Important Announcement from Bob Schulz

Devvy Kidd
December 26, 2002

While I have known for weeks the information below, I haven't been able to share it with readers to this site. Finally, Bob has now made the announcement of upcoming projects and issues he is busy working. I am aware of how this new broadcast capability came about and it does my heart good to see individuals in this country who are blessed financially, step up to the plate to support the right fight.

It may not be a popular position, but I have been watching a disturbing trend the past half dozen years about the so-called 'conservative' media. Everyone (except "liberals") used to complain there were no independent or 'conservative' talk radio or TV programs. Well, as time has gone by, there are a large number of them now. But, are they doing anything to get the truth to the millions and millions who listen to their shows?

Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, these big name stars are doing little to advance the truth on critical issues and have more or less become no different than the Clinton apologists, now they're just Republican/Bush apologists.

No question Shawn Hannity is very popular. But, who does he have on his show night after night? The same old stable of Bush apologists and cheerleaders for the Republican party. What do these same old mouth pieces talk about? The war on Iraq, Clinton, and Bush's plan for a "tax cut." More obfuscation.

Do we ever see someone like Bill Benson on Hannity's program? Never. Have we ever heard Hannity beat the bush about America's unlawful enjoining with the private UN? Never. Just the same old regurgitated party line, same old faces and Alan Colmes on the "other side" to make it appear there's a difference between the two parties.

How about Mr. Limbaugh? Ditto. Does Mr. Limbaugh have guests on his show? Of course not. His talent is on loan from God and never, never would he have Larry Becraft on his show to explain important issues like jurisdiction and the alphabet soup agencies. Why? Because it would demonstrate to the party faithful listening that the Republicans are just as corrupt as the Democrats, from the top down.

How about former convicted felons and liars? Well, FOX News has Dan Rostenkowski, former powerful congressman who pleaded guilty in April 1996 to two counts of misuse of public funds; sentenced to seventeen months in federal prison; released in 1997. Illegally pardoned by Bunco Billy Clinton before leaving office. You'll never see Bill Benson, Bob Schulz or Joe Banister on FOX news or the big "truth" seeker, Bill O'Reilly. But, break the law, go to prison and FOX rolls out the welcome mat and pays you to boot!

G. Gordon Liddy. I tried to listen to his show a couple of times to see what bilge he was pumping. Most of his talk was how he loved the mostly naked girls in the bra ads in the morning newspaper and ad nauseum references to the crotch areas of their panties. After a few times, I gave up. It was too foul to suffer. You will never hear me or Bob Schulz on Liddy's show. His job is to keep listeners neutralized by chasing their tails and engaged in "for the party" bickering.

My favorite: Ollie North. A nationwide radio show and commentator for FOX News. A man who lied to Congress and drew up plans by order of Ronald Reagan to suspend the U.S. Constitution and round up Americans who disagreed with the government. That is a fact, yet North is a hero to veterans and conservatives. You will never hear Ollie slam this administration for it's unconstitutional shennanigans or its attack on our rights. You will never hear Bob Schulz, Joe Banister, John Turner, Sherry Jackson, Larry Becraft or me on Ollie's show.

Here's a news flash for folks: The truth isn't conservative, liberal, independent, Republican, Democrat, black, white, Catholic, Baptist or Jewish. Not one of these talk shows has even a good grasp of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights or history. Bill O'Reilly is the biggest gas bag, the most arrogant, and while he tries to shield his socialist bent, he fails miserably.

As a matter of fact, I can't think of one single big name "conservative" radio talk show host in this country or any boob tube program that will address the Federal Reserve by having Dr. Edwin Vieira on as a guest, or address the fraud of the income tax by having Joe Banister on as a guest. They all bleat the worn out "tax cuts." To "balance" things out, there's the gratutitous idiot from the Democratic Party mouthing lies about the income tax.

Shawn Hannity did have Bob Schulz on his show in July 2001 and treated him like some senile old kook. It was revolting and any respect I might have had for Shawn Hannity evaporated instantly when I watched the way he treated Bob. Yet, Shawn Hannity fawns all over these dispicable liars who serve in Congress as "my good friends" when they are guests on his show.

How come none of these big names in "conservative" talk radio will talk about the new world order mechanisms killing America? Why won't they won't talk the truth about issues like the voluntary nature of social security and employer withholding?

In my humble opinion, these "conservative" radio talk show hosts are not serving the very people who have made them very rich by listening to their programs and buying their books. Sold out... again. FOX isn't "fair and balanced." They are just as biased as CNN, but they've learned how to sell the same package under a different name.

The good news is that Bob's organization is about to crank up a public media broadcast that will address these important issues and I hope you will give it your support and spread the word. We need ten million Paul Revere's!

From We The People Foundation and Congress:


COMING:  Demand for DOJ Apology

COMING:  More Justification for Redress Before Taxes

This weekend, We The People will post a three-part message:

First, we will announce details of a new live "TV" program that we will produce and broadcast regularly each week. The program series will be directed at informing masses of Americans about our new agenda to restore our Constitution and enforce our Right to Petition including a new WTP Legal Defense Fund and new educational materials informing a) employers about why and how they should stop withholding; b) employees about why and how they should approach their employers to stop withholding; and c) the self-employed about why and how they should stop filing and paying income taxes.

Second, Bob Schulz will post his response to a letter Congressman Roscoe Bartlett has received from Daniel Bryant (the number three man at the U.S. Department of Justice). Bryant officially admits DOJ is refusing to respond to the People's Petition for Redress regarding the legality of the income tax system. Bryant's letter is offensive and will shock readers. It exceeds the bounds of decency and reasonableness. In our letter we demand a formal apology from the Assistant Attorney General. We also put the highest law enforcement agency in the land on notice: No answers, NO taxes.

Third, as further justification for the People to stop sending money to the federal government, we will report the details of treasonous behavior that occurred in the halls of Congress in early October 2002 regarding the unconstitutional commitment of this nation to war.

Main web site:

If you want to read an incredible little book about an employer who quit withholding from her employees paychecks back in 1948, go to: