take a stand.

But, just wait until Time Warner or another company pulls the plug on your hot button issue on the Internet. This is just the beginning of real censorship on the best tool we have to fight this tyrannical government. If you don't stand up now, what's next?

Time Warner pulled the plug on the first real chance the people had to bring the truth to millions and millions of our fellow countrymen and women. What Bob Schulz put together and the potential of this WTP TV broadcast has never been done and now it's gone.

Because of Time Warner.

Now I should spend money with their company, sponsors of their garbage television shows and Time Warner affiliates?

When pig's fly.

Time Warner - Books

Time Life Books

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Time - Life Education
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Time - Life AudioBooks
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Children's Book-of-the-Month Club
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Court TV (with Liberty Media) I monitor this channel but will buy no products from their sponsors

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