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Why is there NO support for these 4 important bills which will die in Congress, December 31, 2014? (1) Get us out of the UN, (2) get us out of the destructive, unconstitutional NAFTA, (3) restore Glass-Stegal and (4) a bill to stop federal income tax on social security. Why doesn't AARP support that one?

Please get this out, use social media, contact radio talk show hosts - we've waited decades for these bills and no one seems to care. Click here for the bill numbers, committee members and numbers. Hound your U.S. House member to demand the bill get out of committee and brought to a vote.

Most recent columns: 08/24/2014 - States contribute to Identity Theft, Judges Condone It (Scroll down below 'smart' meter box for a list of other recent columns.)


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What "golden years"? Our children have no future as the destruction continues. Spend, spend, spend - ALL BORROWED DEBT with the interest slapped on our backs. And, look where it's going thanks to the congressional incumbents everyone voted for in the now done primaries. Think it will change with virtually the same imbeciles from both parties going back to DC in January?

It won't be long before people will think the financial meltdown in 2008 was actually the good times compared to the raging bonfire building steam across this country. Economy 'slowly recovering'? Fool's talk.

And speaking of imbeciles: Just 63% Of Likely Voters Know Which Parties Control House and Senate

Get Ready for Runaway Inflation

Marc Faber: McDonald’s tells us why the market will collapse

Who will America go to beg for money as foreign ATMs start going belly up? Where will the social security money come from? Remember: ALL social security taxes go into the general fund of the U.S. Treasury and are not earmarked for any specific spending purpose.

Japan Economy Continues To Collapse

Sen. Reid moves to ensure nuclear dump stays dead

WASHINGTON (AP) — "Amid action in Congress to intensify the fight against Islamic State militants, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid found time
Tuesday for an issue closer to home: ensuring that a nuclear waste dump in his home state of Nevada remains mothballed even after the government has spent $15 billion on it."

Paper is poverty. So said Thomas Jefferson. If you want to protect what you've worked all your life for, buy gold while it's still way below what it should be.

Apple Stock Loses $38 Billion at iPhone 6 Event in Just One Hour

ALL unconstitutional - Republicans control the House - the people's purse. Has the insane, illegal spending stopped? No. They just blame it on the minority Democrats.

$3.2 million in taxpayer money to get monkeys drunk

US spent $22 trillion on failed ‘war on poverty’ (It really didn't fail. The whole object was and has created generations of Americans totally dependent on county, state and federal welfare programs.)

$300k to Boost “Culturally Appropriate” Gene Studies in Africa

$11 Million On Luxury Private Jets For DOJ Political Appointees

Taxpayer-funded tour boat - $3,300,000

$400,000 To Promote “Pickleball”

$3 Million To Boost Bike Clubs

Identity thieves steal billions from IRS - $3,900,000,000

The imbeciles in the House - how much will be stolen from us in borrowed debt to fund "moderates" when no nobody even knows who they are? But, wait! Isn't this just a grand damn mess?

ISIS Formally Aligns With 'Moderate' Rebels Against Assad in Damascus

Fools knee jerking:

Amid skepticism, House approves Obama’s Iraq-Syria military strategy

The end of Obama’s anti-ISIS coalition: after Turkey flipped a finger at US, so did Iraq. Iraqi prime minister says “NO” to foreign ground troops

GROSS misuse of our military:

General: Sending military to fight Ebola 'misuse' of soldiers - Ex-Delta Force commander stresses 'great risk' of infection

U.S. officials in meltdown on Obama's Ebola mission - Can't answer questions posed at congressional hearing on crisis

Report: More than 100,000 gang members in Texas

Act surprised: CBO: Cost of Obamacare Subsidy Will Increase 8-Fold in 10 Years (If ANY form of amnesty goes through, Obamacare will finish us all off rewarding liars, cheats and thieves.)

OBAMACARE Costs: Businesses cutting jobs due to looming mandate

Report: 'Staggering Numbers' of Virginians Will Lose Plans, Pay More Due to ObamaCare

Professor: 2/3rds of all new IT jobs going to foreign workers

Professor: Amnesty Legislation Could Allow High-Tech Companies to Import 100% of Workforce

Border surge a boon for charities receiving federal grants

Sen. Vitter: Educating 1,275 Illegal Minors 'a Huge Financial Burden;' Louisiana's Cost Estimated at $25.8 Million

They can blame their parents: Some of these kids arrive feeling very angry - "Schools scramble to meet 'emotional needs' of illegal children...'Still grieving for family and friends back home'"

Canadian Illegally Crossing U.S. Border Gets Arrested, Fined $5K, 'Expedited Removal'

How very sad no one wanted them: They served their country but died alone: 13 military veterans who lay unclaimed in morgue for up to three years are finally laid to rest with full honors

Incest and Pornography: More Similar Than We Think

The Golden Age of Sexual Taboos: How Indie Movies Brought Deranged Sex Acts to the Big Screen

Florida's John B. Goodman is Not Guilty

Excellent: What would Braveheart do?

37 lies Americans tell themselves to avoid confronting reality

“Not for Distribution, Internal Use Only”: US Energy Dept. estimated Fukushima release up to 10,000 times larger than nuclear regulators predicted — ‘Supercore’ scenario an underestimate?

7 Simple Ways to Unclog Your Arteries Naturally

GOD gave me Moses

Finding Miss Daisy

Devvy's Columns

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05/25/014 - 9/11 Truth Seekers: The 'lunatic fringe' is whom?

05/19/2014 - Prez run: Rubio, Jindal & Cruz all constitutionally ineligible

05/11/2014 - Voters, again, choose their own destruction

04/27/2014 - How to stop this: Denver Hires Illegal Alien as Teacher

04/13/2014 - Americans Approve: 100 Years IRS Fraud Against Them

04/06/2014 - Ft. Hood: Official response more meaningless rhetoric

03/24/2014 - Forced into Medicare with a gun to my head

03/10/2014 - Four important bills languishing in Congress

03/02/2014 - Desalinization plants in California and Fukushima


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