The People Now Taking Action

Devvy Kidd
January 2, 2003

             "But this present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for long. Already there are powerful forces at work that threaten to destroy all of our hopes and efforts to erect an enduring structure of global interdependence."  David Rockefeller, September 14, 1994, speaking at the Buisness Council for the UN

Rockefeller was referring to The People as those powerful forces at work. The people of this country who have had their belly full of a lying, corrupt government. A federal machine in hyper-drive out to destroy this Republic and bring down a totalitarian state onto our land. For those in a state of denial, Revolutionary leader, Samuel Adams had the perfect words for you:

                "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

For the rest of US, we will fight. This nation belongs to the people, not politicians or non-govdernmental organizations. It is our job, our sacred duty to protect our Republic from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Freedom is not a spectator sport. Freedom is for bravehearts. The cowards can just get out of the way.

Last July 6, 2002, I gave a speech at the Free Enterprise Society's annual convention here in California. Below is a short excerpt from that speech that has a direct bearing on the wonderful news below it:

    "Americans want to know what they can do. I have done the homework and provided a schematic to fix the problem instead of just treat the symptoms.

    "Bob Schulz is going to cover the income tax issue in his speech. He and I spoke this past week about what we were going to impart to you today. It is now time to raise the stakes. The time for tea and crumpets is over. The time for begging these frauds in Congress who claim to represent US but don't - the begging time is over.

    "I spoke with Bob about my belief that the situation with the income tax, directly tied to the head of the beast known as the Federal Reserve, cannot be solved with his solution alone. It has to be a two pronged attack. For any government G-men in the audience, I am not referring to violence, so please holster your Communist Manifesto and park your tank full of CS gas.

    "As Patrick Henry said and Bob Schulz has demonstrated through his tireless 3 1/2  year journey, neither Washington, DC nor our elected state representatives are listening. We've been too polite.

    "How many of you have heard of a woman named Vivien Kellems? Vivien was a remarkable woman. I don't have time to list her accomplishments, but I did bring some copies of her book, courtesy of the publisher and I hope you'll get one today. This woman stopped withholding from her employees paychecks back in 1948. She stood up to the G-men and they flinched.

    "As I said earlier, the income tax issue must be attacked simultaneously in two ways:

    "One: Millions more must stop filing.

    "Two: Employers must stop withholding from their employees.

    "Even if 50 million Americans stopped filing 1040s, the IRS will still be able to track everyone's income via the withholding process.

    "People often ask me why employees of the IRS continue to lie to the American people. The answer is simple: jobs. 98,000 employed by the IRS.

    "When it comes to the Constitution vs jobs, the constitution will lose every time. It used to be different. It's a sad and sorry state of affairs, but the situation has been deliberately fostered through destructive mechanisms like NAFTA, GATT and other factors destroying America's primary job bases: agriculture, industrial and manufacturing. America is becoming a service oriented nation. It's killing the middle class and our economy.

    "If we are going to once and for all stop the fraudulent activities of the IRS and it's immoral, illegal and inexcusable actions against We the People, every single employer in this country in the so-called freedom movement is going to have to walk the walk instead of just talk the talk.  I live my convictions, I don't just talk about them.

    "I propose that beginning January 1, 2003, every employer, excluding the biggies like Xerox and others who won't stand up for freedom and truth until they get sued, stop all withholding from your employees paychecks.

    "Bob is going to outline his proposals. Now I propose that all employers between now and January, meet with your legal counsel, formulate your legal defense, meet with your accountants and your employees. You have six months to get your ducks in line.

    "This is what Vivien Kellems did. She educated her employees, taught them the law and then took on the govmint.

    "Yes, you will be forced to spend money for lawyers. Vivien Kellems begins her book, published back in 1952, with her court trial. She believed in the truth so much, she was willing to spend the required money for legal counsel.

    "Yes, the dragoons at the IRS will try to scare you into submission. They want their jobs and will do anything to keep them. That includes fraud, lying and cheating.

    "The government's media apparatus, especially foolish liars-for-hire like David Cay Johnson of the NY Times, will attempt to vilify anyone who stands up to this tyranny. I pray my fellow countrymen and women who own a business are made of stronger stuff and won't be intimidated by the media or the thugs who work for the IRS who care only about their paychecks and not the law." End of excerpt.

Vivien Kellems' fantastic book can be ordered at:

You can order a video of my full speech from:

Or, the full speech is available on my CD archive of this web site (contains 900 files):

And now the fantastic news from Bob Schulz, Chairman of We the People Foundation:


January 2, 2003

Don't Change That Channel:

WTP-TV Is On The Air

Next week, WTP unveils its latest technological weapon in the quest to restore the Republic and the Constitution: The ability to produce and broadcast, a regularly scheduled live multimedia, multi-source, television quality program series across America.

We The People Foundation has acquired access to a large Internet broadcast "pipeline" and specialized conferencing/video collaboration software that will enable live video feeds from multiple locations around the nation to be broadcast live over the Internet. These feeds can be integrated into a single viewing screen that will be transmitted nationwide for TV quality reception.

Moving far beyond our previous experiences with Internet web casts, which have already been seen by tens of thousands, WTP now possesses the capability to reach a virtually unlimited mass audience each week. The technology that allowed us to have just a few (and very expensive) webcast events (such as the Freedom Drive event in DC on November 14th, or our National Press Club press conferences or the Truth-in-Taxation hearing) is now available for our weekly and eventually, even daily use.

Aside from live broadcasts, WTP intends to produce and deploy a full "library" of video oriented and non-video training and educational materials that will be necessary to obtain our objectives. Our weekly WTP shows will also be archived for later viewing.

With this technology, WTP now has the ability to independently cover tax and freedom related events and news stories from anywhere we can get a digital camera and an Internet connection. We will bring this coverage into the offices and living rooms of freedom defenders everywhere.

Consider being able to participate in a conference or live training class and ask questions from your virtual conference seat. Consider the ability to regularly witness - live -- the real-time TV coverage of freedom related news events or video of the daily Constitutional travesties that are ignored by the dominant media. Consider virtual WTP Congress Coordinator meetings. Consider that this might grow to be the first television channel devoted solely to restoring freedom as it was intended.

The initial program series will be directed at informing masses of Americans about our new agenda to restore our Constitution and enforce our Right to Petition including a new WTP Legal Defense Fund and new educational materials and programs informing:

     a) employers about why and how they should stop withholding;

     b) employees about why and how they should approach their employers to stop withholding; and

     c) the self-employed about why and how they should stop filing and paying income taxes.

Our broadcast can also be displayed on your own television if your computer has a video output port and your television has an appropriate video input jack. We encourage everyone to start to investigate connecting your computer to your television so that groups of people can gather together to view our broadcasts and share the vision and energy of what is happening as we act together to correct what ails our nation. We encourage you to share news of WTP-TV with everyone. This is particularly imperative for our first broadcast next week.

You must have the latest version of Microsoft Media Player to receive the broadcast. lf you need it, click on the following link below, save it to your desk top, then follow the instructions for installing.

The initial broadcast will be at 9:30 PM (Eastern) on TUESDAY January 7, 2003 (6:30 PM Pacific).

To watch the broadcast go to the following url:

The initial broadcast will be introductory in nature and will only exercise a fraction of the video production and broadcast capability we now possess.

We will present a clearly defined mission statement and a plan of action.

Future broadcasts will include specific "How To" instructions, "Action Item" recommendations, "New and Views" with individual guests and panels from around the nation.

The program will be user friendly, if not government friendly.

The producers and hosts of the program acknowledge and will start from the Points of Departure as established by the We The People organization: the Citizens' Truth-In-Taxation Hearing; the 538 Causes of Action; the Four Petitions for Redress; the demand for an apology from and response to Daniel Bryant; etc.

First Broadcast: January 7, 2003

9:30 PM (Eastern), 6:30 PM (Pacific)

What Will Happen January 7th?

We The People will prepare to execute a mass-movement To Cut Government Funding

How We Will Accomplish Our Mission?

By ending the withholding, filing and paying of individual federal income taxes

Why we are taking this action?

               1) The individual income tax is unconstitutional in its origin, illegal in its operation, and the government will not justify its behavior or respond to any Petition for Redress.

               2) The income tax is being used to fund government activities that are unconstitutional, and government will not justify its behavior or respond to Petitions for Redress:

               The income tax pays the interest on an unconstitutional national debt. The income tax supports military aggression overseas without a formal declaration of war. The income tax supports our rapidly expanding police state and the destruction of our liberty.

Who Should View This Broadcast?

Every employer, every employee and every self-employed person.

When Will We The People Execute This Action? Immediately.

Where Will We The People Initiate This Action?  Nationwide

What Are The Next Steps?

    To be detailed on the live broadcast.

    Join us next Tuesday, January 7th, 9:30 PM Eastern.

* * *

Make like Paul Revere and spread the word!